IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-06-20

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jodokTheuni: ping00:27
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pcardunesrichter: ping02:34
pcarduneprojekt01: ping02:36
projekt01pcardune, yup02:41
pcarduneprojekt01: regarding your email, the fullName required object was necessary so that the fullName would be passed to the constructor of JSButtonAction, which is how ButtonAction gets constructed as well02:42
pcardunethat is why I put it in there, although I do agree that a string for a required object doesn't make sense02:42
pcardunedo you know if srichter was talking about making form and context required objects for all IFieldWidget adapters? or just for my specific case of buttonAction adaptation?02:43
pcarduneI think the former would be really cool02:43
projekt01pcardune, then we should write a adapter factory which does the name handling, but I'm not sure because I didn't look at the code.02:43
pcarduneprojekt01: an adapter factory? how would that work?02:44
projekt01pcardune, is your sandbox working?02:44
pcardunetests don't pass yet02:45
projekt01a factory is a method which lets you define a adapter call, this factory knows the name (string). This factory is registered as adapter.02:45
projekt01this means the (method) adapter is a hook which dispatches the adapter call and calls the constructor of the button.02:46
pcardunebut how does the factory know the name?02:46
pcardunei think I understand02:46
projekt01the adapter call in the form doesn't know and use the name, you can delegate this into the adapter factory.02:47
projekt01But I'm really not sure if this will fit for you uscase. It's just a patter which can be used for adapters.02:48
pcardunethat would be similar to setting the name after construction?02:49
projekt01pcardune, is it in the zobby sandbox?02:49
projekt01yes, if this is possible, its better to set a attribute later02:50
pcarduneprojekt01: are you looking for my use case or for my modification to z3c.form?02:50
pcardunez3c.formjs is in
pcardunethe modification to z3c.form is in
projekt01Do you hava a working trunk somewhere or do I have to move the package to a own working zope302:52
pcarduneI do not have my own working trunk02:52
projekt01is the zobby trunk working?02:53
pcarduneas far as I remember yes02:53
pcardunebut it does not include any of that stuff02:53
pcarduneas soon as I start developing demos, i'll have a working trunk02:53
pcarduneunfortunately, the name can't be set later because it is used right away in __init__ to construct the Action object02:54
pcardunein any case, setting the name afterwords would seem very bad form02:55
projekt01can we change the __init__?02:55
pcarduneactually, it wouldn't be so bad02:55
pcardunebecause the Action.__init__ doesn't do anything interesting to the name, although it will generate one if it gets None02:56
projekt01Yes, yo can set None and later set the name, right?02:58
pcardunein fact, the name defaults to None02:58
projekt01yes, and set the name later, will override the title as name which get used if name=None02:59
pcardunebut I'm still not clear on where this overriding is supposed to happen03:00
pcarduneIf i understand correct, there is a function that adapts request, button to IFieldWidget03:00
pcardunethe function creates the custom ButtonAction implementation and sets the name03:01
pcardunebut how does it know the name?03:01
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projekt01I'm lookin at line 231 in that's what we should do for the button action.03:01
pcarduneok, that is what I was originally thinking03:02
pcarduneI thought you were talking about something more complicated03:02
projekt01and why not support a actionFactory attribute for IButton03:02
pcarduneto allow for more specific customization?03:04
projekt01for custom widget, we offer a widgetFactory attribute which allows you to define custom widget classes at a class level in the form.03:05
projekt01e.g. fields['foo'].widgetFactory = FooWidget03:05
pcarduneI like this idea03:06
projekt01But i'm a little bit lost right now. What was the usecase for your changes?03:06
pcardunesounds good, I'll make those changes03:06
pcardunewell, I wanted to create my own javascript buttons but use them in the same way as the regular buttons03:07
pcarduneincluding putting them in the same buttons container03:07
pcarduneand it just made sense to put them in the same actions container as the rest of the buttons03:08
projekt01are you looking for a way taht your custom button get used instead of the original button?03:08
projekt01Ah, cool, this measn you can use existing forms and apply javascript buttons later.03:09
projekt01Argh, I can't type today03:09
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ZopeInCould anyone give me a hint how to add an object into a folder which happens to be an attribute of another object? I have this forbiddenAttribute error when I try self.context.anAttribute[name]=obj04:23
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pcarduneZopeIn: it is probably security proxied04:25
pcardunetry using the removeSecuriyProxy function as in removeSecurityProxy(self.context).anAttribute[name]04:26
ZopeInbut removeSecurityProxy does not solve the problem either04:26
pcarduneis the attribute defined in the interface the view is for/04:27
pcarduneI think a browser view can only access those attributes defined in the interface which the view is registered for04:28
pcarduneI'm not positive though04:28
ZopeInalright, removeSecurityProxy worked, thanks a lot, buddy04:28
pcarduneno problem04:28
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projekt01pcardune, it's important the you locate the attribute if it's a object or a container.04:36
projekt01you can do this with the locate method like:04:37
projekt01zope.location.locate(subobject, self, u'the name')04:37
projekt01and don't forget to fire the object created event if you add a object in a __init__ method as a attribute04:38
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tjsI have an annotation that has an attribute 'reminders' that is a PersistentList that defaults to ['email']09:00
tjsin the interface this is a schema.Choice with a SimpleVocabulary09:01
tjsand in the view I use a MultiCheckBoxWidget to render it09:01
tjseverything is fine, it renders, I can update the options09:01
tjsexcept if I unselect everything09:02
tjsthen I get a type error09:02
tjsseems pretty flakey09:02
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timteworks  :)12:11
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malthe_nikhil_n:   Ran 144 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 16.296 seconds.12:18
nikhil_nthat means its ok in python2.5 now12:19
nikhil_ni also tried for making it working in both versions12:20
nikhil_nwhen i ran tests its working in both versions12:21
nikhil_nmalthe , thanks helping12:22
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xbeanxWhat is the difference between a BrowserPage and a BrowserView ?18:33
xbeanxIs a BrowserView supposed to be a view of an object?18:33
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dennis_xbeanx a page is a complete page, which you can access with a browser. A view is something which does not have to be a whole page, and which you can only reference from inside other views, pages or viewlets, like the loginlogout view, which presents a login link and username, but is not its own page18:38
dennis_thats as far as I understand it18:38
xbeanxdennis_: makes sense...  I was totally off course on that one..18:39
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ctphi folks. i am relatively new to zope+plone. i have put a and an overrides.zcml into an existing product (LinguaPlone) to extend Plone's navtree functionality, but it seems that they're not loaded properly. should the overrides.zcml be loaded automagically restarting zope or have i to modify some other existing files?18:52
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CrippsI have a *site* implemented, but when I create an instance of the site, I don't have the add menu in the ZMI ... what is the most likely thing that I'm missing?19:09
Crippsgosh, that question wasn't very clear at all ...19:09
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CrippsI have a site whose interface extends IPossibleSite and IContainer (as per Phil's book), and the Container is turned into a site on instantiation, I would like to use the ZMI to add components to the site, but there is no add menu on the left of the ZMI under the site ... so, I know I'm missing something, I just don't know what (since Folder does have the Add menu after Turning a Folder instance into a site).19:11
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Crippsso essentially, what I'm asking is: how do I ensure that a (sub)site retains the Add menu from the ZMI.19:23
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norroCripps by implementing adequat container and contained interfaces to the objects?19:40
Crippsnorro: I've got contained in my Site interface, I can try adding container to another component and see if that works ... I thought that contains and container just constrained the type of objects you could put into a container though ...19:42
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Crippsnorro: no, that isn't working. :/19:47
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norrohmmm, months ago i did that stuff, so I'm really not sure. Unfortunately I can't have a look at the sources right now19:49
Crippsnorro: that's ok. Thanks for the attempt :)19:49
norroI based it on srichters book as far as i can remember19:50
norronp :)19:50
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CrippsI'm doing mine on phil's book ;)19:50
Cripps*based on phil's book19:50
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CrippsphiliKON: are you around?20:24
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ccombHi, is there a way to know why a security proxy forbids some access ?22:55
pcardune_lunchccomb: no not really... at least it's not easy22:56
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pcardune_lunchccomb: but if you find out how, let me know22:56
*** pcardune_lunch is now known as pcardune22:56
J1mA forbidden error is *always* caused by a lack of a declaration for an attribute.22:56
J1mYou just need to look at the declarations for the object you get the forbidden error for.22:57
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ccombJ1m: That's what I'm searching for 1 hour23:00
J1mWhat does the exception say?23:00
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ccombI'm trying to write an object attribute in a IObjectModifiedEvent23:01
ccombThe exact same action works in the IObjectAddedEvent23:01
ccombthe attribute is part of the object interface and is zcml declared with  set_schema23:02
J1mWhere did you get the IObjectModified event?  Is this in a subscriber?23:02
ccombI get the error in the subscriber23:02
ccombThe odd thing is I can write an attribute which is part of a upper interface, but not the one of the objects interface23:03
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J1mMay I see the exception?23:04
* ccomb pasting23:05
TheuniHey J1m23:06
TheuniWhat's your notion of ZODB's ACID compatibility?23:07
ccombJ1m :
ccombIs zope.interface.Attribute  taken into account with  set_schema declaration ?23:11
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ccombI've added a set_attributes declaration and it works but....23:17
ccombwithout this declaration I was able to write this attribute from the IObjectAddedEvent subscriber23:17
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J1mTheuni, I consider ZODB to have the ACID properties.23:24
J1mccomb, set_schema only looks at fields.23:24
ccombso why was I able to modify the attribute in the IObjectAddedEvent subscriber?23:25
pcarduneccomb: was it not security proxied?23:25
ccombyes it was23:25
J1mccomb, because the IObjectAddedEvent has an unproxied object and IObjectModifiedEvent has a proxied object.23:26
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J1mIt's not clear to me why an object added event should have an unproxied object.23:26
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ccombah,  I've just check it's true, it's not proxied in the add event23:28
ccombSo one can do what we want in such a subscriber ?23:29
J1mLike I said, it's not clear that an add event should have unproxied data.23:29
J1mIf you're writing trusted code, you can do what you want in any case. After all, there's an API for removing security proxies.23:30
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ccombIt's assumed that if the principal has the permission to add the object, he can write anything on it ?23:30
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ccombactually I don't see any reason why it should behave in a different manner from a modify event23:32
J1mThe security system tries to help you by restricting what you can do based on authorizationa nd protections settings.  If you find it's getting in your way and you want to be responsible for secure decisions yourself, then you can bypass the system, or use a "less restrictive" system like Grok's, which is actually more appropriate for many apps.23:32
TheuniJ1m: K. I'm arguing with Dieter on a German list right now that we can safely call it ACID compatible, although there is some weirdness in the ACID versus ANSI isolation levels going on and there is an easy way to provoke `write skews`.23:36
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J1mI don't know what you are referring to. Can you be more specific?23:37
TheuniHowever, I compared our ACIDness (ACIDity?) to oracle, ms sql, postgres and mysql and they have exactly the same problems and call themselve ACID compatible.23:37
TheuniJ1m: MVCC only implements "Snapshot isolation" which is not in all cases serializable23:37
TheuniAn easy way to provoke this:23:37
TheuniHave one object A that references object B23:38
TheuniThen (roughly) in transaction 1 you remove the reference from A to B. In Transaction 2 you update object B. This would give different results if the transactions were executed serialized than when run in parallel.23:38
TheuniAFAICT that's called a `write skew`.23:38
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TheuniDieter pointed out that a long outstanding bug in some catalog indexes caused quite some inconsistencies for them that way.23:39
TheuniRelational databases use "SELECT FOR UPDATE" to elevate read accesses to write accesses to allow conflict detection on values that were only read but used for a computational basis for values that were updated.23:40
TheuniThis is a work around for MVCC not detecting those conflicts.23:40
TheuniI imagine ZODB *could* detect those conflicts but I'm not sure there's a way with a reasonable performance.23:41
* Theuni stops talking and lets Jim catch up. 23:41
J1mOK, good point.  So here, the issue is that transaction 2 read an old value of A (to get to B) and therefore updated B.  I'll note that these transactions are serializable.  The serialization is transaction 2 before transaction 1.  I don't see how this simple case would lead to catalog problems, but I suppose that more complex cases could.23:44
Theuniit's rather simple23:44
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TheuniHis example was: An index that removes a set when it becomes empty and re-establishes it when it is needed again.23:45
TheuniOne transaction was updating the set, the other removing it. *bang* the updated set was gone.23:45
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J1mRight. That's different (and more comlex) than the original example you gave.23:46
J1mHm. This is a very interesting case.23:46
TheuniOh, I thought it's the same problem.23:47
J1mHere the inconsistency is not ZODB's fault, except to the case that BTrees happen to be packages with ZODB.23:47
TheuniAh right. At least it's related. ;)23:47
J1mNot really23:47
J1mIn the second example, both transactions are writing B.23:47
J1mYes, you said that one transaction removes an item from the set and the other adds an item.23:48
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TheuniOne removes the references to the set. The other one updates it.23:48
TheuniT1: self.myset = None23:48
TheuniT2: self.myset.add(X)23:48
J1mBut it only removes the reference when the set becomes empty.23:49
TheuniWhen it *would* become empty23:49
J1mThat is, it only removes the set when it has removed the last value.23:49
TheuniT1: if len(self.myset) == 1: self.myset = None23:49
TheuniWeird optimization decision.23:49
TheuniHowever, it should be serializable.23:49
J1mah, interesting.23:49
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J1mWell, thanks to conflict resolution, there would have been a problem even without the optimization.23:52
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J1mConflict resolution definately violates consistency.23:53
J1malso, this second case isn't serializable.23:53
*** RaFromBRC has joined #zope3-dev23:54
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J1mWell, this is an interesting example anyway.]23:54
J1mWell, this is an interesting example anyway.23:54
J1mThe catalog case is rather troublesome.23:55
*** schwendinger has joined #zope3-dev23:55
J1mI'll definitely put some thought into that.23:55
TheuniK. Want me to put that into the collector?23:57
TheuniI'm even more worried that I just picked this up because I called ZODB ACID compatible in my talks and Dieter stepped up and WARNED EVERYBODY IN BIG LETTERS THAT ZODB ISN'T ACID COMPATIBLE.23:58
TheuniAnd then he goes and says he had that problem for years and he didn't tell.23:58
TheuniGnah. :/23:59
*** ktwilight has quit IRC23:59
benjiTheuni: didn't you say that other major RDBMS act in similar ways?23:59

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