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projekt01dobee, ayt?13:33
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dobeeprojekt01: now14:11
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projekt01dobee, is it possible to remove the dependecy of resourcelibrary in zc.table?14:13
dobeeprojekt01: hm, i dunno, i didn't use it14:24
dobeebut i think you could remove the dep. with the same pattern z3c.widget.tiny uses14:25
dobeeprojekt01: it is conditional there14:25
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projekt01dobee, ok thanks14:34
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timteare folks usually using for migration of zodb to newer versions of your software or are there other more useful ways?14:34
projekt01timte, generations are fine14:34
timteok, thanks14:35
projekt01But, you need to have a initial generation version set in the instance before you can apply other migrations.14:35
projekt01This means you have to start a t least the Server with a generation 0 before you can apply with a higher "real" generation14:36
timteyeah, read that in marius howto14:37
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timtecan I disable automatic execution of the evolve scripts and execute it manually instead?14:38
projekt01timte, I guess this depends on the minimum_generation versions you define (or something like that)14:41
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CrippsFXgood morning world.15:04
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CrippsFXmorning benji. How's the wife and kids?15:20
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zagyan includeOverrides should override an adapter registration, shouldn't it15:49
srichterzagy: yes, but not subscribers15:49
zagyor what exactly does includeOverrides do15:49
zagyall i want is a custom namechooser15:49
zagydoes it matter when/where the includeOverrides occours?15:50
ignaszagy: it would be a lot better having a specific container15:51
ignasand registering a more specific name chooser for that container15:51
ignasrather than using overrides15:51
zagyoh well15:53
zagyit might be an idea to not include at all15:53
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ignaszagy: why not do it properly?16:01
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zagyignas: i just find it disturbing to get an error and not knowing why16:03
ignaswhat error?16:03
zagyconfiguration conflict16:04
zagydespite an override16:04
ignaslisppaste6: url16:04
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.16:04
ignaspaste the traceback16:04
CSWookieWe have a bot?  Heh.16:05
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zagyignas: i already remove all the override stuff again16:06
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CrippsFXhey, is it possible to have multiple sub-sites? i.e. I have a main site that different departments sign in to ... each deprtment has it's own site. On one department's site, I want to have another sub-site for a given sub-set of information.16:28
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projekt01CrippsFX, see z3c.layer.trusted if you need to traverse over a (parent) site which you not have access to.16:47
projekt01This "trusted" traverser configuration allows you to traverse over a site to a subsite which you don't ahve access.16:47
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CrippsFXprojekt01: well, I only want to have access to said site from the dept. site, so I don't think "trusted" is what I'm looking for, but you did answer my question. :)16:52
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projekt01CrippsFX, you only need the trusted traverser if your principals are only define in the sub site, but not in the parent site.16:55
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CrippsFXprojekt01: yeah, my principals are defined on the domain, so they will usually have "view" rights for everything under the main site.17:05
CrippsFX..well ... once I figure out how to make principals based on domain authentication ;)17:06
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xbeanxOne YOU figure out?  :P17:14
benjiCrippsFX: are you authenticating against a Windows domain?17:18
benjiif so, look at zc.winauth, it might do what you want or be a starting point for you.17:18
CrippsFXxbeanx: okay, once YOU figure it out.17:20
CrippsFXxbeanx: and listen to benji, he knows what's going on ;)17:20
CrippsFXthanks benji17:20
xbeanxthanks benji17:20
xbeanxIs there any general description of the zc. and z3c. packages anywhere?17:21
xbeanxI see a lot of them but don't know what half of them do.17:21
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benjimany are in the cheeseshop, but many older ones (like zc.winauth) were created in the pre-egg era and haven't been updated.  Looking through and reading README.txt files is the only fallback there17:27
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J1mfaassen, note the new buildout release.18:08
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* CrippsFX looks out the window at the beautiful scenery .... then farts.18:18
CSWookieCrippsFX: Thank you for sharing.18:19
faassenJ1m: I'll take a look.18:19
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J1mfaassen, with verbose output, it now shows you why it is including distributions.18:19
CrippsFXCSWookie: can't hide that6 sort of thing.18:19
CSWookieCrippsFX: Hmmm.18:20
faassenCrippsFX: well, hide it next time, please. thanks.18:20
CrippsFXfaassen: done :)18:20
faassenCrippsFX: not really conductive to what I'd say is an improved atmosphere. :)18:20
CrippsFXyeah ... sure doesn't help the work move along.18:21
* CrippsFX is off to continue coding.18:21
Theuni_ /win 1018:21
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faassenJ1m: cool, that's definitely going to help people.18:22
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xbeanxrocky: can I PM you?18:52
rockyxbeanx: indeed18:52
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CSWookieDoes the global keyword in ZPT do what I think it does?  rebind some upscope name?19:05
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CrippsFXI'm getting an error that I find exceedingly odd: "ImportError: No module named interfaces" ... this happens at "File "/home/acripps/zope/lib/python/computer/configure.zcml", line 7.4" ... line 7.4 is right before my first <class> directive ... and after the "configure" directive where I choose my xml namespaces for the document. Has this happened to anyone else before?20:16
*** sm is now known as sm-afk20:16
CrippsFXmy configure.zcml and my for zope/lib/python/computer are located here:
mgedminis there a in that directory?20:21
CrippsFXmgedmin: yep ... it's even non-empty.20:21
mgedmincan you import it from an interactive python session?20:21
CrippsFXthe __init__ or, the computer package?20:22
mgedminthe interfaces module20:22
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CrippsFXjust a moment.20:22
mgedminor the computer module20:22
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CrippsFXmgedmin: nope. it doesn't like the interfaces. I can import the computer module, but computer.interfaces is a no go.20:23
xbeanxinterface="zope.annotation.IAttributeAnnotatable" is the correct declaration, isn't it?20:24
xbeanxoops, maybe not20:25
CrippsFXxbeanx: pg. 258 ;)20:25
xbeanxfunny, I have code that declares it as zope.annotation.IAttributeAnnotatable that actually works20:25
CrippsFXhm. I *could* give that a shot.20:26
CrippsFXI don't think it'll help though.20:26
CrippsFXnope. no help20:26
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CrippsFXmgedmin: hm. Doesn't appear to be a config problem ... it appears to be a python problem. weird.20:37
mgedminwell, if the module cannot be imported, you need to figure out why20:38
mgedmineither it cannot be found or some exception happens that prevents it from being imported20:38
CrippsFXmgedmin: actually, xbeanx is onto something ... I have a file called computer in the same directory, and the whole site package is called computer, so I should rename one of them.20:39
mgedminthat one must be fun20:39
CrippsFXyeah :P20:39
mgedminI learned this lesson when I had a local module named 'foo.calendar' and then wanted to import stdlib's calendar module for some constants20:40
CrippsFXgood thing that other sets of eyes can catch the things I miss20:40
mgedminthe very next svn checkin was "rename foo.calendar to"20:40
xbeanxsometimes I wish I had an extra set of eyes in my drawer that I could pop in during times like this......20:40
xbeanxthe worst is errors like "if x=y: the middle of 1500 lines of code20:41
CrippsFXxbeanx: ouch. That's happened to you before?20:41
xbeanxumm..  No, I've heard about it though20:42
xbeanxI don't make errors20:42
mgedminthere's obviously spaces missing around the '=', that's your problem20:42
xbeanxI just have a script that does everything for me, and it's proven correct...  # ./domywork20:43
mgedminactually, I stared at that line for 30 seconds and missing spaces were the only thing I noticed20:43
xbeanxI also have written # ./takeabreak and # ./playgames20:43
mgedminthe = versus == thing hit me much later20:43
xbeanxhaha, see mgedmin now stick that in the middle of 10 pages of code and see how long it takes to find it20:43
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CrippsFXmgedmin: yeah ... that's why it's a problem ;)20:44
mgedminthat's why proper spacing is Very Important20:46
mgedmin... and also test-driven development20:46
xbeanxand second eyes, sometimes20:49
CrippsFXsweet. I'm getting different errors now.20:49
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xbeanxwhat are you writing a random error generator or what?20:50
CrippsFXxbeanx: you betcha.20:52
CrippsFXactually, now it's bitchin' over IAttributeAnnotatble20:52
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CrippsFXxbeanx: yep. it was a typo20:54
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CrippsFXhm. I ca view localhost:8080, but localhost:8080/@@contents gives me a system error. It's a ComponentLookupError. In my ipdb component I have a utility registered as "ipdb.Computer" but from the browser subpackage, I have ipdb.Computer used as a factory in my "addMenuItem" directive ... the error I'm getting is that "getUtility" is raising the componentLookupError. I know this is a configuration problem ... and a small one ... I jsut can't re22:13
CrippsFXmember how to fix it.22:13
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philiKONCrippsFX: you need an IFactory utility named 'ipdb.Computer'22:25
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philiKONJ1m: ping22:46
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J1mphiliKON, pong23:07
philiKONJ1m: so i'm adding PasteDeploy capabiilities to zope.server23:08
philiKONso that you can connect WSGIPUblisherApplication (or any other WSGI app) to zope.server via PasteDeploy23:08
J1mwhy zope.server?23:08
philiKONand not via
philiKONas an exercise23:08
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philiKONalso, why not :)23:09
J1msomething about this doesn't make sense to me.23:09
philiKONyou were encouraging this the other day ;)23:09
J1mzope.server is just a wsgi server.23:09
J1mI encourage use of paste.Deploy.23:09
philiKONright, but you still need a function that pasteDeploy works with23:09
philiKONfor each server and wsgi app, pastedeploy wants a callable with a certain signature23:09
J1mYou need a "main" application.23:09
philiKONand that callable needs to be an entry point23:10
J1mOh sure.23:10
philiKONright, the name of entry point doesn't actually matter23:10
philiKONthe default is just "main"23:10
J1mAdding paste.Deploy entry points to zope.server makes sense. :)23:10
J1mIs that all you're talking about?23:10
philiKONso that's what i'm doing23:10
J1mah, ok23:10
philiKONanyway, my question is23:10
philiKONabout version numbering23:10
philiKONi obviously want to release a new zope.server egg23:11
philiKONhow do i increase the version number now?23:11
J1mIs this a trick question?23:11
philiKONwhat's the policy?23:11
philiKONi wish it was23:11
J1mDis you read the thread on the mailing list?23:12
J1mDid you read the thread on the mailing list?23:12
J1manyway, just increase the evrsion #.23:12
philiKONso it's 2.4.0b1 right now, this will beocme 2.4.1?23:12
philiKONis this not a feature?23:12
J1mIt's 2.4 now?23:12
J1mYou mean 3.4?23:12
J1mso It would become 3.5.23:13
J1mYou probably need to make a 3.4 branch.23:13
J1mOr maybe just release
J1mand tag it.23:13
J1mI doubt a branch is needed.23:13
* philiKON doubts too23:13
philiKONso, i wasn't sure whether we actually go ahead now and increase the major version23:14
J1mYou'd be increasing the minor version, I believe.23:14
* J1m needs to review version-number-compone nt-naming-jargon23:14
philiKONah, ok23:16
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derek_richardsonI'm in the unusual position of having cut my teeth on zope 3 without having done non-trivial work in zope 2. I have an application for zope 3.3 that I want to backport to zope 2.x (for some suitable value of x like 10). Is there documentation for going from z3->z2, instead of z2->z3? What's the best way to learn how to backport in this case?23:26
Theuni_"Five" is the technology to mix Zope 2 and Zope 3 code. It will also help you integrate your Zope 3 code into Zope 2.23:32
Theuni_If you're based on Zope 3.3 then you should be able to integrate it using Zope 2.10 as that is running Zope 3.3 as well.23:32
*** philiKON_ has joined #zope3-dev23:32
Theuni_You might want to update to the most current Five version that supports Zope 2.10 instead of the out-of-the-box version though.23:33
philiKON_they usually go hand in hand though23:33
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* derek_richardson is looking at now. Thanks.23:34
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