IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-08-04

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hunger__hey all, got a question been googling around for awhile, but I have a zope server connected to a postgres DB.  When I run a result set in psql things work fine, but when in zope, it seems as if its returning a cached resultset.  It works fine if I close/open my connection but once I run a few queries the result sets seem to return a cached set.  I have the cache time set to zero as well as the cache set limit.  Any ideas?  Thanks,01:09
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projekt01J1m, how do the meta.zcml get loaded by a buildout. Do I have to write a own configure.zcml which loads them?01:18
projekt01Or does this get generated by something?01:18
J1mbuildout has nothing to do with meta.zcml.01:19
J1msome recipes might.01:19
J1mthe zc.zope3recipes:application recipe doesn't load anything you don't tell it to load.01:19
projekt01Is there something which I can register and this get generated?01:20
projekt01Or should I write a recipe for that?01:20
projekt01btw, I'm working on a svn recipe which allows to checkout from svn by a list of svn:externals01:21
J1mYou put whatever you want in the site.zcml option or in something included by that.01:21
J1mI don't use a recipe to generate anything.01:22
J1mMany of my projects have:01:22
J1msite.zcml = <include package="mypackage" />01:23
projekt01Ah, I see, cool01:23
J1m(Arguably, there should be an option that just names some package.)01:23
J1mThem mypackage's configuration.zcml includes meta.zcml and other zcml files.01:24
projekt01I understand01:24
projekt01btw, did you take a look at the win support in zope3recipe?01:24
projekt01Do you think a win service should get included there or should this be a own recipe? I think the win service should be a own recipe because its only used for install the service , I don't think a service is started by zdaemon wrapper in production for win01:26
J1mUnfortunately, I don't have time to look at it or to think about it. :(01:29
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J1mI wish I did.01:29
projekt01no problem01:30
projekt01I let you join the weekend now, thanks for the answers01:30
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markusleisthi, i created a thread in my zope3-application like the zope.sendmail.QueueProcessorThread. What i want to do: "fake" a request-context to get a local Utility configured in ZODB and call some methods which will change some object-attributes in ZODB. Any ideas or hints?06:13
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instantfoohi, anyone know a nice way to have a formfield for dublincore's Title in the AddForm for my content component?18:57
instantfooi'm not sure if i should adapt my created post in create or send some stuff with applyChanges.. or meh18:59
lisppaste6instantfoo pasted "formlib" at
instantfooguess i could do something like, IZopeDublinCore(post).title = self.form_fields['title']19:27
philiKON_pretty easy19:38
philiKON_form_fields = Fields(IYourSchema) + Fields(IZopeDublinCore).select('title')19:38
philiKON_then use applyChanges19:38
philiKON_and everything's done automatically19:38
instantfooah, sweet19:41
instantfooyou da man phil'19:41
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jpfariasgood morning20:13
jpfariassomeone knows how to copy objects from one zodb into another?20:14
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