IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-07-05

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huajieis there any documentation/tutorial available on how to use debugzope ?14:11
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bigkevmcdhuajie: doesn't it just run Zope in foreground mode, allowing pdb to kick in?14:15
theunidebugzope runs a python interpreter with a running zope (without starting the network servers)14:15
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huajiewhen starting it, it runs the import phase but then I got the python prompt :(14:17
huajiedon't know what to do from there to start the zope server :s14:18 does not make it :(14:19
theunizope already runs14:19
theunitry accessing an object named 'root'14:19
theuni(or 'app')14:19
bigkevmcdI suspect that debugzope doesn't do what huajie thinks it does14:21
theunithat might be14:22
huajiemaybe I am just plain wrong. Can I still connect to localhost:8080 when debugging ?14:22
huajiebigkevmcd: it might certainly be14:23
theunii'm not sure what you're trying to achieve btw14:24
* huajie guess he must give all my commands to the server through the prompt 14:24
bigkevmcdhuajie: What do you want to debug?14:24
huajiebigkevmcd: when adding an object I got a server error. I hope when bebugging to get more trace from my problem14:25
CrippsFXhuajie: debugzope is a Python shell that loads all the configuration for your Zope instance.14:25
CrippsFXhuajie: from there you just execute Python code as if it were part of your site, and see what happens.14:26
bigkevmcdhuajie: Depending on the error, you probably want to put a pdb in and then run Zope in foreground mode, that way you can still access the ZMI14:26
huajieCrippsFX: is that shell listening to the http://localhost:8080 port ?14:26
CrippsFXhuajie: no, it's just a *regular* python shell.14:27
CrippsFXhuajie: bigkevmcd has a good suggestion if you're actually looking for DEBUG info.14:27
huajieCrippsFX: ok I get it then14:27
huajieCrippsFX: bigkev: ok I will put a pdb on my server to see what I can then14:28
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* huajie means "what I can get then" 14:29
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ccombHi, I have a problem with the following TALES  :16:14
ccombtal:define="IComments modules/zorg.comment.interfaces/IComments"16:14
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ccombTypeError: function takes at least 1 argument (0 given)16:14
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ccombbecause it tries to __call__  IComments16:15
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mgedminccomb: tal:define="foo nocall:expr"16:16
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ccombmgedmin, good hint, thanks, I'm trying16:19
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ccomb(The same example in Philips's book omits the 'nocall')16:20
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CrippsFXhey norro16:52
norrohey cripps16:53
CrippsFXnorro: was it you who was asking me about the pdftemplate documentation?16:53
norrono, that wasn't me16:54
CrippsFXdarn ...16:54
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theunianybody alive who could check on my permissions?18:39
theuniI'd like to upload the 3.4.0b2 package but don't have enough rights in the Zope3 product foldr18:39
J1mZope3 product folder?18:39
theuniMore specifically I mean this:
J1mI don't know what you are taking about.  I must not be alive.18:41
J1mah, that18:41
theuniInterestingly I can add stuff to the folders for the specific versions, but no new version.18:41
J1mThis will take a while thanks to the local roles ui18:42
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theuniJ1m: I've gotta go for a while, can you send me an email when the permissions are right?18:48
J1mYes, when I think they are right. :)18:48
theuni:) Thanks18:49
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goplusHi, I found but where can i download this release? Congratulations by the way :-)23:35
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