IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-07-25

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__selfhmm, I can add my contentcomponent if I press the "Add" button under the contents table on ZMI, but if I try to add it via the addmenu the buttons under the table change to "[Apply] [Cancel]" but I can't do anything ..00:08
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__selfshouldn't adding via addmenuitem it redirect to the add view?00:09
__selfno errors generated..00:10
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__selfi'm trying to make a subscriber with @adapter(IPost, IObjectModifiedEvent, IObjectAddedEvent)02:48
__selfand it doesn't do anything.. but it works if I try it with IObjectModifiedEvent alone..02:49
__selfor IObjectAddedEvent02:49
__selfany ideas? adapter's __init__ does take *interfaces as argument, so I'm confused :O02:50
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jukart___self: the subscriber is a multiadapter on the object and the event02:54
jukart_you need a subscriber for IObjectModifiedEvent and one for IObjectAddedEvent02:55
__selfso a subscriber can only subscribe to one event? I'm kind of new to this zope3 thing so everythings a bit messy for me now :)02:56
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projekt01__self, the registration @adapter(foo, bar) reflects the arguments in the __init__(foo, bar) of the adapter03:05
__selfwhich file is that? I'm looking in zope/component/ and see __init__(self,*interfaces)03:09
__selffor the:  class adapter03:10
projekt01@adapter is only a decorator which declares the adapters "for" arguments03:18
projekt01what are you looking for?03:18
__selfnothing now, just trying to understand :) I did what jukart_ said and it works03:22
jukart___self: the subscriber you are using here for an event is adapting to the object and the event, that means your adapter has to be registered for exactly these arguments03:24
projekt01another option; remove the @adapter decorator and use for="foo bar" in the adapter/subscriber directive03:24
jukart_projekt01: still up03:24
projekt01jukart_, hi03:24
projekt01another sleepless night03:25
jukart_I'm in canada right now :)03:25
projekt01cool, how is the weather?03:25
jukart_overcast today, but ok tomorrow03:26
jukart_going for a sailing tour03:26
__selfbah, can't sleep either03:27
projekt01Uhh, and I'm still working03:27
__selfprojekt01: so.. remove the @adapter..  and add <subscriber for="IObjMod IObjAdd" ... /> to zcml?03:30
projekt01for="IPost IObjectModifiedEvent" and another registration for="IPost IObjAddedEvent" (note: there is no coma)03:32
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projekt01rcrafton, hi03:34
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__selfok, let's see03:38
__selfprojekt01: thx works03:39
__selfhow long before you guys became friends with this beast? :O03:40
projekt01I'm working with Zope3 since the last 4 years03:41
projekt01and I still understand it better and better everyday ;-)03:44
__self1.5 weeks here..03:44
__selfbut i get those aha's almost daily :)03:44
projekt01it's not this hard, but it takes a while till you get the concepts behind the scene03:45
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projekt01whit, hi03:46
markusleistprojekt01: so late, still up? You are in europe/Switzerland, right?03:52
markusleistI'm working with z3c.form.EditForm and ObjectModifiedEvent, too.03:58
markusleistIn the old form and in the new z3c.form there is only one argument in ObjectModifiedEvent(obj)03:59
markusleistthis obj - with its properties - represents the values _after_ edit, right?03:59
markusleisthmm, i will register a subscriber, which will receive this event. in old forms there was no way to determine exactly which fields have changed, right?04:02
markusleistIt is possible to  customize z3c.form to submit a list of fields, which have changed? May i help?04:05
projekt01yes, there is support for a field description on modified events, but you have to implement this individual for each object04:07
projekt01but are you really sure you will need this level?04:07
projekt01what is your use case?04:08
markusleistany generic approach?04:09
markusleistmy usecase: two instances zope3, which are conneted by an xmlrpc-"wire".04:10
markusleistwhen edit an object on the left, some informations are sent to the right.04:10
markusleistat the moment the full set of properties are sent to the remote-instance.04:11
projekt01if you need to optimize, you can add a declaration describing the fields in object modified event and only exchange this attributes04:12
markusleistyes, is this an interesting approach for you, too?04:14
projekt01I never used it, I don't have this much traffic via XMLRPC04:15
markusleistin zope.lifecycleevent.ObjectModifiedEvent: >>notify(ObjectModifiedEvent(obj, Attributes(ISample, "field")))04:16
projekt01I was thinking last week to implement some basic components wihtout event support, e.g. a container without fireing events. It turned me crazy as I saw all the event subscribers calling the catalog indexes just for nothing.04:17
markusleistok, i will see - but tomorrow ;-)04:18
markusleistbtw in my app, the event-machinery plays a central role.04:20
rcraftonhey, projekt01. Was away with the family04:20
markusleistprojekt01: so far, thnx a lot and good night04:20
projekt01markusleist, see you04:21
projekt01rcrafton, is everything fine over there?04:21
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j-wsomehow subscribing to the isn't working for me - is there anyone I can contact about this?11:06
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wiggyit might just take a while11:36
wiggytook two days before my cmf-checkins subscription worked11:36
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projekt01Hm, that was the wrong window11:41
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projekt01mgedmin, I'll get Expected:11:56
projekt01    <!DOCTYPE ...11:56
projekt01    <div>Rating: A</div>11:56
projekt01    ...11:56
projekt01    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">11:56
projekt01    <html lang="en" xmlns=""11:56
projekt01          xml:lang="en">11:56
projekt01    <head>11:56
projekt01    <title>Refline: </title><meta name="author" content="Refline (Schweiz) AG" />11:56
projekt01    <meta name="copyright" content="Refline (Schweiz) AG" />11:56
projekt01    <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache" />11:56
projekt01    <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" />11:56
projekt01    <!-- css viewlets -->11:56
projekt01    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"11:56
projekt01          href="http://localhost/++skin++Recruiter/000000/@@/thickbox.css"11:56
projekt01          media="all" />11:56
projekt01    <BLANKLINE>11:56
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projekt01sorry, about that, I guess this is defently not my day11:58
projekt01mgedmin, did something change in the testing, some of my tests fail because of output like: &lt;div&gt; instead of <div>12:00
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theuniJ1m: hmm. could it be that ppix has a problem with unicode characters in package names?17:08
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CrippsFXI'm looking for a way to generate and display a Container (or a list, whichever is best suited) based on information gathered from a custom form using formlib. I want the method decorated by @action("Get List", failure = "handleSubmitError") to take care of calling the appropriate utility to generate the list, but I'm not sure how to go about returning the view for said list. Is there some other (specific) documentation someone could point me19:05
CrippsFX to?19:05
CrippsFXsorry, I forgot to mention that I've read the entirety of
srichterCrippsFX: use z3c.form; it is better documented ;-)19:07
CrippsFXsrichter: thanks for the hint ... I'm *trying* to refrain from additions to the Zope Skeleton unless it's absolutely neccessary though ... it's one of the project requirements.19:08
srichterthat's really dumb!19:08
srichterseriously, we are publishing packages to make your life easier19:09
CrippsFX:) ... I'll ask the project leader about it.19:09
CrippsFXokay, he gave it the go-ahead ... so I'll check it out.19:10
srichterhe he, cool19:10
srichterthis was easy :-)19:10
wiggythe plan for world domination is coming along? :)19:10
CrippsFXhaha ... yeah, good thing about having a small dev team :P19:11
CrippsFXwiggy: actually, that has a lower priority than the current component I'm working. I won't get around to that for another few weeks.19:11
CrippsFX*working on19:11
CrippsFXI'm thinking about it already, however, and Poland seems like the best place to start.19:12
srichterwiggy: well, we put a lot of sweat and energy into z3c.form, so I feel obligated to promote it heavily ;-)19:13
CrippsFXthe z3c stuff won't ever be built into zope as defaults, will it?19:13
srichterwell, I think there will probably be no more Zope releases ;-)19:14
srichterCrippsFX: Zope becomes more like a Linux distro19:14
wiggyzope becomes more like plone ;)19:15
srichterin any Linux distro, it doesn't make sense to ask, will "Firefox" be part of the standard distro?19:15
CrippsFXah, I see.19:15
wiggysrichter: unless you're talking about debian of course19:15
Lumieresrichter: how is zope going to be packaged in distrobutions then?19:15
srichterwiggy: I am a little afraid of this myself;l I hope we will do well with ensuring a working set of dependencies19:15
CrippsFXwell, with the buildout and eggification of Zope, it should start becoming much easier to install z3c stuff.19:15
srichterLumiere: this is the big question19:16
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wiggysrichter: imho the python packaging system isn't nearly ready for it19:16
Lumiereone that needs to be solved pretty soon imho19:16
CrippsFXalthough, I don't mind the current way of doing things ... except for documenting it for my cow orkers.19:16
wiggysrichter: you really want something that comes close to what dpkg or rpm do with package relations19:16
srichterLumiere: some people talk about meta-egss others, liek Phil, try to make very user-friendly scripts19:16
srichterwe will see what will develop as the best option to support19:16
* Lumiere has a package that's going to require zope3.4 in some manner in ubuntu gutsy19:17
wiggyimho someone should factor relation handling out of dpkg or rpm and work a python package handling system on top of that19:17
Lumierewiggy: dpkg...19:17
srichterwiggy: if the eggs and setuptools packages will not be close to that, then we are in big trouble; but I think we are on the right track19:17
Lumiererpm's reltionship handling leaves a lot to be desired19:17
CrippsFXtrue that (@ Lumiere )19:18
wiggysrichter: last time I checked there was no concept of virtual package or conflicts19:18
wiggyboth of which are essential19:18
wiggyLumiere: I tried to be neutral here...19:18
wiggy(even though I was the dpkg maintainer for some time)19:18
srichterright now, I am using buildout to do my work and it seems okay19:18
CrippsFXsrichter: hm. I like the documentation in z3c.form already ... to start, there is an example using zope.schema.Choice ... the other one didn't do that, which sucks because Choice widgets are the ones I'm using.19:18
srichterbtw, Jim is working on an RPM generator from eggs19:18
srichterI think soon someone will work on a deb package generator19:19
wiggysrichter: there is no way to tell buildout 'this thing is already present on the system with this version'19:19
wiggywhich broke things for us twice this week19:19
srichterright, Jim is a big believer of not using system python ;-)19:20
srichterI tend to disagree, but I think he is right ;-)19:20
wiggyI'm a big believer of not using very complex systems to build the same thing 50 times if I can just do it once properly19:20
wiggyesp. since I may want to use a special build of something19:20
srichteronce we have packge/egg to DEB/RPM converters, system python can be used again19:20
wiggythe 'convert xyz to deb/rpm' approach has been tried and never succeeded19:21
wiggyso I'm still sceptical19:21
CrippsFXsrichter: since I have svn write access, I can checkout, fix a typo, and checkin the form.txt documentation, correct?19:21
srichterwiggy: well, then you are on Jim's side ;-) Having your own Python is the simplest, because you do not have to worry about any other dependency or installed package19:22
CrippsFXer, well, it's not really a typo, but it is an error.19:22
wiggysrichter: I'm not though; I generally prefer to use things form the system if they are there19:22
srichterCrippsFX: yep, please do19:22
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srichterwiggy: me too, but the problem is that system Python is used by so many application in a distribution, that it is harder to make it work for your development than simply compile a clean version19:23
CrippsFXsrichter: and since it's only an error in the non-doctest section of the documentation, I can do that right in trunk, right?19:24
wiggysrichter: so far I've never seen the system python not working19:24
CrippsFX(I'm just double checking on svn etiquette)19:24
srichterwiggy: mine is not working right now, because it has setuptools 0.6rc5 installed, but I need 0.6rc6 for my buildouts19:25
srichterCrippsFX: yeah, I only work on the trunk, but please run the tests before submitting19:26
*** Newfie2007_ is now known as Newfie200719:26
CrippsFXsrichter: will do.19:27
srichterCrippsFX: also, please write a CHANGES.txt comment.19:30
wiggyideally you should be able to selectively use bits of the system python19:30
wiggylike 'use the python itself, package x, package y, package z, but nothing else'19:30
srichterthat would be a good improvement I think19:31
wiggythe only major pain I have is that the OSX lxml is stupidly broken and segfaults19:31
srichterI just added lxml into my requirements and on Linux it just built it beatifully from source; needless to say, I am happy ;-)19:31
wiggysrichter: it works beautiful everywhere except on OSX19:32
*** alecm has joined #zope3-dev19:32
Lumiereto me a big part of the problem is19:41
Lumierezope3/python don't have any real distribution type people on board for making packages19:42
Lumieresomeone like wiggy would be good for putting together a good release/build structure for z3/python19:42
* wiggy is quite busy managing plone releases though19:43
wiggyand I highly doubt people are going to sponsor that19:43
CrippsFXsrichter: shouldn't it be documented somewhere that z3c.form depends on z3c.template ?19:46
*** zagy_ has quit IRC19:46
*** reco has joined #zope3-dev19:54
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*** Ariel_Calzada has quit IRC19:57
markusleisthi, maybe the permission-attribute in viewletManager is required but not evaluated? my viewlet without a given permission doesn't render, a viewlet-manger does? I don't find any hint on the mailinglist.19:58
markusleistdoes one allowed viewlet allow the whole viewlet-manager? i thought a not allowed manager would hide all viewlets?20:02
markusleistAny examples or bugs are known?20:03
*** timte_ has quit IRC20:05
*** RaFromBRC has joined #zope3-dev20:12
markusleistIt seems to me: ony visible viewlet will make the viewletmanager be visible - so be it.20:15
CrippsFXsrichter: it appears as though I am unable to download the CHANGES.txt file using "svn co svn+ssh://"20:15
*** nathany has quit IRC20:20
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*** jinty has joined #zope3-dev21:44
*** whit is now known as whit|lunch21:48
CrippsFXhm. Using the z3c.form package, is it possible to "override" the form.render() method to 1)create an object using data gathered from the form and then 2)render a template that uses the object made in part 1)  ?21:49
*** zagy has joined #zope3-dev21:52
srichterCrippsFX: if you use z3c.form.form.AddForm it shows you how to write an addform21:55
srichterCrippsFX: if you use z3c.form.form.AddForm it does everything you want21:55
srichterz3c/form/form/form.txt documents this21:55
srichterjust make the nextURL() point to the view of the newly created object21:55
srichteralso, z3c.formdemo.message shows the behavior you are looking for21:56
*** romanofski has quit IRC21:56
CrippsFXsrichter: I'm not trying to write an add firm per se ... rather, I'm trying to write a form that takes in a house name and a term, and queries a database to get a list of people who lived in said house during said term ... this list (or container) is something I want to discard as soon as it's no longer being displayed.21:56
srichterok, that's easy too21:57
srichterwrite a form with the house and term as a field21:57
srichtercreate a button called something like "Search"21:57
CrippsFXgot those, (each are Choice fields), and I have a "get list" button.21:58
srichterregister a handler for this button that looks up the students in the DB and stores the result in a session or as a view attribute21:58
srichterthe template can then access the session or attribute21:58
CrippsFXokay. Sounds good. I'll probably have to do some reading to *fully* understand what you're saying, but that's a task for tomorrow morning.21:59
srichterwriting new handlers is demonstrated in all demo packages, the simplest one being z3c.formdemo.message again21:59
srichterCrippsFX: btw, there are also two architecture overview PNGs in the form package that you want to check out21:59
CrippsFXthanks. Now I'm two steps closer to doing what I've been trying to do for a week and a half ;)21:59
CrippsFXokay. I'll take a look at those too.22:00
*** whit|lunch has quit IRC22:04
*** whit|lunch has joined #zope3-dev22:06
CrippsFXalright, work is over ... it's time for me to head home. Goodnight folks.22:07
*** whit|lunch has quit IRC22:09
*** javimansilla has joined #zope3-dev22:12
*** projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev22:13
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lisppaste6javier pasted "unbound index traceback" at
*** zagy has quit IRC22:15
javimansillaWhat could be causing that "unboud index" error? (traceback here
srichterit is unbound prefix22:17
srichterthat means you are using an XML namespace prefix prefix that you do not have defined22:17
javimansillaI added a <zope:view /> element, and I have my configure.zcml with xmlns="" ... shouldn't be enough ?22:18
philiKON_i generally recommend against using a prefix for the 'zope' namespace in documentation22:19
philiKON_because it generates that precise confustion22:19
philiKON_confusion even22:19
javimansillaphiliKON_: oh my dear... what a silly error. Thanks22:19
philiKON_yes, it's silly, but not that uncommon.22:19
*** whit|lunch has joined #zope3-dev22:20
*** whit|lunch is now known as whit|cafe22:22
*** nathany has quit IRC22:27 down?22:31
philiKON_hmm, looks more like the repo is down22:32
philiKON_or just very slow22:33
benjiphiliKON_: it should be back now/soon; the machine has been having trouble the last couple of days22:33
philiKON_ah, here we go22:34
*** philiKON_ is now known as philiKON22:35
srichteris there a recipe that let's me use a script to build a part?22:36
philiKONi don't think so22:36
srichterso, I would have to write my own recipe or is there a simpler construct to use?22:36
philiKONyou could write that recipe that lets you configure the script :)22:36
philiKONnot sure what you're trying to do though22:37
*** markusleist has joined #zope3-dev22:37
srichterwell, I have to install a really non-standard pacakge22:37
philiKONlike what?22:37
srichterso that zc.recipe.cmmi does not work22:37
srichter(yeah, there is a deb package for it, but other Linux distro has it)22:38
philiKONi suppose you'll write your own recipe then :)22:39
srichteryep, just wanted to make sure this is what I need to do22:39
*** hazmat has quit IRC22:50
*** philiKON_ has joined #zope3-dev22:50
philiKON_benji: it seems that svnserve is now down on svn.zope.org23:03
benjiphiliKON_: the ZC system administrators have discovered that Google is hammering :(23:04
benjiit's an attack <wink>23:04
philiKON_what does that have to do with svnserve?23:04 is on the same box23:04
philiKON_heck, i could do without ViewCVS for the moment23:04
philiKON_but svnserve is sorta essential23:04
benjiwe may get to the point of disabling viewcvs23:05
philiKON_or simply install a robot.txt23:05
benjigood point23:05
wiggytrac is sooo much nicer than ViewCVS anyway23:05
benjiheh, there's alread one that disallows everything23:06
wiggyI added robots.txt to viewcvs and trac for svn.plone.org23:06
philiKON_yes it is, but i don't care. i just want my svnserve back :/23:06
*** philiKON has quit IRC23:06
*** philiKON_ is now known as philiKON23:06
philiKONah, it's back23:07
*** RaFromBRC|away has quit IRC23:10
*** hazmat has joined #zope3-dev23:14
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o hazmat23:14
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*** nathany has joined #zope3-dev23:19
*** RaFromBRC has joined #zope3-dev23:24
javimansillaclassImplements is raising me TypeError: iteration over non-sequence23:25
*** whit|cafe has joined #zope3-dev23:25
*** whit|cafe is now known as whit23:26
javimansillais there something obvious I'm not viewing?23:26
philiKONdepends on how you use it23:27
*** projekt01 has quit IRC23:34
*** benji has quit IRC23:34
javimansillaphiliKON: I'm inheriting not from an Interface but from a class23:39
philiKONyou still haven't told me how you use it23:39
javimansillaphiliKON: what I mean is that when I corrected the base class, it worked23:39
philiKONi don't get that23:40
javimansillaI'm trying to make a Choice field that run a javascript on change, and I'm sweating as horse :-/23:41
philiKONthis is a javascript thing23:42
philiKONwhat does it have to do with classImplements?23:42
javimansillaphiliKON: I thought I should made a new field interface, derived from IChoice, and later the implemetation of that, that inherints from Choice. Later, I want to remark that my class implements my interface23:43
javimansillaafter that, I started with my widget, and there's where I'm stuck now23:44
philiKONyou haven't heard of widgets have you?23:44
philiKONwhy would you want to make a different field interface and all that?23:44
philiKONwhat does the data model have to do with the fact that you might end up using a different widget?23:44
javimansillaphiliKON: shouldn't my field store what javascript function run?23:45
philiKONgod no23:45
philiKONthis is a widget thing23:45
philiKONthe field stores information about the data model23:45
*** alga has quit IRC23:45
javimansillaphiliKON: fine. If I want 2 fields (country and state) kind of binded, where would you put that binding?23:46
philiKONwhat kind of binding?23:46
javimansillaWhat I actually want is 2 dropdown fields: country and state. Changin country, I would like to see only states of that country on the other field23:46
javimansillaI have forms with 2 pairs of this fields. ie: 2 country fields and 2 states fields. Each pair binded23:48
philiKONthis is only a matter of an appropriate source/vocabulary factory23:48
javimansillaThat's why I thought I could store on the Country field, which state field is binded with it.23:48
*** rcrafton has joined #zope3-dev23:49
philiKONi suggest you have two fields, one for country and one for state23:49
philiKONcountry is a choice with a country vocabulary/source23:49
philiKONand state is a coice23:49
javimansillayes, that's what I have so far23:50
philiKONand the source/vocabulary factory is made so that it takes the country into account23:50
javimansillayes, I have a states vocabulary that have a method getStates(fromCountry)23:50
javimansillanow, how should I bind all this pieces?23:51
philiKONgee, i don't know that by heart23:51
philiKONmy book might help23:51
javimansillahi, I just realize who you are... yes, I have your book in my hands... first edition I think23:52
philiKONget the 2nd one23:53
philiKONthe 1st one sucks :)23:53
javimansillanow I'll be shy to keep asking :-P23:53
javimansillawe realized that's incomplete on several places... the problem is that it's hard to get European books in South America :-)23:54
philiKONit's distributed world-wide23:54
philiKONi'm surprised23:54
philiKONspringer has lots of college textbooks23:54
philiKONso i assumed they have a good world-wide distrubition network23:55
javimansillawell, the book I have was bring here from London23:55
javimansillaI should go to the library and ask again then...23:56
javimansillaanyways, I was just checking the DynamicSequenceWidget you have in the book23:56
javimansillasomething like that is what you suggest?23:56
philiKONwell, yes23:57
javimansillaok, I'll take a deep look to that. Thanks a lot23:58
philiKONexcept that that widget is a sequencewidget23:58
philiKONyou'll have to write a choice widget23:59
javimansillaI'll inherint from dropdownWidget23:59

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