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jodokJ1m: ayt?00:13
jodoki've got a problem with zc.z3monitor (or was it ngi)?00:14
jodokwarning: unhandled write event00:14
jodokwarning: unhandled read event00:14
jodokit wrote about 24GB with these strings00:14
jodoki remember we had that issue a few month ago00:14
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jodokbut i can't remember what the problem was00:14
J1mme neither :(00:14
jodoko.k. :)00:15
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wiggyJ1m: is there a way for a buildout recipe to store internal state somewhere?00:52
wiggyan API to .isntalled.cfg or so?00:53
J1mI don't know what your use case is.00:55
J1manything you stick in options will be stored in .installed.cfg.00:55
wiggyonly recompiling something if a specific option has been changed00:55
J1mYou can only read that data in an uninstall recipe.00:55
wiggyevery change currently runs install which cleans & rebuilds stuff which isn't needed00:56
wiggyso if I copy say options["setting"] to options["old_setting"] it'll persist and I can compare when install is invoked again?00:56
wiggythat'ld be nice00:57
J1mBut is options changes, then your part will be uninstalled.00:57
J1mYou can simply write data into your parts directory and not tell buildout you created the parts directory.00:58
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wiggyhm, and since I stick the place where I compile stuff in options.clear() it's deleted automatically as well00:58
wiggyso I need to do that manually as well00:58
J1mThen it would be up to you to figure out when you had to redo something.00:58
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edgordonwhen i programmatically add a site manager, it doesn't show up in the zmi. i can navigate to it, but i can't see it. any tips on what the problem is?05:04
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tjshaving a real issue with registering utilities that depend on looking up other utilities09:04
tjsif I have a utility that anywhere in its __init__ tries to use getUtility() I get ComponentLookupErrors09:05
tjswhen I try to register my utility09:05
tjsis there some way around this?09:06
tjsperhaps a method I could define on my util that would get called after all utils are setup?09:06
tjsor something..09:06
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romanofskimoin :)09:50
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junkafarianis there a way to reference a requests geographical position within the zope framework?13:30
bigkevmcdwithin the usual limits imposed by what you want to do, might help13:31
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* junkafarian looks sheepish13:34
junkafarianhow do i include that in my local install?13:34
bigkevmcdyou need to put it on your python path13:35
bigkevmcdprobably in your $INSTANCE_HOME/lib/python13:35
bigkevmcdremember that it's a package,'ll want z3c to be in lib/python13:35
bigkevmcdthat does look like you need to licence some service to use it13:36
bigkevmcdIP location isn't very accurate using simple means, I'd presume that they provide a better way13:36
bigkevmcdhave you looked inside the package?13:38
bigkevmcdit seems to use something called "ipligence-basic-demo.txt"13:38
bigkevmcdipligence would appear to be a company?13:38
bigkevmcdalternatively, you could wrap GeoIP13:39
junkafarianlooking at the README13:39
junkafarian^ looks very nice13:39
junkafarianit doesnt need to be accurate13:40
junkafarianit is for content distribution13:40
junkafarianeg where to duplicate files to13:40
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goschtlphiliKON: i have some questions about zope.paste. Do you have a minute?14:24
junkafarianbigkevmcd: worked a treat!14:26
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philiKONgoschtl: just a minute14:38
philiKONgoschtl: btw, zope.paste is obsolete, sorta14:38
philiKONat least IMO14:38
bigkevmcdjunkafarian: which one?14:38
junkafarianthe GeoIP one14:38
philiKONgoschtl: zopeproject is sort of its successor14:38
bigkevmcdjunkafarian: cool14:38
bigkevmcdjunkafarian: I've used it, just not in a Zope3 environment :-)14:38
junkafariannice streamlined API14:38
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lisppaste6goschtl pasted "SOAP" at
goschtli have configured a section in my paste a soap section via urlmap. i have made a factory for optio soaplib. and this works fine. Now my question: Is it possible to access zope in the soap method?14:41
goschtlphiliKON: i have pasted the code of the factory to
philiKONdefine "access"14:43
philiKONyou're in the same python process14:43
philiKONso you can do adapter lookups etc.14:43
goschtli want to return the content of a folder for example14:43
philiKONyou can also invoke the zope.publisher publishing process, perhaps14:43
philiKONthen you need to open the database and get to the object (that folder)14:44
goschtlbut there is no chance to use this as a kind of a view?14:44
goschtlwhich i have a context14:44
philiKONno, you've written a wsgi app14:44
philiKONif you want views, why don't you write a view that can talk soap14:45
philiKONi'm sure ther eare python libraries that can talk soap14:45
goschtlsure it´s just a try to do that in the wsgi way14:46
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philiKONwell, wsgi only knows apps14:46
philiKONand apps communicate using the CGI environment and streams14:46
philiKONthey typically don't communicate using objects14:47
goschtlphiliKON: ok thx for explaining14:47
* philiKON afk14:47
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J1mjodok, ayt?16:07
wiggycan someone remind me the ppix url?16:09
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TheuniWhy does the Zope publication call `transaction.begin` after authenticating against the global authentication utility?16:26
TheuniWhy not before?16:27
TheuniI have the use case that I have an alternate global authentication utility that talks to a database (relational via sqlalchemy) and that has a principal object that holds a reference to the database object that is the user. after transaction.begin() this reference becomes stale.16:28
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mgedminTheuni: doesn't Zope publication pass the authenticated user's name to the transaction?16:49
wiggywhy would it?16:50
wiggyyou could run as multiple users within the same transaction16:51
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Theuniright. and the transaction annotation is done afterwardsa nyway16:59
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timtebenji: I see you're working on lovely.remotetask, there's something that puzzles me about it, do you have a minute?17:20
benjisure; we can both be puzzled17:21
afdtimte, apropos lovely.remotetask, I think there's a bug when editing a cron task17:21
afdthere should be a "self.context.input = inputData" in the editing class17:22
timtebenji: in the doctest README.txt there's a line that does service.add(u'echo', {'foo':'bar'})17:22
afdor else the input data is not saved in the job17:22
timteafd: actually that's not what puzzling me  :)17:22
afdI meant timte, benji and maybe jodok :)17:22
timtebenji: that will add a new Job with job.input being set to {'foo':'bar'}17:22
timtebenji: but IJob schema says that input must be of type Interface17:23
timtebenji: tests pass, but I can't understand why17:23
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jodoksorry, my colloquy has a bug... i couldn't see a message above. only that someone mentioned me17:25
afdjodok: I think there's a bug when editing a cron task17:25
afd there should be a "self.context.input = inputData" in the editing class17:25
benjitwo things: nothing enforces interfaces, so IJob can say anything it wants and if the code works, it'll still work; second, zope.interface.Interface.providedBy(x) works for any value of x17:25
afdI mentioned your nickname when timte said that's not what's puzling him17:25
jodokafd: that's possible :) in case you provide a failing test and a patch, i'm happy to apply it...17:26
benjiwhere "works" means "returns True"17:26
afdjodok: ok17:26
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timtebenji: oh ok, but when doing this in the prompt I get False, I'll check it again17:27
benjihmm, I don't:17:28
benji>>> zope.interface.Interface.providedBy({})17:28
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timte>>> zope.interface.Interface.providedBy({})17:30
timtethis is zope 2.9 though  :)17:30
timtethis must have changed17:31
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J1myes, it changes17:33
timtebetween 3.2 and 3.3 then I guess17:35
J1myes, as part of a major component architecture refactoring and by popular demand.17:35
timtegreat, thanks17:37
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encompasshi guys, I am a GSoC student working with a nifty program called pystart, a program to teach people that basics of python...22:54
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encompassI am using the restricted python module which has been a lifesave for me but I have one issue...22:54
encompassI need to know how to propery get the output of the ta22:54
encompassI need to know how to propery get the output of the stack trace from the restricted code that was executed and place it into a string.  How would you best do that?22:55
encompassSounds off subject, but the guys in python don't use restricted python everyday... zope uses it.  So I am hoping to get a solution through this angle.22:57
philiKONhow is the stack trace of the restricted code different from any other stack trace?22:58
philiKONcan't you simply get it from sys.exc_info?22:58
encompasswell I have it printing to the screen... let me pastebin a snippet22:58
philiKONi don't think RestrictedPython is any different from regular code when it comes to tracebacks22:59
philiKONi might be wrong22:59
philiKONbut all the restricted compiler does is insert more statements22:59
philiKONthe execution is the standard python interpreter22:59
philiKONvia exec23:00
encompassline 1123:00
philiKONso the traceback should be avalable from the standard location23:00
encompasshow would you do it?23:00
encompassthis is something I have never had to do...23:00
philiKONwell, this looks good23:01
philiKONi would probably do it the same way :)23:01
encompassbut it isn't in a variable23:01
encompassthat is the catch in all this23:01
philiKONah, wait23:01
philiKONthat "testing" thing?23:01
encompassjust a sec23:02
philiKONyou're probably using traceback.print_exc wrong23:02
philiKONyou're most definitely misunderstanding how keyword parameters work23:02
encompassit should say file23:02
encompassI was jsut messing and hadn't changed it back sorry23:02
philiKONprint_exc(limit[, file]]) is the signature23:03
philiKONanyway, just to be clear: i don't know what makes you think this is RestrictedPython-specific. This is standard python stuff (not everyday python stuff, but still not particular to RestrictedPython)23:04
encompass is the updated23:04
encompasswell, yeah, I still can't put it into a variable23:04
philiKONbecause you're using the wrong function23:05
philiKONyou should use format_exc23:05
philiKONit's right below print_exc in
philiKONnaturally you *can* use print_exc if you passed it a file object23:05
philiKONe.g. a StringIO23:05
philiKONbut that's just backwards23:06
encompassyeah that is where I think I was going23:06
philiKON... RTFM, dude :)23:06
encompassI did23:06
encompasshave had it in front of my all day23:06
philiKONanyway, still OT here...23:06
philiKONglad to help though23:06
encompassthanks, I will look at it23:06
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* encompass give philiKON a freaking huge hug... my mentor didn't even know how to fix it!23:12
encompassthat did it...23:12
encompassthanks, now I get to go to bed... :D23:13
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