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CSWookieIn a string expression on a PT, ;; is how you put a semicolon in a string, right?02:19
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romanofskimoin :)09:41
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dennis_hi ignas14:41
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ignasa question - i have a few different types of objects, like Sections, Persons, Groups, and i want to have a indexes that allow me to query them by IHaveSchoolyear schoolyear attribute14:42
ignashow should i implement it so that i would have separate indexes for every type of the object14:42
dennis_add 3 indexes, field type, schoolyear attribute, not callable (or is), and each for a different interface, so 1 for ISection, IGroup, IPerson, etc .. ?14:43
ignasyou see - ISection, IGroup and IPerson are already in there and they do not inherit from IHaveSchoolyear14:44
ignasi don't want to duplicate them to just add separate interfaces for every object to index by14:45
ignashmm, i guess i could add a SchoolYearIndex class that acts in a simmilar manner as the AttributeIndex14:47
ignasindexes by IHaveSchoolYear schoolyear, but filters objects by their unique Interfaces14:47
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dennis_adapt them?15:03
xbeanxis it possible to have default to today?15:03
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xbeanxeveryone's asleep today :)15:35
xbeanxcan I specify a radio widget for a Bool() schema inside of the schema itself?  or do I have to do it in zcml?15:36
mgedminno and no15:37
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mgedminyou could subclass Bool and declare the radio widget to be the default for MyBool, so in a sense you can specify the widget in the schema15:38
mgedminbut that's not very nice, I think15:38
mgedminthe usual way is to specify a custom widget in the form that uses the schema15:39
maltheWhich interface does the browser-view adapter provide? It seems not IBrowserView.15:51
mgedminjust Interface15:51
mgedminthe code that looks up views does getMultiAdapter((context, request), name='...')15:52
malthemgedmin: so how would one use getAdapters to find all of them?15:52
mgedminalthough if you want your view to actually work, it has to implement IBrowserPublisher15:52
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mgedminthe <browser:page> zcml directive does some magic to add the IBrowserPublisher implementation to your view classes15:52
maltheah cool15:53
mgedminit's one of the murkier bits of zope 315:53
maltheI spent some hours on that15:53
maltheit seemed obvious to me that they were registered for IBrowserView :-)15:53
malthebut I guess that was a bit too high level15:53
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mgedmindon't ask me the reasons, I just know how to read the source code :)15:54
xbeanxthanks mgedmin..  I think I will actually subclass Bool as you said because I have 20 Bool()s in my schema for this one form..  And I have to do a very customized widget for these with javascript as well16:04
malthemgedmin: right16:08
malthemgedmin: is there any way to only get the adapters/view that are registered for a certain layer?16:09
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mgedmindunno, I never bothered with getting lists of adapters16:25
mgedminlayers sublcass the request, iirc, so you could look up adapters on IMyContentType, IMyLayer16:25
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* Cripps pokes the room in the face.16:29
Crippsmorning folks.16:29
dennis_hi cripps16:29
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Crippshey dennis_ , how's it going?16:33
xbeanxI'm trying to write a schema field that contains a Bool and a Text field together.  if the Bool is checked, then info is required in the text field..  Where should I start?  :)16:34
xbeanxWhat zope.schema field should I extend, I gues I'm asking16:35
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ccombnando: thanks for your answers. So it really was an optimisation, and it does work.16:36
Crippszope.schema._field.Choice maybe?16:36
Crippsxbeanx: ^^16:37
nandoccomb: welcome!16:37
xbeanxdunno, the docs for IChoice say "Field whose value is contained in a predefined set" .....not exactly what I am looking for I think16:37
xbeanxMaybe I need to just start with IField and go fromt here16:38
Crippsxbeanx: maybe. Just read over the whole file and see what good stuff you find in there.16:38
xbeanxhah, fun stuff16:38
nandoccomb: I'm happy seing people taking advantage of my code16:38
nandoccomb: many things I've made, probably will be bad done...16:39
xbeanxI'm thinking perhaps IAbstractBag......16:39
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nandoccomb: programming and learning at the same time16:40
nandoccomb: so pleased to get feedback, corrections and suggestions :-)16:41
ccombnando: Doing exactly the same. :) I've seen you wanted to enable comments in your app. That's something I will do very soon for an app I'm creating. I'll try to make it reusable...16:41
nandoccomb: great!16:42
nandoccomb: looking forward to see your app live soon!16:43
ccombyou won't because this is a private extranet16:43
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ccombbut I will publish the code16:43
nandoahhh I see16:43
dennis_xbeanx you could use an invariant ?16:43
xbeanxdennis_: interesting..never actually thought of that :)16:44
xbeanxMy problem is I have an aweful lot of Bools on a single page..  To have the text boxes there as well makes the page encredibly long..  So I wanted to hide the textboxes until the bools were clicked as 'true' then use javascript to render the textbox for input..16:45
xbeanxmake sense?16:45
xbeanxit's turning out to be quite a challenge for my tiny brain16:46
xbeanxI figured a custom field/widget would make things easier, but I dunno...16:46
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xbeanxactually, the bool isn't really necessary, it's only there to enable/disable the textbox..  maybe I can use a custom textbox widget to do that :)16:50
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dennis_xbeanx one possibility is a custom widget which renders a bool with some onclick=javascript to make the textbox visible, but you'll have to set .custom_widget on all those fields in your form code16:52
mgedminor make your custom widget the default for text fields in your application's layer16:52
xbeanxyes, I was thinking to subclass "Text" and then use a <zope:page> directive to set the widget for that new field class16:53
xbeanxbecause I still need standard text widgets as well16:53
CrippsI'm making a generic NameChooser adapter for the entirety of a web app (it's using UUIDs) ... and I'm adapting IContainer for said adapter, but for the checkName method, how would I go about checking to see if the generated UUID is not in a container?16:55
Crippsi.e. not in the container that the NameChooser is called for.16:56
dennis_cripps usually a uuid has a 2^128 or so chance of collisions, no?16:56
Crippsdennis_: yeah, something like that ... so it's a really small chance, but it *could* happen.16:57
dennis_there is a greater chance your house will get swallowed up by a flying dragon from another dimension16:57
dennis_give or take16:57
Crippsdennis_: point taken ... 340282366920938463463374607431768211456 combinations ...16:58
Cripps...give or take a couple hundred ;)16:59
xbeanx   ?17:01
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ignasphiliKON_: ayt?18:49
ignasa question about translations18:49
philiKON_um, ok18:49
ignasas i understand all the translations in zope are in the same namespace18:49
ignas"zope" or something like that18:49
philiKON_in the same domain, yes18:49
ignasdomain, sorry18:49
philiKON_and they're all in
ignaswouldn't you get conflicts if you would use multiple po files18:50
ignasby dividing the main po file by project/egg18:50
philiKON_they would have to use separate domains18:50
ignasi mean some strings being translated more than once for different eggs18:50
philiKON_such as?18:50
ignasso it's not just a tool that splits the .po file by domain is18:51
ignassomeone would have to change domains for all the eggs18:51
philiKON_you're right18:51
philiKON_i forgot that :)18:51
ignasif this would get performed18:51
philiKON_but that can also be done mechanically, i think18:51
ignasthe current i18nextract tool supports crude (import based) domain checker18:51
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ignaswhich works for schooltool at least, though you must pass the domain you are extracting as a parameter18:52
philiKON_right, i know18:52
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* ignas will have to do something like that for schooltool too18:53
ksmith99hi zopers, I'm working with large result lists returned from catalog that need to be sorted. Does it save me anything if I were to sort them based on a custom __repr__? I'm hoping not to load the objects in memory to perform the sort.19:02
dennis_ksmith99 if you figure that out please document it, for my news folder where i just want the latest 10 entries :)19:03
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philiKON_ksmith99: sorting w/o loading objects in memory is pretty much impossible19:04
philiKON_that custom __repr__ requires having the object19:04
philiKON_and having the object requires loading it into memory19:04
philiKON_gotta bite the bullet19:04
philiKON_dennis_: there are tricks for that19:04
philiKON_if you keep an index of all such items, BTrees will efficiently allow you to get slices, e.g. [-10:]19:05
philiKON_naturally, this means the index is pre-sorted19:05
philiKON_should be easily doable with a btree, though19:05
dennis_philiKON_, I do have an index on the timestamp, but a query needs a start timestamp and an end timestamp, so I have to know roughly where my last 10 objects are19:06
Theuniwin 219:06
ksmith99philiKON_, thanks.... is there any documentation anywhere about pre-sorting an index?19:06
dennis_(or maybe you didn't mean through the catalog, sorry)19:07
philiKON_this doesn't necessarily go thru the catalog19:07
philiKON_possibly the existing FieldIndex can be used for this19:07
philiKON_but it's really a simple thing19:07
philiKON_shove each new news item into that index (read: btree)19:07
philiKON_make the key some sort of chronological thing19:08
philiKON_(datetime.datetime() comes to mind)19:08
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philiKON_and then get the last 10 things from that index19:08
dennis_ah so instead of going through the catalog query'ing, just slice the index ? it can do that? :)19:08
philiKON_not sure if the index api allows that19:08
philiKON_perhaps it does19:09
philiKON_no idea19:09
philiKON_heck, just take a Folder, shove the items in there, make sure their name in the folder sorts like dates19:09
philiKON_e.g. strftime(something)19:09
philiKON_and get the last 10 items in the folder19:09
philiKON_(that would be poor man's pre-sorted index :))19:09
ksmith99ahhh... wasn't sure if that was reliable, awesome :)19:10
dennis_didnt realize a folder implicitly sorts its entries in any particular order19:10
philiKON_folders use btrees underneath19:10
philiKON_and btrees always need a total ordering19:10
philiKON_that's how their algorithm works19:10
philiKON_otherwise they couldn't be so efficient19:10
dennis_could I change __cmp__ for my news item object as well to make this work?19:10
ksmith99so the are organized by __name__19:11
philiKON_dennis_: the trick isn't the __cmp__ of the object, but the keys under which you put them in the mapping19:11
dennis_ah yeah of course19:11
philiKON_containers (such as folders) want strings19:11
philiKON_so poor man's indexing would use some sort of string19:11
philiKON_if you'd code it yourself with an OOBTree and datetime keys, the api is probably nicer19:12
dennis_there's some good ideas here to play with, thanks a lot :)19:13
ksmith99a container like that would be a nice addition to grok ;)19:13
ksmith99yes, thanks19:13
philiKON_well, a pre-made index that supports the slicing syntax would already be enough19:14
philiKON_if you've managed to create one, let us know :)19:14
philiKON_even better, make an egg and tell us about it19:14
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dennis_i like the slicing a19:14
*** grahal has quit IRC19:15
dennis_i like the 'slicing an index from a catalog' idea the most though, that would be really useful and still allow date-based searches19:15
dennis_will try that out19:15
philiKON_i suggest basing it on fieldindex19:15
philiKON_or zc.catalog's valueindex19:15
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dennis_speaking of eggs, should I learn about them for future zope releases?19:23
dennis_(insert zope+eggs doc here :)19:24
ksmith99dennis_, yes - learn eggs plus zc.buildout, it's a real time saver19:30
dennis_do al the zc. and z3c. packages work cleanly with zope or are they more specific (like branches to be merged later)19:31
ksmith99dennis_, they are independent components, with their own set of dependencies, that work with zope3.19:32
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stephengri ran zeo and found an Atrribute error  on py 2.520:42
stephengr /usr/local/lib/python2.5/
stephengr-> self._release_save = lock._release_save20:42
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afd__what's the reason for the weird install procedure for the borg example, instead of a full GS setup?20:43
mgedminborg? GS?20:45
afd__could it be done as an import step?20:45
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afd__sorry, wrong channel :)20:46
afd__should be on plone20:46
mgedminthat explains it :)20:46
mgedminnot even a readme.txt in that svn directory20:46
mgedminah, there is one one level above20:46
afd__2 lines20:47
afd__actually, borg in itself is well documented20:47
stephengri ran zeo and found an Atrribute error  on py 2.520:47
afd__there's a tutorial on plone20:48
mgedminstephengr: and?20:48
stephengrgot hanged20:49
*** zez_zez has quit IRC20:50
mgedminthat's a pretty strict punishment for an attribute error :)20:50
stephengrbut i think there is some problem in accquiring the lock20:50
stephengrIt is getting hanged in threading.py20:51
J1mI've noticed that the ZEO tests hang on 2.5. :(20:51
J1mI haven't had time to pursue it.20:51
* J1m looks at threading.py20:52
J1mstephengr, it would be good for you to share what you've learned on the zodb-dev list.20:53
J1mIt happens that the author of the threading module pays attention to that list.20:53
stephengri saw a recent post regarding discconection error there20:54
J1mLine 169 explicitly ignopres the attribute error.20:55
J1mIt would simple prevent the condition from having that attr.20:55
stephengrbut it is getting stuck between 226 and 232 later .20:56
J1mNothing in ZEO tries to access that attribute.20:56
J1mwell, of course20:57
J1mIt is waiting for something that, presumably, isn't happening.20:57
J1mThe question is why nobody is calling notify or notifyAll.20:57
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stephengrIs disconnetion error in ZEO when run with python2.5 related to this20:59
J1mI have no idea20:59
J1mAll I know is that the tests hang. :)20:59
Crippshello stephengr.21:00
J1mAnd that I don't have time to look at it.21:00
stephengrhello Cripps21:00
Crippsstephengr: were you looking for something from me specifically?21:01
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev21:01
stephengrYa I meant to ask this itself21:01
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Crippshey dennis_, is it okay if I quote you in my doctest?21:38
Crippsdennis_: I'm leaving soon, so just message me a "yes" or a "no" when you get the chance :)21:42
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