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dennis_if I have created a new Checker class, which after the normal permissions checks if this particular principal is really allowed to access a particular object (check a mapping between given principal and object in a per-object permissions utility), where/how would I go and wire this up? i.e. saying "for objects of type XXX use the following checker"? preferrably of course in zcml00:29
dennis_(of course, if there is already a better way to handle per-object access I would welcome that even more :)00:30
projekt01dennis_, why are you doing this?00:31
dennis_project01: well, even though someone might have content.Edit permissions, I want to still restrict him to only his own content, and I rather secure the object directly than doing this checking in the view code00:32
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projekt01you can do this by grant the permission on the object, there is no need for another concept.00:32
dennis_do you have a pointer or small example? it sounds really good00:33
projekt01...just a moment00:34
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projekt01you can do something like that:00:36
projekt01ppm = IPrincipalPermissionManager(context)00:36
projekt01ppm.denyPermissionToPrincipal(permission_id, principal_id)00:36
projekt01and you a re done00:36
projekt01simply, isn't it?00:37
dennis_hmm .. so I would need a permission_id for every content _object_ rather than for content in general?00:40
projekt01just deny the edit permission e.g. ppm.denyPermissionToPrincipal(zope.ManageContent', '<the principal id>')00:41
dennis_and call that in the view code?   (the denyPermission is only for the current interaction?)00:43
projekt01why only in one interaction?00:43
dennis_I will give a small example :) sorry if I missing the point00:44
dennis_let's say I have a content object BankAccount, a permission ViewBankAccount, and 1000 principals each with ViewBankAccount permissions granted00:44
dennis_but of course I want to secure each BankAccount such that only the "owner" principal can really view it00:45
projekt01yes, you need to grant permission for each account per (owner) principal.00:46
dennis_but, if a principal has ViewBankAccount permissions, he can view any bank account00:47
dennis_or programmatically for every new BankAccount create a ViewBankAccount0302 permission and grant those?00:49
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projekt01denniy_, the principal has only ViewBankAccount permission if you grant them on a object, sure you can't set this in ZCML in general.00:57
projekt01thre is no need to use more then one permission!00:57
projekt01only grant for a specific principal id the permission on a object if you create the opbject.00:58
dennis_project01: ahhhhh I was confused with the permissions which are set for views .. it makes sense now .. of course! :) thank you a lot!01:00
dennis_(actually confused by an email where people asked if it was possible to assign permissions per attribute per object, which isn't/wasn't possible, and then I mixed it up, sorry)01:02
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projekt01dennis_, no problem01:03
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projekt01dennis_, per attribute is possible if you use different permission per attribute and register them in the class subdirective.01:04
projekt01See the different class directives, there we us many different permissions for class/attributes on one object01:05
dennis_previously I assign the required permissions per class in the zcml in the <class><interface .. permission=""/></class>, so saying that in f.e. BankAccount for reading of all attributes you only need ViewBankAccount, I didn't realise I could just leave this out and do it per object instead01:06
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projekt01Ah yes, right01:07
dennis_hmm .. so when I create a new BankAccount, how do I give principal X permission Y on only that object?  denyPermissionToPrincipal() does not have the object?01:09
dennis_or is the IPrincipalPermissionManager adapted from my object?01:09
projekt01the adapter adapts the object e.g. IPrincipalPermissionManager(context)01:12
dennis_ahhhhh it works like that .. that's actually beautiful01:15
dennis_much nicer than I hoped for01:15
dennis_so i can also even allow the owner to change the 'account name' attribute but still not the 'account number' attribute01:16
projekt01you can define e.g. a EditAccount and a ManageAccount permission01:18
dennis_beautiful stuff01:19
projekt01and protect the object attributes in a class with set_attributes="acountNumber"01:19
dennis_that really helped me a lot, thanks again for your trouble!01:19
projekt01instead of set_schema=".interfaces.IAccount"01:19
projekt01no problem01:19
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dennis_just so I am clear: when in debug and asking the IRolePermissionManager and IPrincipalPermissionManager for getRolesAndPermissions and getPrincipalsAndPermissions on an object in my root['site']['etc'], should they return the empty lists?02:19
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