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* brandon_rhodes ponders how one would arrange authentication in Grok04:43
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tjshey, I'm just getting into zope3 at a new job, I had a couple of questions I couldnt find answers for in the docs07:19
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tjsif 'global' utilities are singletons, it seems to me that they would need to be threadsafe07:20
tjsbut it seems that thread safety of utilities is not something thats really mentioned07:21
tjsare they not actually singleton? perhaps spawned per thread?07:21
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romanofskimoin moin09:53
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ccombping -b anybody15:08
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ccombCould someone make a very simple test ?15:10
ccombJust upload a simple "Image" object at the root of your instance, and tell me how long it takes ?15:11
ccombOn my (quite fast) laptop, it takes 20s for a 1.7MB jpeg15:12
ccombAnd on an older machine, 1.5min for a 1.5MB jpeg !!15:12
ccombWhere is the pb?15:12
mgedminccomb: ICMP ECHO15:13
mgedminerr, I mean ICMP ECHO REPLY, of course15:13
mgedminwhich version of Zope?15:14
ccomb3.3.0 on Debian stable15:14
ccomband 3.3.1 on Debian unstable15:14
ccombsame result15:14
* mgedmin still cleaning dust off his z3 instance15:18
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mgedminadding a 1.4 meg jpeg Image to z3 trunk on localhost was essentially instant15:20
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mgedmin1.6 GHz Pentium M laptop15:20
mgedminUbuntu Feisty15:20
ccombHow can I investigate this?15:20
d2mccomb: check the DNS functionality first15:21
mgedmincheck with vmstat/gnome-system-monitor whether it's the CPU, or disk I/O, or what that's the bottleneck15:22
d2mccomb: resolving a missing dns server needs 5 seconds when opening or closing a connection15:22
ccombrunzope is 100% cpu15:22
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ccombd2m: I'm using local ip addresses, no name15:24
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* ccomb rebooting under Dapper just to check15:31
ccombIs there anyone on Debian here ?15:33
dennis_file upload is fine15:34
ccombgood news and bad news at the same time :)15:34
dennis_sorry :)15:34
dennis_(mind you probably not exactly same zope version as you have)15:35
ccombdennis_: Etch? Sid?15:38
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ccombJust tried in Edgy, and this is broken because of the readline stuff...15:43
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timteccomb: are you using 3.3.0?16:06
ccomb3.3.0 and 3.3.116:06
timteI'm not sure, but I think it's fixed in 3.3.116:07
ccombwhat is fixed?16:07
timtereadline problem16:08
ccombI've tried strace on runzope, and it's repeating 5000x this :
Crippsgood morning .......ladies.16:09
ccombthe readline problem causes an error in zope. Here there is no error16:09
mgedminccomb: are you using twisted or zserver?16:10
ccombdunno, default config16:10
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Crippsheh, I couldn't get Zope to work using the default Debian config ... so I just compiled and installed python and zope myself :)16:17
ccombThe only problem I've had is the readline / py2.4.416:19
ccombIt seems the default is twisted, so I'm using twisted. I'll try to create an instance with zserver16:19
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timteccomb: did you try using 3.3.1 instead?16:22
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ccombI'm using 3.3.116:22
ccombI've just tried the same on Etch/3.3.0, with zserver16:23
ccomband I get the readline error16:23
timteare you using 2.4.4c2 or some strange version?16:23
ccombI think I've lost much time again because of this thing16:23
ccombI thought it was fixed in unstable. It is reported as such16:24
timtethis bug is in the bug archive so check there16:25
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ccombOK I've come back to unstable with 3.3.116:31
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ccombNow, an instance created with --zserver is OK, file upload is fast16:31
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ccombbut with the default Twisted server, this is veeery slooww16:36
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mgedminI though I was using the twisted server16:41
mgedminwhat's in your zope.conf?16:41
mgedminmine has <server> type HTTP ...16:41
ccombthe choice twisted/zserver is in zope.conf ?16:42
mgedminI think that's how you choose between zserver and twisted: by specifying a different server type16:42
mgedminor am I wrong?16:42
ccombI'm choosing from the command line when creating the instance16:42
philiKONit actually has more to do with the runzope or zopectl start script16:42
philiKONthey specify which server is run16:42
projekt01mgedmin, does in not only depend on if you have the twisted package installed?16:42
mgedminoh, right, that16:43
mgedminmy sais16:43
mgedminsays even16:43
mgedmin    from import main16:43
mgedminso I have twisted, and file uploads are fast for me16:43
projekt01btw, I fixed the large fileupload some days ago, it was using StringIO everytime and didn't use temp files for large files. This was crashing Zope3 for files over 500MB.16:45
projekt01probably the new usage of temp files is slower16:45
ccombI could revert back to zserver by default,  but I would prefer to find what the real problem with twisted is16:47
ccombLast month I could not upload more than 40KB, now I can but it's unusable16:49
ccomb(twisted 2.4 → 2.5)16:50
dennis_you can upload through a browser more than 500 MB ?16:51
ccombI'm talking about a single megabyte, not several hundreds :)16:52
projekt01ccomb, what are you doing?16:52
ccombtrying to upload a 1,7MB jpeg image on a fresh instance of 3.3.1 with twisted by default16:53
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ccombwith zserver it's OK.   With twisted it takes 20s on a fast machine16:53
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projekt01ccomb, that's not a problem on my (win) machine, I'm using the trunk form today.16:55
mgedminit's also not a problem on my ubuntu machine, also using the twisted server16:55
dennis_ccomb can you make a wireshark dump or such, see if the data gets sent equally fast, or if there is f.e. a 19.9 second handshake and then 0.1 second transfer16:55
ccombdennis_: I've not used wireshark often, but I'm seeing the following17:00
ccombnothing appears during the 19.9 first seconds, then everything happens during 0.1s17:01
dennis_do you have tcpdump installed?17:01
dennis_(just try to run it without arguments as roo)17:01
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dennis_although could be other things too of course17:02
dennis_try zope 3.4.01a :)17:02
ccombI will end up using 3.4 soon because I need blobs, but I don't want it yet17:03
ccombOK I've captured the traffic with "tcpdump -i lo"17:05
mgedminthe strace bit ccomb pasted was interesting17:05
ccombduring most of the time, nothing happens17:05
ccombin the network17:05
mgedminseems as if twisted is reading the jpeg data one byte at a time, and mucking with thread locks in between17:05
mgedminit might be more interesting if you ran strace with -r to see the relative delays between syscalls17:06
mgedminand with -c to get a summary17:06
mgedminperhaps do it once with twisted, do it once with zserver, then compare the totals17:07
* ccomb trying to get the strace results17:09
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ccombwith twisted :
ccombit tells 0.07s, but it took more than 15s17:15
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ccombWith zserver :
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Crippsdammit ... I remember asking this before, but I can't remember the answer ... how do I delete a 'broken' object from the ZODB ?18:02
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Crippshey benji.18:03
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benjinothing much18:04
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Crippslucky you ;)18:05
Crippshey paul18:05
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Crippscan anyone think of any reason why the configure.zcml of a package that is included is not being read?21:27
CrippsI have a package called ship, and there is a ship-configure.zcml in my zope instance's etc/packge-config directory ... the  ship directory is located in zope/lib/python ... I have a configure.zcml in the ship directory, and I purposely put syntax errors in there to get bin/runzope to complain to me ... but, it doesn't complain.21:29
philiKONwhat does the ship-configure.zcml file say?21:29
Cripps<include package="ship"/>21:30
philiKONthat looks alright21:31
philiKONwhat happens when you do bin/debugzope21:31
Crippsyeah ... looks fine to me too ... which is why I'm stumped :/21:31
philiKONand try to import ship21:31
philiKONare you getting the right ship package in that case?21:31
Crippsthere's only one ship package ... and it appears to do everything without complaining.21:31
philiKONwell, i gotta go, sorry mate21:32
philiKONgood luck21:32
Crippskk. thanks.21:33
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dennis_cripps do you have in your shop21:42
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Crippsdennis_: sure do. it has one commented out line in it too.21:45
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dennis_usually when i have something like that, either i put ship-configure.zcml in /etc/ and not in package-.. , or I wrote .zmcl instead of .zcml21:47
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CrippsI'll check that.21:48
dennis_or misspelt "-configure" :)21:48
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Crippswoo-hoo! errors! sweet success!21:52
dennis_now you have to admit what it was21:52
Crippsdennis_: I neglected to delete ship-configure.zcml~ when I deleted ship-configure.zcml awhile back ... which means that it wasn't reading the ship-configure.zcml~21:53
* Cripps sighs21:53
Crippsthanks dennis_21:54
Crippswhew ... well, it's the end of the work day. Time to go home. ciao!21:56
dennis_bye cripps21:56
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