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dennis__is there an "official" way to force session cookies (at least those used for authentication) to be secure (ssl only) ?01:16
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ccombdennis__: you have to use an apache with ssl in the front02:10
dennis__ccomb yep, and modifiy (i guess) to set a secure cookie instead02:10
dennis__(i dont want session cookies containing credentials to go over plain HTTP at all)02:11
ccombthe credentials shouldn't be stored in the cookie02:12
dennis__i mean a cookie with a session which is matched to a principal02:13
dennis__i guess if the cookie is secure, and i have apache-ssl in front, all http is access is automatically anonymous, and all https includes a possible session02:15
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ccombwhat do you call a secure cookie ?02:19
dennis__with the secure attrib set, i.e. the client is only allowed to send it over https02:19
ccombthat means you will use both http and https ?02:20
ccombah you want http for anonymous, and https for authenticated02:21
ccomb(it's late here, my brain is slowing down :)02:21
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dennis__that's the cleanest way i can think of where a lot of the data is public, and some is not, and without having the chance of browsers sending a session cookie over http02:22
dennis__late here too :)02:22
ccombok not so far... france02:23
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ccombHi,  I would like to reuse a rotterdam resource in my custom skin without copying it12:27
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ccombHow can I give the path to it in the ZCML ?12:27
zagyactually i wondered about this as well12:28
zagybut then i figured that i don't want the xmltree  :)12:29
ccomb<browser:resource  name="xmltree.js"   file="??????"   layer=".interfaces.IEztranetSkin" />12:29
ccombyou replaced it by something else?12:30
projekt01ccombo, around that use the configure directive like: <configure package=""></configure>12:30
zagyah right12:31
zagyccomb: yes, some other tree, but it's quite specific12:31
ccombthanks, I'll try this12:32
ccombIt would be nice to move the xmltree into a viewlet instead of a macro12:32
projekt01ccombo, stay tuned, I'll commit a new JQuery based json based tree to jquery.jsontree the next couple days12:33
zagyit would be nice to get rid of the rotterdam skin ;)12:33
projekt01zagy, did you see the Boston skin?12:34
zagynot really. not really needing those anyway12:35
philiKONwould be nice to get rid of all default skins12:36
zagyhey philiKON ... got home safely :)12:37
projekt01philiKON, I rarely agree with philiKON, but on this I do ;-)12:38
zagyphiliKON: nice car btw :)12:41
ccombthe problem is I don't see the real bounds of a skin12:43
ccomband some interesting components (or view) are inside skins12:43
projekt01ccombo, it's also a security problem12:44
philiKONyup. which is why i think we need a better way of tackling this problem12:44
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ccombprojekt01:  thanks, that works12:54
ccomb<configure package=""> <browser:resource  name="xmltree.js" file="xmltree.js"  layer="" /> </configure>12:54
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Crippsmorning Phil, projekt01, and everyone else who's kicking around.13:22
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dennis__hi cripps13:26
projekt01Cripps, good afternoon13:27
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Crippshow is everyone doing?13:53
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dennis__cripps good, got captchas working in submit forms, didnt take all of 10 minutes after figuring out how it should work :)14:12
Crippsdennis__: good, now you'll be able to help me when I need that ;)14:12
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dennis__proper way to use the Session Credentials plugin with a different login form view?   override and change only the attribute? ignore the utility and put a plugin in the pau?15:13
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afd__is it possible, with a buildout, to have a zope without a zope checkout?15:26
afd__I'm asking because I saw that after I've added z3c.baseregistry to my requirements, it pulls the zope eggs15:27
benjiafd__: I believe it's been done; Theuni did most of the work at pycon.  There is a project in subversion for a zope from eggs (I don't recall the name at the moment, though).15:35
baijumbenji, afd__, that is Zope3.buildout it is not working yet, AFAIK15:36
afd__kind of sucks thought to have packages in both locations, though, the eggs and the zope source tree15:37
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baijumafd__, but you can run your Z3 app only using eggs and buildout now15:38
afd__baijum: so I don't need the checkout part in my buildout?15:38
afd__(I admit I haven't tried that on my own, yet)15:38
baijumafd__, no need of Zope 3 check out with latest recipe15:39
afd__baijum: thanks! :)15:40
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baijumafd__, np15:41
baijumMay be these example are useful :
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* baijum reading
* baijum interesting Prognostication: "In two years, Zope3 will no longer be installable as an application"15:49
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natea|piktipiwhat is the story for workflow in Zope 3?16:24
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xbeanxI'm reading through the Zope 3 component book (worldcookery) and at the point where it suggests to create a Unique Id Utility I am encountering an error..: ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')16:36
xbeanxany idea what is going on here?16:36
ccombis it registered?16:38
xbeanxI can't even create it...16:39
xbeanxI click add, it asks for a name, I enter one, and it throws that error...16:39
xbeanxI created a catalog fine and registered that..  The next step is to create the unique id utility, but no go.16:40
ccombi think the catalog should be created after the intid16:41
ccombbecause it needs it16:41
xbeanxk, I'll try that ccomb16:42
xbeanxinterestg, I get the same error when I try to delete the catalog16:42
ccombunregister it first16:42
ccombthen add the intid16:42
ccombregister the intid, then register the catalog16:43
xbeanxhah, thanks ccomb...16:44
xbeanxworks now16:44
xbeanxthe book suggests making the catalog first, perhaps I should mention this to Phil16:44
ccombthe right order is for registering rather than creating16:45
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ccombbut the error should be more explicit16:46
afd__I get this traceback when trying to run zope with runzope with the zc.zope3recipes:app recipe - buildout.cfg included16:46
afd__any idea what I should do?16:46
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ccombBTW, does rotterdam work well with ie7 ?16:55
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xbeanxnever tried..17:05
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aa_hi, how can I get a list of container items in the navigation sidebar17:15
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aa_I get the Contents tab17:18
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aa_also, how do I affect the Name value in the item list?17:19
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afd__aa_: look up the info in localhost:8080/++apidoc++  in the zcml section, browser namespace, addMenuItem17:26
afd__z3c.formdemo doesn't work as buildout, I get the same twisted related error17:26
aa_afd__: ok, thanks17:28
aa_afd__: I was just there actually17:28
aa_afd__: I already have the item in the Add menu, I want the list of items in a container instance to appear under +top, is it the same thing?17:29
afd__aa_: you'd probably have to change the template for the navtree thingy17:29
aa_any example/doc?17:30
aa_I am a newbie :)17:30
aa_also, I just can't work out how to sign out of z317:32
afd__aa_: there's a faq entry on that (sign out)17:32
afd__related to your first question, I think Stephan Richter's book (available on deals with how to customize the zope skin17:33
aa_ok thanks17:33
bigkevmcdit's changed bit since then...probably better to look at the source for one of the current skins17:33
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aa_wow, I think I must be quite dumb, the FAQ makes no sense to me (about logout)17:46
aa_is there really no way to log out?17:47
afd__aa_: you're logging in with HTTP level authentication17:48
afd__it's not possible to logout unless you close the browser17:48
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afd__the other option is to configure the PAU with a session credentials plugin, which will extract the authentication credentials from the session17:49
afd__but it might be too advanced for you, at this point17:49
afd__unless you find a tutorial on the web or faq entry17:49
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aa_I am drowning17:50
aa_well, I can make basic content types, so I think I should concentrate on that until I understand things a bit better17:51
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ccombaa_:  changing the auth method is not very complicated :18:29
ccombthen you can logout by visiting logout.html18:29
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CrippsI have a function pasted here:  ... the purpose of the function is to update the user data for x entries in root[ipdb_new] ... the problem is, what appears to be happening is that instead of updating user for each entry in root['ipdb_new'] like I expect, each entry has a full list of *all* the users in my input. the elements[j][9] is the user information ... j is the index of the current element we're working with20:06
Crippsfor input, and [9] is the position where the user string is held. I'm sure it's user error, but I would really appreciate some help debugging this P.o.S.20:06
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Crippsthe reason why I use root['ipdb_new'][i] is because i is the uuid of the entry in root['ipdb_new']20:08
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CrippsI guess that's more of a python question than a zope question.20:10
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mgedminah, right, I wondered yesterday wheter it is a good idea to have a List(default_value=[u'foo']) in your schema, or if it was a Really Really Bad Idea20:13
mgedmin"mutable" and "default value" do not mix in function arguments, and I didn't know whether the List schema field had any special support for copying the faule20:14
mgedminer, s/faule/value/20:14
mgedminhow did I manage to mistype that?20:14
Crippsthe f and v are right next to each other on a qwerty keyboard ;)20:14
nerdalertyeah, I avoid using mutable objects as default arguments20:15
Crippsmgedmin: that doesn't really explain how the users value from one entry in root['ipdb_new'] would end up being the same across all my entries ...20:15
CrippsI can try removing the default value and see how things go from there.20:15
mgedminyes it does20:15
mgedminall your objects share the same list20:16
nerdalertCripps: if you can put that in a doctest, you can probably get it to work20:16
Crippsmgedmin: oh, so if there's a default value they all share the same list?20:16
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Crippselse, they each have their own?20:16
mgedminelse the default value is None20:19
mgedminadd a __init__ and inside it set self.users = [yourdefault]20:20
Crippsmgedmin: ahhh. k.20:20
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* mgedmin was talking about your content class20:21
CrippsI caught that :)20:21
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dennis__is there an example/howto somewhere for a custom traverser, such that /site/contents  would actually find and set as the context the contents object corresponding to the current principal, such that the uri is always site/contents but the actual contents (context) object is somewhere like root/users/blah/contents  ?20:25
mgedminI don't know about existing howtos, but I could blog about it20:26
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dennis__blogs like yours are really helpful20:27
Crippsmgedmin: yep. Those eimple modifications made everything work like magic :)20:28
Crippsthanks :)20:28
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Crippsbrb ... coffee run.20:37
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lisppaste6mgedmin pasted "Blog draft: Custom traversal in Zope 3" at
mgedmindennis__: ^^20:40
mgedminI'd appreciate feedback (and syntax error fixes, since I just typed it all up while looking at working code in another workspace)20:41
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dennis__whoa thats fast20:55
dennis__i have to run now but i will try it in a few hrs!20:55
dennis__thank you!20:55
nerdalertmgedmin: btw, I just found that paste incredibly helpful, so thanks! =D20:59
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benjiTheuni: where can I find your "zope 3 from eggs" project?  (I'm starting a small project and I'll like to be egg-only from the get-go).22:21
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