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_prefixeri'm trying to write a doctest. In it I have something that must fail.. and it does fail in the test which should mean a successfull test for me00:31
_prefixerbut it becomes a failure anyway..  here's my code:
_prefixeri thought the tripple dots would match all that junk..00:32
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_prefixera more readable version:
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_prefixeroh sneaky.. it was a trailing space after my tripple dots01:08
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benji_prefixer: one of the many reasons I like my editor to highlight trailing whitespace01:10
_prefixerah, i want that01:10
_prefixerany ideas how to do it in vim?01:11
benjiyou came to the right place <wink>01:11
_prefixerthink I'll go with this one..
benjiI like
benjiI'm trying to remember if I changed the default highlighting.01:14
benjiI use blue underlines for trailing whitespace, and red underlines for all tab characters01:14
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_prefixeri fixed docstring folding today, very useful when reading zope source..01:18
_prefixerif anyone's interested01:18
_prefixerand then i map <space> to za (toggle fold open/close)01:19
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_prefixerhmm, the error wasn't the trailing whitespace, I forgot the optionflags in my test_suite..02:07
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markusleistHi. what's the best method to redirect the browser after z3c.form.Addform.nextURL() to the page before triggerd add. I guess something like 'self.request.getHeader('HTTP_REFERER')' stored in a hidden field in the form?13:48
projekt01markusleist, you only have to change the nextURL method13:54
projekt01to: return absolutURL(context, request) + '/myview.html'13:55
projekt01context ids the context of the page "before trigger add"13:55
projekt01if I understand your question correct.13:56
markusleisthi projekt01: will try it, one moment...13:56
projekt01zope.traversing.browser import absoluteURL13:59
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markusleistprojekt01: hmm, after absoluteURL(self.context, self.request) i will have the url to object and the + "myview.html" will select the view, correct? My problem: i am in view "view_a" or "view_b" when "add is triggerd"; after addition in nextURL i have to delegate back to "view a" or "view b"?14:09
markusleistin nextURL the request has stored the "add-view" and not my origin view a or b, correct?14:11
projekt01are you using the old style which means the IAdding view?14:12
markusleistno, i hope not14:12
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projekt01if so you can call context.context for get the "real" view14:13
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markusleistprint "3c:", self.context.context   ->  ForbiddenAttribute: ('context', <com....>14:14
markusleistwould it be possible, to store the self.request.getHeader('HTTP_REFERER') in the form hidden and redirect to the content of that hidden field in nextURL?14:16
projekt01use removeSecurityProxy(context) and check if this works, if so, change the permission settings.14:16
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projekt01don't messup the well defined z3c form concept with HTTP_REFERER, because you will get very quickly problems handling form submissions.14:21
markusleistremoveSecurityProxy(self.context).context -> AttributeError: 'IkSite' object has no attribute 'context'14:21
projekt01Ok, the context seems to be the view the context.context is your content object e.g. the site14:22
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projekt01what are you looking for?14:22
markusleistis there an other method to store the origin view before the add (other then HTTP_REFERER), so nextURL will redirect back to exactl this view?14:24
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philiKONmarkusleist: store it in a form variable?14:30
philiKONmarkusleist: btw, you don't really want to use removeSecurityProxy14:30
philiKONif your app contains code like that, you're most probably doing something wrong14:30
CrippsFXafd: My God .... you're right ... I got so hung up on one thing, I forgot about the *proper* way to do it.14:31
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CrippsFXromanofski: 'nmorgen. :)14:31
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projekt01markusleist, philiKON is right, just use removeSecurityProxy if you fail accessing in debugging14:32
markusleistHi philiKON: there is exactly this one removeSecurityProxy for testing purpose in my app.14:32
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faassenactually your app might be doing something quite plausible but the security policy might still not allow it.14:33
faassenas the default security policy requires a __parent__ reference to be there in able to work.14:34
faassenso if you have a newly created object that isn't yet attached to something, you run into security errors simply because the security policy cannot work.14:34
CrippsFXfaassen: 'strue. We had to use removeSecurityProxy once or twice in our app due to __parent__ not being there.14:34
faassenI wouldn't call that the app doing something wrong though - it's frequently quite reasonable to want to do something with an object before you add it to a container.14:34
dennis_faassen but a new obejct is not security proxied yet14:35
dennis_i always run into this after adding it to the container :)14:35
romanofskiCrippsFX: 'nmorgen :D14:35
projekt01give them a __parent__ is better then use removeSecurityProxy?14:35
faassendennis_: I don't recall what I was doing exactly, but it had something to do with __parent__ being missing.14:35
projekt01nobody says that only containers can set __parent__14:36
faassenprojekt01: I'm not a big fan of security proxies in general. :)14:36
CrippsFXromanofski: arbeitest viel? ;)14:36
projekt01faassen, what are you using instead of them?14:36
markusleistprojekt01: what are the problems in z3c.form when storing HTTP_REFERER in a form variable for later use in nextURL?14:39
faassenprojekt01: just python objects! :)14:40
faassenprojekt01: unproxied objects of course. I've been using 'm for many years. :)14:40
faassenprojekt01: I hear other people are using them as well. :)14:40
projekt01faassen, sounds interesting14:40
faassenprojekt01: I mean, I've been using them in Zope 3 for only half a year or so.14:41
faassenprojekt01: but they have been used in python software since the beginning. :)14:41
projekt01markusleist, there is no need to use HTTP_REFERER, it could become hard to manage the submit handler and ZPT code if you use them heavy14:41
projekt01markusleist, z3c.form does all this handling and widget generation for you.14:42
baijumI am getting an error from z3c.coverage like this: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'coverage'14:43
projekt01markusleist, the method nextURL is exactly desinged for your usecase.14:43
baijumI included z3c.coverage egg as found here:
baijumthen after ./bin/buildout, I run ./bin/coverage14:44
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projekt01baijum, didn't mgedmin use coverage? probably ask him.14:44
baijumok, I will ask him when he comes online14:45
markusleistprojekt01: sorry, i don't understand: http is stateless, Transmission 1 will build the form. the request in Transm. 1 will know where it comes from (like HTTP_REFERER or so). Transmission 2 will create the Object with the Date from the form. In this Transm. 2 the is no chance to know the origin (it is the add-View itself, correct?). So i habe to store the 1st origin in the form for using it in nextURL after Transm.2 (this is exactly my usecase, right14:52
projekt01HTTP_REFERER has nothing to do in views, it can break if you lookup views with getMultiAdapter((context, request), name="myview.html")14:56
projekt01You can use it, but I don't recommend it.14:57
projekt01btw, HTTP_REFERER do not work if you use links stored in your browser's favorit list or from a desktop shortcut.14:59
markusleistprojekt01: is there any other method to determine the exact view from which the add-Form was "opened"?14:59
projekt01make the add form a view of the view adapting the context e.g. context/myview.html/addview.html15:00
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projekt01or use cgi query like the camefrom if you really need something like that. But it could be hard to catch all usecases if you use a ?camefrom= variable and this is not set.15:01
markusleistprojekt01: ah, ok, thanx, any recipe for context/myview.html/addview.html in the Readmes?15:02
projekt01this is the IAdding view implementation, I guess srichter implemented in z3c.form too.15:04
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markusleistprojekt01: ok, i'll read it - thanx a lot.15:05
projekt01markusleist, see and z3c.form.adding.txt15:05
markusleistbtw, z3c.form is cool15:06
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* philiKON curses J1m for not documenting his variable/parameter names in the acquisition C code15:30
* wiggy applauds philiKON for documenting the acquisition C code15:32
philiKONyou wish15:32
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philiKONservus jodok15:39
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jodoksorry, my colloquy didn't show anything15:39
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mgedminphiliKON, baijum: I'm back15:41
philiKONmgedmin: didn't know you were gone at all15:41
philiKONdid i miss something?15:41
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mgedminoops, sorry, philiKON15:42
mgedminit was projekt01 who pinged me15:43
projekt01mgedmin, baijum was asking if coverage buildout is working, didn't you use it?15:44
mgedminI use z3c.coverage, but not buildout15:45
projekt01Ah, Ok15:45
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mgedminbaijum: looks like you ran the coverage script without any args15:46
mgedminand instead of printing a helpful message it tried to covert coverage reports in ./coverage/ to html15:46
mgedminso it's just unfinished user interface15:46
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baijummgedmin, thanks16:05
baijummgedmin, I am using buildout with zc.recipe.testrunner recipe and this recipe creates coverage directory under parts/test folder if I give coverage=./coverage option16:06
baijummay be z3c.coverage also should look in that directory by default ?16:07
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wiggywhat's the formlib widget-of-choice these days?16:27
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markusleistprojekt01: my problem solved:16:41
markusleistprojekt01: obj.myview.addview which will fall back to: obj.myview with "return absoluteURL(self.context, self.request)" in nextURL.16:41
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markusleistthere is a registration in zcml for every view.addview combination... ok, it's zcml - alway a lot of work ;-)16:43
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goschtlhi everyone here expirience with lovely.tag?17:28
benjino, but I really like lovely.hide-and-seek17:28
srichtergoschtl: what's your problem?17:28
srichtergoschtl: the lovely guys use it in production17:28
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goschtli try to make it work with plone i create a utility for it but if zope restarts the entries are gone  :)17:29
srichteraehm, I don;t know about plone17:30
srichterbut Rocky ported lovely.tag to Plone, so he would know17:30
goschtlsrichter: ok i will ask him.  but how would you register a utility for the taggingEngine?17:31
wiggysounds like you didn't make it a persistant utility17:32
wiggyplone 3 allows you to do that using a GS profile17:32
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goschtlwiggy: i use a configure.zcml for the registration of the utiltity17:32
srichterthat might be your problem17:32
wiggygoschtl: don't do that :)17:32
srichterZCML will not create the utility in the ZODB17:33
wiggyyou want to make it a persistant utility inside the plone site17:33
goschtlwiggy: yes howto do this?17:33
wiggylook at componentregistry.xml in plone 317:33
wiggythat configures a whole bunch of utilities17:33
wiggyand pre-order optilude's book :)17:33
srichterwhat book is martin writing?17:34
goschtldamn the whole afternoon searching. i have ordered this for 2 days thx17:34
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hazmatgoschtl, talk to rocky on #plone4artists, they have a working wrapper around lovely.tag for plone17:42
goschtlhazmat: ok will do thx17:42
wiggyrocky isn't online today it seems17:43
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goschtlwiggy: now it works as expected thanks very much18:08
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* CrippsFX loves formlib21:21
wiggythere's too much magic in formlib for my taste21:22
wiggythe flow between forms, schemas, fields, actions and validators is complex and undocumented21:22
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CrippsFXwiggy: there is a bit of magic, yes ... but at least it's easy to use.21:22
wiggyI found it really hard to use21:22
CrippsFXit took me about a day to get used to it, but it's actually pretty straightforward for the most part.21:23
CrippsFXthe documentation for the formlib API in svn is pretty good.21:23
wiggyuntil you do anything non-standard21:23
wiggytry making a file field for which you need the filename and mimetype21:23
CrippsFXheh. I'm hoping to stay away from non-standard, if I can.21:23
wiggyor a tabbed form which includes other forms21:24
wiggyor do a validator on multiple fields that needs to direct an error to one of them21:24
faassenwiggy: did you try z3c.form yet?21:24
faassenwiggy: I'm curious to see whether this life more flexible.21:24
wiggyfaassen: no, I haven't checked if that works in plone 321:24
faassenwiggy: ah, right.21:24
faassenwiggy: the other form story is Ian Bicking's theory21:24
faassenwiggy: which turns stuff on its head. I think that's an interesting direction.21:25
faassenwiggy: yeah, and some theoretical blog entries he wrote about this recently.21:25
wiggyI like FormEncode21:25
faassenwiggy: or months ago.21:25
faassenwiggy: maybe we need to develop a formencode story for zope 3. :)21:25
wiggyfaassen: now that you're here... :)21:25
wiggyactually, you're not the person to complain to, libxml2 is at fault21:25
faassenwiggy: heh. :)21:26
faassenwiggy: what did it do this time? :)21:26
* wiggy was stuck for a while on getpath() returning paths ike /*/*/*[18]21:26
wiggyturns out libxml2 is too lame to insert the default namespace21:26
faassenoh, if there are ways to fix this, report it on lxml-dev.21:26
wiggythe root element has xmlns="..." on it so it should just use that imho21:26
faassenwiggy: I can't find Ian's blog entry on this, he wrote it last year I think.21:27
* wiggy made a getFancyPath method which fixes paths up using the lxml parent iterator21:27
faassenwiggy: or perhaps earlier this year.21:27
wiggyfaassen: I think I've read it21:27
faassenwiggy: maybe you can to contribute it.21:27
faassenwiggy: can contribute it to lxml :)21:27
faassenwiggy: not to me though, to Stefan Behnel. :)21:28
faassenoff now. :)21:28
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