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rocky|awayanyone have any comments on using a buildout that comes from some other revision control system other than svn that doesn't have externals type functionality?14:59
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philiKONrocky|away: what's the problem with that?19:09
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philiKONrocky: you can simply check in buildout.cfg can't you?19:09
rockyphiliKON: it's just that it's so easy to have the svn externals of my buildout's src dir map to places and such for dev19:09
philiKONyeah, i think that sucks :)19:10
rockyso do you use an alternative way? or?19:11
rockybasically i was thinking i'd like to work on my buildout using svk or bzr and realized that the fact that externals are not supported that way hurts me19:11
philiKONi typically use buildout differently19:11
philiKONi use it like we do on svn.zope.org19:12
philiKONeach individual project (=package) has its own area19:12
rockymind describing that? :)19:12
philiKONwith a buildout.cfg19:12
philiKONno svn:externals necessar19:12
philiKONand if i do some sort of deployment using buildout, i refer to eggs19:12
philiKONi admit, svn:externals is a nice way to have development eggs in your buildout19:13
rockyso then you don't normally develop package code within a buildout then?19:13
philiKONyes i do19:13
philiKONwithin that package's buildout19:13
philiKONtake any zope.* package from svn.zope.org19:13
philiKONyou'll see the source code and a buildout.cfg19:13
rockyi get that part...19:14
rockyi guess i'm just not getting my dots connected19:14
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