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X-screamanyone know of a proper way to work with/do changes on a deployed Z3 app?  First you'd want to test any changes before actually changing the running site..00:34
X-screammirrored instances? SVN? etc..00:34
X-screamZEO maybe?00:34
bigkevmcdX-scream: how do you deal with non-Z3 deployed apps currently?00:35
X-screamI don't.. I'm about to start planning and designing one. But I need to think of the future too :)00:35
iapstart with unit testing00:35
X-screamthat seems reasonable :)00:36
iapthat should catch the stupid errors ;)00:36
X-screamif you get a webhost which gives you a shared zope instance, how would you restart the server to apply changes you make ?00:38
X-screamI'm kind of in an investigating phase here, got a big project coming up and I've been assigned to learn Z3 :)00:39
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X-screamany suggestions on how to deal with the develop/commit&stage/deploy process of a live site is higly appreciated :)00:45
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bigkevmcdIt can range from simple to complex, depending on the architecture of the application, and the hosting environment.00:47
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X-screamI guess that's a bit into the future, now I just need to study Z300:49
X-screamjust got Philipp's book 2nd ed.. very good so far00:49
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X-screambtw, you guys refer to zope 3 as Z3 right?00:52
X-screamor is that acronym already occupied :)00:52
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CSWookieIs there any tutorial/exemplars of z3c.configurator?03:08
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*** baijum changes topic to "Zope 3.4.0b1 is out: | Zope 3.4 bugs: | bugs: | FAQ: | wiki: | paste: | irc logs: | new buildbot :"10:59
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dennis__if my request has  ?item=blah;more  , self.request.form breaks the item into "blah", and creates a new dictionary item "more" = "", i would expect that to happen only for item=blah&more, not for a semilcolon.  Is that a bug or my fault?15:18
norrodennis__ semicolon is a reserved character inside an URI15:21
d2mthe part following the semicolon should be considered as a parameter to the pathsegment15:23
dennis__hmm :) do you happen to remember the name of the encoding method so I can add ?item=<safely encoded value>15:23
dennis__makes sense actually since i could have & in my argument anyway15:23
theunid2m: even within the querystring?15:24
d2m >> 3.3. Path Component15:24
d2mtheuni: i see what you mean15:25
d2m3.4 says, "Within a query component, the characters ";", "/", "?", ":", "@",    "&", "=", "+", ",", and "$" are reserved."15:25
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dennis__does anyone remember how to escape this?15:30
theunithere's a function either in the cgi module or urlquote15:31
theuniit takes a mapping and gives you back a - correctly quoted - query string15:31
dennis__cgi.escape('foo;bar') give me 'foo;bar', so that wouldn't be enough15:33
dennis__but urllib.quote seems to make it 'foo%3Bbar'15:34
dennis__lemme try that :)15:34
theuniright, as i said: the method you're looking for takes a dictionary15:34
theuniotherwise you can't do this right.15:34
theuni    urlencode(query, doseq=0)15:35
theuni        Encode a sequence of two-element tuples or dictionary into a URL query string.15:35
theunithat's in urllib15:35
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norrohow can i sort of /extend/ the apply action of my custom edit form properly?15:44
norroI want some further actions to be done right after the default formlib stuff happened15:44
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d2mdennis__: look at cgi.parse_qls() for the inner workings of querystring parsing16:04
d2mcgi.parse_qsl() to be correct16:04
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dennis__brr i dont get it. My folder has an object "foo" and an object "foo;bar". If i check in the debug shell, they both have a different contents. But if I browse  to   foo%3Bbar  (zapi.absoluteURL generated uri) I get the contents for "foo" only, zope ignores anything following the %3b (encoded ";") including any view. So "foo%3Bbar/edit.html" gives me "foo/index.html"16:32
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dennis__(its a wiki kind of thing, and people have added a name with a semicolon in it)16:32
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srichterdennis__: well, you need to make sure the names are somewhat restricted16:51
J1m';' has special meaning in URLs.16:52
dennis__yes but it's encoded, isn't that the point of encoding it?16:52
J1mI'm not sure escaping it changes that.16:52
J1mI don't *think* encoding changes it's meaning, but I'm not sure.16:53
J1mYou have to be an RFC lawyer to be sure. :)16:53
srichterwell, in Konqueror it certainly does not16:53
dennis__i've solved my issues with funny chars by escaping everything properly, but now zope does received  /foo%3bbar/edit.html  and it traverses to  /foo/index.html16:53
srichtermy @@ get automatically encoded by Konqueror but are correctly handled by Zope16:53
dennis__srichter yeah that's true too16:54
J1mdennis, ; separates the normal path from url parameters.16:54
J1mso, technically, ';' ends the path part of the URL.16:55
dennis__so even escaping doesn't allow me to use certain chars anywhere in the uri .. argh16:57
dennis__is there a function which strips (since it can't escape/encode) "illegal" chars away from a given string? that's my best chance to resolve this with the least amount of changes17:00
theunistr.replace(';', '')17:01
dennis__sure, but then tomorrow someone adds "@" in the name, and then "+", and then "&", etc :) i trust a dedicated function/lib to do it better than myself :)17:02
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dennis__"""For example, the reserved character "/", if used in the "path" component of a URI, has the special meaning of being a delimiter between path segments. If, according to a given URI scheme, "/" needs to be in a path segment, then the three characters "%2F" or "%2f" must be used in the segment instead of a raw "/".  """17:12
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dennis__for the @@ case I would interpret it that the browser should encode it since they are not used as their intended meaning, and zope of course unescapes them since it attaches a special meaning to it itself17:15
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dennis__hmpf no this won't work, have to work around this now :(17:21
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drzoltronCould someone pls point me to a svn where I can get ?18:05
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X-screamschemas fields have implied type constraints right? So if i have a "x = Int(...)" in my schema shouldn't I get an error when I do >>> foo.x = "bar"19:11
X-screamwhere foo is an instance of a class that implements my schema19:11
X-screamor how does this work, confused :)19:12
J1mThe schema system doesn't enforce anything on it's own.19:12
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J1mIt is almost entorely specification.19:12
J1mYou can build tools on top of it that check.19:12
J1mThere are some tools like that already, such as the widget/form frameworks.19:13
J1mThere is also a SchemaFieldProperty that you can put in a class definition to enforce a field constraint.19:13
X-screamI also saw a validate function...  >>> x = Int(...)  >>> x.validate('an error')19:15
X-screambut why can't I do obj.x.validate('meep')   if I have an Int field in obj...19:16
J1mright. Arguably, that is a wart.  The intent is that fields are purely specification.  We should probably have used adapters to provide validation.19:16
J1mbecause fields libe in the interface, not in the object that provides the interface.19:17
J1mobj.x is just an integer.19:17
X-screamyeah, 'int' object has no attribute 'validate'19:18
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