IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-06-01

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romanofskimoin :)09:57
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baijumI am getting some test failures in zope.testing trunk with Python 2.4.4 in one machine, but I cannot reproduce this in another machine10:50
baijumCan anyone just run zope.testing trunk tests against Python 2.4 ?10:51
* baijum really wanted to run : (Nikhil has completed it as part of GSoC, to run in both Python 2.4 & 2.5)10:53
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Theuni_baijum: my buildbot says it works11:13
Theuni_last run was 09:00 CEST11:13
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baijumTheuni_, what was the new buildbot url ?11:17
Theuni_although it's not very helpful from the outside11:18
Theuni_as the overview page only tells you what i just told you ;)11:18
Theuni_tests are run every 3 hours on the trunk of the projects11:18
baijumbtw, it's very nice looking :)11:19
baijumI think only online log part is missing, is it?11:20
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Theuni_and a little more compact layout11:32
Theuni_however, at least the server became stable after a while and was running for more than two weeks without failing now11:32
Theuni_i'll move this thing to a dedicated server in the beginning of july11:33
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* baijum understand that his $HOME/.pdbrc causig some test failures11:50
baijumbash-3.00$ cat ~/.pdbrc11:50
baijumimport rlcompleter11:50
baijumpdb.Pdb.complete = rlcompleter.Completer(locals()).complete11:50
* baijum got this tip from somewhere as tip for autocompletion11:51
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baijumhmm.. there are still some failure :
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* baijum the remaining problem was some wrong PYTHONPATH :(12:00
* baijum hmm..still some more issues with 2.512:03
projekt01baijum, is the module huh in a test defined and registered as module?12:06
projekt01e.g. ImportError: No module named huh12:06
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baijumprojekt01, that problem solved, my PYTHONPATH was making problem12:18
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Theuni_baijum: btw, i was lying. the builds are only run every 6 hours12:46
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zagy   the only brokein zope.* project is zope.ucol now14:43
*** baijum changes topic to "Zope 3.4.0a1 is out: | Zope 3.4 bugs: | bugs: | FAQ: | wiki: | paste: | irc logs: | new buildbot :"14:49
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CrippsFXI had an issue yesterday about a registered utility called "ipdb.Computer" it's in the irclog at 22:13, philiKON told me that I need an IFactory utility registered under the name "ipdb.Computer" for zope to look up the utility properly ... well, the factory that I'm trying to use has "implements(IFactory)" as the first line in the implementation, yet I'm getting the "component lookup error" ... any other ideas? (more information is available15:19
CrippsFXon request)15:19
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CrippsFX..or does the "provides" option in the <utility> directive have to be for zope.component.interfaces.IFactory ?15:22
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CrippsFXhm. When I replaced provides=".interfaces.IComputer" with provides="zope.component.interfaces.IFactory" I got a new error: TypeError: unbound method getInterfaces() must be called with ComputerFactory instance as first argument (got nothing instead)   ...15:26
CrippsFXso ... if I'm correct, this is "one step back" ... or not ... it's actually calling the factory, but getting sweet F.A. from that ...15:28
CrippsFXmorning romanofski :)15:28
CrippsFXhow's it going?15:31
CrippsFXhm. That's odd.15:33
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CrippsFXusing the debugzope shell, doing" from <...> import getUtility; from <...> import IFactory; fact=getUtility(IFactory,u'ipdb.Computer');mine=fact();mine" returns an object of type ComputerFactory ... ComputerFactory() is a class that *should* return Computer() on __call__15:35
CrippsFXmorning mgedmin15:35
mgedmingood afternoon :)15:36
CrippsFXright ... that whole Europe thing ;)15:37
CrippsFXmgedmin: would you mind helping me troubleshoot a *basic* problem?15:37
mgedminI hope it's not a *visual basic* problem :)15:38
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CrippsFXit's a componentLookupError ... with a factory ... philiKON told me I needed an IFactory utility to get my thing working right ... but my ComputerFactory implements zope.component.interfaces.IFactory and is registered to provide .interfaces.IComputer and I still get the componentlookuperror ...15:39
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CrippsFXwhen I switch provides=".interfaces.IComputer" to provides="zope.component.interfaces.IFactory" I get an error about the getInterfaces() method ... it says it's being called without any arguments.15:40
CrippsFX*should* be simple ... but is extremely efficient at eluding me.15:41
mgedminif you create a factory automatically with <class class="...MyComputer"> <factory name="..."/> ... </class>15:41
mgedminit should work15:41
mgedminotherwise please show me how you declare and register the factory15:41
CrippsFXbah ... I forgot <factory> under the class directive!15:41
CrippsFXI'll give that a shot.15:41
romanofskithanks - everything is fine .. how are you CrippsFX?15:42
CrippsFXromanofski: not bad ... just busy busy busy :)15:43
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CrippsFXromanofski: I come in every morning and see that you've said "moin" so I figured I'd say hi today ;)15:43
CrippsFXmgedmin: sorry, for the factory, do I register the factory class as a separate class, or do I try to register the factory under the class that it manufactures?15:44
romanofskiCrippsFX: :D15:45
mgedminthis increases my convictions that factories are unneeded complexity15:46
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mgedminpremature abstraction15:46
CrippsFXmgedmin: I do agree in a sense, they are a somewhat complex idea for newbies to grasp ...15:47
CrippsFXand it's an extra layer between implementation and instantiation ... but when implementation is changed, the factory has to be changed as well ... so it doesn't really save any work.15:48
mgedminyou've created two classes, a Computer and a ComputerFactory, right15:49
mgedminif so, remove all traces of the ComputerFactory and instead use the <factory> directive15:49
mgedminor, if you really really want to do it manually, do not subclass Factory, but instead call it15:49
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CrippsFXmgedmin: yeah, ComputerFactory is it's own class.15:50
mgedminIIRC that's the way it's intended to be used (myComputerFactory = Factory(MyComputer, name='lalalal'); then <utility provides="IFactory" component=".myComputerFactory" />15:50
mgedminif you subclassed Factory instead of calling it, that caused your problem15:50
mgedmindisclaimer: of course I might be misremembering some details, because I don't use factories much15:51
CrippsFXnah, the Factory is it's own entity, but instead of using __init__ it uses __call__ because factories are used more than once ...15:51
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CrippsFXmgedmin: k. well, I went about the call way of doing it instead of the class way, and that appeared to clear up the problem ... although, there *never should have been* a problem with doing it via a class. Oh well.15:57
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mgedminwhy 'never should have been'?16:04
mgedminyou've been using it incorrectly16:04
mgedminI'll concede the point if you have some official documentation that says subclassing Factory is the right way16:05
CrippsFXmgedmin: it works in the worldcookery book.16:06
mgedminthat's good enough as "official documentation" for me16:07
CrippsFXalthough, admittedly, the code does get refactored, so it's mot "the best way" of doing things.16:07
mgedminthen you perhaps used <utility component="MyComputerFactory"> instead of <utility factory="MyComputerFactory">16:08
mgedminthere's a subtle difference16:08
CrippsFXit's weird how zope hates me ;)  ... last time I tried doing just a Factory call and it hated me, this time I tried doing a factory class, and it hated me.16:08
CrippsFXmgedmin: the old code is gone now, so I don't know for sure, but yes, that does seem like somethign I would do ... and some of the symptoms would indicate that.16:09
mgedmina revision control system is a really really great thing16:09
mgedminthe old code is never gone then16:10
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CrippsFXmgedmin: well ... yeah, provided you make regular commits as well ...16:10
CrippsFXI have a branch here at work, but I haven't *really* commited anything for it yet.16:11
CrippsFX... I probably should.16:11
mgedmincommit early, commit often16:11
mgedminat least on branches16:11
mgedminnever commit to trunk if you don't have passing unit tests16:12
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CrippsFXmgedmin: true dat.16:28
CrippsFX*poof* local branch committed. :D16:33
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CrippsFXI thought the containment machinery was supposed to take care of wrapping non-locatable objects when you use "setitem(container,container.__setitem__,u'obj-name',object)" ... but I keep getting an attribute error when I do that with a non-locatable object.17:01
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J1mCrippsFX, it does afaik17:24
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projet01_Rolando, hi18:06
Rolandoprojekt01, hi!18:06
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CrippsFXJ1m: yeah, that's what I thought too ... but for some strange reason, when I use setitem() on an instance of my COmputer object, i get complaints that it has no __parent__ attribute :/19:12
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CrippsFXalthough, there are constraints on the object, and the container, but that shouldn't affect the machinery in this way ...20:05
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xbeanxVery odd CrippsFX20:16
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CrippsFXcheckObject doesn't insert the objects being checked into the container they're being checked against, does it?20:30
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CrippsFXhow do I manually add an object to a container via debugzope when both the container and the object have containment constraints? checkObject only checks the object, and setitem() from won't proxy non-locatable objects with constraints.22:32
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CrippsFXk. I'm gone home for the weekend. Feel free to answer my question if you know the answer, I'll check the irc logs first thing monday morning.22:48
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