IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-07-20

projekt01Are you buying your next laptop with windows vista like srichter?00:00
* benji places bets on flying pigs before jim-windows-laptop00:01
J1mVista is going to be a real problem, sunce M$ is hostile to VMs.  I'll only ruin Windows in a VM.00:01
philiKONbenji: make that two bets :)00:01
projekt01I'm not sure, or could you buy your laptop brand without a windows os ;-)00:02
projekt01My Vista was living on my laptop for 4 days, then I was replacing this pice of ...00:03
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mgedminI'm sure you can ruin Windows anywhere00:10
mgedminI'd even go as far as saying it's ruined out of the box00:10
philiKONit can be made quite decent to live with00:12
philiKONi still don't understand why you'd prefer it as a development platform over anything unix-ish, though00:12
philiKONespecially since linux is free00:13
projekt01I have not one user which uses linux for it's business00:13
philiKONi never deploy on macosx either00:14
mgedminI liked benji's email today: "is windows so in zope3 developers?" "in a word: yes"00:14
mgedminum, "so unpopular"00:14
* mgedmin can't copy/paste anymore00:14
benjiyou even missed a word in the middle of a sentence, impressive00:15
philiKONi mean, i totally understand if you'll have to run windows because you need to connect to exchange or need to run XYZ proprietary software00:15
philiKONbut then simply get vmware and a linux VM00:15
philiKONand voila, you actually have a platform wiht a proper compiler!00:16
philiKONanyway, i shouldn't get into this rant :)00:16
pcardunephiliKON: you will soon be pulling me into it00:16
projekt01I know, but we should take care on windows users, we do not have a benefit not supporting windows.00:18
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projekt01And I think it's a shame for us developers to develop with a cross plattform language like python and not beeing able to make it running on all supported OS.00:19
philiKONright, i don't *mind* windows, but it's hard to expect everyone else to take care of windows00:19
srichterno, but when switching paradigms we need to make sure we do not leave others in the dust00:20
mgedminthe good thing about web apps is you can run linux on the server even if all your clients use windows00:21
mgedminalthough I've nothing against making sure the apps are portable00:21
J1mmgedmin, as long as your clients don't run ie. :)00:22
projekt01mgedmin, tell that the Lufthansa's IT supporting company Amadeus, the do not support linux for one server just for running our extranet app00:23
philiKONi wonder why nobody ever made a firefox skin that looked like i.e.00:23
pcardunehe he he00:24
philiKONmgedmin: right, projekt01 has a point. large companies have cooooomplicated processes... :(00:24
mgedminthat's a reason why I work for a small company :)00:24
philiKONbut if your client is a big company...00:25
srichtermgedmin: J1m: where should a put the recipe for creating a coverage-report script specific to a package (i.e. choosing default options)? Would z3c.coverage.recipe work?00:25
pcardunephiliKON: you can be a chooser... is it not your right to deny a client?00:25
projekt01pcardune, yes and sleep under the bridge at the end of the year ;-)00:26
philiKONsrichter: why do we need an extra recipe just to create a script?00:27
J1msrichter, I don't understand the question.00:27
projekt01pcardune, btw, congratulations to your great js form work00:28
srichterbecause I have to specify several options to use the coverage script right now00:28
srichterit is the same reason we have a recipe for the testrunner00:28
J1msrichter, ehrn ou use the scripts recipe, you can specify options as part of the script generation.00:29
J1mso you can define the options you want supplied in the configuration.00:29
srichterJ1m: oh, interesting00:29
J1ms/ehrn ou/when you/ :)00:29
pcarduneprojekt01: thanks00:29
J1mLook at the documentation for zc.recipe.egg00:29
srichterI have to figure out how to use that00:29
srichterJ1m: ok, will do00:30
philiKONsrichter: basically you use the zc.recipe.egg:scripts recipe00:30
mgedminsrichter: z3c.coverage.coveragediff is now 100% unit tested (even the if __name__ == '__main__': main() bit)00:30
srichtermgedmin: cool! :-)00:31
mgedminah, but you didn't see the execfile(filename, dict(__name__='__main__')) bit yet00:31
srichtermgedmin: have you started testing coverage_report as well?00:31
mgedminI expect to be yelled at because I wrote that00:31
srichtermgedmin: yes I did, I read the checkin message already00:31
pcardunemgedmin: oh wow, that is rather sneaky00:33
srichterso why do we need a recipe for the testrunner then?00:34
philiKONwe probably don't00:35
mgedminspeaking of testrunner and buildout...00:36
WebMavenmy last reason for running windows went away once I could install IE on linux for testing web designs.00:36
mgedminevery package I've seen that used buildout also has a script00:36
mgedminbut test did not run the testsuite00:36
* philiKON didn't even know that test existed00:36
* philiKON wonders what it does00:36
mgedminis there a way to hook up test to run bin/test?00:36
* mgedmin discovered test by running --help-commands00:37
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projekt01philiKON, ayt?04:51
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huajieanyone knows if it is allowed to put zope.schema.* objects when defining a zc.form.field.Union instance ?07:27
huajieall examples I have seen are putting zc.form.field.* into zc.form.field.Union07:28
huajieI tried to put a zope.schema.object into zc.form.field.Union and got an error : 'Object' object has no attribute 'fields' :S07:29
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* huajie get some examples with zope.schema objects in the documentation07:46
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* jinty wonders if there is a simple utility function to check if unauthenticated users have permission to see things12:44
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ccombjinty : ?12:54
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jintyccomb: only works if the current principal is unauthenticated12:58
jintyI want to check during the request of any user12:58
* jinty what's to know whether to set the Cache-Control: pubic header on a file download13:01
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ccombI'm note sure why canAccess would make a difference between authenticated and unauthenticated13:03
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ignasjinty: hmm, you might want to look at security policy code, and call it with unauthenticated principal as a parameter13:08
ignasjinty: but still you will have to know the permission needed to access that data first ...13:08
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jintyignas: yeah, I'm doing that, trying to proxy the object and get the permission from the checker. Just seems very round-about13:23
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junkafarianhi *13:41
junkafarianis there a way of adapting a standard zope object to display as a folder w/ controlled contents when represented as a file13:43
junkafarianor should i go down another route?13:44
ccombjunkafarian : if your object is a Container, you can derive your view from
junkafarianthats the trouble13:51
junkafarianits not a container13:51
junkafarianbut basically i want it to be represented as a directory so i can drop files in for the object to process in its own context13:52
ccombthen you should at least implement IWriteContainer in your object, or create an adapter to this interface13:54
junkafarianill look into that13:55
junkafarianim implementing IReadDirectory and IWriteDirectory at the moment13:56
junkafarianare they no good?13:56
junkafarianthe ftp client displays the objects as folders, however, i cannot list the contents13:57
ccombah ok, container and directories are not exactly the same13:58
junkafarianok, sorry if i didnt explain that :P13:58
junkafarianso do i need to use a directory or a container?13:59
ccomb(actually IReadDirectory is derived from IReadContainer)14:00
junkafariani think i just need to fake the contents of the directory14:00
junkafarianbut i dont know the correct process to do so14:01
ccombor adapt the items of the directory to IReadFile ?14:01
junkafarianthe object doesnt contain any items14:01
junkafariani want to represent a metadata file14:02
junkafarianand i want to be able to upload a video file which the __call__ method then handles14:02
junkafarianbut i want to represent the object itself as a directory so that i can manage user access14:04
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ccombI've recently finished a small project to simply manage videos and images in Project Folder, with ability to set permissions on them14:04
ccombyou might find interesting to look at it14:05
ccombit's in french but you can gete the source in the bottom of the file,  and you can test it by clicking on "Projets"14:06
ccomb(bottom of the file → bottom of the page)14:06
ccomb(user/pass is admin/eztranet)14:08
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* junkafarian takes a look14:09
ccombthe code also contains some unuseful junk from another project (unused catalog)14:09
ccombI've been forced to extract the ajax tree from the rotterdam skin14:13
ccombIt would be nice to provide it as a separate package14:13
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junkafarianccomb: i just put the current revision on pesto.largeblue.net14:30
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junkafarian...just setting the ftp view up so you can see what i mean14:35
junkafarianuser/pass is test/letmein14:36
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junkafarianccomb: eztranet looks very cool14:52
junkafariandid you have a look at pesto?14:52
* ccomb is back and will look at pesto14:56
huajieI try to adapt for zc.form.field.Union the example given for zope.schema.Object but I go nowhere.14:57
huajiecan I hope it would be that easy or it won't work ?14:58
ccombjunkafarian : very interesting project !15:01
junkafariancheck out
*** mgedmin has joined #zope3-dev15:02
junkafarianits a redevelopment of
junkafarianobviously with a bit more functionality :P15:03
ccombthe progress bar for file upload is the perl based one, I see15:03
ccombI've been searching a solution on this for years15:03
junkafarianwe want to provide users the choice between http and ftp upload15:03
ccombThere was a patch-based solution for php too15:03
junkafarianits open source15:03
ccombbut I've recently discovered a very cool thing for zope3 in zorg15:04
junkafarianyou can check out the current revision at svn://
junkafarianwhats that?15:04
ccomb/ccomb searching15:05
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* ccomb searching15:05
junkafarianwe're also in #green15:05
ccombit is in :
ccombI could make live.comment work but not live.upload15:07
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_prefixerhey! anyone know what could cause configure error like "junk after document element"?15:26
junkafarianits a syntax error15:29
junkafariancheck the line it gives you15:29
_prefixerhmm, error at line 6.1:15:30
_prefixer     <xmlrpc:view15:30
_prefixertabbed in15:30
_prefixerwait, i'll pastebin it15:31
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junkafarianyou are closing the initial configure tag15:35
_prefixeroh snap15:35
_prefixerthx, i need caffeine15:36
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CrippsFX_prefixer: I hear that one ;)15:42
CrippsFXheh ... I've made that mistake before too.15:42
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witschJ1m: hi! it's the wrong channel, but can i ask you a quick question about blobs?17:40
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witschJ1m: i've got a class inheriting from blob.Blob, Persistent and Implicit, and when i set an attribute on it (via setattr) it is first set (i can getattr again), but in the next request it's gone again, even though it's the same object...  is there anything special about the Blob class i'm missing?17:42
J1mdon't inherit from blob.Blob.17:43
J1mThat's not supported.17:43
J1mThis makes me want to implement a Final meta class. :)17:43
witschJ1m: ok. :)17:43
J1m"prefer composition to inheritence"17:44
witschJ1m: actually i think it was theuni who wrote that code i'm looking at... :)17:44
witschJ1m: alright, thanks17:44
witschJ1m: is that because of the setstate stuff?  just out of curiosity...17:45
J1mThere are all sorts of reasons.17:45
J1mBlobs were designed to be used via composition.17:45
* J1m really wishes he has final classes.17:45
witschJ1m: ok, fair enough...17:46
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theuniwitsch: uuuh. what where why? :)17:48
witschtheuni: hi :)17:48
witschtheuni: i'm working on integrating blobs into plone again...  ATBlobField, you know17:48
witschtheuni: i was "just" trying to store the file name and mime type on the ATBlob object17:49
J1mIn general inheritance should not be used except:17:49
witschand wondering... :)17:49
J1m- Between classes maintained by the same person, or17:49
J1m- When the prospective base class makes explicit promises that inheritence is supported and describes how.17:49
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J1mOtherwise, inheritence should eb assumed to be unsafe.17:50
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witschJ1m: ok :)  but like i said, i was trying to enhance that code and was probably trusting the already existing inheritance too much... :)17:51
J1mwhat existing inheritence?17:51
mgedminfinal classes shouldn't be hard... in __init__ check if self.__class__ is not MyClass, then show a warning or raise an error17:51
mgedminhowever it doesn't feel pythonic -- consenting adults et al17:51
J1mmgedmin, gould point.  I was thinking of something more violent and harder to get around. :)17:52
witschJ1m: theuni's written a thing named ATBlobField, in which an ATBlob class inherits from Blob17:52
witschJ1m: but that's changable, no problem17:52
witschJ1m: i was just gonna use is as a starting point for blobs in plone (to give you the background)17:52
J1mOK, fix that.17:53
witschJ1m: will do17:53
witschthanks again17:53
* J1m goes to launchpad to submit a bug report that Blobs are subclassable.17:53
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_prefixerCrippsFX: :)19:07
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junkafarianSorry, im still struggling with my ftp view19:26
junkafariandoes anyone know how to represent an object as a directory in an ftp view19:27
junkafarianeven though the object isnt a container19:27
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_prefixerany ideas? basically i make my object provide IAttributeAnnotatable but i still can't use IAnnotations to adapt my object21:19
mgedminthat is because you haven't registered the adapters that provide IAnnotations for IAttributeAnnotatable objects21:20
mgedminin the unit test fixture you can do it with21:20
mgedminfrom import setup21:20
_prefixeroh wait, I used just python instead of bin/debugzope..21:21
_prefixermaybe my simple experiment will work that way instead?21:21
_prefixerie.. zopedebug does some stuff for you..21:23
mgedminit loads site.zcml21:23
mgedminwhich configures everything21:23
_prefixeryea, my example worked with debugzope21:24
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ksmith99in formlib, does anyone know how to provide a default value for a subobject?23:44
srichterksmith99: must be done in the interface23:44
srichterotherwise you cannot do it easily23:44
ksmith99srichter: thanks23:45
srichterksmith99: have a look at z3c.form, z3c.formdemo.message shows you how to create custom, dynamic default values23:45
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ksmith99srichter: appreciate it, l'll take a look23:46

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