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timteSo the gsoc project for python 2.5 was accepted? Great!15:01
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ChrisWhiya, what's the best way to override url processing in Zope3? provide my own IPublishTraverse for my objects?17:18
ccombI would say yes17:19
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softdevris there a simple way to access an object's name using TALES?20:28
pbugnisry, that's the 'short_name'20:28
pbugniobject/title ?20:28
J1mIf the object provides ILocation, then:20:29
pbugnilisten to J1m :)20:29
softdevrthat's what I tried, no doesn't work. Its an Image20:31
pbugnineed to adapt Image to ILocation J1m ?20:32
J1mI doubt it.20:32
faassensoftdevr: this Image is already in a container? before it's there it won't have one.20:32
J1mIs this an object that you got from a folder?20:32
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faassenJ1m: good question! :)20:33
softdevrIts in a custom container20:33
faassensoftdevr: what kind of error do you get when you try to use __name__?20:34
softdevrTypeError: tuple indices must be integers20:35
ignasis it a good idea to create indexes on the fly, instead of through subscribers on the application initialization ?20:35
pbugnichat your tales expression, softdevr20:35
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faassenignas: what is 'on the fly'?20:36
ignaslike if a user sorts by name in Lithuanian20:36
ignasand there is no such index20:36
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ignasthe index is added to the catalog on the first search20:36
faassenignas: there's no problem that I know of to create an index later. you just need to make sure it gets filled somehow.20:36
ignasat the moment sorting a list with 10K objects by title is very very fast, but if i want to do that with i18n in mind20:37
ignasretrieving the collation key for 10K objects takes a while20:37
ignasas in 3 seconds20:37
ignasi am thinking of adding a special index for every "language" vs IndexedLocaleAwareColumn combination if it gets too slow20:38
ignasa special index would make more sense though20:39
ignasit can just add one more dict to itself on every new language used for sorting20:39
faassenignas: that's an idea.20:40
ignasthanks :)20:40
faassenignas: it might also work to use multiple collections of objects and separate indexes altogether. i.e. several sub apps per locale. depends on how much your locales diverge in what data they expect.20:40
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ignaswell - it's just sorting order for persons20:41
ignasutf-8 sorting is language dependant20:41
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faassenI mean, if other aspects are expected to arise later.20:41
faassenbesides sorting that would require different data storage.20:41
ignasnope, it's more like - i want to be able to change the language of the application without changing the database20:42
faassenokay, then I guess you might need a magick index. :)20:42
faassenor not an index, right?20:42
faassenindexes don't do the sorting bit.20:42
ignasno, but they allow me to get all the titles without waking up objects20:42
ignassort and filter and batch 10k objects20:43
ignasshow 10 of them20:43
ignasand wake up only 10 objects displayed20:43
faassenhm, that's interesting.20:43
ignas0.2 seconds :D20:43
ignasschooltool trunk20:43
ignaslast 5 days of work20:43
ignasok, must run now, bye20:43
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faassenI wonde rwhether that approach is generalizable.20:43
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* jbb666 bangs head against buildout22:37
runyaga_please fix it before i get to it22:38
runyaga_i cant stand anymore head banging22:38
J1mjbb666, what troubles you.22:39
runyaga_J1m, i am verifying.. but i think dieter was spot-on.  iptables was filtering (allowing the port) on the internal interface22:39
runyaga_and that may have been causing problems; have not had any problems since22:40
J1mjbb666, maybe would help.22:40
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jbb666i'm getting a couple errors that are difficult to reproduce but seems to be related to develop eggs trying to access their working set....22:46
J1mhm, develop eggs accessing working sets ....22:47
J1msounds exotic.22:47
jbb666or not .. the error is from zc.buildout.easy_install:  AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'endswith'22:49
J1mHm, I wonder what line that's on.22:49
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J1mjbb666, you know, you can use the -D option to get a traceback.22:53
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Theuni_runyaga_: aaah. good to know. i used to ask that question to my roommates years ago when they where reporting errors with their systems and had "personal firewalls" running. Didn't expect to meet that one again. ;)23:24
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dunnyJ1m: I struggling with zc.buildout running under python 2.3. Should buildout run in python 2.3?23:28
runyaga_Theuni_, lets give it 2-3 weeks without any errors first before claiming victory..23:28
J1mdunny, yes23:28
dunnyJ1m: okay, I'll keep trying then, feels like I'm looking at temp file problems at the moment23:29
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Theuni_runyaga_: ;) at least you found some knob that was doing something wrong ...23:31
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Theuni_bedtime for me23:32
dunnyJ1m: this is what I'm seeing at the moment
*** jbb666 has joined #zope3-dev23:34
J1mHm.  Python 2.3 on the mac.23:35
J1mIs this the system Python or one you built yourself.23:35
dunnyJ1m: OS X, yeah, pretty sure that is my own build23:35
dunnyjust trying on a different host now, FreeBSD this time23:35
J1mI could never get a 2.3 build to work correctly.23:35
J1mI don't remember why.23:36
J1mI'm lazy so I didn't try hard.23:36
J1mI test buildout on my mac using the system Python.23:36
* faassen chuckles at the idea of J1m being lazy.23:36
faassenJ1m: *I* am lazy, so I know you're not. :)23:37
J1mlazy is one of my best qualities.23:37
faassenJ1m: gosh, mine too! :)23:37
faassenJ1m: this makes my other qualities very minor indeed, but still. :)23:38
J1mdunny, I'm getting the same error.23:41
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faassenI wonder what's doing chmod.23:42
J1mThe tarfile module.23:42
faassenJ1m: did you see my bugreport about cmmi and unzipping and no chmod there?23:42
dunnyyeah, just tried with system 2.3 too, same error23:42
faassenJ1m: yeah, I just got reminded of my bug report. :)23:42
J1mfaassen, yes23:42
faassenJ1m: pyweek-generated bug. :)23:43
faassenJ1m: (the game programming thing)23:43
J1mI remember23:43
dunnybut  python 2.3 on another host (FreeBSD) builtout okay23:43
dunnynow trying the buildout tests there23:44
J1mNote that the buildout tests are a pain to run.23:44
J1mBecause it needs a couple of versions of Python.23:44
J1mYou'll get an error that should tell you what to do.23:45
ignasfaassen: as for the generalization - it is generalized, i mean i have everything "narrowed" down to formatter = ITableFormatter(table, request); formatter.setUp(); formatter.render()23:45
faassenignas: very cool.23:45
ignasfaassen: which does indexing, sorting, filtering and batching for any Container in schooltool23:45
faassenignas: would be nice if we coudl get that packaged for some generic package.23:45
faassenignas: do I need to bug Mark Shuttleworth for ZPL assignment first?23:47
ignasfaassen: yes, i am thinking about it, but i am afraid i will not have enough time to do it properly (schooltool batching is not good enough to be packaged) + i would have to resolve legal issues as it would be "schooltool.table"23:47
faassenignas: right, I can help with legal issues by just bugging the right people.23:47
ignasi see23:47
dunnyJ1m: this is the test report
faassenignas: heck, I'm ZF board. I can bug people quite officially if I can get the rest of the board to agree. :)23:48
dunnyJ1m: there are other pythons on that host already23:48
faassenignas: I can also help find volunteers for the code extraction.23:48
ignasfaassen: if someone would bug me to package it - it would get packaged ;)23:48
faassenignas: hm.23:48
ignasyou only need volunteers to bug me ;)23:48
faassenignas: okay, could you drop me an email at just pointing out what in SVN we'd like to generalize and move?23:49
faassenignas: then I'll see whether I can get the bureaucratic stuff in motion.23:49
J1mdunny, I dunno, I always run the tests from the project.23:49
faassenignas: what woudl be great if you could write a description of what you're up to to zope3-dev or some blog or whatever.23:49
faassenignas: that way we can drum up some public attention for it.23:49
faassenignas: and that might draw in volunteers.23:49
J1mIf you wish, you can file a bug report that you get failures when running from an egg.23:50
dunnyJ1m: yup, looks like at least some of that report is trying to tell me that :-)23:50
dunnyso zc.buildout should and does work on python 2.323:50
dunnysomehow OS X Python 2.3 has some quirks23:50
J1mThere are also potential issues if you use shared eggs directories as that can effect the output.23:51
J1mwell, I run the zc.buildout tests with 2.3.23:51
J1mIncluding on the mac.23:51
J1mI don't do a lot of work with 2.3.23:51
J1mIt's possible that there are problems that the tests don't catch.23:51
J1mThe tar error is a bit weird and suggests that something is broken.23:52
dunnymy wild guess is some problem with temporary directories or files23:52
dunnyand when I try to use -D I see things like23:53
dunny  File "/private/tmp/tmpLM8PEN/zc.buildout-1.0.0b23-py2.3.egg/zc/buildout/", line 291, in _call_easy_install23:53
dunnywhere /private/tmp/tmpLM8PEN23:53
dunnydoes not exist23:53
dunnywell I can't see it once I'm dumped into the pdb prompt23:53
J1mIt probably existed when the exception was raised.23:54
*** jfroche has quit IRC23:54
dunnyand the same directory is referenced on the next run23:54
J1mzc.buildout cleans up temporary directories.23:54
dunny"tmpLM8PEN" is repeated23:54
* J1m shrugs23:54
ignasfaassen: sent you the email with links to source  code23:55
faassenignas: thanks!23:55
faassenignas: see it in my inbox.23:55
dunnyJ1m: what should happen when using post mortem debugging and there is an error as reported in the first traceback of ?23:56
dunnypdb should land me in that first traceback?23:57
J1mNo, It is (effectively) running easy_install to install the distribution.23:58
J1mThis is being done in a subprocess.23:58
*** dobee has quit IRC23:58
dunnycool, thanks23:58
J1mso no, it can't get you into that stack. :(23:59
J1mNo, not cool.23:59
dunnyheh, indeed23:59
dunnyI expect all my python processes to have a -D flag now days23:59
dunnythanks to zope.testing23:59

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