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nathanyi'm working on porting an app from Zope 2 to Zope 3 and need something like traverse_subpath02:08
nathany-- that is, i want to display a view on an object that isn't in the ZODB depending on what the path is02:09
nathanyany suggestions on what to look @ for doing this in Z3?02:09
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CSWookieActually, wait.04:32
CSWookieIt's complaining about trying to use sftp.04:32
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febbhi !04:45
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tjslmiller_: hi08:42
tjslmiller_: how can we help you?08:42
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romanofskimoin :)09:35
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febbhey PhiliKON     how are you?10:40
philiKONgood, thank you10:40
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febbgreat  ..... gusto en saludarte !   ;)10:40
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febbdamn... stupid ADSL went down.....11:03
febbphiliKON   have you had a chance to work with SQLalchemy + Zope3 ?11:04
philiKONa little11:04
febbwould you recommend sqlAlchemy ? as to work with postgresql + Zope3  or  you'd go plain vanilla python+psycopg .....11:05
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bigkevmcdcan I point out that the "Changes" link on actually links to the 3.3.1 tag?16:04
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philiKONbigkevmcd: fixed16:21
bigkevmcd17 minutes...not bad :-)16:21
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mgedminrunning the testrunner's own tests under --coverage is *tricky*17:29
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* mgedmin tries to understand the difference between DocTestFailure and DocTestFailureException18:39
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nathanyis there an easy way to do the equivalent of traverse_subpath in Zope 3?19:13
nathanyi want to emulate a heirarchy of objects that are generated by our licensing code and don't live in the ZODB19:13
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mgedminyou probably want to define a publishTraverse method in your view19:36
mgedminor register IBrowserPublisher multi-adapters for your content objects19:36
mgedminor define a custom __getitem__ in your content objects19:36
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* mgedmin just committed revision 77877.19:38
X-screamhigh 5! :)19:39
mgedmingeneral announcement: check out zope.testing branch 'colorized-output'. Pass the -c flag to to see the difference19:43
srichtermgedmin: yay!19:44
d2mmgedmin: curses or html ?19:44
mgedminhardcoded ansi color codes19:44
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mgedminI suppose I could use terminfo from curses19:45
mgedminI first made another branch, 'output-refactoring'19:45
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d2mwhych terms are supported then ?19:45
mgedminit extracts all the output into a single class19:45
mgedminso you could write an HTML output class19:45
mgedminor a GUI with, say, pygtk19:45
mgedmind2m: all sane terms are supported19:46
mgedminalthough your definition of 'sane' might disagree with mine19:46
mgedminI don't expect anything useful on the win32 console, e.g.19:46
mgedminor the emacs shell mode19:47
* mgedmin wants to create a blog post with screenshots, but is too tired19:47
nathanymgedmin: if i define a custom __getitem__ on my object, do i just have it return some other object19:50
nathanyand Z3 will look up views for the returned object?19:50
mgedminbe sure to set __parent__ on your objects if you want the zope security to work19:52
mgedmin(without a valid __parent__ chain, users defined in the site won't get access to your object)19:52
nathanythese are really just public objects... no logins on this site19:53
nathanyi managed to get the publishTraverse working 90% like i wanted on the view19:54
nathanyis there a way to define a view as being *the* view for any path on an object?19:54
nathanyie, my object has an id of "licenses";19:55
nathanyideally /licenses/foo/bar and /licenses/blah/bar would all go to the same view, with the publishTraverse method19:55
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mgedminplay with IBrowserPublisher adapters20:04
nathanythanks -- i'll take a look @ that20:04
mgedminit might be tricky, but if you look at the url traversal loop in the publisher, it'll become clearer20:04
mgedmincurrently I'm tired and my brain is unable to think about this20:05
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nathanynp... thanks for the hints20:05
srichteractually, z3c.traverser might help20:05
srichteryou can take a traversal step and return the original object20:05
nathanysrichter: thanks -- looks like that's exactly what i want20:08
srichternathany: we build menus this way and it works pretty well20:09
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nathanysrichter: you mean you build out menus and then use a traversal adapter to dispatch the selection?20:26
srichterso the menu might want something like: "/a/b/c"20:29
srichterbut physically, only "/c" exists20:29
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srichterthen you can very nicely use pluggable traversers to solve this problem20:29
srichterwithout interrupting other behavior20:29
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nathanydo you need to register your puggable traverser in the zcml?20:30
srichteryou first need to register the pluggable traverser for the content component20:31
srichterthen a plugin for each thing you want to do20:31
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nathanythis is used in schooltool? looking at a concrete use might help me wrap my head around it20:31
srichterthe new cando skin does this20:32
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nathanythanks; i'll take a look @ that20:35
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nathanysrichter: i see where the traverser gets registered in configure.zcml; where do the actual plugins get registered?20:46
srichterlook for subscribers20:49
srichterproviding ITraversalPlugin or so20:50
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hazmatis there any way to check more than one condition on an include in zcml?21:09
srichterbut you can nest them21:09
srichter<package zcml:condition="">21:10
srichter(start over)21:10
srichter<configure zcml:condition="">21:10
srichter  <configure zcml:condition="">21:10
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srichter    your stuff ...21:10
hazmatah.. cool21:10
hazmatactually just using an unbound tag.. <check zcml:condition > nested works as well..21:11
hazmatbut your suggestion is cleaner21:11
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nathanysrichter: does z3c.traverser require 3.4?21:14
srichterI am not sure21:15
srichterit probably works on 3.321:15
ccombIt seems there are interesting things in z3c21:16
ccombBut is there any high-level summary of what all these modules can offer ?21:17
brandon_rhodesnathany: did you get the stuff working like you wanted?21:17
nathanybrandon_rhodes: eh, i'm working on it21:18
nathanyi think z3c.traverser is going to do exactly what i want, but having a few struggles w/ buildout21:18
brandon_rhodesnathany: well, drat.  I was going to show you the way I did it last week, but ... I used grok ... and this is the zope3-dev channel ... and I got confused between channels :-)21:18
nathanyi looked @ grok... and saw Phillip's post on doing custom traversal with Grok21:19
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brandon_rhodesYeah, that's what I think I followed.21:19
brandon_rhodesNot having used Z3 or Grok before, it took me about five minutes to have working.21:19
nathanymaybe i should retool and fall back to that... i'm not far in21:19
nathanyactually, looking @ his example, the one wrinkle is that i don't want to show a different zodb/model object --21:20
nathanyi want to show an object that's not even zope-ified (or rather show a template, with that object accessible)21:20
nathanyi'll flail around a bit yet :)21:20
brandon_rhodesI think all the traverser has to do is return what will become the "context" for any views instantiated on that URL... but I may be speaking about something over my head :-)21:21
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