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d2mthat zope3 trunk is broken again -- svn up removes all configure.zcml files from zope/app/fssync/ and subfolders -- who cares about that mess ?10:27
d2min fact it removes all files from that folder but folders and .pyc are left over10:29
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philiKONd2m: right11:05
philiKONd2m: is gone from the trunk11:06
philiKONd2m: and that's what svn does11:06
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philiKONit won't remove files that you created that it doesn't know about11:06
philiKON(e.g. *.pyc files)11:06
d2mhey i did *not* create zopeskel/etc/packages-includes/*11:07
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d2mphiliKON: btw, svn does not say its gone from the trunk, it reports zope/app/fssync : External at revision 76718.11:11
philiKONso it has been converted to an external11:11
philiKONzopeskel/etc/package-includes/* are auto-generated11:12
philiKONwith make11:12
d2myes, but it won't get included on update11:12
philiKONdo a make clean; make again11:12
d2mi run make, forgot to make clean -- thats depressing11:12
d2mlooks like someone wants to force me into using zc.buildout11:13
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dennis_i guess i will have to use python for this, but I would like (for example) my newscontainer viewlet to show for all interfaces except INoNews, rather than tagging ALL content with INews except for the 1 or 2 where I don't need it13:19
dennis_(i.e. the for="" in zcml)13:19
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dennis_I have a trusted adapter with both view and edit permissions. I am using the principal signup example from the WC book, and my current user is given a role in my site; Anonymous users (configured globally) have no problem, but a logged-in user has no permissions to use the adapter at all, like the adapter only looks at the zope-wide permissions and not those of the context object of the site it is in, am I missing something? :)15:09
dennis_otherwise it functions as expected, with regard to normal content15:11
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dennis_if I drop into debug, I don't get ForbiddenAttribute, but:   Unauthorized(  <my_adapter_object>, '__iter__', 'mysite.ViewContent')      -> the current principal definitely has ViewContent permission through a role through the authorisation annotations of my site, but NOT globally through principals.zcml. Truelly anonymous users configured through principals.zcml do have this permission and they function fine (can call __iter__)15:16
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dennis_OK self.context = self.__parent__ = context15:18
dennis_need to read more carefully, thanks phillip :)15:19
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ayersHello, I'm a newbie to Zope and I'm trying to solve an issue in Zope3.21:56
ayersI'm trying to implement an abstract class function and I wish to retrieve the schema object of Interface registered as the IContentType21:56
ayersi.e. I'm trying to retrieve the interface which I can use for the getFieldNamesInOrder() function in the abstact class super of the registered subclasses.21:56
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ayersI've got the WebComponent Development with Zope3 here but all I can't seem to find the API to retrieve the interface registered as IContentType.21:59
pcarduneayers: what is the bigger picture that you are trying to accomplish?22:01
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pcarduneayers: I'd try to help you but I don't quite understand your question22:03
ayersOK let my try...22:04
ayersI'm storing the values associated to my conrete IContentTypes in a database.22:05
ayersEach of the concrete classes knows what table they should fetch from.22:05
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ayersbut I trying to implement  the code to generate the SQL in the super class.22:06
ayersand to generate the SQL I need to iterate over the fields defined in the schema of the concrete class.22:07
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ayersLet me try to give some code snipets...:22:07
pcardunewhy do you want the super class to generate the SQL?22:09
pcarduneit seems like it would be better to maybe use adapters22:10
ayersahmm Well like I said... im still a newbie to the Zope paradigms but I'm not sure how an adaptor would benefit me.22:11
pcarduneso in the super class you would have ISQLGenerator(self).generate()22:11
pcardunethen you can register different adapters for the different content types22:12
pcarduneat least this would be a very pluggable way to accomplish the task22:12
ayersWell I think I understand that the SQL-generating code would be more pugable... but it seems my current issue would only be moved to the adaptor(s)22:14
ayerswhy would I need different adaptor's if the sql can be generated  the schema?22:14
pcarduneyou wouldn't until you extended something and the sql suddenly couldn't be generated by the schema22:15
pcardunebut otherwise, the getFieldNamesInOrder just takes an interface22:15
ayersOK... so how would the adaptor implementation retrieve the interface?22:16
pcarduneoh I see, i think i understand the problem you are having :)22:16
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ayersI mean I could "hack" a new class variable and have all concrete classes store thier IContentType interface in it for me to retrieve it...22:17
ayersBut it seems redundant since I believe the IContentType registration has been done in the configure.zcml.22:18
ayersI just need a way to query it from the adaptor/abstract class.22:19
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ayersThanks! least now I know I didn't miss something obvious :-)22:21
ccombayers: storing with SQL is an external requirement?22:27
ayersyes... its a Web front end to an existing DB22:29
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lisppaste6htd pasted "zope3 pagetemplates with i18n" at
htdhi, i was trying to use zope3 pagetemplates standalone with i18n - the paste above is my test code. would be nice if somebody takes a look at it and tells me my code is somewhat useful22:36
htdmy approach could be totally insane too, just tell me what you think - i have zero experience with zope3, i simply love zpt and wanted to get rid of simpletal22:37
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