IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-03-26

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ijohnsoni think i have it installed but am unsure how to start it06:32
ijohnsoni got as far as creating an instance, but not sure how to connect.  http://localhost:8080/manage doesnt respond06:33
ijohnsonany ideas what i need to do to start zope?06:33
ijohnsonany idea what i need to do to start zope?06:36
ijohnsonim having trouble getting it started06:36
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drzoltronI am trying to use the dckeditor widgets of zope.html but zope tells me that it cannot adapt my type to InterfaceClass zope.mimetype.interfaces.IContentInfo11:10
drzoltronany hints how I have to change my type so it can be adapted to IContentInfo ?11:11
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drzoltronzope.html refers to some IContentTypeTextHtml, could someone tell me where that can be found ?11:45
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baijumdobee, ayt ?12:19
dobeebaijum: yes12:19
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baijumdobee, I found your eggification of packages, great !12:20
baijumare you planning to do other packages also ?12:20
baijummay be I can help you a bit12:20
dobeei will heavily work on this the next two days12:21
dobeei want to finish zope.app12:21
baijumok, please update this page:
dobeethis means does not contain any code, so no egg12:21
dobeeyes i will12:21
dobeefdrake showed me this12:22
baijumI think Fred also working on some packages, we can avoid duplicate efforts12:22
dobeehe will also work on this, but is currently in the plane12:22
dobeewe worked together12:22
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baijumok, If you can list the packages you work on, may be I can do some others12:23
dobeebaijum: i try to finish on my own, so we don't get conflicts12:23
baijumok, that's fine12:23
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dobeeit is hard to track deps, so i have all the packages checked out, and use devel eggs12:23
dobeeand change deps all the time, just to keep them running, so i think it is faster this way12:24
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dobeebaijum: i'll notify you when i am finished with it, thx anyways12:24
baijumyes, your approach looks good12:24
baijumdobee, no problem12:25
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baijumdobee, I have listed all packages to be eggified under namespace at:
dobeebaijum: thx12:52
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baijumdobee, btw, have you used 'utilities/' script available in Zope 3 checkoout, may be useful12:57
baijumexample usage: python2.4 utilities/ -m
dobeeah ok, hm yesterday i wrote
dobeebut i'll have a look12:58
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projekt01baijum, dobee, are the zcml dependencies recognized in finddeps or importchecker?13:00
dobeeat least in importchecker not13:00
dobeei guess not13:01
dobeeah hi projekt01 ;-)13:01
projekt01I guess zcml dependencies are still broken in finddeps.py13:01
baijumI am not sure about zcml dependencies in both scripts13:01
projekt01dobee, Hi!13:01
dobeefor trackin deps for buildout i need the tests deps seperatly so i use my script13:02
dobeewould be nice to track zcml too13:02 does it, but I guess it's broken13:03
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SteveATheuni: ping13:41
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afd_dobee: I'm using z3c.viewtemplate and I'd like to have a second template available from my view class, for macro purposes. Is this possible or the zcml module should be extended so that the template has a name parameter, so that it can be looked up as a named adapter?13:58
afd_I'm writing to you because you're listed in the source code13:58
projekt01afd_, use z3c.template, it's implemented there, you can use this packages a s a replacement for z3c.viewtemplate13:59
afd_projekt01: how difficult is it to switch between packages? which one has a longer expected life? which is more popular?14:00
afd_no trolling, just trying to make a decision14:01
projekt01afd_, z3c.template will live as long I develope with Zope3 or I find a better pattern ;-)14:01
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projekt01afd_, z3c.template is a improvment of z3c.viewtempalte, dobee and jukart should switch to this package.14:02
afd_projekt01: ok, thanks :) I'll look into this, to see what effort would be involved to switch14:03
afd_maybe I'll switch just this view I'm working on, if they don't conflict14:03
afd_and leave the rest for later14:04
projekt01afd_, take a look at z3c.pagelet, I guess it's exactly what I'm looking for if you like to use viewlet like pieces of content for a view14:04
afd_projekt01: yeah, I read its documentation14:04
projekt01They will only not conflict if you use a layout and content template. You can't use your existing macro layout template.14:05
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projekt01afd_, But I guess this is what you are loking for.14:05
afd_I'm not using macros for layout14:05
projekt01dobee, what are the latest changes in testing configuration?14:07
projekt01dobee, do I have to use the package="my.project" attr in the configure directive for load custom ftesting.zcml?14:09
projekt01And base-ftesting.zcml is a fallback if no custom ftesting.zcml is defined in a package?14:10
baijumprojekt01, (I am not sure about your requirement), If you use test layer, you can load the ZCML file explicitly (it can be named anything)14:14
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projekt01I have conflicts, zc.resourcelibrary.ftests.ftesting.zcml is conflicting with my existing test setup and tries to register the security policy again.14:15
projekt01How can I avoid that?14:15
dobeeprojekt01: you should use your own layer for each package14:16
dobeeand not use other ftesting.zcml stuff14:17
dobeeprojekt01: btw: take a look at z3c.testing.layer14:17
dobeeit buffers the database14:17
dobeeand you can provide a custom setup method14:18
baijumprojekt01, first define a layer like this:
baijumand you can use it like this:
projekt01Yup, I see. But why does the zc.resourcelibrary register a security policy if I run test from a own package?14:19
projekt01I guess there is a miss-configuration somewhere. Probably in my package or in zc.resourcelibrary.14:21
dobeeprojekt01: you should not use ftesting.zcml from zc.resourclibrary14:22
dobeeinclude just the configure.zcml14:22
dobeein your ftesting.zcml14:22
projekt01I do not explicit use it, it's just there.14:22
dobeeif you do <include package="zc.resourcelibrary" file="ftesting.zcml"/> than it is explicit14:23
dobeeits in ftesting.zcml i guess14:23
dobeeif it is  in configure.zcml then it is a bug14:23
projekt01dobee, see Setup.cfg of zc.resourcelibrary, this will load it.14:23
dobeeprojekt01: the whole ftesting.zcml include thing does not work right with layers, you always have conflicts when using other ftesting.zcml14:24
dobeejust set up all you need in your ftesting.zcml by just using the normal configure.zcml14:25
dobeeno other ftesting.zcml14:25
projekt01But we do not have to load such custom ftesting.zcml like zc.resou..14:25
dobeethe point is, that if you have a buildout or egg you should be able to run your tests without the testing dependencies of other packages14:26
dobeethis means that there is no package-includes in a distribution14:26
dobeejust like zc.resourclibrary does14:26
dobeeit sets up the whole environment in just this zcml file14:27
projekt01Yup, but not ftesting.zcml because this is done in the custom layer? right?14:27
dobeeprojekt01: you have to have such an ftestin.zcml for every layer14:27
dobeehm, i am not sure i if i understand your question14:28
projekt01This does not work14:28
dobeeif you have a zcml layer with just one ftesting.zcml file that does all includes (without any site.zcml etc) then it works14:29
projekt01The zc.resourcelibrary registers the securitypolicy for Zope3 in package-includes14:29
dobeeok that is wrong14:29
dobeehow does it find package includes?14:29
projekt01via Setup.cfg ?14:30
projekt01and zc.resourcelibrary-ftesting.zcml14:30
projekt01...the old way14:30
dobeethe policy is defined directly in the ftesting.zcml of resourclibrary14:31
dobee  <include package="" file="meta.zcml"/>14:31
dobee  <securityPolicy14:31
dobee    component="" />14:31
dobeeeverything is in there, no package-includes etc14:31
projekt01Can you take alook at zc.resourcelibrary?14:31
dobeeprojekt01: that whole Setup.cfg stuff doesnt work if you use eggs14:31
projekt01I guess there is something wrong or I don't understand the (new) pattern.14:32
dobeethe snippet above comes from this file14:32
projekt01what does this means:14:32
projekt01line ~514:32
dobeethis means it includes the ftesting.zcml14:32
dobeewhich is actually wrong of course14:33
projekt01is this a condition?14:33
dobeebecause this prevents resourclibrary from working the old way14:33
projekt01Should it be package="zc.resourcelibrary" or what?14:34
dobeeit includes the ftesting which, for the old way, should only do specific things, not the whole setup14:34
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projekt01What's the solution?14:34
dobeecreate a special ftesting.zcml to make the old way happy and include this in zc.resourclibary-ftesting.zcml14:34
dobeebecause the current ftesting.zcml only works in its own layer14:35
projekt01I dont' understand. Does this mean we need two ftesting.zcml?14:36
dobeei think for resourcelibrary you can just include the configure.zcml, because it does nothing special for testing as far as i can see14:36
dobeeups thats wrong14:37
dobeeit creates test_template ... etc14:37
dobeethe old way ftesting.zcml should only contain the page directives14:37
dobeebaijum: what do you think about the "testing" subpackages in app14:38
dobeeis this a test dependency or a install dependency14:38
dobeefor example uses som other testing packages14:38 should be a testing dep, I think14:39
projekt01I guess we need such a separation since there are two ways of doing the test setup depending on distributions14:39
projekt01But at all I call this a big mess14:39
dobeehm, then tests dont run if another package depends on a testing suppackage of an egg14:39
projekt01Is there no better way to do this?14:40
dobeebaijum: like this import in import ZCMLLayer14:40
dobeethis would fail i guess if is not in the install requirements of zope.app14:41
dobeeok this is not a good example, but if it depends on zope.xy.testing14:41
dobeeand zope.xy.testing is not in the egg of zope.xy14:41
dobeebaijum: i think we should add an extra called testing14:43
baijumin extras_requires ?14:43
dobeebut i am not shure if this works14:44
dobeei want to say in
dobeethat for testing i require [testing]14:44
dobeeor [testing]14:44
dobeehm, i have to think about this  9.914:45
baijumdobee, I think it would be better, if you can ask this in list14:45
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dobeehm, that takes a long time14:46
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baijumthen for the time being add it as install_requires, later we can sort it out14:46
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baijumanyway, these dependencies are a mess...14:47
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projekt01baijum, dobee are you talking about to have two buildout? one with testing and one without?14:47
projekt01baijum, ;-)14:48
dobeeno i dont want to have this14:48
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baijumdobee, I am going to eggification (without buildout support) of some packages which you are not marked as 'in progres', is it ok?15:19
* baijum it would be easier, if we can complete eggification first, then start buildoutification15:20
dobeedunno if it is a good id15:21
*** alecm is now known as alecm|lunch15:22
dobeebut what you could do is create projects for any packages15:22
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dobeebaijum: ok, let's try15:22
dobeeyou do the project and egg of not existing projects?15:22
dobeei mean svn15:23
projekt01dobee, as long we have not removed the Zope3 security policy from zc.resourcelibarary-ftesting.zcml the ftesting.zcml in the Zope3 root doesn't work if you have zc.res.. installed15:23
dobeeprojekt01: yes15:23
projekt01Can I fix that and remove the Zope3 securitypolicy form zc.resourcelibrary?15:23
projekt01Oh, yes15:23
dobeethen the layer doesnt work anymore15:23
projekt01I don't use it15:23
dobeeyou have to have 2 zcml files15:23
projekt01And how can I load them?15:24
baijumdobee, first I will try
dobeebaijum: ok good id15:24
dobeebaijum: i think it should work if we just say on what we are working15:25
projekt01baijum, or should we first fix the trunk?15:25
projekt01The eggification stuff breaks the trunk right now. I guess we need a solution. Or at least I need one ;-)15:26
dobeeprojekt01: what does it break???15:26
projekt01zc. resourcelibrary support15:26
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dobeeah i thought you are talking about zope3 trunk15:27
projekt01It's not compatible with the Zope3 trunk checkout15:27
dobeebaijum: these are my curretn packages15:27
dobeebd:~/zsandbox $ ls -l | grep zope.15:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   14 bd  bd   476 25 Mär 18:27 zope.annotation15:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   12 bd  bd   408 25 Mär 18:27 zope.app15:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   20 bd  bd   680 25 Mär 18:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   14 bd  bd   476 25 Mär 18:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   15 bd  bd   510 25 Mär 18:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   14 bd  bd   476 25 Mär 18:27
dobeedrwxr-xr-x   14 bd  bd   476 25 Mär 18:27
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* baijum hmm.. dobee could have use a pastebin15:28
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev15:29
projekt01dobee, can I remove the dependency in zc.table from zc.resourcelibrary?15:29
dobeesorry for the long post :-(15:29
dobeehuh, dunno15:29
TheuniSteveA: pong15:29
baijumdobee, it's not reached here, use a pastebin15:29
dobeebaijum: i would like if we just conversate over irc and at the end of the day we update the wiki15:31
baijumdobee, ok15:32
projekt01dobee, what's the right way to fix zc.resourcelibrary testing?15:32
baijumdobee, what's you TZ ?15:32
dobeemove the page directives in its own ftests....zcml15:32
dobeeand include this file in zc.resourcelibtrary-ftesting15:32
dobeeand include that new ftest...zcml in the curretn ftesting.zcml15:33
dobeebaijum: +215:33
dobeeits now 14:3315:33
baijummine is +5.30 Asia/Calcutta15:34
projekt01dobee, Ok, I'll do that15:34
dobeewo we are just 3 hours appart - that should work15:34
baijumprojekt01, to see the errors coming in zc.resourcelibtrary, I run the test suite but no no error here, how to reproduce it ?15:37
projekt01I guess I doens't work if you use custom package which do not follwo the own test layer pattern15:38
projekt01At least there are to ftesting.zcml loaded which include the Zope3 security policy if they load the ftesting.zcml form z3 trunk and zc.resourcelibrary is installed15:39
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baijumprojekt01, so this happens when you install  zc.resourcelibrary15:40
projekt01Fixed now in r7362315:41
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projekt01dobee, does it work for you?15:42
dobeei dont have a checkout15:42
projekt01Ok, let me know if it's not working15:43
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dobeebaijum: if i say that has RestrictedPython in install_requires and has in install_requires, why doesnt it fetch RestrictedPython if i do a buildout, do you know?16:17
dobeein the buildout of
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baijumdobee, it's weird, It should fetch16:20
dobeehm, in the checked in version of the there is a untrustedpython extra, but i want to get rid of this16:21
baijumdobee, we should be consistent in using the keys in extras_requires16:23
baijumfor tests, in some packages it is 'test' and in some others it is 'tests' (I think there is 'testing' also)16:24
dobeelet us use "test"16:25
baijumdobee, +116:25
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baijumdobee, if can be used with out RestrictedPython anywhere, don't remove untrustedpython from extras_requires16:27
* baijum not sure about it16:28
dobeebaijum: uses it16:28
baijumno, I mean other packages other that itself16:30
dobeeok i keep the extra, but i still wonder why this doesnt work16:30
dobeei guess there are some packages that just use the checker16:30
baijumyou have to add install_requires = [.... ' [untrustedpython]', ] in
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dobeeyes if i keep the extra16:32
dobeeand i'll keep it16:33
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baijumfor RestrictedPython is an optional feature ( ) from the POV of, so 'untrustedpython' in extras_requires, if any other packages requires it, let them explicitly mention it in square brackets16:36
dobeewhat means POV?16:37
baijumpoint of view16:37
dobeewhere is this defined - i mean that untrustedpython is optional?16:38 of zope.security16:38
dobeeyes in the svn version, but local i removed that extras_requries and put RestrictedPython into install_requires16:39
dobeeand it didnt work16:39
baijumoh! I see16:40
*** avoine has joined #zope3-dev16:40
baijumthen buildout may be using the old egg of zope.security16:41
*** redir has joined #zope3-dev16:41
baijumremove the from eggs dir16:41
dobeei've done that16:41
dobeeanyhow i leave it in16:41
dobeelet's worry about this later ;-)16:42
baijumdobee, ok :)16:43
baijumdobee, I hope you are using 'eggs-directory' option in ~/.buildout/default.cfg16:45
dobeeof course16:45
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baijumdobee, I am leaving now, see you !16:53
dobeecu baijum16:53
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philiKONfebb: ping?23:56

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