IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-04-18

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Theunibaijum: ping09:35
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baijumTheuni: pong09:39
Theunican you add me as a cheeseshop owner to zope.viewlet?09:39
Theuni(and maybe the other packages if it doesn't hurt)09:39
Theunii need to publish an updated egg09:40
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baijumTheuni, ok will do, what's your cheeseshop ID ?09:42
baijumI have add 'ctheune' as owner of zope.viewlet, will do others after sometime09:44
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Theunibaijum: what's our policy of publishing the eggs to pyPI?09:52
Theunido we only put them on for now or what?09:53
baijumTheuni, I think we can publish it to cheeseshop also09:53
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baijumI don't find any reason for not doing it...09:54
Theunithat would be some work, none of those are uploaded yet. :/09:54
baijumI cann't09:54
Theunime neither righ tnow09:55
Theunibut i'll keep it in my head09:55
Theuniwhen i have some  spare time, i'll do09:55
baijumthen, leave it for time being, I can help you to do it this weekend09:55
baijumTheuni, are you going to make a1 release now ?09:56
Theunii can't09:57
Theunithe zpkg configuration is broken :(09:57
Theunisee my postings on the mailinglist09:57
baijumah, ok09:58
Theunioh wait09:58
Theunifreds tip might have fixed it09:58
* baijum assigning 'Owner' role to ctheune in cheeseshop09:58
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* baijum is away10:07
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Theunihey. this looks good.10:42
Theunionly one zeo test failure10:42
baijumTheuni, I have added 'Owner' role to 'ctheune' in cheeseshop for all packages I owned there, please let me know if anything is missing10:42
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Theunigotta run the functional tests and if those pass and the zeo doesn't appear again i'll make a release10:43
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d2mTheuni, the project links at seem to be wrong11:25
Theunid2m: true.11:40
Theunii updated the cheeseshop entry11:41
d2mTheuni, thanks11:41
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Theuniwe're on our way to 3.4a112:02
Theunii have a release that runs all tests12:02
Theunigot to do the packaging with the right tag again now12:03
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ignaswho is packing eggs?16:52
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philiKONignas: ?16:54
ignasschooltool development sandbox had some eggs in it's dependencies16:54
ignasor something16:54
ignasand suddenly in a new checkout, i got 90% of zope downloaded as dependencies16:55
ignaswhich would be quite funny, if it would actually work16:55
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philiKONworks for me16:55
philiKON(installing zope 3 from eggs)16:55
philiKONapparently you got a new version of the zope.html egg16:55
ignaswell - i have a normal checkout16:55
ignasof a branch16:55
ignas3.3 one16:55
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philiKONwell, that doesn't really matter16:56
ignasand had only like 4 zope eggs installed16:56
philiKONyou want to keep using the old version of the zope.html egg16:56
philiKONthe new version (properly) states its dependencies16:56
ignasyeah i guess16:56
ignas        from zope.proxy.decorator import SpecificationDecoratorBase16:56
ignas    ImportError: No module named decorator16:56
ignasis one of the errors16:56
ignasjust in case someone needs it to fix something16:57
philiKONlooks like it's finding the old zope.proxy16:57
philiKONthe zope.proxy from 3.316:57
mgedminbroken dependency?16:57
philiKONperhaps some egg didn't state zope.proxy as a dependency16:57
philiKONsounds like16:57
ignasZODB egg16:57
ignashmm zope.proxy is there16:58
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ignaszope.proxy egg as well16:58
philiKONmight not be in your sys.path for some reasdon16:58
philiKONor so16:58
philiKONno idea16:58
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ignashmm, zope.proxy egg is in sys.path even17:01
ignasand it's even before the Zope3/src path of the checkout17:01
ignasouch, make test sets a different PYTHONPATH, sorry17:02
ignashmm, seems like <include package="" /> is broken17:04
ignasi can recall that when checking out the 3.4 branch i had a deprecation error17:05
philiKONyup, you're supposed to include now17:07
ignasi know17:07
ignasbut migration path from 3.3 to 3.4 etc.17:07
philiKONthere should be BBB17:07
ignasit was with a checkout, i am not getting it with eggs17:08
ignasmaybe you could try replacing zcmlfiles with plain app in your egg setup17:08
ignasto see if it's the problem of my setup or if it's a regression17:08
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baijumignas, are you migrating 3.3 checkout/zpkg-package directly to 3.4 eggs ? I would suggest to migrate to 3.4 checkout/zpkg-package then use eggs.17:14
ignasbaijum: bah17:14
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ignasare you going to release checkout for debian or eggs ?17:14
baijumignas, I am not sure, how Debian is going to package Zope 3.417:15
ignasand is there a Zope3.4 packaged release - not eggs17:16
baijumignas, there will be official zpkg based 3.4 release17:16
ignasemm - and you will be deprecating zope3.3 in zope3.4 with BBB warnings, and will deprecate everything completely in Zope3.4 eggs ?17:17
ignasor will eggs get named zope3.517:17
baijumindividual eggs also will be having 3.4 version number17:18
baijumbut future releases of Zope (say 3.5) may have different versions of eggs17:18
ignasyes i understand, then why isn't migration from Zope3.3 zpkg to Zope3.4 not supported?17:19
ignasZope3.4 eggs i mean17:19
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baijumignas, I am not sure how we can support it ... J1m, philiKON etc.. any idea ?17:21
ignasif you don't support that then i'll just use the 3.4 zpkg as a trampoline, just that i thought it was supposed to work17:22
ignasjust that Zope 3.4 eggs seems deceiving17:22
ignasit has 3.4 written on it, when in fact it's more like 3.5 when it comes to backwards compatibility17:22
baijumignas, can you raise this question in zope3-dev list (backward compatibility of Zope 3.4 eggs to 3.3 zpkg release)17:25
* baijum leaving17:25
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ignasin Zope3.3 i had   <include package="zope.testbrowser.ftests" file="ftesting.zcml" /> in my ftesting.zcml's for every layer18:09
ignasis it not needed anymore or is there some replacement?18:09
ignasbecause apparently now the ftesting.zcml is not meant to be included by others and is a standalone one18:10
benjiI'd have to look at it ignas; I vaugly recall some things changing there, but don't remember what18:12
ignasi know what changed, and why, i just don't know what should i use now ;)18:12
benjiIIRC, testbrowser is now in its own layer, so you shouldn't need to include its zcml18:12
ignas  <resourceDirectory18:13
ignas      name="testbrowser"18:13
ignas      directory="." />18:13
ignaswas in the old testbrowser.zcml18:13
ignasis it required for my tests to use testbrowser?18:13
benjinot for the tests to use testbrowser, it's just used for the tests of testbrowser itself18:14
ignasthen i had some voodoo includes in my code18:15
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jodok_benji: are you guys using 64bit centos?21:52
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benjiwe've tested it a bit, but are running 32-bit in production because of the better memory footprint21:53
philiKONTheuni: i'm a bit surprised your change to Zope/Dependencies.cfg in r74240 was necessary21:55 already depends on twisted21:55
philiKONit should've included it21:55
jodok_benji: o.k. :) we'll use it in production in a few days :)21:55
* jodok_ is looking forward to see how dual-quad-cores perform21:55
benjibe sure to watch memory usage, we saw arount a 40% increase in memory usage between 32-bit and 64-bit21:56
philiKONdamn those PyObject* pointers21:56
benjiit depends on what kinds of objects you have, but I suspect you'll see a similar pattern21:56
benjiheh :)21:56
jodok_benji: oops21:57
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J1mbenji, I remember the increase being closer to 100%21:58
J1mlike, maybe 80%21:58
TheuniphiliKON: then something is weird22:00
Theunibecause as i posted on the mailinglist, twisted wasn't pulled in with the existing configuration22:01
philiKONcertainly i never had to add 'twisted' and 3.2 and 3.3 worked just fine22:01
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Theunii emailed fred privately to underline the urgency and as he knows zpkg best, he said he couldn't remind either, however adding twisted included it (more or less obviously)22:01
Theunii'm a good bit ignorant about the workings of zpkg22:01
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philiKONi'm not really bitchin about this22:02
*** lurker_ has quit IRC22:02
philiKONi couldn't care less22:02
philiKONhopefully this is the last zpkg release22:02
Theunii'll look at
Theunimaybe something in there changes22:02
Theunii freaking want to get this alpha out22:02
philiKONbtw, did you see grok from eggs?22:02
Theunino :(22:02
Theunii'm being crunched by work :/22:03
philiKONpoor, crunchy Theuni22:03 lists twisted22:03
philiKONtha's what i'm saying22:03
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philiKONargh, /me can't type today22:03
Theunibut Zope/DEPENDENCIES.cfg doesn't22:03
philiKONdoesn't include
Theuniwho does?22:04
* Theuni goes grepping22:04
* philiKON goes showering22:05
Theuninothing depends on it. ok. i'm gonna add
Theunialso, J1m: did you see my call for spurious test failures?22:05
Theunii'm also getting a ZEO failure maybe 1 out of 10 test runs22:06
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J1mTheuni, you want spurious test failures?22:06
Theunisure, got some spare ones? :)22:07
J1mIntermittent test failures are, sadly, pretty normal for ZEO.22:07
* Theuni misuses english idoms22:07
J1mDue to the way those tests are written.22:07
Theuniright, however, on my machine a test of zope.component fails22:07
J1mDue to the fact that ZEO code touches sockets.22:08
Theuniand the functional tests just fall over at some points with some resource problem. i posted both tracebacks on the list.22:08
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev22:08
J1mTheuni, I may have seen the report of the zope.component test failure on your machine.22:08
J1mI don't believe I get a failure on my machine, but IO ahven't tried in a while.22:09
Theunii didn't get this error on another machine, but I'm a bit nervous because I can't make it go away on mine. :/22:09
J1mRight.  It sounds like it is worth debugging.22:09
J1mdo you get it w/o the C version?22:10
Theunihmm. you mean without running make?22:10
Theunior deleting the .so files?22:10
Theunilet me check22:10
J1mNo, I mean without the .so files in zope.component or zope.interface22:10
Theunii removed one .so file from zope.interface and the test still fails22:11
TheuniI even compiled a fresh python just to make sure no compiler options or installed packages are in the way.22:12
J1maren't there .so files in zope.component?22:12
J1mok, good luck :)22:13
Theunii don't see any .c files either :)22:13
philiKONthe adapter optimizations are in zope.interface22:13
Theuniyup. those are the ones i deleted.22:13
TheuniphiliKON: quick shower? :)22:13
philiKONoccupied bathroom22:13
TheuniI've got to go back to my other work, got to deal with a deadline.22:15
TheuniAnd zpkg is biting me again anyway. I'll try to do some more work on this tomorrow afternoon.22:15
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