IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-04-11

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romanofskimoin :)09:54
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goschtlhi, is it possible to use the lovely.viewcache  suite in a plone/five environment?13:38
timtenot sure if anyone tried13:40
timtedoes intid utility work with plone/five?13:40
timteintid is used frequently in lovely.viewcache13:40
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goschtltimte: i belive it exists a five.initid thing13:43
timtethe imports will be wrong then13:43
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Theunijukart: ping14:21
jukartTheuni: pong14:22
TheuniI'm working with zalchemy right now.14:23
TheuniI'm working on an automatic mapper between sqlalchemy.types to zope.schema14:23
Theuniis there any previous work on this?14:24
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Theuniotherwise i'll try to build it and offer it for inclusion to zalchemy14:24
jukartvery good14:25
lurkerTheuni: did you see Andreas' z3c.sqlalchemy?14:30
lurkerand then there is Kapil's alchemist14:31
Theunipartially, it didn't look like i wanted to use it14:31
Theunialchemist looks like a plone product14:32
Theunibut it does the schema mapping14:33
* Theuni goes off stealing14:33
Theunialchemist has a translation thing.14:38
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Theunialchemist is gpl14:44
Theunii hate that14:44
philiKONTheuni: talk to kapil14:45
philiKONTheuni: i think he'll glady give you the code14:46
philiKONalso, he might even make it more generic14:46
philiKONhe digs zope3 nowadays :)14:46
Theunithe module that is there is pretty usable already14:46
Theuniit doesn't depend on anything else14:46
philiKONmake it a separate egg :)14:47
philiKONthat could even be gpl ;)14:47
Theuniegg-frenzy ;)14:47
Theunievery module its own egg14:47
* Theuni goes to find kapil14:48
philiKONhazmat: ping :)14:48
Theuniah. that's his nick :()14:49
* Theuni is typoing a lot today14:49
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hazmatphiliKON, ping15:32
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hazmatTheuni, ore.alchemist doesn't do any plone z2 deps15:32
hazmatall that is in a separate z2 product that also adds in some basic container (zc.table based) and views15:33
hazmatbased on formlib15:33
Theuniwould you consider making an egg release out of ore.alchemist?15:34
hazmatwell can you be clear on what is you want?.. an egg, in zope svn, or with license change?15:34
TheuniI want to be able to use it in my project. For that I'd be happy to use GPL software, if it's available via as an egg.15:35
hazmatphiliKON, utilities are common defined as context independent?15:35
Theunis/via as/as/15:35
hazmati'm leaning to changing the license as well fwiw ;-)15:35
TheuniI found a few oddities in the sa2zs module btw ...15:35
Theuniheh ... i wouldn't *oppose* a license change, but it's not my main motivation :)15:35
hazmatTheuni, such as?15:36
philiKONhazmat: yeah15:37
TheuniThere is an `annotations` variable that falls back to to be a dict, however, later it is used with attribute accesses15:37
Theunialso your coding style is weird :)15:37
Theuniand you ahve a pdb post-mortem thing in the code that jumps in when a transmutation fails15:37
Theuniafter that it worked for me ;)15:37
philiKONsounds like hazmat has got himself a contributor ;)15:37
* philiKON goes off to take a nappy-nap15:38
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hazmatTheuni, post mortem is a stray error, should raise, will fix momentarily15:39
hazmatTheuni, the annotation, has direct attributes but column info is stored via mapping interface since not all column names maybe be valid python identifiers15:40
hazmatdig the keyreference support as well ;-)15:41
hazmatcommitted fix on pdb15:45
hazmatTheuni, btw. in general its a little easier (less code) going the other way from zope.schema to rdb.. if your not supporting an existing db15:45
hazmatthe annotation stuff gets a little tedious.. there is a complete example though here..15:46
Theunihmm. i'm using this for a transitional period anyway15:48
hazmatalthough the ui for that is based on the z2 product support..  if you want to backport some of the alchemist z2 product work on formlib that would be nice..15:49
hazmati'll put together an egg15:49
Theuniwe have to support a large existing database and i'm only interested in the mapping for now so we can start moving to hand-written schemata when we need them15:49
Theunii'll help out if i find something, though.15:49
* hazmat wonders how to specify egg dependencies...15:51
hazmati've got one in there that goes to
Theunihere's an example
Theunilook at the install_requires15:52
Theuniif you need IContainer, you will do install_requires=['']15:52
hazmatyeah.. but reality is.. that pulls in way too much15:52
Theunifor now15:52
Theuniit will get better15:52
hazmatits really just zope.schema, zope.interface, zope.component15:52
Theunihopefully the dependencies on aren't really that bad and as soon as we clean up those egg dependencies it will be less annoying15:53
hazmaticontainer stuff is to support this notion i had of building apps via stamping generic alchemist containers with app specific intefaces15:53
hazmatbtw. do we get an alphaflow z3 rewrite this year? ;-)15:53
Theuniwe're working on alphaflow 2 that uses zope 3 technologies15:53
Theunibut we can't get away from archetypes that easily and that binds us to the AT hell for now :/15:54
hazmatcool.. as long as you can ditch the at specific integration layers.. that would make it much easier15:54
Theunihaha :)15:54
TheuniI'd *LOVE* to.15:54
hazmatdo you really need support that can't be adapted to?15:54
TheuniNot sure. The main issue is that we have (real-)time constraints of getting this done. Hopefully we're moving in the right direction to make it easier to get away from AT in the future.15:55
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haz-macTheuni, uploaded to pypi16:14
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softdevris the request object the same in zope 3 as in zope 2?17:37
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timtesoftdevr: no it's not17:41
softdevrI can't find documentation describing the structure of a request, specifically how to access uploaded files17:42
softdevrapidoc is vague about BrowserRequest17:42
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Theunisoftdevr: file uploads are available im request.form as cgi FileUpload objects17:45
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Theunihaz-mac: thanks. that egg works like a charm.17:47
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softdevrapidoc mentions FieldStorage17:50
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Theuniah right. fieldstorage me bad17:58
Theunialmost the same difference17:58
Theunifieldstorage should have a 'file' attribute17:59
Theunicheckout python's cgi module17:59
Theunithat's where fieldstorage is defined17:59
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runyagado zeoclients have a timeout variable?18:34
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Theunitimeout for what?18:37
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Theuniin the zope.conf schema i only see the disconnect polling times18:38
Theuniwhich are not timeouts18:38
Theuniso i guess they rely on your systems tcp timeouts18:39
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Theunii ran into some weirdness with custom traversal code19:17
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Theunii registered a traverser for an object (which is an unnamed publisher view) and now all the /@@/ views try to use that view :/19:18
Theuniif i explicitly spell out ++resource++resourcename than the traversal works19:18
Theunijust the shortcut is gone19:18
Theunihm. ah. that might conflict with some site-mangling i've been doing19:20
Theunijup. hmm19:21
* Theuni scratches his head.19:21
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mgedminso, I want to change the CSS class of a button rendered with formlib actions21:38
mgedminwhat's the best way? subclass form.Action?21:38
mgedminprovide a custom named template?21:38
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philiKON_mgedmin: override the 'render' named template for IAction22:15
mgedminI would need to do that with zcml overrides?22:15
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mgedminit sort of appears to me that subclassing form.Action and form.action is the easier way22:18
mgedminwell, other than adding this feature to zope.formlib core and backporting it to zope 3.222:19
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mgedminaaargh, my brain has gone for a long walk22:32
mgedminI've started using metal macros with tal:replace="context/@@macros/macroname"22:32
mgedminunsuprisingly this renders a long list of nested tuples into the body of my page22:33
mgedminand this after I've already copied and pasted the wrong line into 20 .pt files22:33
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philiKON_mgedmin: TAL bytecode is fun :)22:41
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