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srichter(2) set the template within the <page> directive00:21
srichter(3) use the viewtemplate/template pattern from z3c to assign a template00:21
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edgordonI want to allow site users to configure addable content via a local utility. all the content will implement interfaces that extend a single base interface class. what is the best way to get a list of all classes that implement this base class?00:59
srichteredgordon: register their factories under a special IMyFactory interface01:02
edgordonand i would need to do that per item?01:04
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junkafariandoes anyone know how i cant manage principal permissions in file representation views13:00
junkafariani added an FTP credentials plugin to the PAU13:00
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dennis_the view is registered for a context, and the permission of the context is what is considered (both for wether the view is available to the current principal, and what information of the context it can access)13:36
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junkafariandennis_: i am trying to edit the permissions on an object for a specific principal which should prevent them for viewing the object13:49
junkafarianhowever when i log in via FTP it does not reference the correct permissions13:50
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junkafarianin fact i cant seem to restrict any permissions on the objects in the FTP view14:16
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junkafarian^^ anyone? :(14:49
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dennis_junkafarian you could paste some code/configs and hope people have a look15:14
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lisppaste6junkafarian pasted "File Representation Configuration" at
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lisppaste6junkafarian annotated #45391 with "" at
junkafarian^ re previous questions15:42
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dennis_junkafarian I don't have any immediate ideas .. sorry, do you set the permissions on the right object? (folder versus object etc)16:04
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junkafarianbasically the video objects are being displayed as folders16:04
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junkafarianso i can attribute/process various files to them16:05
junkafarianso i restricted the permissions on a video object16:05
junkafarian(eg to stop it being listed)16:05
junkafarianhowever it was still there16:05
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junkafariani cant seem to restrict the permissions on any object16:06
Crippssrichter: I've tried setting the template attribute by doing "self.template = ViewPageTemplateFile('templates/')" in the button handler, and I get "TypeError: __call__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given)" as the final line of the traceback, and when I set template in the <page> directive, after the button is clicked, it just kicks me back to my form and prints out self.status ... I get the same thing with z3c.template/z3c.viewtempl16:06
dennis_showing the video as a folder, or showing its contents ?16:06
junkafarianthe video doesnt contain any objects16:07
dennis_cripps if you set self.template like that, you must do    self.template = BoundedPageTemplate( ViewPageTemplateFile(''), self )16:07
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junkafarianhowever the code in synthesises files to display16:08
junkafarianso there is a metadata/data file ending in ".info"16:08
junkafarianhowever, you can also upload a video file which will then be processed by the logic16:09
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dennis_junkafarian the idea is quite cool, I will someday need to have something like that :) but I'm not sure what is causing the problems right now16:17
junkafariandennis_: if you're interested have a look at
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junkafariandennis_: + thanks for looking ;)16:20
dennis_are your users hardcoded in the principals.zcml or in some kind of principal folder?16:20
junkafarianin a principal folder16:21
junkafarianonly the permissions/roles are hardcoded16:21
dennis_do you keep videos in the zodb ?   (getting a bit off-topic reading your architecture docs)16:22
junkafarianon the filesystem16:23
junkafarianwe need to provide a scalable framework16:23
dennis_ah yeah could have told that from your code :)16:23
Crippsdennis_: ahh. thank you. Is BoundedPageTemplate in the same package as ViewPageTemplateFile ?16:26
edgordonthe 'add' menu doesn't seem to do any sort of checking to respect item prconditions. is there a standard way to do this (ie, items are only shown in the add menu if they can actually be added)16:33
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Crippsdennis_: yeah, it was "BoundPageTemplate" ... but yeah, that was exactly what it's looking for, now it's no longer bitching to me about classes, but about errors in the template file. Thanks :)16:52
dennis_and another step closer :)16:53
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Crippsdennis_: that's the truth ... and that's all I can reasonably ask for ;)17:01
* junkafarian is still struggling with his FTP view :(17:02
* junkafarian feels ignorant17:02
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Crippsdennis_: excellent ... now that I have my template errors fixed, it works BEAUTIFULLY ... I'm excited now ...17:06
Crippswanna go for a beer? ;)17:07
CrippsphiliKON: is the third edition of your book going to have a section on formlib?17:07
Crippsdennis_: :)17:07
philiKONCripps: the 2nd ed. already has17:08
CrippsphiliKON: which chapter is that?17:08
philiKONchapte r817:08
philiKONor so17:08
CrippsphiliKON: right ... custom add and edit forms.17:08
Crippsforgot about that ;)17:09
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* junkafarian has found philiKON's book very helpful17:11
Crippsjunkafarian: I think you speak for everyone when you say that.17:11
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junkafarianCripps: :P17:12
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Crippswe really should stop saying that every time Phil comes around though ... it might start getting to his head ;)17:12
junkafarianphiliKON: I did run into trouble with the example code in on Authentication and User Management :P17:13
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* philiKON afk17:13
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junkafarianonly open to praise eh? :P17:14
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* junkafarian apologises in advance18:30
junkafariani dont suppose any one has had a chance to have a look into my earlier query :(18:30
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* junkafarian takes that as a no18:43
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* junkafarian renews his plea for FTP permissions help :(19:16
junkafarian / and apologises for his repetition and ignorance19:17
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junkafarianis there some kind of FTP authentication plugin/check that i am not doing?19:20
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edgordonso, am i correct in observing that the 'add' menu in the zmi respects 'contains' rules but does not check preconditions?22:01
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tdoggettesrichter: Me and AVN`are having problems with the testbrowser.23:12
tdoggetteIt sees only a schooltool calendar, no matter what it's pointed at.23:12
tdoggetteeldar said you said it might be a zcml problem?23:13
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srichtertdoggette: make sure your ftesting.zcml file includes all the package configuration that you expect it to23:31
tdoggetteYup. Looks all normal to me.23:32
tdoggetteThat is, it includes the package we're testing in the list.23:32
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ayersHello... I've got a user question which no-one on #zope was able to help me with... I'd appreciate if someone here could simply point to the coorect manual so I can RTFM23:47
ayersI'm looking for a Zope3 - schema based example in which the "Bytes" contents of an attribute is rendered as a link to a temporarly created file.23:47
ayersI've tried adapting the PDF example in the Web Components Development with Zope 3 book but I'm having little success.23:48
ayersI get: "TypeError: The result should be adaptable to IResult" when I tried to adapt that example23:48
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instantfooayers: hmm.. make a that returns the tempfile and add a @property decorator?23:56
instantfoo*make a function23:56

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