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srichterdoes anyone know how povbot generates the HTML version of the channel log?00:03
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seonewin the macros 'contents' is defined.  can this macro be accessed in a PT through @@standard_macros?01:23
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baijumAnyone successfuly used zope.paste with Apache mod_python ?12:38
philiKONno, but i want to try :)12:39
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baijumI was trying to do as described here :
baijumbut not yet succeded ...12:40
* baijum waiting for philiKON 's tutorial on zope.paste + mod_python :)12:43
timtephiliKON: didn't you write a soc proposal on implementing a mod_wsgi or something like that? does this make that unnecessary?13:07
philiKONwell, i did improve zope.paste slightly at the bbq sprint and last week to work in that direction13:08
philiKONthis is nothing that i would use in production yet13:08
timtefirst zserver, then twisted and now some wsgi server, lots of efforts on the servers13:11
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timtewasn't the wsgi server available when the twisted server was implemented? or maybe it's not nearly as performant13:12
philiKONwsgi is an API spec13:13
philiKONboth zope.server and twisted are hooked up using wsgi13:13
philiKONfor the http part that is13:13
philiKONftp still needs to hooked up differently13:14
philiKONalso, there's unnecessary code duplication13:14
philiKONit just needs to evolve13:14
philiKONstuff like paste.deploy lets us get rid of a lot of the code duplication13:14
philiKONi plan to blog on this soonish :)13:14
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timtebut paste includes a wsgi server that will be run if you have Paste.Main in zope.conf, doesn't it?  that's the wsgi server I meant13:15
philiKONthat Paste.Main thing is a way to hook some wsgi middlewares between the zope wsgi app and whichever wsgi server *zope uses*, using paste.deploy13:16
philiKONit's a big ugly actually13:16
philiKONpaste.script comes with some simple http server, yeah13:16
philiKONso you can go paster serve foo.ini13:16
timtebut it's just for development?13:17
philiKONthat's my impression13:17
philiKONi need to find out what django and TG use for production13:17
timteI don't think django has something integrated. You will configure fastcgi + apache + other stuff for yourself.13:18
philiKONok, so it's fcgi13:18
baijumphiliKON, I think you can look into Pylons also, their deployment looks good (I think Ian Bicking is behind it)13:23
philiKONyup, ian does a lot with pylons13:24
baijumbtw, I managed to run Zope 3 using zope.paste and mod_python, But it's very very slow ...13:26
* baijum is awasy13:26
philiKONbaijum: this might be due to the fact that mod_python loads a new python interpreter for each new process13:27
philiKONhence starting zope every time13:27
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* baijum is back14:32
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softdevrhi, has the macro 'contents' defined within it - can I use that macro from my own page template?14:36
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softdevri'm accessing the view as 'context/@@contents.html/' but can't find the 'contents' macro within it14:37
softdevrthat doesn't work for me14:37
lurkerwell, @@contents.html is the view class, innit?14:38
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softdevrI've tried context/@@contents.html/macros/contents14:39
lurkeryou need the pt14:39
softdevrbut get a traversal error on 'macros'14:40
softdevrif I just drop in 'context/@@contents.html' that works14:40
softdevrI just can't get access to the specific macro within the PT that I want14:41
afd_softdevr: you can do something like this in your view class14:43
afd_macro_page = ViewPageTemplate('')14:43
afd_and inside your template you'll have:14:44
afd_tal:define="macros_page view/macro_page"14:44
afd_and then metal:use-macro="macros_page/macros/content"14:44
afd_I guess something like this will work, haven't tried though14:44
softdevrright, I'll have a go, thanks14:45
softdevrgoing back to the original attempt, it looks like macros isn't defined for @@contents.html, either that or I can't access it14:46
lurker@@contents.html is *not* the template14:46
lurkerbut the view14:46
softdevrIn the examples I've seen templates are accessed through the view14:49
afd_softdevr: which examples?14:49
softdevrWeitershauen's book14:50
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softdevrwhat syntax would be used to access the template directly?14:57
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softdevrlurker: can I point to the pt from the path expression or does it need to be done as afd_ suggested?15:05
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* baijum just looked at zope.paste and mod_python again16:39
baijumNow I added 'PythonInterpreter main_interpreter' in httpd.conf16:39
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projekt01dobbe, ayt?16:40
baijumI can access the page for first time..when access again it's shows 500 status and the log is here:
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baijumAny idea what this function does ? File "/mbaiju/wa/Zope3trunk/src/ZODB/", line 42, in lock_file\n    fcntl.flock(file.fileno(), _flags)16:42
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projekt01dobee, should we define own i18n domains for namespace packages in z3c.schema16:45
baijumWhen I just commented that line, everything woked fine :)16:45
dobeeprojekt01: yes, z3c.i18n is for other purposes16:46
dobeevocabularies etc16:46
projekt01dobee, Ok, will do that16:47
* baijum so running Zope 3 using zope.paste and Apache mod_python is just few steps:
* baijum now I have to figure out src/ZODB/, line 4216:49
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afd_softdevr: look in zope.formlib configure.zcml, you'll see there the view/template namespace adapter17:07
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baijumphiliKON, ping ?17:20
baijumphiliKON, I was looking at zope.paste again17:20
philiKONwhat's up?17:20
baijumWhen I can access the page for first time is showed without any problem..when access again it's shows 500 status and the log is here:
philiKONyes, it's what i told you17:21
philiKONit opens a new interpreter17:21
philiKONhence it will load a new zope application17:21
baijumNow I added 'PythonInterpreter main_interpreter' in httpd.conf17:21
philiKONwhich won't work17:21
philiKONbecause of zodb lock files17:21
philiKONah, ok17:22
philiKONthat might work17:22
baijumbut still the problem remains17:22
philiKONwell, reduce the number of processes to 117:22
baijumphiliKON, see the log..why zodb file is opened for each request ?17:23
philiKONi tried to explain this above17:23
philiKONbecause it opens a new interpreter for new requests17:23
philiKONit's the way apache prefork works17:23
baijumah. ok17:23
baijumso, what's the solution ?17:24
philiKONthere are several solutions17:24
philiKONi already told you one17:24
philiKONreduce the number of processes to 117:25
philiKONan alternative is to use zeo17:25
baijumbut 'reducing the number of processes to 1' doesn't seem to work ...17:25
philiKONhow are you doing it?17:26
baijumsee this:
baijummy steps are given there17:26
philiKONyes, but i see nowhere where you tell apache to only fork 1 process17:28
baijumI added it later : PythonInterpreter main_interpreter17:28
baijumbelow PythonHandler17:29
philiKONthat's not about processes17:29
philiKONthat just tells it which interpreter *definition* to use17:29
baijumhow to do it ?17:30
philiKONif you're using mpm_prefork, MaxSpareServers 1017:31
philiKONjust read the apache docs17:31
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baijumphiliKON, thanks ! I will look into this later17:32
* baijum leaving17:32
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mgedminwaah, python's profiling tools make me cry18:14
timteoh there is a mod_wsgi18:15
timtephiliKON: did you try mod_wsgi?18:16
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jbb666i didnt think it was released yet?18:21
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jbb666oh it is now....18:24
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philiKONanybody going to europython and willing to share a room?19:56
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* pbugni wishes he had the funds for that20:21
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