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wiggyis it expected that formlib doesn't load a password into a form and as a result removed it on save on an edit form?00:07
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huajiegood morning romanofski !10:27
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wiggyfun: there is a car rental business here called 'Rent a Wreck'10:30
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romanofskihowdy huajie10:38
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projekt01good morning10:41
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goschtlhi, has anyone used
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CrippsFXin a template file, how would I directly access a vocabulary (I'm using two vocabularies for input)?15:47
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CrippsFXdobee: yep. we can see you.15:49
dobeecool ;-)15:49
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ignasok, buildout + workingenv is not working out for schooltool usecase17:26
ignasapparently workingenv is not working nicely with local libxml17:27
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ignasas buildout still tries to install libxml to your /usr ...17:27
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wiggylxml on OSX is annoyingly painful17:34
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netshadecan anyone tell me how to use z3c.rml + z3c.pdftemplate to put a document into landscape?17:59
netshadei've been using absolute page sizes in the <pageInfo> and <template> tags to try and force a landscape document size, but it's consistently forcing a doc of size 8.3x11.7 in17:59
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projekt01netshade, did you see the hugh collection of samples inthe rml and pdftempalte packages18:55
netshadeyes i did18:55
netshadedidn't find one that displayed landscape functionality18:55
projekt01Hm, did you take a look at the generated api documentation, is there no landscape page in the doc?18:56
netshadegoing through the rml source right now, and may have come across a bug in how the pagesize attribute is handled - either that, or i'm using the lib incorrectly, though i'm trying to follow the examples exactly18:56
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netshadeyeah, i was looking at the rml apidoc pdf earlier - there's no landscape attribute18:57
netshadefound a point in the source ( and i may have missed this in the docs ) that handles cases for pagesizes used like:18:57
netshade"A4 landscape"18:57
netshadeor "A4"18:57
netshadehowever, that's where i'm encountering the aforementioned bug18:58
projekt01Did you read the ReportLAB documenation?18:58
projekt01I guess there should be more info18:58
netshadethere's two z3 schema fields that are being used to validate against values from the template but aren't being bound to the context18:58
netshadeam guessing that's a bug18:58
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netshadeyeah, i read the reportlab docs18:59
projekt01Can you write a mail to srichter and report him about that?18:59
netshadewas just about to send him a diff18:59
projekt01cool, thanks18:59
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CrippsFXI was trying to do a search on the zope3 wiki, and kept getting the error located here:  ... to reproduce the error, try searching for "widgets"22:01
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projekt01CrippsFX, that's a Zope2 app22:11
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CrippsFXprojekt01: I figured somebody here was in charge of maintaining the zope3 wiki, so it seemed like a good idea to post it here.22:13
projekt01CrippsFX, yes no problem, I just wondering, I was thinking there is a z3 wiki online somehere.22:16
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CrippsFXI'm having some fun fighting with formlib right now ... I have an interface to use as "IOrder" (according to, but the problem is, I'm calling it like so: vocab_thing = Choice((getUtility(IVocabularyFactory, u"util.Name")())   ... except that Zope doesn't like having getUtility() called from outside a method. Does anyone know of any other ways around this q22:53
CrippsFXuirk ?22:53
CrippsFXwell ... I'm heading home for the night. If anyone has the answers, please do tell, I'll check the irc logs in the morning.23:00
afdCrippsFX: read the you have to put the registered vocabulary name there23:02
afdnot the object23:02
afdread fields.txt from zope.schema23:02
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