IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2007-08-08

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aelknerCan someone tell me what argument I have to pass to the pt_render function of a template to prevent it from turning my mixed-case tags into lower case?02:08
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instantfoogday mate02:38
tjsinstantfoo: hey02:38
tjsanyone familiar with how zope3 handles adding objects via the zmi?02:38
tjsI've got two folder classes I've developed, one is a subclass of zopes Folder, but handles storing zope objects as well as Storm objects (stored on SQL using canonicals storm orm)02:39
tjsthe other implements all of the various container interfaces, but is stored in sql02:39
tjsafter adding the various bits of zcml to get these addable via the ZMI, I can add the first type (zope folder that can store storm objects)02:40
tjsbut then if I try to add my storm folder inside there (which works just fine in all of my unit tests, both classes pass all of the zope folder tests + more)02:40
tjsI get a traceback, which is the ZODB obviously trying to pickle my storm object02:41
tjswhich is crack, because the folder its being added into knows how to handle storing storm objects02:41
tjs^^ traceback02:41
tjsI'm wondering why adding a new object to a folder doesn't just pass said object into said folder using the folders dict api02:42
tjswhy it tries to stuff it into the zodb02:42
tjsand how I can break that behavior02:42
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philiKONtjs: sounds like you're trying to store a *function* itself02:59
philiKONnot a storm object03:00
philiKONstoring an object in a folder is as simple as folder['name'] = obj03:00
philiKONthe question is what the folder does with that03:00
philiKONif it puts the obj into an OOBTree, it's stored persistently in the ZODB03:01
philiKONyou can, of course, write a folder that does something else, e.g. invoke storm03:01
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tjsphiliKON: I have a folder that is a ZOPE object (persistent) which knows how to store a reference to a storm object03:01
tjsas well as other zope objects03:01
tjsthis I can add via the ZMI fine03:02
tjswhen I then try to put a storm object in it (via the ZMI)03:02
tjsI get that error03:02
tjsin my unit tests I can do folder[name] = stormObj fine03:02
philiKONwhat does your __setitem__ look like?03:02
tjs <-- the whole thing03:03
tjsI can rafb the __setitem__03:03
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philiKONtjs: so what's self.xrefChildren?03:08
tjsits a descriptor that turns an object into a two tuple 'reference'03:08
philiKONi mean03:09
philiKONdoes it store anything on the object?03:09
tjs('STORM', ('ClassName', 'PriKeyAttr', 'PriKeyValue')) for a storm object03:09
philiKONuh huh03:09
tjsfor a zope object its ('ZODB', 'uid')03:10
tjson the zope object that is stored in "crossref__%" (name of the attribute descriptor was assigned to,)03:11
philiKONso, it does store attributes on the object03:11
tjssorry, I used to be a cmf junkie ;)03:11
philiKONwhich then get persisted03:11
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tjsbut they are just simple types03:11
philiKONif you're sure :)03:11
tjslists of tuples of strings and ints03:11
philiKONanyway, i would pdb into this03:11
philiKONsee which function it's trying to pickle03:12
tjsok, one mo :)03:12
philiKONi'm going to bed :)03:12
tjsn ight :)03:12
philiKONbtw, some comments:03:12
philiKON- the "zmi" is dead...03:12
philiKON  just to clear that up in case you didn't know03:13
philiKON  just see it as an example application for zop e303:13
philiKON  nobody reallye xpects you to build anything useful with it03:13
philiKON  (and my book is a bad example here which will be changed in an upcoming edition)03:13
philiKON- "Folder" is the ZMI incarnation of what we more generally like to call container03:14
philiKON  i wouldn't inherit from
philiKON   take, for example]03:14
* tjs nods03:15
philiKON- this is a matter of taste, but i prefer super() instead of calling the base class :)03:15
philiKON  (though i admit that the spelling of super() is a tad awkward... stil prefer it, however)03:16
* philiKON goest o bed03:16
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tjszope wouldnt be trying to pickle my descriptors would it ?03:50
tjsthat would just be silly..03:50
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romanofskimoin :)09:37
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zagy<meta:redefinePermission behaves strange10:34
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zagyit doesn't seem to redefine globally but only "below" the redefining zcml ...10:42
wiggyto override globally you should probably use overrides.zcml10:44
wiggysince you're overriding10:44
zagygood point10:44
zagyi wonder anyway why it behaves like it does10:44
wiggyI wonder why it exists at all :)10:45
zagyoh well, you can define very specialized permissions and map those to more general ones10:45
zagythis makes the roles definition more readable (at least here in my case)10:46
zagyno overrides doesn't make sense10:47
zagysince redefinePermission maps *subsequent* permission references10:47
zagyanyway, me tries something else :)10:49
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sorindreganis there a place where I can configure the max request size in z3? My file upload fails at 100 mb11:14
sorindreganwould this be connected to the zeo client cache size? It's set at 100mb as well11:14
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goschtlhi i have a custom AuthenticatorPlugin, this works fine so far. Is it possible to add some Role Information in the PrincipalInfo. Something like: return PrincipalInfo(self.prefix+login, login, login, login, ROLE)12:54
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baijumromanofski, what is Dependencies "ok" means here:
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baijumI guess Dependencies "ok" means there is no direct dependency on packages ?14:05
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romanofs1ibaijum: yes - you're right14:13
romanofs1iok means no direct dependency on zope.app14:13
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baijumromanofski, ok14:34
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elroIs there anything to generate code from a schema? (I'm using a piece of alchemist to autogenerate z3 schema from sqlalchemy, but want to hand tweak the result)16:19
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ccombHello,  how can I let every single instance of an object react to an event ?16:47
fcorreaccomb: a event must be sent in order to react to it. Then you need a subscriber for the reaction16:49
ccombinstead of having a general subscriber function, I would like this function (or even method) to be triggered for every listening object instance16:49
ccombI'm sending an event from an object16:49
ccombthis is an 'update' event16:49
ccombI want every other concerned object to self.update() also16:50
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ccombshould I   provideHandler(self.method_to_launch)   in the class__init__ ?16:53
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fcorreaccomb: it would be a good try16:56
ccomb(or maybe do this registration in a subscriber to IObjectCreatedEvent.)16:57
fcorreaI just don't see how the object will react to it. How CA will find then component that subscribed for that16:57
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ccombmmh.. not easy.  Since the subscriber must be an adapter, I would need to turn each instance method to an adapter17:04
fcorreayep. Maybe you could wire some more python on it with some python descriptor tied to a event subscriber and then take control from that17:07
* fcorrea not sure if python descriptors can do that17:07
ccombthat does not solve the problem of registering every instance as a subscriber17:12
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afdccomb: why not have a signle event handler that looks up the objects and does something with them?17:12
ccombthat's just what I'm going to do, but I'm thinking of a more complex method :)17:13
ccombI could have some kind of adapter factory,  each class __init__ would create and register its own subscriber adapter, that would be tied to the instance method17:14
afdccomb: the other thing I can think of, which I'm not even sure it would work would be to register your objects, as they are created (I presume these are not persistent objects), with the CA as event handlers17:14
ccombregister the object themselves as event handler ?17:14
ccombwhy not17:15
afdccomb: subscriber to your event17:15
ccombyes subscriber17:15
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ccombit would be nice to be able to add a decorator to any method, to turn it into an event subscriber17:17
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ccombfcorrea afd : that's crazy, but that works!17:25
ccombJust two lines to add17:25
afdccomb: :)17:26
ccombI added a __call__ method to my class, and provideHandler(self, (IMyObject, IMyEvent))  at the end of the __init__17:27
ccombwhen I notify, the __call__ is called for all my instances17:27
ccombzope3 is sooo great17:27
fcorreaccomb: Now try notifying 5000000 instances of those objects ;)17:32
ccombno, I won't have more than a few ones17:33
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fcorreajust kidding. That could drive your project crazy with no syncronized threads since all the objects will react at the same time. Do you know if your objects reacts in some kind of order to the event?17:35
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ccombThere should be an order, I have a first object that feetch data from a sql database, then some other objects that fetch data from the previous object, and a few other chained objects17:38
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ccomban object should update() only if it receive an event from an object chained to it17:40
ccombActually this event pattern could be used for a C-A based process workflow engine17:41
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lisppaste6instantfoo pasted "getAdapters" at
instantfoohi, i'm trying to retrieve all adapters that implements an interface and adapts a certain interface..22:53
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instantfootrying getAdapters in debugzope without success :(22:54
alecminstantfoo: getAdapters requires a tuple of objects to adapt and an interface that the adapters provide, it returns a sequence of (name, adapted-object) pairs22:55
alecmit's only useful for named adapters though, as it will only find one adapter per name (e.g. the most "specific" one for the given object(s))22:56
instantfooso if I want to get something like [<class '__main__.Foo'>, <class '__main__.FooBar'>], how would i go about?22:57
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alecminstantfoo: Then you want to use the APIs from
afdinstantfoo: I usually go to the package to see how zope's apidoc does it, for this kind of stuff22:59
alecminstantfoo: and getProvidedAdapters22:59
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instantfoocheers, I'll look into them22:59
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alecmgood luck, for your usecase you will probably need to use both and intersect the results.  Not nearly as efficient as using getAdapters would be I think, so you may want to rethink your architecture to make use of named adapters.23:00
instantfooactually, in my real use case my adapters are named :)23:01
instantfoomaybe i should just name them in my simple interpreter test and play around with it23:02
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instantfooif i name the adapters.. provideAdapter(factory=Foo, name=u'afoo')23:14
instantfooshouldn't getAdapters work then?23:14
instantfoogreat, now the pastebin went down :)23:16
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instantfooscroll down :)23:19
instantfooi guess what i want to do in my real use case is roughly..23:23
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instantfoofor a in [<..Foo>, <..Bar>]:   a(c).someFunc()23:24
instantfoobut dynamically get that adapter list, obviously23:25
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