IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2007-07-27

philiKON_TresEquis is reviving zope.bobo?00:01
philiKON_J1m: re egg day: theuni, uwe and I were discussing a cleanup sprint at europython00:03
philiKON_J1m: to be scheduled at the end fo september00:03
philiKON_cleanup as in dependency cleanup00:03
TresEquisphiliKON_: I just tried making an egg of it, which led me to the sulphurous hairball that is
fsufitchanybody here familiar with i18n?00:05
fsufitchi need some help with it00:05
lisppaste6fsufitch pasted "Traceback" at
srichterfsufitch: I am here00:06
fsufitchk good :)00:06
Lumieresrichter: see traceback pasted above ;)00:06
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*** jodok_ has joined #zope3-dev00:07
srichterI have no idea what this error is00:07
srichterit will require some serious debugging00:07
srichterfirst you have to find the location in the page template where this happens00:07
fsufitchi did00:07
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fsufitch        <h3 i18n:translate="">00:08
fsufitch          Import Competencies00:08
fsufitch        </h3>00:08
fsufitchweait no00:08
Lumierethat isn't it, it's a piece generated from a zcml00:08
srichterdid you specify an i18n domain in the scope of the call?00:08
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fsufitchalthough i barely have a notion of what u mean...00:09
fsufitchthis was in an ftest00:09
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fsufitchwhere i just did getLink("Import Competencies").click()00:09
srichterwell, where in the template is the "i18n:domain" decalration (btw, I am just guessing that this might be the problem)00:10
fsufitchin the <html>00:10
lisppaste6Lumiere annotated #45180 with "page zcml" at
srichtermh, then I have no idea00:11
srichteryou have to use the debugger to see what's going on00:12
Lumierek -> eldar ;)00:12
TresEquisthe dance to register a custom publication object looks *way* too hard00:16
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TresEquisJ1m: did you ever have zope.bobo actually wired up into a server?  Or were you just playing around in doctests?00:24
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J1mphiliKON_, that sounds good.00:44
J1mTresEquis, I thought I hooked it up w wsgi, but I don't remember for sure.00:45
TresEquisI get the feeling that there is about five times too much machinery there as needed00:45
J1mThe dance to set this up with or is a mess.00:45
TresEquisfor instance, why is the publication not looked up as an adapter to the request00:45
J1mCould be.00:46
philiKON_publication and request are usually created together00:46
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philiKON_at least that's how it is in plain zope 300:46
philiKON_why should i know, i didn't write that :)00:47
TresEquisit looks as though it tries to reuse the publication *instance* across requests, which is just silly00:47
TresEquisif IPublication were and adapter interface00:47
TresEquisthen all its API would lose the 'request' argument00:47
J1mI don't really remember the details and can't look atm.00:47
TresEquisand the publisher would just adapt the request00:47
J1mI'm sure major improvements could be made.00:47
philiKON_that much is certain00:47
TresEquiswe could move all the silly traversal logic out of the request, too00:47
*** philiKON_ is now known as philiKON00:48
TresEquissince that is inherently a policy of the publication object00:48
philiKONyes yes yes00:48
TresEquisso object publication would consist of:00:48
TresEquis1. adapt request to IPublication00:48
* philiKON looks into his magic ball and sees a branch of zope.publisher coming up00:48
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TresEquis2. call the IPublication methods in template fashion until the publication says stop00:49
TresEquiswe could then throw out all the 'requestpublicationfactory' nonsense00:49
TresEquiswhich I can't figure out how to configure now00:50
J1mI doubt we need to use adaptation to get the publication.00:50
philiKONTresEquis: it's nasty00:50
philiKONTresEquis: grok does it00:50
J1mUse Python luke.00:50
J1mand wsgi00:50
J1mand paste00:50
philiKONbut something needs to create the publication00:50
TresEquisthe publication object could just turn into the WSGI application00:50
J1mI though philiKON  cleaned all this up w his paste work. :)00:50
philiKONand making the publication an adapter of request seems quite good00:50
philiKONJ1m:  i merely provided tiny shims over what's there already ;)00:51
philiKONTresEquis: almost00:51
J1mI think the application setup code could do it.00:51
philiKONTresEquis: there's which ends up creating request + publication00:51
J1mIt's not like a single application is going to have more than one.00:51
TresEquisJ1m:  adaptation might be needed to allow DAV traversal to differ from "normal" traversal00:51
philiKONdifferent kinds of requests have different kinds of publications00:52
philiKONat least right now00:52
J1mbut I really don't have time for an on-line design session though. :)00:52
philiKONmay not be a good idea00:52
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J1mgood point00:57
J1m+1 :)00:57
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benjijust about to work on leak #2 a little05:42
benjihmm, wrong chan05:45
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goschtli ┬┤ve a question about the wsgi stuff, espacially the work zopeproject from philipp. Is the wsgi, paste_deploy stuff only a development option or should this be used in production as well. If so how is the performance related to zserver?10:38
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ChrisWmornin' all, where do I find the actual provideAdapter call that results from a zcml <adapter> directive?12:46
ChrisWI'm specifically interested in what turns the * into whatever it gets turned into...12:46
wiggyit gets turned into zope.interface.Interface12:47
wiggyI'm guessing zope.component12:47
ChrisWsee, I reckon it gets turned into None12:47
wiggyafaik it doesn't12:48
ChrisWwell exactly, hence trying to find the code ;-)12:48
wiggyzcml doesn't directly result in a provideAdapter call, there is delayed init involved12:48
ChrisWyeah, I'd imagine an action gets created during zcml parsing which later results in the provideAdapter call12:49
ChrisWhowever, the action contains all the parameters12:49
ChrisWso I suspect the parsing is done before then12:49
wiggyit is immediately parsed12:49
ChrisWyeah, and I reckon it's the parsin that turns the * into something12:50
ChrisWI guess that's the code I'm looking for12:50
ChrisWit's not in zope.component12:50
ChrisWI suspect it's in, I'm just trying to figure out where12:50
bigkevmcdmaybe put an error in and look at the traceback?12:54
projekt01ChrisW, * represents None12:55
projekt01This is done in zope.configuration.fields.GlobalObject / fromUnicode12:56
ChrisWprojekt01: thanks, who are you?12:56
projekt01The field converts the * to None and the adapter registry uses None as discriminator12:56
projekt01ChriW, Roger Ineichen12:57
ChrisWaha, thought I rememberedthe projekt01 ;-) Thanks Roger!12:57
ChrisWI think I may have found some weirdness with adapter looks preference, just playing around to see if I can reproduce...13:00
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baijumJ1m, can you update this page to redirect to PyPI page :
J1mI've never seen this page before.15:58
J1mI wonder who created it.15:58
baijumwell, I found some peoples still referring to that outdated page15:59
*** rcrafton has joined #zope3-dev15:59
J1mMan, I wish history worked on all objects. :(15:59
J1mGod the redirector mechanism is totally INSANE!16:01
wiggywhat is it?16:01
J1mYou don't want to know.16:02
J1mwhoever invented that thing ...16:04
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derek_richardsonhow does OFS.Folder.Folder relate to Is OFS used in z2.10 and app used in 3.x?16:48
zagyofs is z216:50
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philiKONderek_richardson: except that uses BTree storage, OFS.Folder.Folder doesn't18:31
philiKONderek_richardson: i suggest using Products.BTreeFolder2 for anything meaningful18:31
derek_richardsonphiliKON: this isn't meaningful, it's just ftests. But I'll ftest BTreeFolder2, as well as the OFS Folder. Thanks!18:35
philiKONfor ftests, OFS.Folder is sufficient18:35
philiKONno need to double the work18:35
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fdrakeSo, where's the right place to report bugs in z3c.configurator?21:02
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fdrakesrichter: You here?21:15
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fdrakeIs there a known tracker for bugs in the z3c packages?21:24
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projekt01fdrake, svn://
projekt01probably outdated21:30
fdrakeprojekt01: Probably not.  ;-)  What I want is to report a bug in z3c.configurator.21:32
projekt01Ah, I don't know what is the state of the art for report a bug right now. Probably launchpad since the community is not able to develope a own bugtracker.21:34
projekt01fdrake, what is the issue?21:35
fdrakePerhaps so.21:35
projekt01You can tell me what is the issue, I'll fix that.21:36
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fdrakeThe requiredPlugins() function can enter an infinite recursion because it doesn't keep track of what it's looking at in each iteration of _add().21:36
fdrakeTaking note of the items as it enters _add() avoids that.21:36
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projekt01Did you fix this allready?21:37
fdrakeI have a patch, but it's a hack; I've only used that package a very little, and probably don't understand the full requirements.21:38
fdrakeI'll get the patch I made...21:38
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projekt01fdrake, does this not avoid recursions: if not dep in res:21:42
projekt01line: 6121:42
fdrakeNo, that's too late.21:42
fdrake--- src/z3c/configurator/        (revision 78320)21:43
fdrake+++ src/z3c/configurator/        (working copy)21:43
fdrake@@ -54,8 +54,11 @@21:43
fdrake     # interfaces may change during execution21:43
fdrake     plugins = getAdapterFactories(component,21:43
fdrake                                   specific=False)21:43
fdrake+    seen = set()21:43
fdrake     def _add(name, res):21:43
fdrake+        if name in seen:21:43
fdrake+            return21:43
fdrake+        seen.add(name)21:43
fdrake         deps = getattr(plugins[name], 'dependencies', ())21:43
fdrake         for dep in deps:21:43
fdrake             if not dep in res:21:43
fdrakeHope that came through ok.21:43
fdrakeI don't have tests; was trying to get something else working.21:43
fdrakeI don't have time to write a proper test, probably for a couple of weeks at least.21:43
projekt01I can do that tomorrow21:44
fdrakeThat would be great!  I'll be keeping an eye on the checkins.  ;-)21:44
projekt01Thanks too for reporting21:45
projekt01Have a nice weekend21:45
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fdrakeThank you!  Go have some fun.  :-)21:46
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projekt01fdrake, it's fixed, can you check this?23:04
projekt01fdrake, it's only in the trunk, no EGG.23:04
fdrakeSure, in just a few minutes.  Ok, that's fine.23:04
projekt01fdrake, do you egg today?23:05
projekt01or are you working with the trunk?23:05
fdrakeThat can wait a little while, or I can do that myself.23:05
fdrakeI've been using eggs wherever possible.23:05
fdrakeI'll need an egg very soon since others are on this project too.23:06
projekt01Can you egg z3c.configurator if it's fixed?23:06
fdrakeSure; no problem.23:06
projekt01Ok, cool23:06
projekt01I also added a test for the fix in the README.txt, e.g. first -> second, second -> first and bang recursion.23:07
fdrakeYep, that's all it takes.  Very cool.23:08
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markusleistprojekt01: hi, still online?23:45
*** jsadjohnson has joined #zope3-dev23:45
markusleistwhat's the best way to transfer form data from z3c addform to a new object in form.AddForm.create().method? there are some different recipes...23:48
markusleisti have some forms with 10-20 attributes and searching for a generic "data-set" in AddForm.create() without data['atr1'], data['atr2'] and so on. / any fine recipes there?23:51
markusleistmaybe later...23:52
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