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seonewi had thought that given an object, only the viewlets with a compatible interface would be displayed, any other viewlets in the manager would just be ignored02:37
seonewis that not the case?02:37
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baijumanyone familiar with zope.paste here ?17:36
* baijum was just looking at zope.paste now17:36
baijumHow do I know the server running is the one from wsgiutils itself if my conf is like this:17:37
baijum  use = egg:PasteScript#wsgiutils17:37
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baijumIt's working fine, Just to make sure it's not running on ZServer or twisted ...17:38
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timtehow do you write in zope.conf for that to work?17:40
baijum  type Paste.Main17:41
baijum  address 808017:41
timteoh, nice17:41
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baijumI just removed twisted and it still worked.. hmm..I will look into this later17:42
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timteit looks too easy  :)17:43
baijumyeah :)17:43
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baijumI like this:  paster serve paste.ini17:44
* baijum leaving, see you all tomorrow !17:45
timtebye bye17:45
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meatballhatI've set up an interface with a schema that includes a TextLine where value_type=Choice with a Source.  I want to use the source.SourceRadioWidget for this field .... but figure out how to do this ... how to specify a widget (?)18:19
meatballhat*but can't figure out how to do this   :P18:19
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srichtermeatballhat: use the custom_widget attribut in formlib's FormField18:22
meatballhatsrichter: that's what I was wondering about ... so I use custom_widget whenever I don't want the formlib machinery to automatically decide on a widget (or if it can't, in the case of Choice) ?18:23
meatballhatsrichter: many thanks  :)18:24
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niemeyerWould anyone know what's the proper way to make Zope3 use "https" rather than "http" in the injected <base href="..."> when operating behind a proxy that will deal with SSL?20:50
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mgedminniemeyer: make the proxy insert ++vh++https:servername:443 in the url20:53
niemeyermgedmin: Thanks!20:54
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niemeyermgedmin: Apparently it still doesn't work..20:57
* niemeyer checks the vh namespace20:57
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mgedmindo you use apache or something else?20:58
mgedminthe ++vh++ stuff is tricky to get right, but it works20:58
niemeyermgedmin: Cool.. I'll get it to work eventually then. That was just the pointer I needed.20:59
niemeyerMany thanks20:59
niemeyermgedmin: Yeah, I'm using apache with mod_rewrite20:59
mgedminworking example:21:00
mgedmin  RewriteRule ^/$ http://localhost:28080/zope3-checkins/ [P,L]21:00
mgedmin  RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:28080/zope3-checkins/$1 [P]21:00
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mgedminiirc you need two rules because the trailing / causes a zope error of some kind21:01
mgedminempty traversal step or some such21:01
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niemeyerHmm.. interesting21:04
mgedminand if you start rewriting to a portion of a zope tree, you start to need extra rewrite rules for resources21:05
mgedminah, that's what I use elsewhere to avoid two rules:21:05
mgedminRewriteRule ^/something(/.*?)$ http://localhost:8080/++vh++https:servername:443/++$1 [P,L]21:06
mgedminno, that's not right21:07
mgedminRewriteRule ^/something(/.*?)$ http://localhost:8080/bar/++vh++https:servername:443/foo/++$1 [P,L]21:07
mgedminI wonder why the trailing slash doesn't cause any problems here... :/21:07
niemeyermgedmin: Ahh, I see!21:08
niemeyermgedmin: Well.. why would that be an issue?21:08
mgedminno idea21:09
SteveAI consider all the ++xxxx++ URL things harmful21:09
SteveAwe disabled them all on launchpad, except for ++debug++ for development servers21:09
SteveAit's tricky to get apache to ban ++xxx++whatever path steps that users can enter21:10
SteveAand when you get ++xxxx++ stuff that zope doesn't like, it gives ValueErrors or other application errors, rather than NotFound errors21:10
mgedmindo you then configure vhosting on the zope side as well as on apache side?21:10
mgedmin(that's assuming you use apache in front)21:10
SteveAyes and no21:10
SteveAwe have apache pass through the Host: header21:11
SteveAand use that to look up appropriate protocol and host data in the config file21:11
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SteveAthis also makes the apache config much simpler21:12
SteveAand less error-prone21:12
* SteveA --> food21:13
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* meatballhat can't get Choice + Source widget to work (ACK!)
mgedminyeah, choice widgets are weird21:18
meatballhathere's the whole shebang  :P     ... and I'm mostly hijacking philiKON's worldcookery code  ...21:18
mgedminworkaround: use CustomWidgetFactory(lambda field, request: YourWidgetClass(field, field.vocabulary, request))21:18
mgedminor something like that21:19
mgedmini.e. you need a wrapper around the widget constructor (a function that takes two arguments and converts them to the three that the widget needs)21:19
niemeyermgedmin: It works!21:20
niemeyerWell.. you already knew that21:20
meatballhathmmm... the book was saying that Vocabularies are being deprecated, which is why I was using a Source...   gotcha21:20
meatballhat*are* Vocabularies being deprecated?  :)21:20
mgedminyeah, something like that21:20
mgedminbut field.vocabulary was not renamed for backwards-compatibility reasons21:20
mgedminit may contain a source instead of a vocabulary21:21
meatballhathummmm....    I fear I'm still far too much of a n00b to grasp most of this  :(21:21
mgedminit's one of the murkier and more complicated places of zope 321:22
meatballhatfigures ...     :D21:22
mgedminwhat sort of widget do you want to use?21:22
mgedminor, simpler, could you pastebin your form code?21:22
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meatballhatwell... it's still *very* simple (my current form,) but I want to be able to supply several Select or Radio widgets that get their values from variable sources21:24
meatballhatwhat's the preferred method for constructing Select and Radio widgets?21:24
meatballhat    <-- worldcookery ripoff21:26
mgedminabout what I wrote above21:26
mgedminthe page template is not very interesting21:26
mgedminthe python code is what is interesting21:26
meatballhatah .... sorry ...21:27
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niemeyerHmm.. I'm wondering if allowing ++vh++ isn't something wonderful for XSS21:29
niemeyerOr at least for basic phishing21:29
mgedminmeatballhat: if you replace21:29
mgedmin        form_fields['type'].custom_widget = SourceRadioWidget21:29
mgedmin        form_fields['type'].custom_widget = lambda f, r: SourceRadioWidget(f, f.vocabulary, r)21:29
mgedminit should work21:29
mgedminif you also want to make the code pretty21:30
mgedminwrite a function21:30
mgedmindef CustomSourceRadionWidget(field, request):21:30
mgedmin    return SourceRadioWidget(field, field.vocabulary, request)21:30
meatballhatmgedmin: thank you!!!   /me tries it out21:30
mgedminand then21:30
mgedmin        form_fields['type'].custom_widget = CustomSourceRadioWidget21:31
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meatballhatmgedmin: okay....  getting closer  :D   .... if my interface looks like this:    ...and my Source looks like this:  ....     how should I adjust the wrapper?   SourceRadioWidget(field, field.????, request)21:39
mgedminthe field is a Choice field, right?21:39
meatballhatit's a List with value_type Choice21:39
mgedminoh, my, you're in trouble21:40
meatballhatshould I make it just a Choice21:40
mgedminevery time I tried to use Zope's sequence widgets, I felt pain21:40
meatballhatso lemme step back ... there's no real need to have it as a List with a Choice inside ...  :D21:41
meatballhatnew interface ==
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* mgedmin boldly claims that verifyObject is unpythonic21:46
srichtermgedmin: what software is povbot?21:58
srichterok, thanks21:58
mgedminit's written in python, which is good21:58
mgedminI don't quite like how it's not entirely convenient to use, which is bad21:59
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srichtermgedmin: he he, that's bold! :-)22:11
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mgedminmind, my definition of pythonic is "I can remember how to use it without looking it up"22:12
mgedminwith verifyObject I can never remember if the object or the interface comes first22:13
mgedminverifyObject(foo, provides=ISomeInterface) would scan well if you read it aloud22:13
mgedminbut turns out it's the other way around22:13
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mgedminum, suppose I have an IObjectAddedEvent subscriber that does some initial customizations of a content object22:46
mgedminit also gets triggered when I copy and paste those content objects22:47
mgedminbut I do not want to do initial customizations on the copies22:47
mgedminany ideas how to distinguish creation from copy/paste?22:47
mgedminIObjectCreatedEvent/IObjectCopiedEvent aren't really suitable, because I need to know the location when I do those customizations...22:48
mgedminhey, actually I don't!22:48
mgedminproblem solved22:48
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