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ignaswhich zc.catalog index can give me a list of indexed pairs? like if i am indexing person titles, would give me a list [('john': 'John'), ('pete', 'Pete'), ('__name__', 'title')] ?12:40
ignasi have a very specific search function, the ordering changes depending on the person who is looking at the person list (i18n and stuff), and don't want to wake up all the persons to sort them by title, and display only 10 of them ...12:41
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ignasso i have got the index thingie working14:02
ignasbut retrieving IntIds for all the 10K items in the container14:02
ignastakes like 90% of the view rendering time14:02
ignasis the ID generation waking up the object?14:03
philiKONpossibly. it's accessing obj._p_oid14:07
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philiKONand obj._p_jar14:07
ignashow is the default IkeyReference working?14:07
philiKONlook into
ignashmm, it's using _p_oid14:10
ignaswould that make ZODB load the whole object?14:10
ignasif so, then is there a way to use the catalog without the IntIds ?14:11
ignasi mean i am trying to sort the objects by title before loading them so i would only load objects i need14:11
ignas(sorting is done by me, not by catalog)14:12
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ignasmaybe i should just use 2 indexes, one for __name__ and another for title14:13
ignasso i would ask the ValueIndex to give me id's of object with some __name__ (gives me 1 id)14:14
ignasand use that id to get the title14:14
ignaswould still be faster than looking up 10k of int ids (8 seconds)14:14
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ignasok, cut the time 50% by using an index for __name__14:28
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ignasok, so apparently doing btree[key] is quite expensive even if you do nothing with the object14:35
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ignascool, got it blazingly fast by iterating through documents_to_values of the __name__ index to generate all the id __name__ pairs, and title index to sort by title14:50
ignasnot it's 0.2 seconds instead of 15 seconds14:50
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baijumHow to stop test running process in between when running mutiple layers together (Pressing Contol+C doesn't help) ?16:27
ignasbaijum: hmm, i though that mgedmin fixed that in the trunk16:28
baijumI am running tests in Zope 3 trunk16:28
ignasbaijum: there were a lot of bare excepts, but in the zope testrunner trunk now there aren't any16:28
ignasZope3 trunk is not using an up to date testrunner then16:29
* J1m thinks we should investigate nose16:29
baijumah, ok16:29
ignasbaijum: svn up in Zope3/src/zope/testing16:29
ignaswill work until you svn up Zope3 trunk again16:30
baijumignas, I will try, thanks !16:30
philiKON_J1m: nose isn't nearly as flexible as zope.testing wrt layers16:31
J1mI know nothing about it other than we don't own it. :)16:31
J1mI wonder if we could add our testrunner features using it's plugin mechanism.16:32
philiKON_it has a few nice features, but zope.testing isn't that bad16:32
ignassomeone with a Zope3 trunk checkout should set proper zope testing revision in svn props16:32
J1mI think our testrunner is pretty good in a lot of ways.16:32
J1mBut It would be good to try a comparison to:16:32
J1m- See if we can own less or,16:32
J1m- Show why people should use out testrunner or make nose better16:33
J1mNose is pretty popular -- in part because we haven't publicised ours (and because of antu-zope bias :( )16:34
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philiKON_yeah :/16:34
* philiKON_ considers a lightning talk16:34
philiKON_at EP16:34
philiKON_J1m: btw, i plan to talk about paste + wsgi + zope (+ grok) at EP. i recently made zope work completely on paste.deploy.16:35
J1mdoe you still use ZConfig?16:35
philiKON_for the zodb definition16:36
J1mso w/o a server definition?16:36
J1mcool.  I'd love to see this become the norm.16:36
philiKON_the second main section16:36
philiKON_"Deploying Zope 3 on an WSGI-capable webserver"16:37
philiKON_as you can see, you can point to a Data.fs from your paste ini file16:37
philiKON_or, if you want more options, point to a Zconfig-style file16:37
baijumphiliKON_, can I use eggs and buildout instead of Zope 3 instance to try zope.paste ?16:38
J1mvery cool.16:38
philiKON_J1m: this is an example of a grok app on paste.deploy16:39
J1mI'd like to see this (or something like it) replace the travesties we have now.16:39
philiKON_as yoiu can see, it plugs in the Deliverance WSGi middleware16:39
philiKON_for theming16:39
philiKON_J1m: +116:39
ignasJ1m: btw about that sorting discussion in Zop3-dev, catalog is really cool, a bit difficult to use properly, but i have managed to sort/batch/filter 10k objects by title while only waking up 10 objects being shown in ~0.2 seconds16:46
ignaswhile doing sorting by title on the python side (i18n reasons)16:46
J1mDid you get the title data from an index?16:47
ignashad to add an index for __name__ <=> intid as well16:47
ignasso i would not have to generate intids for 10k objects16:48
ignaszc.table for display and sorting16:48
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baijumignas, btw, killing the test running process is not yet working in zope.testing trunk (I think mgedmin did some other improvements...)16:51
ignasstrange, then look for bare excepts in testing and fix them16:52
ignasValueIndexes 'title' and '__name__'16:52
baijumignas, there is 222 bare excepts in Zope 3 trunk :(16:53
ignasin look testing only16:53
baijumah, ok16:53
ignasand - OUCH 222 bare excepts is a bit much16:53
J1mBare excepts that reraise are not bad.16:53
ignasyes, forgot about that usecase16:53
J1mI'm a bit surprised that there are so many.16:54
* baijum tried this: find src/zope/ -name "*.py"|xargs grep "except:"|wc -l16:55
ignasbaijum - try to add "grep -v svn"16:55
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J1mThere are plenty of evil ones though. :(16:57
baijumignas, "grep -v svn" is not required16:57
J1mMuch/all of this is in unreleased code.16:57
J1mwell, much16:57
ignasbaijum: what about zope.testing ?16:58
baijumignas, for some test layer killing works..I will see which are not working16:59
ignasthen it's probably the problem on the Zope3 side, not Zope3 testrunner side16:59
baijumignas, it looks like that17:00
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ignasif i want catalog to work do must i have a site set?18:56
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J1mI believe so.18:58
ignasJ1m: i have a nasty piece of voodoo code in schooltool bootstrap :/ i had to move setSite up in the call stack so that local utility setups and catalog indexing would be performed on objects that are added to initialize the database19:01
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J1mIt doesn't sound like voodoo code.  If you need to look up components, then the site needs to be set.19:03
ignasthe bootstraping as a whole is something i couldn19:05
ignascouldn't write myself so it's a bit voodoo19:05
ignasi mean i know how it works, and what are the parts19:06
ignasdidn't have to implement it myself ever though19:06
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philiKONJ1m: what are "ntests"?19:30
J1mIt was just a file naming convention we used for a while at ZC when we were first developing layers.19:31
J1mWhen we had to use functional tests before they were layerfied.19:31
philiKONah, ok19:32
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bigkevmcdevenin' all21:56
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