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ayersinstantfoo: My function already returns a tempfile but I'm not quite sure what you mean by adding a @property decorator00:02
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ayersI've also tried returning a File with the same results00:09
philiKONayers: first of all you need to think of a reproducible URL of that temporary file00:11
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philiKONlet's say you have http://localhost/path/foo which resolves to this object that has the Bytes attribute00:11
philiKONthen you could make the Bytes contents available for download at e.g. http://localhost/path/foo/download00:12
philiKONwhich means you want to write a view for the 'foo' object called 'download'00:12
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philiKONin that view, you simply return the bytes data to the client00:13
philiKONan efficient way of doing that is to write the data to a temp file and simply return that tempfile00:13
philiKONthe zope publisher will efficiently stream the data to the client00:14
philiKONthis is explained in my book, for example. http://worldcookery.com00:14
ayersphiliKON: Thanks... but are you sure that the tempfile should work? (I tried to extrapolate from the PDF code in the book.00:15
philiKONwhat do you mean am i sure? you think i write bollocks in my book? ;)00:15
ayersBut returning the tempfile gave me the TypeError00:15
ayersNo :-)00:16
ayersI think I'm just missing some fundamental detail00:16
philiKONshow me the traceback pls00:16
philiKONnot here please00:17
philiKONplease paste it somewhere00:17
ayersACK... the app just takes a few until it's up...00:20
philiKONsure, np00:21
lisppaste6ayers pasted "tempfile rendering traceback" at
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ayersphiliKON: does that help you already?00:32
* philiKON takes a look00:32
philiKONhave you tried the not-named version?00:33
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philiKONi think it's called TemporaryFile00:33
philiKONthat should work00:33
philiKONi'm surprised that NamedTemporaryFile doesn't work00:33
ayersI can try with TemporaryFile just a sec....00:34
philiKONif so, that shoudl be fixed00:34
philiKONyou don't really need the NamedTempFile anyway00:34
philiKONbtw, this code is probably best put directly into the browser page00:35
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ayersWow!!! that did make the difference!00:37
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ayersI would love to have it in the browser page...00:38
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edgordoni am having a lot of trouble setting up a container constraint based on a local utility. my main problem is that the zcmi 'add' menu doesn't seem to respect my constraints. it still shows items as addable even though adding them will return the (correct) Invalid error. do i just need to make a custom menu to get this done?01:37
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edgordonugh. love when my battery dies just after i ask a question01:42
nathanyanyone know of a buildout recipe for compiling .po files -> .mo files?01:43
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ayersphiliKON: Thanks a lot... I've been able to reduce my code to the view that configures the response and returns the temporary file... know I'm trying to find a way to create a link to the uri as you mentioned above [the URI itself already works, I just would like I link in the object's form]... I suppose I need to play with a URI attribute in the schema...02:00
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philiKONwhy so complicated?02:01
philiKONjust link to ${obj/@@absolute_url}/download02:01
philiKON(provided that 'download' is the name of the view you wrote)02:01
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* ayers is a newbie... and still needs to wade through lots of documentation... 02:03
ayersThanks for the pointer... let me see what I can come up with.02:04
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ayersphiliKON: Thanks, I've got the link on the page... but actually I think I'd like to tie it in as a "custom widget" for the Bytes attribute [so that it is rendered at the 'correct' place with the rest of the attributes]. Let me see if I can do that by following the examples in Chapter 8...02:20
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instantfooayers: sorry for not answering you earlier, but I guess philiKON gave a decent answer ;)02:34
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instantfoonow I have a Q, before reloading a mo-file it displays one of my translations as "Save", as expected.. but..02:38
instantfoowhen i reload the mo-file, not changing a single thing, it all of displays this translation as "heading-save" instead of the earlier "Save"02:39
instantfooany ideas what causes this? I didn't even change anything.. just reloaded mo-file02:39
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instantfoobtw, the default for this one is "Save" and the msgstr is ""02:40
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instantfooi mean... the msgid shouldn't be displayed when there is a Default set?02:54
philiKONsounds like a bug02:54
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instantfooi'm gonna mess around some more here, see what happens03:02
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romanofskimoin :)09:41
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huajiegood morning romanofski10:19
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regebroI have a memory of somebody using a specific name for eggs that have dots in the name, like, and so on. Was that dotted-path eggs, or something else?10:25
* regebro thought it was dotted-path eggs, but can't find any references to that....10:26
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wiggynamespace eggs?10:30
wiggyor namespace packages10:30
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regebrowiggy: yeah, that might it...10:31
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regebroWingIDE 2.1 doesn't seem to support it, namely. I need to request that 3.0 does. :-)10:34
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wiggyI'm quite sure MJ has a Wing version that supports them10:36
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regebrowiggy: Oh, cool. Who is MJ. :-)10:42
wiggymartijn pieters10:43
wiggycurrently on vacation :)10:43
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regebroOK, nice. I'll mail him and see.10:44
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bauerweb component development with Zope 3. Second Edition Chapter 7 fig. 7.1 wont work ?12:31
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bauerLook like zcml is ignored12:33
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junkafarianmorning *12:39
bauerOkey where do i report an error in web component development with Zope 3. Second Edition ?12:50
romanofskibauer: you mean phillips book?12:54
CSWookiebauer: Likely you'd report it to publisher or auther.12:54
romanofskijoin #worldcookery12:54
romanofskiand tell it philikon12:54
bauerokey thx12:54
philiKON_bauer: please write me an email12:54
romanofskiit's the philiKON_12:54
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* junkafarian is still having trouble with his FTP permissions problem from yesterday13:00
junkafariansorry to be a pain :S13:01
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d2mjustr a quick question: is this a joke ) is is there a real password sent to the list ?14:39
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benjid2m: no joke; It looks like google groups is subscribed via that user with that password14:44
benjiI think I'll change the password to something stronger.14:44
benjipassword changed; also turned off password notification14:46
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bigkevmcdhappy mailman day indeed :-)14:47
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srichterJ1m: I would like to release a new version of zc.zoep3recipes now that Roger has added Windows support; could you make me an owner of that package, please?16:52
J1msure, what is your pypi id?16:52
srichterJ1m: ^16:53
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J1msrichter, done17:27
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edgordonis something funny going on w/ the cheeseshop?21:53
edgordoni am having trouble w/ them having the cheese i want (zope.contentprovider)21:54
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edgordonanyone care to try and see the cheeseshop website for me? i can't see it and i also can't grab packages21:58
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benjiedgordon: yep, it's down22:06
edgordonok, thanks. glad it isn't my problem22:06
benjiI've reported the outage to catalog-sig (the keepers of PyPI)22:06
edgordonthe irony of the cheeseshop not carrying any cheeses is not lost on me22:06
benjithat's just the issue, it /is/ a problem for you22:06
benjiif you're using a buildout you can use ppix instead22:07
edgordoni have no shortage of other work. it can wait22:07
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edgordonback up22:10
* benji backs up.22:10
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edgordonis zope.contentprovider going away or something? i am having trouble finding it anywhere but svn.zope.org22:22
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