IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-07-30

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maltheis there a way to fall back from an expression in a page template that throws an Unauthorized exception?02:04
maltheI can't seem to avoid getting redirected to the login page02:05
philiKONtal:on-error ?02:05
* malthe googles02:05
malthephiliKON: it's funny, because I'm trying to use the contentratings package by alec mitchell and I wonder how his example template would ever work.02:05
maltheas I can see it would never correctly fall back for anonymous users.02:06
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malthetal:on-error works; I'll write him and ask if he ever tried out his code :-)02:10
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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:36
projekt01can anybody fix the linux tests in zope3recipe and make an egg. I implemented the missing windows support02:38
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romanofskimoin :)09:41 is down?09:42
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d2mzagy: yes, still searching a person with sysadmin rights09:52
d2mits a pitty09:53
markusleistsrichter: Hi, do you know any recipe for z3c.form and (some kind of) references to objects?09:54
baijumd2m, is hosted by people ?09:55
d2mi've already posted to zope-web mailing list09:55
baijumdid you contacted their admin, I have noted this contact address before: "Bas van der Linden,"09:56
d2mno, i've no contact there at all, will send him a message, thanks09:56
baijumd2m, thanks09:57
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markusleistprojekt01: moin10:15
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markusleistdoes anyone know a recipe for z3c.form and (some kind of) references to objects?10:27
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bigkevmcdin' all10:57
d2mbaijum: bas from restarted the server hosting the wiki, seems like thinks work again now10:58
baijumd2m, ok10:59
projekt01Hm, is down.11:15
d2mnot from here11:16
baijumnot from here also (India)11:17
projekt01Hm, you are right, periodocly I receive some bytes11:18
projekt01but only two or three bytes per minute11:19
baijumprojekt01, does your svn access to woks fine ?11:20
projekt01no there is no response from the svn server11:21
bigkevmcdit works fine for me11:23
projekt01probably a WLAN problem here? I'll restart my network things.11:24
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projekt01baijum, that was my WLAN which was slow11:58
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baijumprojekt01, ah, ok (I asked for svn access because both and are same machines)12:00
d2mmail server is on it too, its name is cvs.zope.org12:01
baijumbuildobot is also in that machine, I think12:01
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projekt01baijum, thanks for the info12:37
markusleistprojekt01: 2 minutes for an advice?13:00
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junkafarianhi *13:35
junkafarianis there a way to restrict permissions to the creator of an object13:36
projekt01markusleist, yes13:36
junkafarianor do i have to write a checker13:36
markusleistprojekt01: do you know any recipe/docu for z3c.form and (some kind of) references to objects? (some kind of "Select Widget of Object-Ref-Vocab.")13:37
projekt01junkafarian, you can define own permissions and register a view with this permission13:37
projekt01markusleist, I don't understand: reference of objects?13:38
junkafarianprojekt01: but doesnt that apply to all objects created with that permission by any user13:38
junkafarianis there a way to restrict a user from only editing their own objects?13:39
projekt01Ah, yes, then you need to set a local permission, you can deny a principal for a permission on a instance.13:39
junkafarianhow would i do that?13:39
projekt01There is a adapter ;-)13:40
* junkafarian loves adapters :D13:40
junkafarianwhere may i find this adapter? :P13:40
projekt01just found it, IPrincipalPermissionManager13:41
* junkafarian looks into it13:41
markusleistWhat will be the best method to store a list of (references to) n objects in an other objects attributes and edit this list via z3c.forms?13:41
markusleistmy usecase: i've implemented an "event-crossbar" which will emit signals to a list of other objects configured in ZODB.13:43
projekt01markusleist, aha, I was thinking you are looking for a buildout recipe. I probably was looking to deep into the eggs.13:43
projekt01markusleist, you need to implement a sequence widget for your list field.13:44
projekt01there is allready a bsic sequence widget implementation, but there is no add and edit view for the sequence widget.13:45
projekt01The does haqave one. I guess we need to implement the same for z3c.form.13:45
markusleistthere are some implementations of reference storages out there. any recipe for such a list in e.g. formdemo?13:45
projekt01don't use the word recipe for concepts, because we use the name recipe for the builout process ;-)13:47
markusleistsorry, my mistake13:48
projekt01Hm, are you looking for a data storage in a form or a field widget?13:48
projekt01There is a dict storage for form data and a field storage, if you asking for that.13:49
markusleistno, no data storage:13:49
markusleista list of references to other objects: the browser widget must offer a "chooser for Objects" in form of a list with 'add obj' and 'del obj'-button or a multiple selection box of (titles) of my object list.13:52
markusleistok, refs are data, too - but the referenced objekts will be changed in an own dialog. precise my central object does'n have a list, but a set of refs. to other objs.13:55
junkafarianprojekt01: so basically i have to create a custom permission per user and attribute that to each object they create?13:57
junkafariansorry for the naivity13:58
markusleistOr should i use a z3c.form-Select-Widget with object-uid in the vocabulary?14:01
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markusleisthmm, should i implement a list of object-uids or a list of "reference to object"? any example or other hint in z3c.form?14:05
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junkafarianisn't there a more pythonic way to restrict editing an object to the object's creator?14:15
junkafarianor does the object only store creation info in the Dublin Core annotations => leading to it not being implemented as base functionality?14:17
junkafarianmeh i suppose i can just write a condition into the editing methods14:18
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markusleistprojekt01: i will try to adapt the DateSelectWidget-example from z3c.formdemo.addressbook to my set of object-uids - thnx.14:34
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projekt01junkafarian, restrict a method access is Ok, but be aware not forget doing this everywhere you need to. Deny permissions will be a better choice if you need to make sure the user don't have access to the object/attribute at all.14:49
CrippsFXfirst time I've ever seen the NotYet(object) exception ... what does it mean?14:54
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junkafarianprojekt01: basically it is a video publishing system and we only want the user that uploaded the video to be able to edit it15:14
junkafarianhowever the container will have lots of videos15:15
junkafarianso i dont want to tar the whole folder with a permission that allows any user to edit any video15:17
dennis_crippsfx for me usually that means I am doing something which requires the object to be locatable (have a __parent__ hierarchy) and it doesn't yet (since i just cerated it)15:18
CrippsFXdennis_: I see. That makes sense (I couldn't figure that out directly by looking at where NotYet was raised).15:20
CrippsFXhm. I guess I'll have to explicitly set the __parent__ then.15:20
srichtermarkusleist: what are you looking for with repsect to z3c.form?15:20
dennis_use locate(obj, parent, name)   .. from zope.location.location15:20
CrippsFXdennis_: kk. will do.15:21
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dennis_(though if you add to a container it should do it already)15:21
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markusleistsrichter: i'm looking for an "object-browser-widget" to refs or uids of objects in ZODB15:29
markusleistsrichter: now i'm working on my adaption of DateSelectWidget-example from z3c.formdemo.addressbook to my set of object-uids - thnx for the moment / sorry, i have to dive deeper into z3c.form, first15:29
srichterthere is no object browser widget15:29
CrippsFXdennis_: yeah, I figured the __parent__ should already be taken care of because the object is being put into a container ... I don't know why it's not doing it automagically ... but then again, I'm pretty sure this component is one giant hack.15:29
markusleistthat is my problem15:30
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srichtermarkusleist: the requirements for object/reference widgets are all over the place and not well defined15:31
dennis_cripps if the container itself is an attribute of some object, it does not have __parent__ pointing to the real object, and you get the same effect15:31
srichtermarkusleist: before implementing a reference widget, you first need a reference field15:31
srichtermarkusleist: I think this would make a great third-party package.15:31
dennis_(cripps as opposed to the object itself being a container)15:31
junkafarianis there not a way to restrict permissions to an objects creator? :(15:32
CrippsFXdennis_: actually ... I've made the container an attribute of a view class ...15:32
CrippsFXso that might explain the weird behaviour :)15:32
dennis_view classes have short lifespans, i think15:32
CrippsFXdennis_: yep. That's the intention.15:32
dennis_but i dont know what you're tring to do anway :)15:33
markusleistsrichter; but: all my objects have an uid-attribute, so an multiple-list auf this uids can be used as my "1:n"-relation, or?15:33
CrippsFXdennis_: goes words to the effect of: query a database, make a container, display said container and then throw it away so that next time I want to view the data, it's fresh.15:33
markusleistthere are some implementaions of references in ZODB, right?15:33
dennis_junkafarian look into, for example IPrincipalRoleManager or IPrincipalPermissionManager15:33
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junkafariandennis_: but do i have to create a new permission for each user/object?15:34
dennis_cripps so in the update() method you create, and the pagetemplate uses view/data to render ? then i dont know why anything would complain about the NotYet15:34
dennis_junkafarian no, you can have for example mysite.Edit permission, which is NOT granted to any principal by default (or role), and grant it only for that object to a specific principal15:35
dennis_(the owner)15:35
dennis_it's really very flexible, but takes some time to fully appreciate :)15:35
* junkafarian has only been developing on zope for a matter of weeks15:36
junkafarianand is liking it more and more15:36
dennis_junkafarian the IPrincipalPermissionManager grants (or denies) a specific permission to a specific principal, only for that given object (and its children)15:36
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CrippsFXdennis_: actually, I was doing that in the @form.action() method ... *whistles*15:36
junkafariandennis_: perfect!15:37
* junkafarian chases it up15:37
srichtermarkusleist: you can handle this case using a choice field, for which a widget exists15:39
dennis_cripps for forms its a little bit different, i guess, not sure what you're doing anymore :)15:39
srichtermarkusleist: all you have to do it create a vocabulary/source for the choice field15:39
srichtermarkusleist: if you have too many objects to choose from, you might need a custom implementation of a widget for your choice field15:40
srichtermarkusleist: (the default is an option box)15:40
CrippsFXdennis_: yeah ... basically, I have two choice widgets that gather information, and I'm creating a container filled with data retrieved from a database (based on the input from the widgets). Once the form is submitted, I want to display the data in the container.15:40
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markusleistsrichter: thank you - that's the "simple" way. I will write you an email today.15:41
CrippsFXdennis_: thanks to Stephan I got *most* of it figured out. It's just dealing with the errors that had me really confuzzled ;)15:41
dennis_crippsfx wouldn't it be easier to collect the data, and in form.nextURL call a display page with ?argumenta=a&b=b that loads from your database (in the update()) method and displays the info?15:42
CrippsFXdennis_: I've no idea how to use form.nextURL when I don't have a view set up for a non-persistent object ...15:42
dennis_you could have display_table_from_sql.html registered for *, which takes arguments and loads and displays the data15:43
dennis_i use sql for most-popular-page ranking etc15:44
dennis_pull the data in a viewlet15:44
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CrippsFXdennis_: I'm sorry ... do you have an example of a template/function call/registration that I can look at to figure that out?15:45
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CrippsFXdennis_: thanks :)16:01
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CrippsFXdennis_: ahh. That makes a little more sense now.16:04
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benji do I recall correctly that someone has written an xmlrpc authentication plugin?17:20
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srichterbenji: not that I am aware of17:23
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srichterbenji: but it should be easy enough to write :-)17:24
benjislightly less easy than not writing it <wink>17:25
srichterbenji: btw, do you mean forward the authentication request via XML-RPC somewhere or having a plugin for XML-RPC requests17:25
benjithe former17:25
srichterok, right, this does not exist17:26
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dennis_what is the best way to make @@absolute_url and zapi.getAbsoluteURL return everything except the http://server:port/  part?  I am caching some pages but don't want the server part cached in there, it's enough if it is just an absolute /path/to/document  (will getPath() always work?)18:18
srichterdennis_: I would implement a derivative of absoluteURL in zope.traversing.browser that excludes the server part and register it as an alternative anme18:20
dennis_sounds reasonable :)18:21
srichtermaybe call it absolutePath18:22
dennis_am I going to break something by having absolutePaths instead of URLs in my links ?18:22
srichterI don't think so18:27
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dennis_ok that works nicely. thanks :)18:48
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junkafarianerm, i need to grant and deny a user permissions on an object when that object is created, however, the user doesnt have permissions to do that :(19:33
srichterif you do it programmatically, the security framework is turned off and it can be done19:34
junkafarianeg withing the application scripts?19:34
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junkafarianat the moment it is in a __call__ method of a browser:page19:35
junkafarianand it is returning unauthorised19:35
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junkafariansrichter: ^19:36
junkafarianbasically i want the user to get granted the permission to upload a file once they create an object19:37
junkafarianand when the file is uploaded i want to remove the permissions again19:37
srichterremove the security wrapper of the context19:37
junkafarianthe security proxy?19:37
srichteror have a special event listener for "object added event" that hands out the permissions19:38
srichter(the latter would be cleaner I think)19:38
junkafariancant i set it up in the object creation script?19:38
srichterwhat script?19:39
srichteryou mean the add form create() method?19:40
junkafarianthe add form19:40
junkafarianor is that not secure?19:40
srichterthat would be a location you can do it too, but the problem there is that you leave business logic within view code, which is a bad idea19:40
srichtersecurity is not the problem19:40
srichterit's more a separation of concerns issue19:40
junkafarianbest practice? :P19:40
srichterview code should not contain business logic19:41
srichterright ;-)19:41
junkafarianmakes sense!19:41
junkafariancheers ;)19:41
srichterevent listeners are very powerful19:42
srichterand they allow you to implement policy in a aconfined and well-documented way19:42
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junkafarianwould i implement that within the object container?19:43
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junkafarianto monitor the creation of new contained objects?19:43
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srichterno, you use the event framework :-)19:44
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junkafarian[13:36] junkafarian has only been developing on zope for a matter of weeks19:45
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev19:45
junkafarianhavent come across that yet :P19:45
srichtermmh, try one of the books to read up on it19:46
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CrippsFXwould somebody please help me make sense of this traceback:   ... from what I gather, __call__() somewhere is not being called with the correct number of arguments, but because of the way the traceback is presented, I can't tell which part of my code is causing this problem.21:19
bigkevmcdCrippsFX: my reading of it is that whatever template is, it probably isn't what it should be21:20
CrippsFXbigkevmcd: I see.21:21
CrippsFXbigkevmcd: ah. I see, yes. That appeared to be the problem.21:21
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dennis_What is the recommended way for an event handler to get the current principal (I am trying to tag an object revision with the principal id upon modification, currently using queryInteraction(), which works, but maybe isn't the best way)21:29
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CrippsFXdennis_, srichter : thanks for the help you guys have been giving me ... after much deliberation and experimentation, I must mention this: the problem I'm having with my current task is not *getting* the information, it's displaying it (i.e. getting a handmade template to render) ... you both mention "the template can now use the data" in your advice to me, but I need to know *how* to get the template to display correctly. Stephan, I'm using22:38
CrippsFXthe method you gave me, where the event handler takes care of assigning the retrieved data to a view attribute.22:38
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CrippsFXI'm going home for the night. I'll check the irc logs in the morning.22:43
dennis_you'd have to show the view code and the template22:44
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srichterCrippsFX: there are several ways to attach the template23:46
srichter(1) assign the ``template`` attribute to the form23:46
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