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CSWookieI'm creating some PageTemplates on the fly in my view, and they don't recognize the significance @@ for views.  Can anyone tell me what I'm likely missing?04:26
CSWookies/@@/of @@/04:27
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romanofskimoin :)09:58
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dennis_Am I supposed to be able to register viewlet for=ISomeInterface, where I have an IContent object and an adapter which can adapt IContent to ISomeInterface - such that the viewlet shows up when viewing an IContent object?   In the debug shell this works ( ISomeInterface(ContectObject),  but the viewlet does not show.14:27
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dennis_hmm ok, figured it out, need to register for the interface which can be adapted _from_ rather than _to_14:45
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Crippsromanofski: moin?15:54
Crippsdennis_: did you get my question yesterday?15:54
dennis_see it now15:55
Crippsdennis_: I'd asked if I could quote you in a doctest.15:55
Crippsaweseom :)15:55
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romanofskihey Cripps :)16:07
Crippsromanofski: hey. what does "moin" mean?16:08
romanofskiit's like 'hi' or 'hello'16:10
romanofskiand also synonym for either good morning, good day, or good evening16:11
Crippsah. Cool. What language, or is it just slang?16:11
romanofskiyeh... more like slang16:12
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romanofskiyou'll here it on the coast16:12
Crippsach so. Ich hat das nicht gehören vor jetzt. ;)16:12
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xbeanxAnybody know of any examples of combining two fields into one?  I want a field that contains a radio and a textbox...16:49
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Crippsalright ... I'm having a really weird issue here .. in my file I have: from doctest import DocFileSuite,ELLIPSIS  and then in my DocFileSuite call I have optionflags = ELLIPSIS  ... so in the doctest file I call a function that generates a unicode uuid, so for my results I 'expect' u'...'   and now the tests bitch at me saying: failed example: Expected:<newline>    u'...'<newline> Got:<newline>    u'3779eb36-2089-4208-8279-9aba618c9baa16:54
Cripps'   does anyone have any ideas what I'm *forgetting* ?16:54
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Cripps... I can put some code into a pastebin if it's required.16:56
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Crippsokay, I don't know what I did, but it works now. PFM my friends, PFM.17:19
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ccombHi, a very simple question:19:29
ccombI want to render some plain text description using PlainTextToHTMLRenderer19:29
ccombie just replacing \n with <br/>19:29
ccombhow do I do in the page template?19:30
ccombif I put  tal:content="structure view/description", one can insert html markup19:31
ccombview/description is PlainTextToHTMLRenderer(self.context).render()19:31
ccomband if I don't put  "structure" in TALES, everything is escaped and quoted19:32
ccombas a summary, I would like  '\n' to be rendered as '<br/>' but everything else should be quoted19:34
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dennis_ccomb if you render the whole "html" (text including tags) to text, everything will be quoted, but \n is still \n, no? Then do a regexp to replace \n with <br /> to add some newlines to your quoted text. This text you should view with structure, but you know everything has been quoted already20:43
ccombthanks for your answer20:49
ccombI've finally found something similar :20:49
ccombfrom import escape20:50
ccomb        return PlainTextToHTMLRenderer(escape(self.context.description), self.request).render()20:50
ccombsomeone has asked the exactly same question 3 months ago20:50
ccombI'll put also this one to the FAQ20:51
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d2mis there a convention to define a readonly attribute in an interface ?21:04
Theuniattribute or schema field?21:05
d2mplain zope.interface21:05
d2mbut schema is interesting too21:05
Theunithen there is no formal way. write it in the description of the attribute.21:05
d2mthats what i did ;)21:06
Theunithe description is part of the contract as well and needs to be respected by the programmer21:06
mgedminsometimes I wish to add an item into a container, don't mind the name21:12
mgedminand I find repeating the three lines that effectively do21:12
mgedmincontainer[INameChooser(container).chooseName('', item)] = item21:12
mgedminand i wish zope had some syntactic sugar for it, e.g. container.add(item)21:13
Theuniisn't that what iadding is for?21:13
mgedminbut that's probably a bit unrealistic, backwards-compatibility wise (adding the same method to all the container implementations)21:13
TheuniIAdding(container).add(item) ?21:13
mgedminoh?  I always though IAdding was just a gimmick for container views21:14
Theunilet's ask the interface ;)21:14
mgedminclass IAdding(IView):21:15
mgedminand the implementation inherits from BrowserView21:15
mgedminI was just wondering whether I am alone in wishing for a shorter expression21:15
TheuniProbably not21:16
mgedminsomething like, item, name='')21:16
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TheuniHowever, I think having another interface for this would be reasonable21:16
Theunithen we could write a *default* adapter for normal containers that would autoamte the three-liner21:16
Theunimore specific containers with a different need for adding could have a different adapter21:17
mgedminbut is there need for a different implementations?21:17
TheuniIAdding seems overdesigned and underengineered ;)21:17
mgedminthe only pluggable thing is the policy for choosing some name21:17
mgedminand that's what INameChooser is for21:17
Theunihmm. true. otherwise we hae the object events21:18
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Theunihowever, using a different interface brings backwards-compatibility for your code21:19
mgedminhow do you mean?21:19
Theuniyou can provide a new interface that old containers don't have to know about21:20
Theuniyou don't have to change containers to implement this21:20
Theuniif it's part of the interface of the containers then you might fail if there are older implementations21:20
mgedminthat was my argument against adding an 'add' method to IWritableContainer21:20
Theunias is mine :)21:21
Theunievolving interfaces sucks21:21
mgedminso the choice is (1) a global function, (2) an adapter and (3) forget it, just keep writing the three-liner everywhere21:21
mgedminyou seem to prefer (2) over (1), and I'd like to hear more about the reasons21:22
mgedminan argument for (1) instead of (2): less unit test setup necessary21:22
mgedminunit test fixtures is the place where I find that I need to add objects into containers without caring about the names too much21:22
mgedminnot a very good argument, perhaps, since hardcoding the names would be even simpler21:23
mgedminand require even less setup21:23
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Theunihmm. for *unit* tests you'd need stubs anyway.21:27
Theuniintegration tests should get set up with some parts of your normal zcml anyway21:28
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