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dennis__i will use your idea for the main navigation (which would anyway be registered for="*")00:01
dennis__thanks :)00:01
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dennis__what is the zmi_views / zmi_actions equivalent to populate a menu of items which can be added to the current context?00:30
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cr3what's the difference between using zope.i18nmessageid and
cr3I think the former allows you to specify your own domain for _ and the other only allows the 'zope' domain00:40
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dennis__in other words, how do I02:25
dennis__oops wrong channel :)02:25
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dennis__what is the easiest way to change the height for a given input widget which is generated with Fields( some_schema )   ?   being able to do something like  form_fields['contents'].height = 10  would be nice02:50
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cr3is there a way to prevent having to specify the i18n:domain in each view?05:03
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cr3ok, so let me rephrase that then: is it possible to change the i18n default domain?05:43
cr3I think it would be sane to expect the i18n_domain specified in the configure.zcml file defining a particular view to have some effect, but each view still seems to need to repeat the i18n:domain05:45
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cr3I didn't notice any difference between specifying i18n_domain or not in configure.zcml files, is it a deprecated feature?05:57
cr3I guess everyone working on zope is from europe, g'night then...05:59
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dennis__what is a good approach to store newsitems, such that you want to retrieve them by date (ie they should be kept in some predictable order). My newsitemcontainer is a btree, but the order of insertion is not always the order of display. Do I really have to fetch all items into a list and do my own sorting? wouldn't scale that well ?13:02
bigkevmcdcatalog query them, and order by the date13:04
dennis__i guess that works, but isn't that a bit overkill for the purpose?13:05
bigkevmcdnot really13:06
bigkevmcdit scales13:06
Crippsgood morning folk.13:08
dennis__hi cripps13:09
Crippshow's it going dennis__ ?13:09
dennis__making progress slowly :)13:09
CrippsI hear ya about that slowly part :)13:09
dennis__bigkevmcd would i use a field index in the catalog or do i have to roll my own?13:10
Crippsyish. Today I have to write a script to turn my sql table dump into a bunch of Computer objects (custom object) ....13:10
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Crippsokay, coffee time.13:18
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dennis__cripps it is quite easy to do something like that, just make sure you call the notify for objectadded, so that any indexes etc get updated13:25
dennis__i have used it to import existing content13:26
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Crippsdennis__: I'm doing it externally and adding them to my ZODB under a folder meant for those objects ... it should be easy ... I just don't want to do it :P13:27
dennis__yeah i did it externally (from the debug shell, call some method on your folder which loads the data from a file or whatever)13:27
dennis__or use generations, and import the data13:28
Crippswell, I've *mostly* parsed the data and put it into a file that's easier to get the individual elements, now I just have to run split() and create the new objects with the appropriate elements from each row.13:29
Crippsthe only unfortunate part is that the sql table I dumped has incomplete entries :/13:30
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ignasis it just me or is zope.html egg broken?14:18
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ignasthe newest one at least14:20
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dennis__(bigkevmcd) i have now implemented a catalog for the news article timestamps, but this still only gives me all articles within a certain range, but not individually ordered by their timestamps. Am I missing something about this behaviour, since now, if I wanted the 10 most recent entries, I'd need to instantiate all objects just to sort them, just to be able to select the 10 most recent14:54
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bigkevmcddennis__: you should be able to sort too15:02
dennis__catalog.apply returns an IFSet, with all id's in order (which seems to be order of creation)15:03
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dennis__anyone? how, given a container with objects, retrieve the list of 10 objects with the highest timestamps, in a way that scales also with many objects in the list? the catalog works for narrowing it down to a time interval, but does not return the intids in order which means I still need to instantiate all objects to filter out the 10 i want)15:14
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Crippsmorning Phil, morning benji15:28
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projekt01Theuni_, my Zope3 trunk says, ImportError: No module named zodbcode.patch16:51
projekt01Theuni, do you know if there is a missing svn:external?16:52
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philiKONprojekt01: svn up17:02
projekt01philiKON, yes, since then I have that problem17:03
philiKONdo it again17:05
philiKONalso, who cares about the zope 3 trunk? :)17:05
philiKONprojekt01: hmm, the external is there but it's not being pulled in17:06
philiKONwait, it's there17:06
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philiKONeverything seems to be fine with my checkout17:06
d2mprojekt01: do you cheout from the mirror ?17:07
projekt01d2m, no17:07
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d2mwell, the problem occured first on monday but was corrected by Theuni_17:09
projekt01Argh, I'm not sure but I get sometimes a "Skipped ..\Zope3\src" if I update from a repos.17:09
d2mmaybe a later checkin set incorrect externals ?17:09
philiKONit works for me17:09
projekt01Does anybody know what "Skipped" means? i tried different SVN clients and if the problem is there each of them are just telling that some externals get skipped.17:10
philiKONperhaps i shouldn't be asking this, but what do you guys want with the zope 3 trunk checkout anyways? it's not writeable anymore17:10
projekt01what, why?17:10
d2mi'm using it until i understand buildout and eggs17:10
philiKONprojekt01: you can't checkout into the externals17:11
philiKONthey're read-only17:11
d2mwhich will take some time...17:11
philiKONd2m: eggs are very simple17:11
d2mi know, but its a mess17:11
philiKONum, how so?17:11
d2mbuildout is not easy17:11
projekt01philiKON, is there a proposal "which I missed" for that or do some guys just messup without our well defined development process?17:11
philiKONd2m: it's easier than it appears, but i give you that: it's certainly something that takes getting used to17:12
philiKONd2m: but nobody says you have to use buildout17:12
projekt01philiKON, I can commit to svn:externals, that's probably just a problem with your SVN client17:13
d2mi don't get it, sorry -- why should i work from eggs ?17:13
philiKONprojekt01: i'd be surprised if you can commit to svn:// externals17:13
philiKONd2m: nobody says you have to17:13
philiKONd2m: but there are benefits17:13
d2mah, ok - thought you just sais that the way to do it17:13
philiKONthough i anticipate we'll be using entrypoints and other things in the future so that eggs will be required, basically17:14
projekt01philiKON, write a proposal so everybody can follow you!!!17:15
d2mi haven't seen a single page of docs describing the 'new' way17:15
philiKONd2m: btw, if you have my 2nd edition, there's a section on eggs in the last chapter17:15
philiKONprojekt01: the proposal is very old:
philiKONalong with
philiKONd2m: yeah, i was a bit baffled by that too17:17
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philiKONd2m: i was expecting something on
philiKONbut since it wasn't there, i've decided that i'll add something myself17:18
philiKONjust haven't gotten around to it17:18
projekt01I don't talk about eggs, I talk about not having a working trunk and not testing the trunk at all.17:18
philiKONthe trunk works for me17:18
d2mlets say, its a bit unreliable atm17:19
philiKONwell, Theuni_ is moving things around17:19
philiKONwhich, when dealing with externals, can't be atomic in svn17:19
d2mmoving packages around and not updating externals at the same time mekes it break17:19
philiKONright, for about 3 minutes17:20
d2mtook 3 hours on monday17:20
philiKONyou're welcome to help out when problems arise :)17:20
projekt01philiKON, no problem, My concerns are just about your comment "Who is using the trunk anyway"17:20
philiKONwell, that comment was meant half-jokingly. the other half being sincere. i will certainly discourage using the monolothic checkout17:21
projekt01philiKON, d2m, I have a SVN client problem, it has probably nothing to do with the trunk.17:21
philiKONespecially since it has no value for changes anymore17:21
projekt01philiKON, no problem, but this is not a joke I like ;-)17:21
philiKONi don't recall offending you17:22
projekt01philiKON, in a long term, probably I agree, but we have 3 open projects and really need to work on that first till we can switch and builld and using eggs.17:23
projekt01I think changing to eggs should also support the deprecation period of one year. And not just a week or month.17:24
philiKONwe're talking about the trunk17:25
philiKONthat's always the latest and greatest development17:25
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d2mphiliKON: maybe add a wikipage similar to MakingARelease --> GettingARelease ?17:25
philiKONby definition17:25
philiKONd2m: good idea17:25
d2mthere is the doc, thats defacto instructions on how to get to zope317:26
philiKONi think i'll sit down tonight and update those docs17:27
philiKONi realize that there's been a communication deficit17:27
d2malso in Repository status: trunk is always open for new features17:28
projekt01philiKON, that whould be cool17:28
* philiKON afk17:29
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CrippsI'm trying to use a python script to import info from an SQL dump and create Computer objects based on that info. I've done some reformatting to make the data easy to parse, but I am getting a "constraint not satisfied" error for a constraint that I didn't set. My code (including an example of one of the entries) is located here:   ... could somebody help me understand what is going on here?18:40
mgedminCripps: can you paste your schema and the implementation of Computer?18:46
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Crippsmgedmin: yep, just a moment.18:47
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mgedmina pity you're doing that from the interactive console18:52
mgedminseeing the line in your code that fails would be a tremendous help18:52
Crippsmgedmin: how might I do this in *not* interactive shell mode?18:53
mgedmincopy and paste the code into a Python script, then run it18:53
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mgedmindoes pdb's postmortem work when you get an exception in an interactive prompt?18:54
Crippsm. THis might take a few minutes ... I have to dig back through the console session to figure out *exactly* what I did18:54
mgedminI wonder what's the name of the field that throws this exception18:55
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Crippsmgedmin: we'll figure out after I have that script written.18:55
philiKONwhich exception?18:55
d2mlooks like you don't have the fields at the right place or fields are missinf18:55
Crippsd2m: as in the wrong information is trying to be assigned to a field?18:56
philiKONconstriant not satisfied is pretty simple18:58
philiKONit means that the custom constraint you specified returns False18:58
philiKONCripps: got my book?18:58
philiKON(2nd ed.)?18:58
CrippsphiliKON: yessir.18:58
philiKONopen chapter 418:58
CrippsphiliKON: well, the funny thing is that my custom constraints shouldn't cause that error, because of the try/except statements ...18:59
philiKONit talks about this in detail18:59
philiKONthe custom constraints will never see it18:59
philiKONthe field will raise ConstraintNotSatisfied if the custom constraint returns something False18:59
philiKONhmm, your code at looks ok, though19:00
CrippsphiliKON: true, but I've designed them to raise an error (i.e. NotAnIPAddress, or NotAMACAddress) .. .so python should catch that and execute the except ...19:00
philiKONdo those inherit from ValidationError?19:00
Crippsyou're telling me.19:01
xbeanxProbably user error...19:01
Crippsxbeanx: no doubt ... now I just have to figure out which error (because I know which user)19:01
philiKONah, wait19:01
xbeanxI'm sure its something simple19:01
philiKONTextLines also have a "custom constraint"19:01
philiKONthat's hidden19:01
philiKONa TextLine is actually a Text with a constraint=...19:02
philiKON(something that shoudl be changed)19:02
philiKONperhaps one of your TextLine values constains a \n19:02
CrippsI can check for that.19:02
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d2mhas one used RAMCache already ? i am searching for the bit that returns (gets/sets) the cached value from/in the cache when the object is requested19:10
xbeanxIt does19:12
xbeanxCripps: I saw in your pastebin :)19:12
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Crippsiam-vivek: is there any reason you didn't talk to me out here?20:00
*** iam-vivek has quit IRC20:01
Crippswell ... that was weird.20:01
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Crippsokay, I've got everything in my script except for committing my new COmputerFolder to the ZODB ... how would I do that?20:17
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dennis__root['computerfolder'] = myshinynewfolder ?20:22
Crippsdennis__: from within a script?20:22
dennis__cripps run zopectl, debug. from myscript import myfunction. then you can use the zodb20:23
dennis__don't forget to commit20:23
dennis__alternatively read the zodb docs to use it standalone, but that's more work20:24
Crippsyeah ... but it's probably better :/20:24
Crippsk, well, I'll go off to read the docs then.20:24
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Crippsalright ... I'm using the zope debug shell, and I imported the script, but I now get this error:    root[u'identifier'] = list_of_values <newline> NameError: global name 'root' is not defined21:19
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mgedmin>>> root = debugger.root()21:29
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mgedmindon't forget >>> import transaction; transaction.commit() at the end21:30
Crippsmgedmin: that's about the only thing I DIDN't forget ;)21:31
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Crippsk, I'll try root = debugger.root() ... do I do that within the function I import, or in the debugger console?21:32
mgedminyou can do that in the debugger console21:32
Crippsmgedmin: still got the same error message.21:35
mgedminwhat error message?21:37
mgedminthe NameError?21:37
dennis__can I delete an existing database schema (in generations?). I deleted my entire site, and re-added with generation 0, but somehow it remembered the previous generation was already 121:38
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Crippsmgedmin: yeah, the name error21:39
mgedmineither you're doing something obviously wrong, or I don't understand your problem21:39
mgedmindo you type >>> root = ...21:39
mgedminand then call your function defined in another module, and expect it to find a variable named 'root'?21:40
mgedminPython doesn't work that way21:40
mgedminevery module has a different namespace21:40
mgedminpass the root to your function as an argument21:40
Crippsmgedmin: why didn't I think of that?21:40
* Cripps is a dumbass21:40
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dennis__mgedmin just read your blog about generations .. do you happen to know how to "reset" this without needing a whole new instance?21:42
mgedminI knew once21:43
dennis__hah :)21:43
mgedminI forgot21:43
mgedminlook at the source code21:43
Crippsmgedmin: worked beautifully. Thanks.21:43
mgedminthe generation numbers are stored in a dict somewhere21:43
mgedminin the zodb root dict, right next to the application object21:44
mgedminany_persistent_obj._p_jar.root()['something probably involving generations']21:44
dennis__del root._p_jar.root()['']['myschema']     seemed to have done the trick21:46
dennis__i should write that down :)21:46
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mgedminI have a '' right next to bin/debugzope21:54
mgedminwith lots of ugly dirty hacks like that that make my life easier21:55
mgedminfirst thing I do after running debugzope is 'import debug'21:55
mgedmin(and first thing it does is import readline for me)21:55
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