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romanofskimoin :)10:18
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timteisn't going into 3.4? the 3.4b1 tarball doesn't incllude it12:01
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baijumtimte, was z.a.xmlrpcintrospection released with 3.3 ?12:18
baijumThen, I guess there is very less chance to include it in 3.4 release12:19
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timteIf a schema field has schema=Interface, does it allow dict then?12:29
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junkafarianhi *14:44
junkafarianim having trouble with permissions in the file representation view14:45
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junkafariancan anyone help? :(14:55
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junkafariani dont know how to hide my video objects in my ftp view :(15:56
bigkevmcdjunkafarian: have you tried the mailing list?15:59 rings a bell15:59
junkafariani lisp-pasted my config and python code16:00
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junkafariannot yet16:01
junkafariani'll do that after ive got some lunch16:01
bigkevmcddefinitely your best bet16:01
junkafarianwill do16:01
junkafarianthanks bigkevmcd16:01
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* wiggy has no idea what lisp-pasting is16:02
wiggya paste made that surrounds the pasted text with a dozen parentheses?16:03
benjiwiggy: it's using glue while talking funny16:04
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ccombHi, I have a question about zodb, btrees and iterators17:08
ccombI have a big btree stored in the zodb, is it efficient to use a reversed iterkeys ?17:09
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nerdalertwhat kind of btree is it?17:26
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ccomb(or I could use a IOBTree if I wanted)17:30
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* nerdalert thinks back to his course on file structures.17:55
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nerdalertI'm not sure about the OOBTree implementation, but I think with any BTree, it should be an O( n lg n) operation17:58
wiggyiirc it's documented in the the product17:59
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nerdalertI think it may be easy enough to do some simple testing too18:04
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nerdalertjust write a script to call reverse iterkeys a bunch of time using the timeit module18:05
ccombok thanks18:15
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edgordonin a buildout, where do i set the filetypes that are put into the SOURCES.txt file? zcml and pagetemplates never go in there, and i always have to add them by hand.19:21
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wiggywhat's the relation to buildout?19:24
edgordonsorry, setuptools19:24
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Lumierecan someone suggest what's wrong with the following proxypass?19:36
Lumiere        ProxyPass /
junkafariani think19:36
junkafariansyntax: ++vh++protocol:servername:port/19:37
mgedminLumiere: you don't need the // after http:19:38
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Lumiereok, now the links are rewriting for the vh19:50
Lumierebut the ++skin++something is duplicated every link I click19:50
Lumiereso http://admin.cando.localhost -> http://admin.cando.localhost/++skin++SchoolTool/calendar19:50
Lumiereand if I click a link19:50
Lumiereit adds another ++skin++SchoolTool/ to the URL19:51
Lumiereshould I not have ++skin++SchoolTool in Reverse?19:51
junkafarianit should be identical19:52
Lumiereit is19:52
Lumiere        ProxyPass /
Lumiere        ProxyPassReverse /
junkafariani think it should be
Lumieredidn't matter19:53
Lumiere(tried both)19:54
junkafarianerm shouldnt it be
Lumierecan try that19:55
Lumierethat was it, thank you very much junkafarian19:55
junkafarianno worries :)19:55
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junkafarianbecause the first part is the url you want to access and then the part after ++vh++ is what you want to type in the browser19:56
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rockyanyone know if there's any fancy z3 widgets floating around that support auto-completion in a regular text field ... kind of like tagging fields? (for formlib)20:02
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edgordonrocky: i need something like that too20:19
edgordonbut haven't had any luck20:19
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junkafarianedgordon/rocky: i can see myself needing something like that for the project im working on at the moment too20:20
junkafarianif i find anything ill drop it in here20:20
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edgordonif anyone has time, i am having trouble with setting up a factory. I registered it via a utility declaration but my addMenuItem complains about a CompnentLookupError when i load a page containing an 'add' menu.21:43
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jorge`I am trying to modify how radioWidget renders. What is the right packeage to look at. I have been looking at viewpagetemplatefile, the self.pt_render in and the TALinterpreter in talinterpreter.py23:12
jorge`but I still can not figure out where is the actual rendering code23:12
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fcorreajorge: is this a standard widget? If yes, then you can have take a look in its view that is possibly defined in or zope.form ...don't remember23:18
fcorreaOh...he went already23:18
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LumiereSteveA: are you around?23:27
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SteveALumiere: hi23:45
LumiereSteveA: can you add th1a and I as ops on #schooltool23:47
SteveAI don't have so much to do with schooltool.23:48
SteveAadd ignas though23:48
Lumiereyes, but you're the owner and only access level person23:48
Lumierefor that channel23:48
SteveAoh, I misread23:48
SteveAI thought you were offering to add me :-)23:48
Lumierenope :)23:48
Lumierethank you :)23:48
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