IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-04-05

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salfieldhas anyone given much thought to the possibility of integrating multidimensional indexing structures into zope3?00:57
salfielde.g. Universal Btree00:58
salfieldor even a parallel distributed multidimensional indexing structures like the PN-Tree?00:59
salfieldis by the same guy who invented the btree01:02
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salfieldthat one is a bit mathematical while this paper on the pn tree is more readable for a typical computer scientist
srichterno, no one I know of has looked into this01:09
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srichterfrom reading the abstract, it seems it would be most useful to the adapter registry01:11
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replaceafillhi everybody. i have a container with OOBTrees inside.01:14
replaceafillIf I add a container, OOBTrees and store data in them, all it works. But when I restart the server I can't see the OOBTree attributes anymore.01:14
replaceafilli'm getting "raise TypeError(_insufficientContext) TypeError: There isn't enough context to get URL information. This is probably due to a bug in setting up location information."01:14
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salfieldsrichter: how would it be useful in the adapter registry?01:33
salfieldSeems to me that the UBTree would be a good way to store multiple indexed attributes and do efficient range queries over them01:34
salfieldas opposed to, or as an extension to existing indexing structures01:35
srichtersalfield: multi-adapter and effectively multi-dimentional lookups01:35
srichterI do not have such complex indices01:35
salfieldso you would consider using it to find a set of objects which collectively implement an interface? Or to query an implementation in order to be sure that it corresponds to a schema?01:43
salfieldsorry if I miss the point, I am quite new to Zope still01:43
salfieldThe PN-tree or something like it might be to indexing what the dht is to is to hash-tables01:47
salfieldpossible usecase: e.g. if you were to have multiple zeo data sources serving multiple zeo front ends and you wanted to treat the multiple sources transparently addressable from an app, then the PN-Tree would make that possible01:49
salfieldit would also make it possible to parallelise the processing of such queries01:49
salfieldI am thinking p2p zope01:51
salfieldbut maybe that is just not right or good - so I wanted to bounce these ideas off you guys01:51
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salfieldanyhow, if anyone is interested in exploring these ideas - I'd be delighted to speak to them02:04
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Bhaskarhow cal i get Zope for CMS as similar to joomla or drupal?08:48
baijumBhaskar, look at http://www.plone.org08:50
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baijumphiliKON, ayt ?09:59
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softdevrhi, how do i access a template file in my filesystem using TALES17:38
softdevrits not in the same directory, so container is no good17:38
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softdevrphiliKON: quick question if I can, I asked before but got no reply18:42
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philiKONyou can always ask :)18:43
philiKONi might not be able to answer, but you can always ask :)18:43
softdevrhow do i access a template file in my filesystem using TALES18:43
softdevrits not in the same directory, so container is no good18:43
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philiKONyou need to register it as a component to be able to access it18:44
philiKONstuff on the filesystem isn't available until you actually register it18:45
philiKONmake a browser:page directive18:45
afd__softdevr: look also at the zope.formlib configure.zcml for some pointers18:45
softdevrthanks guys, its only simple stuff but not comfortable with it yet18:46
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nikhil_ncan any one help about zope testing?19:12
philiKONnikhil_n: what do you need to know?19:12
nikhil_ni am now trying to test zodbcode in python2.519:13
philiKONum, why?19:13
nikhil_ni found a module cPersitance missing19:13
nikhil_nfor porting zope3 to python2.519:13
philiKONzodbcode isn't used anywhere in zope 3 i believe19:14
philiKONi don't think it's a top priority19:14
nikhil_nit is listed as the modules which needs to be changed19:14
philiKONhmm, you're right19:14
philiKONforget what i said :)19:14
philiKONi thought it wasn't used, but unfortunately it seems to be used quite a lot19:14
nikhil_nwhat about cPersistance19:14
philiKONwell, seems like you didn't compile zope19:15
philiKONcPersistence.c is in the persistent package19:15
nikhil_ni did , ./configure and make19:15
nikhil_nbut make returned error19:15
philiKONwell, then it didn't compile everything19:16
philiKONlooks like it didn't get to cPersistence.c19:16
philiKONor failed there19:16
nikhil_nstill can i test independent packages using
nikhil_ni tried it19:16
philiKONsure, if they don't depend on persistence19:16
philiKONbut zodbcode obviously depends on the 'persistent' package19:17
nikhil_nit passed test for, interface and datetime19:17
philiKONyes, they don't depend on persistent19:18
nikhil_nhow is cPersistance.c made a module?19:18
philiKONit's compiled to a .so19:18
philiKONi thought you knew the Python C api?19:18
nikhil_nbut here there is certain changes19:19
nikhil_nint changes 2.519:19
nikhil_nshould it change in code also19:20
nikhil_nzope code19:20
philiKONno idea, that's for you to find out :)19:20
nikhil_ndoes zope uses distutils much19:21
angrymgthere's a push to eggify zope19:22
angrymgeggs depend on setuptools which is built on distutils19:22
angrymgalso, zope has always used distutils to build C extension modules (such as cPersistence)19:23
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nikhil_nThe datetime package is given in the projects web page as requiring changes19:25
nikhil_nbut it passed the testing19:26
nikhil_nfor python2.519:26
philiKONthat's good19:26
philiKONdon't take everything for granted :)19:26
philiKONin the end, *all* tests of zope should pass19:26
philiKONwhether they were reported as breaking before or not19:27
philiKONnikhil_n: are you a zope committer yet?19:27
philiKONgood, be sure to become one so you can check that stuff in on a branch19:28
nikhil_nnow getting more and more involved each day19:29
philiKONthat's good. becoming a zope contributor only involves one signature :)19:29
philiKONthe reason is that when you check in your stuff, it's easier for us to monitor and guide you19:29
philiKONwe see the checkins on the mailinglist and we can reproduce what you see19:30
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philiKONso get on it :)19:31
nikhil_nok ,thanks19:31
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srichterahhhh, I accidently declined someone!!!20:34
srichterWhere is undo on Launchpad?20:34
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angrymgin ++control++/zodbUndo.html? :)20:35
angrymgah, right, launchpad doesn't use zodb20:35
srichterangrymg: why are you angry?20:39
angrymgbecause wifi here is acting up and dropping my ssh sessions every 60 seconds or so20:40
angrymg(and a hundred other small reasons, especially the headache)20:40
srichteroh, I see20:40
srichterangrymg: I really like the log converter you wrote :-) runs prefectly20:41
angrymglog converter?20:41
srichterfor supybot ChannelLogger20:41
srichterthis one20:42
angrymgthat's a port of Jeff Waugh's irclog2html perl script20:42
angrymgat least it started as one20:42
angrymgthen I did a lot of refactoring20:42
srichterfirst I thought it would take me a while to setup, but it was very quick20:42
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srichterthe output is really nice and applying it to the directory is great20:44
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meatballhatwhat's a good approach for debugging a ComponentLookupError?  (I seem to be getting them a lot)22:24
angrymgthinking about it is the best way, I think22:26
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angrymgthere are all those different cases (is it a local or a global component?  where is it registered?  what interfaces does my object implement?)22:27
meatballhatangrymg: har har....    I'm not looking for a freebie, I'm just wondering if there's a preferred method for thinking through the layers ...    like the example you've just given22:27
meatballhatI'm having the most trouble (embarrassingly) with simple Form widgets22:28
angrymgah, those are fun22:28
angrymgnote that not all schema fields have widgets defined for them in zope22:29
angrymgObject fields, for example22:29
angrymgum, I think22:29
angrymgno, ignore me22:29
meatballhatthe ComponentLookupError gets raised in zope.component.getMultiAdapter ... yeah, I'm having to do a Custom Widget22:29
meatballhatI actually ended up just using a Choice field with a Vocabulary ... and all of my configuration and such seems to be okay, because the Traceback specifically references my SimpleVocabulary object   :(22:31
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angrymgis this in real life or in a unit test?22:43
meatballhatangrymg: real life ... er .... life in my dark little corner (does that count?)22:44
angrymgpastebin your schema?22:45
meatballhatwill do ... although it's virtually identical to when you helped me the other day  :D22:45
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angrymghow did you register your vocabulary in zcml?22:48
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meatballhatangrymg: yeppers, and here's the utility for making my vocabulary:
angrymgyou use strange indentation22:50
angrymgI see nothing wrong in the code22:50
angrymgwhat's the exception?22:50
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meatballhat:D   ... I'm learning from philiKON   .... I hope I'm learning the right way  :P  .... the exception is a ComponentLookupError from getMultiAdapter ... I'll paste it22:51
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angrymglooks like you're trying to use SourceRadioWidget with a vocabulary22:55
angrymgtry a simple RadioWidget instead22:55
angrymgI haven't used sources much...22:56
meatballhatangrymg: sheesh.... I'm a dullard ..... :P    I was using a Source before ... egad22:56
* angrymg thought vocabularies were a subclass of sources22:56
meatballhatI wanted to use a Source because of what I'd read about Vocabularies being deprecated ... but couldn't get the SourceRadioWidget to work  :P  ......22:57
angrymgsources are more rad/kool/fashionable, but also, I think, more difficult to use22:59
angrymgI may be completely wrong, because I haven't used them much :)22:59
meatballhatheehee ... I'd like to figure them out eventually, especially because I'd like the list for Choice to be more admin-friendly ... figure out a simple TTW control  :-/23:00
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angrymggood luck!23:01
*** angrymg has quit IRC23:01
meatballhateep .....    someday  ....23:02
meatballhatmany thanks to Mr. Gedminas for his help23:04
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