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ChrisWhey all, in a BrowserView's __call__ method, how do I get hold of the template to call and return it?10:37
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philiKONChrisW: you defined it?10:37
philiKONtemplate = ViewPageTemplateFile('')10:37
philiKONon the class level10:37
ChrisWoh, hey philiKON :-)10:37
ChrisWno, I defined it with a browser:page directive10:38
philiKONok. then you can access it as self.index10:38
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philiKONthough that's not an official api10:38
ChrisWwhat is the official api?10:38
philiKONthere's none10:38
ChrisWnice ;-)10:38
philiKONbrowser:page simply sets the "index" attribute of your class to the template10:38
philiKONthat's why i prefer declaring the template in the class10:39
ChrisW...but you know how much I love the BrowserPage magic anyway ;-)10:39
philiKONit's bad10:39
philiKONi absolutely agree10:39
philiKONso, use ViewPageTemplateFile in the class and you're not using magic :)10:39
ChrisWk, will do ;-)10:39
philiKONchapter 7 of my new book :)10:40
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* ka-jod is reading philiKONs new book now... it's long since i enjoyed a geek book so much! buy it at once!10:53
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goschtlhi i´ve a custom_field and a custom widget, how can i say if i use this field take this widget. instead of     form_fields['captcha'].custom_widget = CaptchaWidget13:06
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timtegoschtl: I would guess an adapter14:34
goschtltimte: thanks for your suggestion but i have found the trick. you can configure it with zcml. works nice14:35
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benjiphiliKON: are you aware the rwproperty homepage is dead?16:21
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philiKONbenji: yes :(17:36
Theunican you remove the link from the cheeseshop ;)17:37
benjiphiliKON: unfortunately, that means that it's also not installable with setup tools (setup tools is broken with respect to non-working URLs)17:38
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J1mphiliKON, aren't you an owner or maintainer of that PYPI project?17:42
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TheuniJ1m: do you mind if I clean up your a little bit?17:57
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WebMaven_I'm trying to display the current ClientId in a view. The context cannot be adapted to IClientId, and request is a forbidden attribute of the context. What am I doing wrong?19:52
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mgedminnot providing enough information to answer your question?19:56
WebMavenmgedmin: fair enough.19:58
WebMavenI have a content object. the object has a view class. the class has this method:19:58
WebMaven    def showSession(self):19:58
WebMaven        sid = IClientId(self.context.request)19:58
WebMaven        return sid19:58
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WebMaventhe corresponding page template calls the method like this:19:59
WebMaven<p tal:content="view/showSession">Session ID</p>19:59
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WebMavenI get this error:20:00
WebMavenForbiddenAttribute: ('request', < object at 0xb68e548c>)20:00
WebMavenchanging self.context.request to self.context gives me this error:20:01
WebMavenTypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0xb6904ccc>, <InterfaceClass>)20:01
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WebMavenmgedmin: is that enough info?20:02
mgedminI think so, yes20:04
mgedminis that zope 3?20:04
mgedminbecause it doesn't look like zope 3 to me...ah yes, it's clear now20:04
mgedminin zope 3 request is an attribute of the view, not the context20:04
mgedminso sid = IClientId(self.request) might work better20:04
WebMavenHmm. OK, one moment.20:04
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WebMavenmgedmin: Thanks, that was it!20:05
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smgood day all21:47
smover in #python, I learned sys.getdefaultencoding() is hardcoded to ascii, assuming you don't explicitly set it21:47
smyet I see things in zope apparently trying to use it to encode/decode non-ascii - catalog lexicons and TAL, for example21:47
smthe TAL example, at least, applies to zope 321:48
smie some parts of zope seem to assume that the default encoding can and will be configured to something other than ascii  - which was apparently true for a few minutes some years back21:52
smI'm confused, please let me know21:53
smif - *if* I'm confused :/21:53
smfor I may not be!21:54
pbugnism - i *believe* z3 is all unicode21:55
pbugniat least, by default21:56
smtal will sometimes convert strings to unicode, using the default encoding21:57
smperhaps that's all it can do. I assumed it was sensitive to the local system's configuration21:57
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smafk a bit21:59
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edgordon_i am trying to get some tests working on a Five project22:02
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edgordon_and I can't seem to import from the Products package via the python shell. I can import Products itself, but I can't import Products.projectname22:03
edgordon_any ideas as to what could be wrong?22:03
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faassenbenji: is there some way to issue PUT and DELETE requests using zope.testbrowser?22:09
pbugni[afk]edgordon_: you shouldn't need 'Products' in your include22:09
pbugni[afk]i.e. import projectname22:09
benjifaassen: nope; I suggest the "old" HTTP funcitonal testing system for that22:09
faassenbenji: hm, which package is that?22:11
edgordon_pbugni[afk]: i can't remember why I ended up leaving it in Products, but a lot of the example products i have looked at do use 'import Products.projectname'22:11
edgordon_but, i am guessing the problem is a Products directory appearing twice in the path22:12
faassenbenji: and would this potentially have a place in zope.testbrowser or do you think it really belongs somewhere else?22:12
edgordon_one in zope, one in the instance22:12
benjifaassen: I tend to think it's not a testbrowser thing; after all, browsers can't PUT or DELETE22:13
faassenbenji: yes, that's true. I'm writing tests for a REST service.22:13
faassenbenji: I just like the way dialogs one gets when using zope.testbrowser, but I imagine the old way would be powerful enough for REST.22:14
faassenbenji: (by the way, couldn't browsers at least construct these from Javascript using XMLHTTPRequest? not sure)22:14
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benjifaassen: I don't think JS can do that; it might though22:15
faassenbenji: googling results in this from the yahoo UI library: (PUT and DELETE may not be supported by all A-Grade browsers)22:16
faassenbenji: whatever that means :)22:16
WebMavenfaassen: is your REST service based on APP?22:18
faassenWebMaven: no, I will now google APP22:18
WebMavenAtom Publishing Protocol22:18
faassenWebMaven: ah, no, should it be? I'm not doing a weblog or anything.22:18
WebMavenAPP is fairly generic for content-ish use-cases. Google's GData APIs are extended versions of APP.22:19
WebMavena weblog is simply the canonical use-case it is built around.22:20
faassenWebMaven: okay, I'll take a look at it.22:20
WebMavenI keep meaning to finish my Z3 APP implementation.22:20
faassenWebMaven: my application isn't exactly contentish, but then again any REST application is contentish in some sense. :)22:20
WebMavenAlso, Joe Gregorio has an APP test suite that might be handy:
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WebMavenother APP stuff:
faassenWebMaven: I think implementing this is biting off more than I can chew for this application. :)22:23
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WebMavenfaassen: OK. Hopefully, I'll eventually finish and release my reusable implementation.22:24
WebMavenin any case, httplib2 may comein handy for your own testing22:25
faassenWebMaven: that looks useful, I'll take a look at that, thanks.22:25
WebMavenfaassen: you're very welcome.22:26
WebMavenfaassen: is your project anything that is going to be released?22:26
faassenWebMaven: not any time soon if so.22:26
faassenWebMaven: it's rather specific as well. a rest service for manipulating images on a surface, things like that.22:27
faassenWebMaven: or at least for moving them around. :)22:27
WebMavenon a surface? you mean around a 3D surface?22:27
faassenWebMaven: no, a 2d surface. :)22:31
faassenWebMaven: it's simpler than you think!22:31
faassenbenji: by the 'old' HTTP function testing system you mean the stuff in, right?22:35
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benjifaassen: I've block those functions out of my memory :)23:17
benjifaassen: IIRC, zope/app/testing/ has something to do with it23:21
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faassenbenji: yeah, there's something called HTTPCaller23:25
faassenbenji: I'm trying to figure out how to construct a PUT request with that that Zope will eat.23:26
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