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zenwrylySay I have a persistent component registered as an adapter in a PersistentComponents site manager.  Is it sufficient to just delete the component or do I need to unregister it as an adapter first02:42
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philiKONzenwryly: you need to unregister it at the same time as well, but usually that's automatically done by an IObjectRemovedEvent subscriber03:25
zenwrylyphiliKON: what are the conditions are on that "usually"03:25
zenwrylyphiliKON: what if the object isn't in the OFS03:26
philiKONin a regular zope 303:26
philiKONwell, it all depends on if you're sending an IOBjectRemovedEvent for it03:26
philiKONif you do, you're all set03:26
zenwrylyah, I see03:27
zenwrylyso all I have to do is notify03:27
philiKON(note that IObjectRemovedEvent implies that th object is stored in a container and containers typically send this event themselves in __delitem__)03:27
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zenwrylyphiliKON: well the utility containing the just subclasses OOBTree03:28
philiKONthat's not really a containe03:28
zenwrylyI suppose I should make it a proper container03:28
philiKONthat would be a solution03:28
philiKONuse BTreeContainer03:29
zenwrylyphiliKON: got an import path for that?03:29
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zenwrylyoh wait, if my utility subclasses BTreeContainer, will all the events work if the utility was instantiated by the GS persistent components handler?03:37
zenwrylyI know, not Z303:37
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philiKONzenwryly: yes04:00
philiKONzenwryly: but note that in a standard zope 2 installation the events won't be subscribed to04:01
philiKONyou might have to register these yourself04:01
philiKONwhat i said above is in that form only true for zope 304:01
zenwrylyah, ok, thanks for the info04:01
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baijumAny one with administrive access to mailing list here ? I think spam filtering is not working ..07:57
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baijumphiliKON, ayt ?08:57
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baijumdobee, I have found similar fixes for this issue recently commited :
dobeebaijum: why do a cleanup if not testing?09:19
dobeei thought it is just for testing09:19
dobeeok, if the package only needs that function for testing09:20
baijumyes, I think it's for testing, can you fix it ?09:20
dobeei always make that cleanup in packages optional09:20
dobeei just do a pass in the except09:20
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baijumI have given that solution in a comment there09:21
* baijum is bit busy today, will do some eggification in evening09:23
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baijumHi dobee, how is going on eggification and buildoutification ?14:26
dobeehi baijum currently i am stucked with an odd problemm ...14:27
dobeeif i buildout zope.formlib it does not try to fetch zope.app14:27
dobeebut if in a package that requires zope.formlib it does14:27
dobeeit seems that if i have this fixed should work14:28
dobeethat is the biggest part14:28
baijumremoved cached old from eggs dir ?14:28
dobeebtw my current working packages14:29
baijumIn morning I asked about , I am going to commit it, is it ok?14:29
dobeebaijum: i only use pass in the except,14:30
dobeei dunno why we should cleanup if it is no test14:31
baijumsame thing (use pass in except) I am going to do in zope.component.globalregistry14:31
* baijum going to blog about later tonight14:32
* baijum searching for other projects which uses zope.component14:33
baijumdobee, check whether there is any typo in of zope.formlib, I cann't think of any other reason for not fetching zope.app14:35
* dobee wonders why it is working in the buildout of zope.formlib14:36
baijumdobee, let's keep as find-links option ?14:41
baijumor are you going to add packages to PyPI soon?14:42
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dobeei talked with fred abuout this, and we came to the point, that it is not so good, because it overrides your default.cfg14:42
dobeebaijum: i will upload source distributions to download.zope.org14:43
baijumdobee, ah! ok, that's good.14:43
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* baijum is away14:58
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* baijum is back15:28
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baijumdobee, I am getting a test failure in trunk:
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dobeeis that file generated?15:41
dobee /mbaiju/wa/Zope3trunk/zopeskel/etc/package-includes/exception-ftesting.zcml15:41
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baijumthere is a SETUP.cfg in src/zope/app/exception/browser/SETUP.cfg15:44
dobeeups, i gonna fix this15:44
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dobeebaijum: should be fixed15:47
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baijumdobee, your fix introduce another issue16:14
baijumZopeSAXParseException: File "/mbaiju/wa/Zope3trunk/zopeskel/etc/package-includes/exception-ftesting.zcml", line 4.4,  unbound prefix16:15
dobeebaijum: sorry now it should be fixed for real16:16
dobeewe need to get away from that ftesting include stuff16:16
dobeeit makes no sense16:16
dobeeif we use layers16:16
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baijumdobee, I think ftesting slugs from SETUP.cfg can be removed (but other slugs are required until we stop using zpkg)16:18
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* baijum is motivated by dobee's commits16:53
baijumdobee, tell me two packages which I can buildoutify now ?16:54
dobeeyou will need viewlet stuff etc16:55
baijumok I will start with now16:55
dobeeor any not in baijum16:55
faassenyou guys are on a roll with this. :)16:56
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baijumfaassen, I had stopped eggification with egg, but now ... after dobee's works I thought just to help ...17:00
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baijumfaassen, have seen my comments on GSoC proposal for "Run Zope 3 using Pythion 2.5" ?17:01
* baijum think mentors required another mailing list for discussion17:02
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baijumdobee, so we are removing find-links from buildout.cfg and tests_require from ?17:10
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dobeebaijum: yes17:11
benjitests_require doesn't really work17:11
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faassenbaijum: you placed your comments in the google app?17:27
baijumfaassen, yes17:28
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baijumfaassen, it is about running Zope 2 using Python 2.517:31
baijumshould we extend the proposal for that ?17:31
faassenbaijum: looking it up. just read your comment on the ZPT doc project, good of you to dig that google quote up.17:31
faassenbaijum: that clarifies matters.17:31
baijumfaassen, ok17:32
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faassenbaijum: looking at the python 2.5 project next.17:34
baijumfaassen, there is 6 negative grades for ZPT doc project, let's make it ineligible ?17:35
* baijum think may we require a private list for these kind of discussion...17:36
baijummay be17:36
faassenbaijum: I think it's fine to leave it as it is for now.17:37
faassenbaijum: it's not likely to get accepted as it's below the line anyway.17:37
faassenbaijum: we'll just leave this as a record of the learning process.17:37
baijumfaassen, ok17:37
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faassenbaijum: responded on the 2.5 porting issue.17:57
faassenbaijum: I agree that including Zope 2 would make the scope too wide.17:57
faassenbaijum: I just want us to take steps to minimize the risk that Zope 2 and Zope 3 are stuck with different Python versions.17:57
faassenbaijum: so ideally there's at least some exploration of zope 2 issues at well, resulting in a plan or a report, and maybe if we're lucky some changed code. :)17:58
baijumfaassen, ok, I will look into that, thanks !18:05
twcookI posted a question re: Zope3 interfaces in #zope earlier. No takers. Should I repost here?18:06
twcook(10:56:50 AM) twcook: When creating interfaces for Zope3 -- I create an interface for an abstract class -- Do I recreate the attributes/methods in subclasses or do I somehow indicate that the sub-interfaces implements the abstract (class) interface?18:07
twcook(10:57:40 AM) twcook: Do I recreate the attributes/methods in subclasses -- should read: Do I recreate the attributes/methods in the subclass interfaces18:07
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faassentwcook: so you have an interface for an abstract class..18:10
faassentwcook: and you use implements(ISomeInterface) in that class18:10
faassentwcook: and then you have subclasses for that class, that inherit from it.18:10
faassentwcook: correct so far?18:10
twcookthe code WILL, yes...  however, my intent was to create all interfaces according to the UML before writing code18:11
faassentwcook: so what is your question?18:11
twcookcorrect so far18:11
faassentwcook: anyway, presumably your abstract class indeed implements that interface, right?18:12
twcookhow in the "interfaces for the subclasses" do I (or do I even need to) indicate that that the subclasses will need to implement those attributes & methods from the superclass18:13
twcookthe abstract class is only abstrct ight?  So is there a need to actually CODE the abstract class?18:13
twcookShouldn't those implementations only exist in the concrete classes?18:14
faassentwcook: why do you have an abstract base class without any actual code?18:15
faassentwcook: I mean, what's the point of that?18:15
faassentwcook: I can think of a point of it in, say, C++, as you don't have interfaces.18:15
faassentwcook: but normally an abstract base class has some code, and just leaves *some* methods not implemented and up to the subclass.18:15
twcookIn the UML you represent attributes and methods that are needed in several subclasses18:16
faassentwcook: if you just have an interface and concrete classes with very different implementations that don't share a thing, you'd just say those two classes implement the interface, both.18:16
faassenwell, don't you have a way to create interfaces in UML?18:16
faassenwhat you seem to be doing in UML is in effect coming up with an interface and putting it in the base class.18:17
twcookOk. My question is how to say so in the interface. Not in the classes themselves18:17
faassentwcook: well, your interface specifies the API a class needs to implement.18:17
faassentwcook: so your classes would both say, I implement that interface.18:17
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faassentwcook: if you need to share some implementation between the classes, then you might want to consider sharing a base class that's partially abstract.18:17
twcookpartially abstract -- <g>18:18
faassentwcook: and in that case, if all subclasses are intended to implement that interface anyway, you can say implements(IMyInterface) on the base class and then the subclasses will inherit this.18:18
faassentwcook: a partially abstract class is ..18:18
faassenclass Foo:18:18
faassen  def mymethod(self):18:18
faassen     return self.getNumber() * 1018:18
faassen  def getNumber(self):18:18
faassen      raise NotImplementedError18:18
faassensubclasses will need to implement getNumber.18:19
twcookOk.. I got it.  Thanks18:19
faassenthat's the concept I know from C++ of abstract base class.18:19
faassena class that has one or more pure virtual member functions. :)18:19
faasseni.e. a class that it doesn't make any sense to make instances of.18:19
faassenyou only make instances of its subclasses.18:19
faassenI don't know what the terms means in UML so I'm at a loss there.18:20
faassenI'm just trying to sketch out what happens with interfaces.18:20
timtefaassen: Foo is an abstract class18:20
pjesifaassen: is this how you write abstract classes in Python?18:20
faassentimte: yeah, I'd call that an abstract base class. I used 'partially' as I got conufsed by twcook's confusion. :)18:21
faassenpjesi: that's how I'd write one, yeah.18:21
faassenpjesi: it doesn't stop you from instantiating anything, it's just if you instantiate it and try to use it, you'll get a lot of NotImplementedErrors. :)18:21
twcookI appreciate it.  My quandry i that  want to translate the UML into interfaces.  Publish them as an open source project and get help doing the coding...  THerefore I wanted a way to insure that developers did not have to go back to the UML to know what inherited from what.18:21
faassenit's basically just a tool for implementation inheritance.18:21
faassentwcook: well, you can do interface inheritance.18:22
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faassentwcook: you can inherit between interfaces, you can inherit between classes, and you can have classes say 'I implement this interface'. how one expresses this in UML that then can be translated to sensible python code I don't know. :)18:22
faassenclass inheritance implies interface inheritance.18:22
twcookbut I can't : IMyInterface2(Interface, MyInterface2) can I?18:23
faassenif you have..18:23
faassenclass IAnimal(Interface):18:23
faassen   def makeSound():18:23
faassen     "Sound the animal makes"18:23
faassenclass IChimp(IAnimal):18:23
faassen    def doTheChimpThing():18:23
faassen     "Something :)"18:23
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faassenthen you're inheriting interfaces.18:23
faassenif you say something needs to implement IChimp, it'll need to implement IAnimal as well.18:24
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twcookOk, so then IChim(IAnimal) makes IChimp an interface as if I had directly inherited from Interface?18:24
baijumtwcook, yes18:26
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twcookGee thanks.  That solves my whole confusion! <vbg>18:26
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dobeebenji: shouldn i be able to scp to ?19:28
*** lzdych has joined #zope3-dev19:28
benjidobee: hmm, don't know; you want to grab all the current eggs?19:29
*** lzdych has quit IRC19:29
dobeebenji: i want to upload my dist files19:29
faassendobee: I recall the path on was different somehow, but what it was I cannot recall right now. :)19:29
faassendobee: maybe benji can log in and do a pwd. :)19:29
dobeedo i have to use sftp? i cant remember19:30
dobeei think it was scp19:30
faassenI think it was scp.19:30
faassenI'd have remembered sftp. I did it once but it was quite a while back.19:30
benjiI think the buildout uses SFTP to retrieve them, but scp is used to upload them19:31
faassendobee: can't find the mailing message very quickly.19:31
dobeeme too19:31
faassenbenji: it used to have just an http way of downloading them but that changed, I guess. :)19:31
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dobeeok so this will happen tomorrow :-( there are 90 dists, and i have to leave now benji19:33
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