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X-screamI think my head just exploded00:39
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X-screami get a ComponentLookupError.  I have defined my recipeFactory = Factory(...) and configured <utility component=".recipe.recipeFactory" name="test1" ... />01:45
X-screamand run createObject(u"test1")01:45
X-screamnot sure what to do :O01:45
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philiKONare you sure the configuratino file is loaded?01:48
X-screamno, how do I make sure that's done? I run bin/debugzope at the moment01:48
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X-screami have a __init__.py01:49
philiKONthe easiest way is to make the zcml not well-formed xml and wait for an error01:49
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philiKONif zope starts up, your zcml isn't loaded01:49
X-screamoh, it did start up even if i removed the "<" in "<configure" :)01:50
philiKONthere you go01:50
philiKONso, you're probably missing the zcml slug in package-includes01:50
X-screamoh, doh..01:50
philiKONthis is the most common mistake01:50
X-screamyay! it worked.. now i can sleep well :)01:54
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smcongrats on the release, folks05:07
smI laughed just now reading "fixed more than 12 bugs" since april.. some projects do that on a good day05:08
smthen I thought, yeah in zope 3 land 12 is probably a high number of bugs to find!05:08
CSWookiesm: Our code rawks so hard, that we have to fabricate bugs, just to get out fx counts up.05:10
CSWookies/out fx/our fix/05:10
CSWookieOR rather their code does, since I don't contribute very much.05:10
* sm thinks zope marketing should highlight this05:12
smreliable software is so unfamiliar to most people, they may not realize it's different from the rest05:13
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CSWookiesm: Too busy hiding the fact that it doesn't work with py2.505:17
* CSWookie cries.05:18
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* theuni breaks his fingers trying to fix the object widget13:04
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* theuni cries a bit13:10
philiKONthe object widget is a big hack13:11
theunitell me13:12
theuniI think I tackled the object widget, now the addform stabs me in the back13:12
theuniBecause there are two parallel places in the code that may instanciate the object: applyChanges and getInputValue13:13
theuniI wonder why the AddForm doesn't call applyChanges after instanciating the object ...13:13
theuni(talking about the *ooooold* addform here)13:13
theuniHmm. I guess that the idea was that the object doesn't have to exist to compute the actual values from the widgets, that's why getInputValue doesn't really have access to that information.13:14
theuni(object = the object being added through the addform, not through the objectwidget)13:14
theuniThe only solution to this that I can see is to make the objectfield responsible for locating an object13:19
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theuniphiliKON: any comment on that?13:47
philiKON"locating an object" ?13:48
theuniSetting up __parent__ and maybe creating a LocationProxy13:48
philiKONhmm. you mean field.set() should do that?13:49
theuniI'm not sure whether it should, but it seems to me like that last possibility to reliably do it.13:49
philiKONwhy can't the widget do it?13:50
theuniBecause in AddForms, the widget doesn't ever get access to the parent :/13:50
theuniI started making the widget do it and then noticed that with our form frameworks this change was  basically useless.13:51
theunistupid /me13:51
philiKONdoing it in the field would make sense13:51
philiKONi think there's even a canonical form13:51
philiKONzope.location.locate() or so13:51
philiKONthat checks whether the obj implements ILocatable13:51
philiKONif not, it wraps it in a proxy13:51
theuniaha, i didn't suspect that, i'll check for that13:51
philiKONtoo bad zope.schema will grow another dependency that way :(13:52
theuniyeah, that was one of my concerns against this solution13:52
theuniespecially as schema and location doesn't really have anything todo with each other13:52
theuniit's more an accident that we need to do this to make the security happy13:52
theuniMaybe we can separate the concerns using events?13:54
theuniThe objectfield could notify an event and another module could pick that up and establish locality(?)13:54
theuniI'm not sure into which package this would go, though.13:56
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X-screamthe only reason to use RDBMS with Zope would be if you already have existing data in such a database? Otherwise if you're starting from scratch it's wise to go ZODB all the way?15:54
X-screammy planned app will deal with alot of members (free signup) and various data added by these members. Much of the things a community would have..15:56
theun1The ZODB handles this kind of data pretty good typically. However, you have to remember that you've gotta forget a bit of what you know from RDBMs and design an object system and not tables of things.15:56
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X-screamtheun1: yeah, you would have to be careful with e.g referenced objects?16:00
X-screamsort of like foreign keys in RDBMS16:00
theun1Well, kind of. Typically you want to use weak references in some places, or use int ids like foreign keys.16:01
theun1The more tricky part is to make use of indexes and catalogs at the right places to allow querying your objects.16:01
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X-screamtheun1: ok16:06
X-screamnot fully aware of the concepts yet (catalogues?). But I'm reading some tuts now :)16:08
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X-screambesides, you'd have to be careful planning a RDBMS too. And since I'm not very experienced in RDBMS my mind is quite open at the moment :)16:09
theun1Catalogues allow you to access collections of objects indepedently of where they are in the object graph.16:10
theun1They provide a "more" relational view on the data in the ZODB instead of a tree/hierarchy/graph.16:11
theun1Thus you can ask them questions like "Give me all objects where the attribute 'age' is 17" without having to crawl through the whole database.16:11
theun1Pretty much the same thing that allows RDBMs to be fast, except that in RDBMs the table already provides the obvious structure where to apply indexes.16:11
theun1(obvious = if you're dutch)16:12
X-screamah ok16:15
X-screamfrom what I've read so far, there seems to be no reason to use RDMBs for our project (from scratch). I'm going to read more on it, but as it looks now, I'll probably present the ZODB version to my boss16:17
X-screamand there seems to be no ORM solution that "transparently" stores my objects..16:20
theun1Depends on what transparently means.16:21
theun1SQLAlchemy goes a long way but it requires some work to make it 'transparent'.16:21
theun1And you need to set up the mappings so that it knows how to handle 1:1, 1:n n:m relations etc.16:21
X-screamwell, not as transparent as ZODB :)16:21
theun1Yes, not as transparent. :)16:21
X-screamthanks for your info btw16:23
X-screamnow I'm off to the gym :O16:24
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dennis__is there an event for when an object hass been published? ideally registered on an interface, such that I would get the object and the name of the view (only care about index.html)    .. idea is to update stats when a page has been viewed, not sure if this is the right approach20:02
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dennis__this way it would be transparent to the object and i could add stats to any kind of object just by marking it with a certain interface20:02
afd_dennis__: there's an event for when an object is traversed20:08
afd_zc had an extension called zc.readcatalog that does what you ask, available on download.zope.org20:08
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afd_zc.readcatalog is not there anymore, though20:10
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dennis__beforetraverse fires for all objects on the way though, doesn't it ? so mysite - some folder - some folder - object20:19
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