IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2007-04-01

walteronly make00:00
Theuniah, and then bin/mkzopeinstance, right?00:00
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Theuniok, try this: create the directory 'cpsskins' in the lib/python directory in your zope instance. copy over the contents of the branch there. i guess that should work then, and it's the way that this is supposed to be done anyway.00:01
walterok now i try00:01
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walterTheuni, sorry but doesn't work00:05
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TheuniI've gotta go to bed. You might want to try figuring out whether a) that branch is supposed to work b) you can pickup the 'import cpsskins' when putting the branch on your PYTHONPATH and then try to find out why Zope doesn't pick it up. I guess its some subtle configuration problem thats hard to support remotely.00:07
d2mthink that cpsskins only ever worked with a svn checkout00:07
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d2mand, walter you should really checkout the zope revision mentioned in the Dependencies file00:08
walterd2m, i've checkout the zope revision mentionend in Dependencies file00:09
walterthanks Theuni00:09
d2mwalter, it you run from a svn checkout there is no need to mkzopeinstance00:10
walteri've this error when to launch the bin/runzope :00:11
walter so you did that?00:11
walter ERROR: You need to create principals.zcml00:12
walter        The file principals.zcml contains your "bootstrap" user00:12
walter        database. You aren't going to get very far without it.  Start00:12
walter        by copying sample_principals.zcml and then modify the00:12
walter        example principal and role settings.00:12
d2mwalter, here is how
walterthanks again00:13
d2msome version numbers have changed in between...00:13
d2mbut if you did a checkout of the said revision you simply run "python -q build_ext -i install_data --install-dir ." (with the right python interpreter), edit the prinbcipals.zcml file and start with bin/runzope00:15
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walterok now start00:19
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srichterJ1m: is there anywhere a text file describing how to get started with building eggs and buildout?16:44
J1mBuildout has extensive documentation, as does setuptools.16:44
J1mThere is also my tutorial16:45
* J1m looks up url...16:45
srichterfrom pycon?16:45
srichterI copied the 4 four files buildout.cfg,, and setup.cfg from another project; I Guess I have to upload the egg somehow now and test whether it works standalone16:46
J1mI really need to check that in where other people can fix it. :)16:46
srichterI think a "documentation" section in would be good16:46
srichterdoc/BuildoutTutorial for example16:47
srichterah, looks like an S5 presentation :-)16:47
J1mYes, your s5 setup (modified by me) worked out very well.16:48
J1mThe handouts were really the killer feature.16:48
srichtercool, I am glad you liked it16:48
srichterI think we should share the improvements to the theme at svn.zope.org16:49
J1mdespite the fact that the handout style needs some work, people really like the way handouts were generated and I really liked the way handouts were authored.16:49
J1mYes, I just haven't figure out a good way to package them.16:49
J1mI did finally package that one module as an egg.16:49
srichteryou could just check them into the same location I had put the original for you16:50
srichterah cool16:50
J1mIn part to help the docutils folks figure out how I used entry points to provide a pligin system for docutils.16:50
srichterhe he16:50
srichterwhat needs to be fixed about the handout mode?16:51
J1mThe output needs more vertical spacing.16:53
J1mSometimes paragraphs are stuck together.16:53
srichterright, I have my grief with that too16:53
J1mI adjusted the slide style a little bit, but my CSS foo is a bit weak.16:54
srichteryou can always use custom classes, but a spacer element in REST would be nice16:54
J1mSome of the styles should be fixed.16:54
srichteranother grief that I have is widowing and orphaning16:54
J1madding hacks or support for them isn't the answer.16:54
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srichterCSS offers support, but the browsers do not seem to implement it yet16:54
J1mI also has some weirdness generating PDF.16:55
J1mFirefox on my mac tended to screw up indenting in extended code examples.16:55
srichterbtw, Opera does better with the PDF/PS generation16:55
J1mBut on linux it dudn't.16:55
* J1m is too lazy to fool with alternate browsers. :)16:56
srichtermmh, interesting; I have found Firefox also buggy when it comes to printing16:56
J1mI checked in the tutorial source.16:56
srichterI just fired up Opera, which is always installed and tried the print mode, otherwise I only use Konqueror as well ;-)16:56
J1mIt would be really nice to go back and reduce the Z3 tutorial using S3.16:57
J1mSo much to do, so little time. :(16:57
srichteryep, I agree16:57
srichterspring started and things got crazy again16:57
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srichterJ1m: thanks for the tutorial; I am reading it now and the zope.event case is perfect for me to get started17:30
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srichterWhat does this error mean? "Distribution contains no modules or packages for namespace package 'z3c'"17:49
srichterJ1m: do you have a quick answer to the problem above?17:53
srichteraha! got it. In our package structure z3c/ must contain an "" file17:57
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srichterwow, I just had zope.interface, zope.pagetemplate and zope.testing as a requirement and pretty much all of Zope got pulled in19:31
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srichterit seems to be zope.pagetemplate that causes the dependencies to creep in19:35
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mgedminthat unconditional wait in ZEO when fetching every object might explain why the CPU is at most 60% busy during intensive zope request processing on my server21:32
J1mUnconditional wait?21:38
J1mWhat is an unconditional wait?21:38
J1mmgedmin, did you apply the change I made last week?21:39
mgedmintime.sleep(), IIRC21:39
mgedminand no, I didn't (yet)21:39
J1mmgedmin, did you apply the change I made last week?21:39
J1mWell, that avoids the time.sleep call.21:39
mgedminI was just wondering how to check what my HZ is21:39
J1mand yes, especially on Ubuntu, that will make a big difference.21:40
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J1mbenji knows. :)21:40
mgedminyup, ubuntu dapper here21:40
benjihuh.. wha?21:40
benjioh, the easiest way is to do a "sysstat 1" and look at the "in" column21:41
* philiKON signs up his mom for gmail paper21:41
benjiif it's just over 100, 250, or 1000, then that's your tick rate21:41
mgedminvmstat continuously shows above 1000 in the in column21:41
mgedminclever way to check it, thanks21:41
mgedminwhee, opening a 16+ thousand message maildir with mutt is fun21:42
* benji guesses mgedmin is on some redhat-derrived distribution21:42
mgedminubuntu dapper21:42
mgedminwell, edgy on this laptop21:42
benjireally? Those are usually set at 250Hz21:43
mgedmindoes anybody remember the subject of the thread that discussed sleeps in ZEO?21:43
benjiIIRC, "ZEO vs. time.sleep"; I like obscure subjects21:43
mgedminor a revision number of the fix?21:43
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mgedminyes, beagle found it21:43
mgedminI was looking in the wrong mailbox21:43
mgedmin(of course, beagle-search helpfully opens the emails in gedit)21:44
benjiphiliKON: I bet she'd like the Postgres storage engine for MySQL, too:
*** RaFromBRC has quit IRC21:44
mgedminthanks, jim21:44
philiKONbenji: certainly google's TiSP :)21:44
benjino doubt21:44
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mgedminany chance of a backport for that fix (r73871) to ZEO/branches/3.6 ?21:55
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J1mmgedmin, someone just needs to do it. :)22:00
mgedminI can do the svn merge; ./test; svn commit dance if there are no objections22:01
J1mNone from me.22:01
J1mSidnei was threatening to do some backports.22:01
srichterJ1m: okay, I am getting the hang of the buildout process ;-) the tutorial is a great help22:07
J1mPlease feel free to fix typos and make other corrections. :)22:08
srichterI still do not know how to do devel eggs versus distribution eggs, but I think that will come over time22:08
J1mThe main buildout pages talk about that some.22:09
srichter:-) I will; you know that I fix bugs when I see them22:09
srichterso far I like the process; it makes me want to learn more, which is good ;-)22:09
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srichterok, cool, z3c.rml-0.5 is on pipy22:10
srichterwhen would I want to upload my egg to
srichterand do I have permissions to do so?22:11
J1mI would upload it there if:22:11
J1m- It is of general interest to the zope community22:11
J1m- It isn't ready for PyPI22:12
J1mYou have permission.22:12
srichterok, cool22:12
J1mJust scp to
srichtergot it thanks22:12
mgedmindum-de-dum, a merge conflict22:14
mgedminhow nice...22:14
J1mOf course, you don't want to merge the bit that gets rid of the non-async-mode branch.22:15
J1msee the discussion I has w sidnei.22:15
mgedminthat sort of presumes I have the ability to tell that bit from any others22:15
mgedminthe conflict is in Connection.close()22:16
srichterok, got the egg on as well; good going; I really like this now, especially the extra dependencies thing22:16
J1mMaybe he already merged.22:16
srichtersee you guys later22:16
srichterJ1m: thanks for your help!22:16
J1mmgedmin, look at the diff and see the discussion with sidnei.22:16
mgedminthe "Missing loader for multidatabase refs?" one?22:18
J1mNo, this was on checkins.22:18
J1mI'll get you the url...22:18
mgedminthe conflict is just because two statements were swapped some time between the head of the 3.6 branch and r7387122:21
mgedmin__super_close() and self.close_trigger()22:21
J1mMan, that archive is hard to deal with. :(22:21
*** natea has joined #zope3-dev22:22
mgedminokay, my attempted merge breaks the tests22:22
J1mOh crap22:24
J1mSidnei sent me a private message.22:24
J1mI just forwarded a note from sidnei22:25
J1m--- lib/python/ZEO/zrpc/ 73322)22:26
J1m+++ lib/python/ZEO/zrpc/ copy)22:26
J1m@@ -333,6 +333,9 @@22:26
J1m         self.closed = True22:26
J1m         self.close_trigger()22:26
J1m         self.__super_close()22:26
J1m+        self.replies_cond.acquire()22:26
J1m+        self.replies_cond.notifyAll()22:26
J1m+        self.replies_cond.release()22:26
J1m     def close_trigger(self):22:26
J1m         # Overridden by ManagedClientConnection.22:26
J1m@@ -627,7 +630,7 @@22:26
J1m                                  (msgid, short_repr(reply)), level=TRACE)22:26
J1m                     return reply22:26
J1m                 if self.is_async():22:26
J1m-                    self.replies_cond.wait(10.0)22:26
J1m+                    self.replies_cond.wait()22:26
J1m                 else:22:26
mgedmingot it22:26
J1m                     self.replies_cond.release()22:26
mgedminnice and short22:26
J1m                     try:22:26
J1mmgedmin, that's basically what you want.22:26
J1mForget about the merge.22:26
mgedmintests pass; test time went from 2m46s to 2m39s22:31
J1mThat must be because of your unusual HZ setting.22:34
J1mOn my desktop, the reduction was about 25% for the ZEO tests.22:35
mgedminwasn't HZ=1000 the usual value for systems using the 2.6 kernel?22:35
J1mbenji, would know the details.22:35
* J1m likes waking benji22:35
J1mI think the most common setting for Ubuntu "servers" 100Hz.22:36
mgedminso, no objections to me comitting this to the 3.6 branch?22:36
J1mI have a feeling that with your setting, you won't see much change in performance.22:36
J1mYou're probably waiting for network IO22:37
mgedminah, that could be it22:37
mgedminhm, network IO over the loopback shouldn't report the CPU as idle22:39
mgedminor does it?22:40
* J1m shrugs22:40
* mgedmin wonder if system includes time the kernel spends processing interrupts22:40
* mgedmin wonders if benji knows the answer22:40
* mgedmin decides to merge the bit to the 3.7 branch as well22:42
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seonewhi, what restrictions are in place when using python code in a page template?23:31
seonewi'm trying to use provides but I'm getting ForbiddenAttribute23:32
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