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minskmazis it appropriate to as zope3 implementation questions here or should that go to the list ?00:43
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philiKONminskmaz: you can always ask questions here, you might simply not get answers :)01:17
philiKONminskmaz: just don't ask questions about questions01:17
minskmazminskmaz understands that - working his way through your book01:18
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minskmazI have an object I would like to be both a container and contained - do I inherit from both in the schema ?01:19
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minskmazerr interface01:19
__selfhey philiKON, do you mind getting notes on your bookexamples here? or maybe email01:19
philiKON__self: email please01:20
philiKONminskmaz: yes, you can do that01:20
minskmazphiliKON: thanks01:21
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__selfI want my <form> action to be "/currentsite/@@search.html",  any ideas how to do it in ZPT?01:26
__selfI just have action="@@search.html" now.. this gets me into trouble when I search from e.g /site/afolder/ (i end up at /site/afolder/@@search.html)01:28
philiKONtal:attributes="action string:${siteobject/@@absolute_url}/@@search.html"01:31
__selftrying to find doc for all these built in tal stuff01:34
__selfhmm ok01:37
philiKONheck, i didn't write that book for nothing01:38
philiKONpeople always critize the state of zope3 docs, but tend to ignore the stuff that's already there01:39
__selfdocs are pretty good i think01:41
__selfif you can find them01:41
philiKONgoogling for "tal spec" works01:42
philiKON"tales spec" works, too01:42
philiKONthose are two of the canonical zpt docs01:42
__selfoh, i googled  zope3 tal01:43
philiKONthat turns up here01:43
philiKONwhich also links to everything you need01:43
__selfsorry :(01:44
__selfbtw your tal gave me a KeyError: 'siteobject'01:48
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philiKON__self: no shit. you're supposed to replace that with whatever 'currentsite' should be01:52
__selfwell, that doesn't work either01:53
philiKONyes it does. your'e just doing it wrong01:53
philiKONwhat i called siteobject is actually supposed to be an object01:54
__selfcan't it magically figure out what the current site is?01:54
philiKONso you need to get hold of that object and put it01:54
philiKONmagically. right...01:54
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philiKONyou can do   {request/getApplicationURL}/@@search.html i believe01:57
philiKONanyway, the request has a bunch of url methods01:57
philiKONall of this is much easier in grok :)01:58
__selfI'm gonna struggle with this for a while and then learn grok, to realize how much time i've wasted02:06
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goplusHi together, seems to be down.22:04
d2mhi, i've already posted to zope-web mailing list, no response so far22:05
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benjihmm, that's wierd; ZRPCError: bad handshake 'Z303'23:08
benjilooks like storage2 is running an older ZODB, that's strange23:09
benjihmm, wrong chan :P23:11
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