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aa_hi, am trying to use formlib to generate forms from schemas without using zope itself...12:15
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ccombHi,  I have a custom permission "eztranet.project.view"12:45
ccombI want zope.anybody  to have this permission12:47
ccombwhere should I grant this ?12:47
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dennis_in yourinstance/etc/principals.zcml i think12:58
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ccombyes, it works in this file, but I wanted to define it in the zcml of the module13:01
ccomband it tells   'Undefined principal id', 'zope.anybody'13:02
dennis_ah yeah i remember that13:02
dennis_i took the lazy way :/13:02
d2mthats because principals.zcml is read/included after your module zcml (in site.zcml)13:03
d2mand zope.anybody is defined in principals.zcml13:04
ccombactually I think the solution is to never grant anything to zope.anybody13:07
ccombin my case, I should replace my permission with zope.Public13:07
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ccombotherwise one should start with an empty site.zcml, and write everything from scratch13:10
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aa_is this for real: schema interface attributes are not inherited?13:33
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aa_ <-- test case13:35
pcardunestrichter: when ButtonActions instantiates all the ButtonAction objs, it should use an adapter to query for the a factory - then you can have multiple types of ButtonAction objs stored in actions13:35
aa_that just can't be possilbe, I am not believing my eyes13:35
aa_Interface inheritance works fine I think for attributes doesn't it?13:36
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* pcardune looks at dpaste13:37
aa_ah ok, I should use zope.schema.getFieldsInOrder13:40
pcarduneaa_: yeah, and try I2['base']13:42
aa_yeah, and getBases13:42
aa_thanks, sorry I panicked13:42
pcarduneIf you panic, you will have the pleasure of feeling more relieved later13:43
aa_hah, I'll remember that one13:43
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baijumsrichter, ayt ?15:06
baijumsrichter, you are the orginal author Zope 3 version of zwiki, is it?15:06
baijumI have created a branch of zwiki (see
baijumThe major changes are:15:06
baijum 1) Added buildout support15:06
baijum 2) Moved code to `src` folder15:06
baijum 3) Use a test layer for functional testing15:06
baijumI am planning to merge this to trunk, any suggestion/comments ?15:06
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srichterbaijum: yes15:41
srichterbaijum: feel free to do whatever you want :-)15:42
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baijumsrichter, ok, thanks :)15:44
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philiKONbenji: iirc, you guys have developed a buildout recipe to create RPMs, right?16:53
benjiI don't recall if it's a recipe, proper; but yes, we use buildouts to build RPMs16:53
philiKONis that code available somewhere?16:54
benjihmm, let me look16:55
benjiI don't believe so :(16:56
benjiI /think/ Jim intends on opening it; it's really more of a technique than code16:56
philiKONis this code worth learning from for other distribution forms?16:56
benjiyep, the technique applies to other packaing systems as well (it's been applied to building Windows distributions, for example)16:57
philiKONyou use distutils?16:58
benjiI don't know the particulars; haven't used it myself yet.16:58
philiKONi'll bug J1m16:58
benjiI highly encourage all forms of bugging Jim.  ;)16:59
philiKONit's settled then :)16:59
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TheuniphiliKON: thanks for bugging in advance ;)17:24
Theuniwe're ready for Zope 3.4.0b1 finally, btw.17:24
Theuniand zodb is moving along nicely as well17:24
Theunijim did quite some work on it and i helped with a couple of points yesterday and today17:25
* philiKON actually found the RPM stuff in jim's zc.buildout tutorial17:26
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* Theuni looks17:29
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mgedminTheuni: speaking of zope releases...18:00
mgedminI've committed a bugfix into zope.sendmail trunk18:00
mgedminshould I update the changelog in zope 3 trunk?18:00
mgedminwill the 3.4 release have that bugfix in it, or will it use some snapshot of zope.sendmail?18:00
mgedminhow does the z3 release process look like these days anyway?18:01
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Theunimgedmin: i'll write this up later, you don't have to do anything.18:07
Theunilater you would just make a new tag and a release based on your changes18:08
mgedminas long as I don't have to do anything, I'm happy :)18:09
philiKONmgedmin: well, what you can do is release another beta of zope.sendmail18:22
philiKONzope.* packages have been set free18:22
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dennis_mgedmin btw thank you for your example code for the custom traversing! I got it working :)18:52
mgedminany feedback?18:52
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dennis_uh, really helpful? :)  it helped me to get what i wanted working, so I'd say it's very good18:53
dennis_didn't see any syntax or such errors18:54
dennis_though for my case i extended with   if name in self: return self[name], then it worked for all my cases18:54
dennis_(before returning 404)18:54
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dennis_probably obvious question, but if i have an object with permission X in a container with read permission Y, then a principal who has permission X but not Y can not view X, right? (as he does not have permission Y to navigate to it)19:08
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ccombI'm just dealing with this kind of things19:09
ccombI'm not sure19:10
ccombthe __name__ of the object is stored by the container, isn't it ?19:10
dennis_it is used as the key19:11
ccombhaving the permission to read the container mean having the permission to list the key, not?19:11
ccombthat's not clear19:13
dennis_you have permission to look inside and see what's there19:14
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ccombfor my app I would like the object to not appear at all19:14
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ccombthe __name__ of the object is the container key, but it also is part of the object interface19:16
dennis_unless you implement some variant of contents.html to list the content, someone can only access objects in it by knowing the name19:16
dennis_if they're not even supposed to do that, don't give the read permission at all19:16
ccombbasically, I have a project container, and I want only the project owned by the user to appear19:17
ccombactually that works in the navigation xmltree19:18
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philiKON_hey TresEquis19:39
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ccombWhy can't we define an absolute path in a menuItem zcml directive ?20:15
ccombI suppose this is to keep a consistent behaviour with VH, but20:18
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ccombHow can I define a menu item pointing to a particular folder?20:19
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jodokTheuni: do we create projects for all packages/eggs on launchpad?21:39
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jodokTheuni: i can't figure out, how all the stuff in launchpad is interconnected :)21:39
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jodokphiliKON_: ^ do you know that?21:44
Theunijodok: maybe, we have to do some planning first21:45
TheuniI think we really need to get the components vs platform discussion sorted out first21:46
jodoki'm releasing some lovely.* packages and now i'm wondering how to deal with launchpad. but probably i'll just leave it for now21:46
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jodokphiliKON_: yes, but for every single package?22:15
philiKON_dunno. why n ot?22:15
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benjioops, wrong chan23:13
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