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tjsis there any way a transaction.interfaces.ISynchronizer can be notified on transaction abortions?01:59
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tjsseems like the only way to catch a transaction abort is to forego the ISynchronizer and join an IDataManager to the transaction, which is pretty hacky02:06
zenwrylyI'm trying to run the Zope3/trunk tests using "make test" from a svn checkout, but the tests keep failing because,, and many others aren't present.  I'm adding them in one by one but I'm wondering if I'm doing anything wrong.  Shouldn't I be able to run "make test" from a Zope3/trunk svn checkout?02:17
tjszenwryly: I'm fairly new to zope3, so this might be wrong, but Id suggest doing a make install, then run the tests via the zope bin test script02:20
tjsthat way everything will be in your path02:20
tjsif you dont want to install potentially broken software use the --prefix option then set your PYTHONPATH up and run the tests on that, then if it fails you can just delete it all, else re-run install without the prefix02:22
zenwrylytjs: these are packages that aren't a part of the Zope3/trunk02:23
tjssounds a little odd that their test suites are being run if they are not linked in02:24
* tjs shrugs.02:24
zenwrylyI know I've checked out Zope3/trunk in the past and been able to run the tests02:26
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tjsanyone able to help with a little thread problem?08:13
tjsis a simple daemon thread I wrote08:13
tjsin my test setUp I start it, and in tearDown I call its stopThread() method08:13
tjsbut the test runner tells me08:13
tjsThe following test left new threads behind:08:14
tjsNew thread(s): [<ShortMessageSpoolDaemon(Thread-1, started daemon)>]08:14
tjsany ideas?08:14
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norro_hi zopies. i want to do an internal linking inside my object hierarchy (BTreeContainers).14:39
norro_This linking has to be robust when updating the object hierarchy. I read something about an ObjectHub, but that seems to be just a proposal.14:39
norro_So what is the best way to do this? Any hints?14:39
norro_btw: "linking" means providing html-links inside the views14:40
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norro_if my question doesn't make sense to you, please also tell me :)14:48
projekt01norro_, see z3c.resource this is a local resource implementation, you can store images in the object annotation. This means the links are always relative to the object.14:51
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projekt01rcrafton, moin14:56
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ccombnorro_: if the link in the view is generated with the absolute_url view, there is nothing to do14:57
ccombYou justs have to make sure your objects are locatable14:57
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projekt01ccomb, you can't store objects in html14:58
ccombhtml ?14:58
norro__Sry, I had connection problems14:58
ccomb(13:57:08) ccomb: norro_: if the link in the view is generated with the absolute_url view, there is nothing to do14:59
ccomb(13:57:48) ccomb: You justs have to make sure your objects are locatable14:59
projekt01norro_, was asking for store html-links14:59
projekt01norro_, or not14:59
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ccombI understand he just want to provide links to other objects in views14:59
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ccombmaybe I'm wrong14:59
projekt01ccomb, Ah, yes, if so, then you are right.15:00
norro__ccomb yes15:00
norro__that's what i want to do15:00
norro__I want to provide HTML-Links inside a view to views of other objects. Those links must not break if the objects are moved15:02
projekt01Do you know your object which you like to generate links for.15:03
projekt01then you can use url = absoluteURL(obj, request) + '/foo.html'15:03
norro__projekt01 hmmm, i think i have to answer 'no' to your previous question then15:06
projekt01which question?15:07
norro__'obj' would have to be some kind of object refernce, i think. I don't know how to do this with zope315:07
norro__the question if i know the object15:07
projekt01How do you know which obj do you like to reference?15:08
projekt01How do you selecting the objects which should get linked?15:08
projekt01Are  you asking for insert links in a WYSIWYG editor?15:09
norro__i know the object, when the user creates the link for the first time. But I don't know how to /track/ the object when it's moved15:09
norro__yes, inside an editor15:10
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projekt01that's what I mean. It's impossible to do that.15:10
projekt01because you never know what's happen with the html and links inside. Ok, not impossible but very hard to track.15:11
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projekt01Why not store the objects in the annotation of the object and use relative links form html to the linked object?15:12
ccombthe user enter the link himself?15:12
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projekt01I implemented a solution in z3c.resource. It offers you  lokal resources including a proxy and a local ++resource++ namespace15:13
norro__ccomb the user selects the object, he wants to create a link to15:14
projekt01norro__, then copy the object to the local resource annotation and use relative links to the objcet, then you are fine.15:15
norro__would that be an actual _copy_ of the object?15:15
projekt01I recommend doing a real copy, because you never know if the original object get deleted.15:16
ccombWhen an object is moved, its intid is changed?15:17
projekt01I guess it's a conceptual question, but most the time image resources used in a html editor has it's own lifecycle.15:17
projekt01ccomb, moved no, copied yes.15:18
norro__projekt01 images are not the problem here. i want to link other documents15:18
norro__ccomb I never heard of intid. that'15:18
norro__that could be a solution15:19
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norro__ccomb so intid is a unique id inside the content tree?15:20
dennis_if you copy a persistent object to another container, aren't they still the same object, even if you delete it from one it persist in the other until it is completely unreferenced?15:20
dennis_i put attach my media (pics etc) to the content object, since that is where they belong, but it would be just as easy to also drop a "copy" into a global container with all media content15:22
dennis_(ok maybe I am mixing up deleteing it, and removing it from a container)15:22
ccombnorro_: yes unique inside the whole instance if I remember15:23
ccombso you could provide a view @@intid?id=XX instead of the full path15:23
norro__ccomb. that seems to be what i need. thank you very much15:23
ccombor a traversal adapter ++intid++/id15:23
dennis_norro_ ccomb but the object needs to be in _some_ container for persistence and intids to work, which one will you use ?15:24
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ccombdon't know how norro's app work15:25
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projekt01never register views like @@intid?id=xx, this is a big security problem15:25
norro__dennis_ all my objects are container objects and arranged to a tree15:25
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ccombprojekt01: you're right, it's an instead idea, probably a bad idea15:26
ccombinstead → instant15:26
dennis_project01 makes sense, but, isn't actual access to those objects restricted anyway?15:26
projekt01the ++intid++/id is a very bad concept at all if you need ot lookup from html.15:27
projekt01Not if the object/links should appear for public access15:27
ccombbut the view  @@intid?id=xx  could return the real path instead of the object15:27
ccombthat would not be a security problem then?15:28
projekt01even that allows you introspection, but that's probabaly not important for protecting.15:28
dennis_project01 sorry for asking more, but i would expect the objects to be protected by their permissions, and disabling intid?id would only be safer in the sense that you hide the objects more15:28
dennis_just curious about the security and how it works15:29
dennis_oops and i will spell you more with k instead of c )15:29
projekt01If you allow to use ++intid++id, thismeasn you will allow to introspect objects by their ids.15:30
Crippsand that's NOT a good thing ...15:30
Crippswhich is why making uuids for object names is totally fricken' AWESOME! ;)15:30
ccombwhat do you mean by « introspect objects by their ids » ?15:31
projekt01If a object exist, it tells you forbidden access, if a object doens't exist it tells you key error. This will give hacker hints where they can try once more15:31
Crippsccomb: introspect allows you to view all programmatic details of an object.15:31
philiKON_that's why both ForbiddenAttribute and KeyError are system errors15:31
philiKON_the user will only see "A System error occurred"15:31
dennis_projekt01 but why are intids then special then, they could also just try with names through the normal traversing15:31
Crippsphil: I was wondering about that.15:31
ccombCripps: I didn't understand the "by intid" part of introspection15:32
projekt01philiKON, yes, but not if somebody registers ++intid++id as a API15:32
philiKON_it all depends on how it's hooked up15:33
ccombIf the intid view is protected by zope.Public, but the object itself is protected by another permission, the object can be viewed ?15:34
projekt01dennis_, like philiKON, says, we mask this different errors, there is no chance that a users will see the difference.15:34
philiKON_ccomb: no15:34
ccombso where is the security bb?15:34
*** philiKON_ is now known as philiKON15:34
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philiKONno idea15:34
projekt01ccomb, it's not forbidden to use ++intid++id as a lookup, it's just not that smart as it looks.15:35
philiKONexcept that i wonder why somebody would want an ++intid++ traverser in the first place15:35
ccombthis kind of view could be used for permalink, could'nt it?15:35
ccombor are there other way to do permalink?15:35
philiKONan ugly permalink15:36
* philiKON wouldn't expose ++ urls to the outside15:36
dennis_while partly on the topic : any apache rewriting rules to disable those from the outside ?  (inside I use ++skin++ and ++vh++)15:37
* mgedmin is with philiKON on this one15:37
projekt01ccomb, your question about security issue; hackers allways try to do things step by step, to find a working url is the first step. I don't say that this is a problem in general.15:37
norro__so philiKON mgedmin do you like the @@intid?id=xx idea more?15:37
mgedminno, I think URLs should be sensible15:38
ccombnorro : not really, it seems :)15:38
philiKONnorro__: that's even worse15:38
mgedmin/articles/about-this-thing.html, etc.15:38
philiKONeven drop the .html15:38
norro__ok, I see15:38
philiKONfirst of all, why would the user care about the fact that it's an "intid"15:38
mgedminwhat are the objects you're linking to, and why do they move around?15:38
philiKONand second, why expose numbers at all15:39
norro__mgedmin the objects are containers and they are moved to alter the structure of the tree15:39
philiKONnorro__: if you use the object filing system15:39
ccombis there a similar problem when using intid for vocabulary tokens ?15:40
philiKONmeaning, you arrange data in hierarchies using folders15:40
philiKONccomb: i don't see which problem is similar to this... ?15:40
ccombtokens are exposed15:40
philiKONwhy is that a problem?15:41
ccombsomeone told this a few lines above15:41
philiKONnorro__: if you imagine a blog application, /blog/2006/02/03/1 would be a sensible URL *and* permalink, no matter how the data is structured hierarchically in folders15:41
philiKONnorro__: actually, that hierarchical structuring is mostly a CMS thing...15:42
philiKONwell, the need of wanting to move around things in hierarchies at least15:42
philiKONccomb: where?15:42
norro__philiKON, but if if I move the blog entry from container /blog/2006/02/03 to container /blog/2006/02/04, the previous created link '/blog/2006/02/03/1' would break, wouldn't it?15:44
philiKONwho says that 2005/02/03 is a folder?15:44
philiKONand why would you move it?15:44
philiKONyou wrote that article once15:44
philiKONon that date15:44
philiKONyou can't change history :)15:44
ccombphiliKON: nowhere, I'm beginning to mix up my ideas :)15:45
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norro__my app _is_ some kind of CMS. The objects I want to move are some kind of steps of an instruction sheet. If I want to rearrange those steps, I sometimes have to move them to another folder15:47
ccomb/blog/2006/02/04 is a handled by a traversal adapter?15:48
ccombassuming that the ++ part is hidden by the rewriter ?15:48
philiKONi don't see a ++ part15:49
dennis_ccomb dont need a new traverser, you could make "blog" a clever container, mgedmin wrote a great doc about that a while ago15:49
philiKONbut yeah, traversal adapter15:49
dennis_mgedmin is it still online?15:49
dennis_(i mean no new ++ namespace)15:49
mgedminif it ever was online, it still is15:49
* mgedmin googles15:49
mgedminperhaps this is what philiKON referred to:
philiKONnorro__: rearrangement is ok, you just need to decide whether you want your object hierarchy to be reflected in the URL hierarchy or not15:50
dennis_  "Note that this is the regular view directive, not browser:view." ha! thanks for adding that! ran into that one at first :)15:51
norro__philiKON that seems to be the default behaviour of zope3 and I like the idea to use as much as possible the default way :)15:52
norro__stll trying to get deeper and deeper into the whole zope3 thing15:53
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philiKONnorro__: buying my book would be a good start :)15:54
projekt01norro__, and don't start with the deepest things ;-)15:55
norro__philiKON i own both editions :)15:55
philiKONgood :)15:55
philiKONyou can use the 1st edition as firewood15:55
* ccomb would like to also have the 1st edition to start a collection :)15:56
philiKONspoiler: the main character dies in the 3rd book15:57
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jpcw2002ccomb: i can sell you mine, but i prefer wait price grow up :-)15:58
norro__philiKON while we're at it: when does the third edition enter the market?15:58
philiKONlet's see, i first have to start working on it, ...15:58
norro__I see :)15:58
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norro__so guys, as a conclusion: thanks you guys for your manifold ideas. I will think about it16:01
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CrippsphiliKON: speaking of which, I've got a few more "revisions" for 3rd ed. I'll email them to you when I get the time.16:15
dennis_cripps, also feel free to make a nice site where you blog about zope 3 tips and tricks - i love those :)16:16
philiKONCripps: sure, would be appreciated16:17
Crippsdennis_: hahaha. Yeah, maybe I should ... I've already got a hella awesome svn how-to page up. :P16:17
Crippsdennis_: although, I'm not sure if it's available locally or to the whole world.16:17
dennis_lol you are not sure?16:18
dennis_dont blog about security, i will stick to the book for that :)16:18
ccombSomeone has made an intersting site : http://kelpi.com16:18
Crippsdennis_: nope, not sure. It's hosted at work, but I'm not sure which subnet it's on, I only know the hostname, not the IP, or if that port is allowed traffic on that subnet ...16:18
ccombit's made in zope3, and contains several tips for z316:19
dennis_thanks for the link ccomb!16:19
Crippsdennis_: hahaha ... I'll let my friend Chris do the security blogging ;)16:19
pcardunespeaking of security... why does zope3 authentication have to be so painful (or am I missing something?)16:20
dennis_you are maybe missing something, it works quite nicely i think :)16:20
dennis_anything specific?16:20
ccombpcardune: because it's flexible and pluggable16:21
ccombbut not so difficult16:21
pcardunedennis_: I'm just trying to figure out the simplest way to set up user management in an application16:21
pcarduneyou know... the standard stuff, login, logout, adding and removing users16:22
dennis_do you want to allow self-signup ?16:22
dennis_off the top of my head, add a pluggable authentication manager to your site manager, enable the (for example) sessions-credentials plugins and principal folder, and then you can add and modify users through the zmi16:23
pcarduneI *think* I have my authentication plugin setup right and my credentials plugin setup right, but alas, login/logout does not work fo rme16:23
pcarduneI think it has something to do with the login/logout views16:24
dennis_register the PAU16:24
pcardunewhich I have yet to figure out how to use16:24
dennis_and dont forget to assign roles or permissions to your new principals16:24
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ccombpcardune: I've recently added add a few lines on this in the FAQ, but I guess you're a step beyond?16:26
lisppaste6pcardune pasted "constructor for site with authentication stuff" at
pcarduneI just pasted what I think I've got right16:27
pcarduneccomb: which FAQ?16:27
ccombafter that you should be able to create users and login.16:28
ccombBut not  logout16:28
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ccomblogout is in 1.5816:28
pcarduneccomb: ok, i'm checking those out right now16:28
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CrippsI have a general uuid generator that adapts IContainer, and provides INameChooser ... how would I use this? the adapter is it's *own* package, and I want to use it from all my containers within my main project ...16:29
Crippsit *should* be as easy as "NameChooser = getAdapter(INameChooser,'adapterName')" ... I think.16:30
dennis_just do  INameChooser( MyContainer )16:30
pcardunetook the words out of my mouth16:30
philiKONname choosers aren't named adapters16:31
philiKONand adapters always need the object that they're adapting as an argument16:31
CrippsphiliKON: so I should just have it registered as an adaptor, and not a *named* adapter?16:31
philiKONsee my book16:31
Crippskk. That makes sense. Which chapter?16:31
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philiKONthe one about containers16:31
philiKONalso, it has an index :)16:31
Crippsheh, yep ... 15. That was off the top of my head ;)16:32
dennis_every time i read some section again i notice something new i was wondering about16:32
pcardunephiliKON: I left my copy at home, any chance you could send me an electronic version of the chapter on security ;)16:32
philiKONi'm afraid i can't16:33
ccombpcardune: you can download the example code from the site16:34
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pcarduneccomb: that is a very useful piece of information16:34
ccombgrep RecipeNameChooser16:35
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*** jfroche has joined #zope3-dev17:03
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*** schwendinger has quit IRC17:14
CrippsphiliKON: yeah, after I removed the 'name' section in the adapter registration, and *over-rided* the __init__ and __setitem__ methods for my container, everything worked as expected ... now I just have to fix up the doctests ;)17:24
*** febb has quit IRC17:24
philiKONwhy would you want to override __init__ and __setitem__?17:24
CrippsphiliKON: to set self.nameChooser17:26
Crippsand setitem to call it.17:26
*** zagy has quit IRC17:27
* Cripps goes back to the book.17:28
mgedminyou use the names chooser externally17:28
mgedminwhen you want to add an item to a container, you do the name chooser dance:17:28
mgedminchooser = INameChooser(container)17:28
mgedminname = chooser.chooseName(suggested_name, item)17:29
mgedmincontainer[name] = item17:29
mgedminyesterday I wondered if ought to have a helper for this17:29
philiKONit should17:29
mgedminsomething like[, suggested_name])17:29
philiKONaddToContainer(container, obj, suggested_name=None)17:29
philiKONor something like that17:30
philiKONmgedmin: you need obj :)17:30
mgedminduh :)17:30
philiKONbtw, i also think that name choosers should really be multi-adapters for (container, obj)17:30
* mgedmin was probably thinking about container.add(obj, suggested_name=None)17:30
mgedminwhich is hard to do without breaking everyone's custom container implementations17:31
*** whit_ has joined #zope3-dev17:31
*** jkakar has quit IRC17:35
dennis_Is there a way to speed up the IUndoInterface.getTransaction( context = MyObj )  so that it is usable? It would be fantastic to be able to show undo information per contect object17:43
Crippsheh ... I'm a moron ... since my custom name chooser adapts IContainer, it "overrides" the default one ... I don't have to worry about a bleeding thing ... zope takes care of everything!17:44
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev17:49
*** ignas has quit IRC17:49
*** whit_ has quit IRC17:49
dennis_or alternatively, can I query the current transaction ID such that I may store it with the annotations of an object when modifying, such that I can use one later to undo something?17:50
*** tarek is now known as cecilia17:56
philiKONdennis_: stay away from zodb undo if you want to imitate versioning17:59
philiKONthat's my advice17:59
dennis_i don't really need versioning (would be wonderful if it were available at little cost of course), but just to prepare for the inevitable editor who says "oops i accidentally clicked yes on both alert boxes without reading and deleted half the site" kind of thing18:01
philiKONthat's what "Undo!" is for: undoing your last transaction18:01
philiKONbut again, it might not be such a good idea to expose it to content editors18:01
dennis_every editor his own last few undos? of course any idea is welcome, you can imagine how people will use it in practice :)18:04
*** cecilia is now known as tarek18:05
*** jkakar has joined #zope3-dev18:09
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*** jinty has joined #zope3-dev18:16
Theunidennis_: the problem is that database level undo is very far away from the application and editors.18:17
Theunidatabase undo might even prohibit any undo although an editor might expect it to work.18:17
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev18:17
Theunidatabase level undo depends so much on what the application does with your data ...18:18
Theunitypically you don't want to revert transactions but do something a bit more high-level18:18
Theunione example would be to take snapshots in your application, e.g. using zc.copy and zc.freeze18:19
Theunithen you could keep old copies around whenever you like.18:19
*** norro__ has quit IRC18:20
*** b52Centos has quit IRC18:20
dennis_checking them out, thanks theuni18:20
*** b52Centos has joined #zope3-dev18:20
mgedminthere's an entire version control system build on top of them: zc.vault18:21
mgedminalthough using it is kind of tricky18:22
dennis_thats a bit overkill perhaps for now for my purpose18:25
CSWookieI should learn more of the vault.18:25
CSWookieIs there a hook someplace in the adapter registry where I can add my own little sub-registry?  So if something didn't get found it would then look in my thing?18:28
mgedminisn't that how local adapters work?18:30
mgedminyou have a bunch of sites, and each has its own adapter registry, and each delegates failed lookups upwards18:30
Crippsmgedmin: doesn't zope look up local adapters first, and then check for framework level adapters?18:31
mgedminI don't know what "framework level adapters" are18:31
Crippsmgedmin: all the generic ones that come with zope (for example: NameChooser)18:31
mgedminah, the global ones? yes18:32
CSWookiemgedmin: Yeah, but I want this without making sites.18:32
mgedminCSWookie: I'm not intimately familiar with zope.component18:32
CSWookieOK.  thanks.18:32
mgedminI have a feeling that you can have your own independent component registries18:32
mgedminI'd go and read some txt files18:32
*** malthe has quit IRC18:33
dennis_my undo was inspired by:  , though it seems he limited to delete only, which would be fine for me too18:36
*** MJ|busy has quit IRC18:36
*** pbugni has joined #zope3-dev18:38
*** jodok has quit IRC18:42
* mgedmin puts on a brown paper bag18:46
* Cripps draws a sad face on mgedmin 's paper bag18:49
* dennis_ puts on his robe and wizard hat18:50
Crippsdennis_: I thought I told you never to message me again you fucker.18:51
dennis_ah crap18:51
Crippsahhh ... bash.org18:51
dennis_you should send me a list of your nicks!18:51
*** rcrafton_ has joined #zope3-dev18:51
*** jkakar_ has joined #zope3-dev18:52
CrippsImma totally have to show this to xbeanx .. he'll shit himself :P18:52
*** jkakar_ has quit IRC18:54
*** jkakar_ has joined #zope3-dev18:54
*** projekt01 has left #zope3-dev18:54
*** rcrafton has quit IRC18:58
mgedminhm, a reliable zodb-level undo would be nice19:02
mgedminI think I tried to use the unto facility in zmi once, got some exception, and wrote it off as not working19:02
*** sm has left #zope3-dev19:02
*** jfroche has quit IRC19:03
J1mUndo is sometimes very useful.19:03
J1mNote that undo, like conflict resolution, violates consistency.19:04
J1mThe history facility would also be very nice.19:04
J1mIt would be nice if every persistent object had a view that displayed a history summary.19:04
mgedminoh yes19:05
mgedmincurrently I use the debugzope console with a hacked script for that19:06
*** alecm has quit IRC19:06
*** jkakar has quit IRC19:06
*** alecm has joined #zope3-dev19:06
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ccombEach time I try to play with adapters and annotations, I have permissions problems20:26
ccombI have an adapter called Thumbnail, which adapts from IImage to IThumbnail and write a generated thumbnail into the annotations of the Image20:26
ccombDoes Thumbnail have to be trusted ?20:27
philiKONtrusted adapters20:27
philiKONit's in my book20:27
* pbugni sees a shameless plug :)20:28
pbugnihi philipp20:28
philiKONhi paul20:28
Crippshahaha ... nothing wrong with shameless plugs when they are for *the* definitive guide that's out there :P20:29
pbugniindeed - get the book!20:29
*** pcardune_ has joined #zope3-dev20:30
ccombphiliKON:  thanks I was not sure. I've another problem somewhere else20:30
Crippshahaha. I've already got it ... work bought it for me to use ;)20:30
Crippsit's all nicely tabbed out and everything too (I love post-it tabs)20:31
*** pcardune has quit IRC20:31
*** rcrafton has joined #zope3-dev20:40
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*** thruflo has joined #zope3-dev21:00
thruflohey, is it ok to post a newbie qu. here?21:01
Crippsthruflo: only if you ask the question instead of asking if you can ask a question.21:02
thruflo:) trying to be polite21:02
Crippswell, that kind of polite is usually frowned upon ;)21:02
thrufloi'm getting a ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')21:03
*** oferw has quit IRC21:03
thruflowhilst trying to get a livepage upload demo to work from
*** oferw has joined #zope3-dev21:03
thruflothe line causing is         intIds = zope.component.getUtility(IIntIds)21:04
*** rcrafton has joined #zope3-dev21:04
thrufloin the doc string of the LivePage class i read:21:04
thrufloA livepage is registered for a location. The location is represented21:04
thruflo    by an id. It's up to the implementation to provide an id with the21:04
thruflo    getLocationId method that can be resolved by the getLocationResolver method.21:04
thrufloso presumably I need to register the utility with zope.component?21:05
thrufloi've tried creating a Unique ID Utility via the ZMI and I've registered it as something abitrary but that doesn't help21:05
Crippsthruflo: well, you will have to register the utility in your configure.zcml ... you'll probably want to specify a utility name as well.21:06
Crippsalthough, if you're looking for an ID, you'll probably want to use NameChooser instead.21:06
Cripps...that works as an adapter.21:07
* thruflo nods - I've read about NameChooser21:07
Crippsin phil's book? ;)21:07
thruflook, so i need a <utility provides="foo" />21:07
thruflo^ yup :)21:07
thruflomy newbie bible...21:07
*** rcrafton has quit IRC21:08
Crippshahaha. Yeah ... It took me a few times reading through it before stuff started falling into place.21:08
thruflounfortunately just leant it to one of my colleagues for the w/e so don't have as reference atm  :|21:08
thruflotx for the advice...21:09
Crippsif you're using a utility, you'll want to specify a factory/component, and a name21:09
Crippsso: <utility component="myIntID" name="" />21:09
Crippsor: <utility factory="module.IntIdFactory" name="" />21:10
thruflook - is there is a standard unique id utility handy?21:10
Crippswhere module is the name of a file, and IntIdFactory is a factory class, or method, that creates an int ID for you21:10
* thruflo nods again21:11
Crippsthruflo: well, there is a global unique id utility ... it will basically allow you to specify a name, and double check the container to ensure that it's not a double.21:11
Crippser, rather, it's an adapter ... and it works transparently.21:11
thruflogot you on the terminology ;)21:12
CrippsPersonally, I wrote my own NameChooser that generates unicode UUIDs for each object created in a container.21:12
thrufloyup - will presumably want to do that when implementing for real, for now I'd like to see if I can get this livepage setup to work as a proof of concept21:13
Crippsactually, making your own is fairly straightforward.21:14
Crippsmine is a total of 100 lines of code (max), doctests, registration, and all.21:14
* thruflo googles21:16
dennis_thruflo you have added a Unique Integer Utility to the site manager of your site, and registered it for interface <InterfaceClass> ?21:20
thruflomaybe not for the Interface21:21
dennis_try that :)21:22
thrufloyes, that's the 'provided interface' in the drop down21:22
dennis_can you run zopectl, and then 'debug'21:23
*** MJ has joined #zope3-dev21:24
thruflodone, have >>>21:24
*** MJ has quit IRC21:24
dennis_from zope.component import getUtility21:24
* thruflo nods21:25
dennis_from from import IIntIds21:25
dennis_id = getUtility( IIntIds )21:25
thruflozope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')21:26
thruflosomething's wrong ;)21:27
dennis_for i in root.getSiteManager(): print i21:27
dennis_and   for i in root.getSiteManager()['default']: print i21:27
philiKONthruflo: simple: you need to create and register an intid utility21:27
thrufloCookieClientIdManager, PersistentSessionDataContainer, PrincipalAnnotation, RootErrorReportingUtility, img21:28
philiKONdennis_: the *contents* of a site manager container and the *registered* components are two absolutely unrelated sets21:28
dennis_so thruflo where exactly did you add your utility ?21:28
dennis_philiKON sure but he just said he added it to the site manager, so it should be there21:28
philiKONperhaps to the wrong one21:29
thrufloerm, perhaps i didn't add it to the site manager21:29
philiKONdoesn't matter21:29
philiKONwhat matter is:21:29
philiKONdid you register it?21:29
thrufloi may not *have* a site manager :p21:29
philiKONjust adding it isn't enough21:29
dennis_philiKON browse up 10-15 lines21:29
dennis_i started with that too21:29
thrufloopen localhost/@@contents.html -> click add Unique ID Utility21:29
philiKONdennis_: heh, shoulda read the backlog :)21:30
thrufloso I should have a site manager; then I register a uid utility, whether via the ZMI, or by making my own...21:31
philiKONafter reading the backlog, it's not really obvious if thruflo has actually registered the utility21:31
dennis_you should hope I can debug this since I learnt it from your book :)21:31
dennis_i would say not because the debug getUtility fails21:31
*** WebMaven has joined #zope3-dev21:31
philiKONin zopectl dbug the getUtility lookup will always fail21:31
philiKONbecause it deosn't know about local sites  yet21:31
philiKONlet's forget zopectl debug for a moment21:32
philiKONthruflo's last statement confuses me21:32
thrufloah, philiKON may i say thank you very much for your book - digesting it as fast and as often as I can :)21:32
dennis_ah really?21:32
philiKONto be absolutely crystal clear21:32
philiKONyou add a utility21:32
philiKONyou always have to do that21:32
philiKONand then you have to register it21:32
philiKONthose are two separate steps21:32
philiKONinvolving the same object21:32
philiKONit's not an "either ... or"21:33
philiKONand registering the thing actually involves going to the "Registration" tab and clicking the "register" button21:33
thrufloi did do both steps21:34
thrufloadd and then register21:34
*** tarek has joined #zope3-dev21:36
*** zagy has joined #zope3-dev21:37
*** andrew_m has quit IRC21:38
*** richardkan has quit IRC21:43
thruflotx * for the help, will return to this on monday ;)21:46
*** thruflo has quit IRC21:47
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