IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-04-02

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baijumI was trying to run zwiki (Zope 3 based) using buildout & eggs, I am getting this error: any idea ?15:36
benjibaijum: just a wild guess, but it looks like your missing a package or aren't executing it's zcml15:38
baijumbenji, yes, some component registration is missing...15:39
benjisorry, pretty obvious but that's all the help I have15:40
baijumbenji, thanks ! I will find out that15:41
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* baijum think it will be difficult for application developers to switch to egg based system because of this registration missing..finding out the exact package will be difficult..they were getting some stuff for free from somewhere...15:44
srichterbaijum: doesn't the egg install the ZCML slug at the correct location?15:45
srichterbaijum: you are missing the package15:46
baijumsrichter, when using buildout we are creating a zite.zcml from scratch15:46
baijumatleast the zc.zope3recipes15:46
srichterok, but how does it know which package ZCML files to include?15:46
srichteris there no package-includes anymore?15:46
srichterok, so all ZCML files are listed in site.zcml?15:47
baijumone of the goal of zc.zope3recipes is to avoid package-includes15:47
baijumI am not sure how this is going to work for newbies15:48
srichterI am not sure I like that; it seems very brittle to me15:48
srichterso whenever I install a new package that has a ZCML file or two (meta.zcml and configure.zcml), the recipe has to regenerate the site.zcml15:48
srichterand what if I have modified it?15:49
srichterI think we are taking a big step back here15:49
baijumsrichter, site.zcml includes standard packages15:49
baijumnot writing everything from scratch..15:49
srichterso where will new 3rd-party ZCML slugs be referenced?15:50
baijumno way, I think, modify site.zcml15:50
benjiI'm not that familiar with the recipe in quesion, but one of the base ideas of the buildout is that you don't modify things it generates15:50
srichterso I did not modify it15:51
srichterstill, how is my package's ZCML added?15:51
baijumYou can sepecify the zite.zcml in buildout.cfg15:52
srichterthere are two cases: (1) My package is an egg and plays nice with the new system, and (2) I have not yet made an egg for the package and I do not want to manage the slugs by hand15:52
benjiby adding the package to the buildout's config15:52
srichterbenji: does this work for case 2 as well?15:53
benjiyep; for example if your package is just a svn external15:53
baijumsrichter, I am talking about that specifig recipe, not buildout in general, we can create another recipe for supporting those use cases, I think15:53
srichterbenji: ok, I see15:54
srichterI really need to understand the workflow with eggs, moving to develop eggs moving back to eggs15:55
dobeesrichter: i started to create application packages/eggs, that contain the size.zcml and define the deps there. you can the use zope3reciepes to create a devel instance or a deployment environment15:58
srichterdobee: you surely plan to publish a TODO/blog on how to do that any time soon, right? :-)15:59
* baijum including in site.zcml solved my zwiki problem, thanks srichter !15:59
dobeesrichter: yes of course15:59
srichterdobee: cool, let me know when it is available, please :-)16:00
srichterbaijum: you are welcome16:00
dobeesrichter: jodok already told me that i have to do this ;-)16:00
dobeesrichter: ok16:00
baijumdobee, that would be great !16:00
baijumsrichter, may be you can have a look at : svn:// (it's buildoutified)16:04
* baijum just finished it16:04
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* baijum for those who looks at baijum-experimental-zwiki, I fogot to commit two ftests related files, now committed r7398116:13
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philiKON_baijum: cool, will take a look later16:58
philiKON_baijum: i'm very interested in installing zope 3 from eggs16:58
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harobedphiliKON_: congratulation about the second release of your book17:02
harobedphiliKON_: have you third version in your roadmap ?17:04
philiKON_maybe at some point17:04
philiKON_nothing that's pressing right now17:04
philiKON_the 2nd edition is quite up to date :)17:04
harobedaddone about zalchemy, egg... :)17:05
harobedI very like the box about "Rocky say..." (java)17:05
philiKON_eggs are discussed17:05
philiKON_chapter 2417:05
philiKON_alchemy still needs a bit more work before i document it in a book17:06
harobedok, sorry, I haven't read all yet17:06
philiKON_integration into zope 3, that is17:06
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* mgedmin needs to do some zodb archaeology and reincarnation work20:34
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* benji imagines the reconstruction scene in Fifth Element20:37
mgedminso, I'm in a debugzope prompt20:37
mgedminI have the btree object that used to have one time I want resurrected20:38
mgedminyay, got it!20:38
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