IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2007-08-09

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rockyjodok: ping ...  got a question regarding lovely.tag00:18
jodokhey rocky :) shoot00:19
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rockyi'm trying to track when tags are changed on a content item but it seems no event is fired for that ... or none that i can find ... am i missing something or ?00:20
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instantfoorephrasing my Q... is it possible to get a list of adapters that provide a certain interface and adapts a certain interface?00:46
wbuntulook in
wbuntuor investigate subscription adapters00:48
wbuntuactually, the latter is probably what you are looking for00:49
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instantfoowbuntu: thx, that is exactly what i want to00:53
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nathanyanyone have an example of using zope.sendmail i could look at (or know of one in zope svn)?02:08
nathanyi'm having what i'm sure is a simple problem... be good to look @ a working example02:09
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tjsdo zope objects inthe zodb keep a persited reference to their parent? or is the parent passed into the object when its traversed to?08:42
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tjsI've got my storm objects being added happily into the zope heirarchy, but now I need to implement IPhysicallyLocatable08:43
afd__tjs: that's ILocation AFAIK, some objects implement it, some don't08:43
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afd__look in zope.location.interfaces08:44
tjsbut stuff that wants to exist in the heirarchy and be 'publishable' would need to implement it though?08:44
afd__tjs: yes08:44
afd__there are also container proxies08:44
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tjsso what assigns to __parent__ and __name__ ?08:45
afd__a container's __setitem__ is wired to place those in the child08:46
afd__as far as I remember08:46
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philiKON_yup, afd__ is right08:48
philiKON_basically, what a container does is:08:48
philiKON_check if the object that it's supposed to add to itself provides ILocation/IContained08:48
philiKON_if so, it assumes that the object is ok with having  a __parent__ and __name__ property set directly08:48
philiKON_if not, it will use a persistent locationproxy08:49
philiKON_that wraps the object transparently08:49
philiKON_and adds __parent__ and __name__ w/o changing the object underneath08:49
philiKON_this is described in my book, btw :)08:51
tjsI guess I'll need to add a __parent__ and __name__ column to my tables08:52
tjsphiliKON_: which is your book?08:52
tjsyes we have two of those around here08:52
tjsI think they are both out with our new juniors08:53
philiKON_good :)08:53
philiKON_not good :)08:53
tjsnm, I'll make work buy more ;)08:53
philiKON_sounds like you need to buy some more *wink*08:53
tjsIt was recommended to me by several friends who work on LP, as 'the best zope3 book' when I took this job08:54
philiKON_well, there are only two out there, so....08:54
tjshm, I might be thinking of the bajillion zope2/plone ones08:55
* philiKON_ starts morning workout... laters08:55
tjsone quick q08:56
tjsas a publisher of a technical book08:56
tjswhat do you think of that crazy ruby book with cats ?08:56, as a style08:56
tjsthink it will 'catch on' ?08:56
tjs(not ruby, God forbid) the writing style in technical manuals08:57
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philiKON_tjs: i couldn't write like that, mostly because i lack that kind of creativity10:14
philiKON_tjs: it also serves a different audience from what i usually serve10:14
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tjswhat, crazy people?10:15
tjshome time :)10:16
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sorindreganhi, can somebody help me with something?13:48
sorindreganis there a place where I can configure the max request size in z3?13:49
wiggychecked zope.conf ?13:49
sorindregannothing regarding size13:50
wiggyadd something?13:54
sorindreganI try to upload video13:55
wiggythat's where you can set it for zope2, I would expect zope3 to have a similar option13:55
sorindreganand videos bigger that 100 MB are not uploaded13:55
sorindreganI got error13:55
sorindreganbut nothing in the log file13:56
sorindreganto specify the cause of the error13:56
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sorindreganmaybe it's not necessary a limitation of size14:00
sorindreganbut it happens at bigger videos14:00
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wiggyjust check the zope sources14:04
wiggycan't be that hard to find14:04
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sorindreganok wiggy, thx14:12
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junkafarianis it possible to expose a class with the ability to call any method?15:59
junkafarianor better:16:00
junkafarianor are you only able to call a class?16:00
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junkafarianalso, is it possible to return a string  rather than html through a browser:page directive16:39
afdjunkafarian: you can define your own __call__ for the class, which returns anything you want16:40
benjiand you can set the content type (via request.response, IIRC)16:40
junkafariansorry i was looking at the source in firebug16:40
junkafariandidnt realise that it wasnt enveloped in html :$16:41
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edgordon_should extending IFolder be enough to grant IReadContainer and IWriteContainer permissions to an interface? The zcml requires zope.View for the interface that extends IFolder, but I get a permissions error when trying to call length on the folder's keys.18:03
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ChrisWhey all - how can I find out what subscribers are registered for a particular event?18:48
nerdalertthink you should be able to use zope.component.queryAdapters(ITheEventInterface)18:52
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ChrisWhmm, lemme try that18:53
nerdalertlet me know how it goes18:54
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ChrisWum, queryAdapter takes an object18:56
ChrisWwhich I need to adapter to an interface18:56
ChrisWso I'm not sure how to use it as you suggest18:57
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whitChrisW: iirc, might help you here19:00
whitmaybe in component19:00
ChrisWdoes it show what subscribers there are for a [articular type of event?19:01
whittake a look... it lets you query for registration objects for adapters.  you should be able to query by the event interface19:02
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ChrisWany idea which bit of apidoc code Ishould be looking at?19:10
ChrisWcome to think of it, where does the apidoc code live?19:12
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edgordon_how do i get implemented interfaces of a proxied object?19:21
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afd_edgordon_: when dealing with proxied objects, from pdb, you can do something like:19:27
afd_from zope.proxy import getProxiedObject19:27
afd_the_obj = getProxiedObject(proxied_obj)19:28
afd_and then you can do providedBy(the_obj)19:28
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edgordon_thanks, i was just reading through the interfaces of zope.proxy19:28
afd_providedBy(obj) might even work with the proxied object...19:29
afd_not sure19:29
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edgordon_yeah, but doesn't providedBy have to know what interface you are looking for?19:30
edgordon_nevermind, i am stupid19:32
edgordon_that is what i was using anyways19:32
edgordon_yeah, works great19:32
sma zmi find loads all objects into memory even if you're just searching by id, eh19:40
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instantfoohi, is there an equivalent of zope.component.subscribers(objects, iface) that only takes a single object as first argument?22:57
instantfoofrom an article by Jim: "Adapters that adapt a single object are an important special case, so a simple interface-call API is provided to handle this special case"22:59
philiKON_zope.compoment.subscribers((theonlyobject,), iface)22:59
philiKON_in other words, you pass a 1-tuple23:00
philiKON_for 'objects'23:00
instantfoook, I'm doing this already: subscribers([myobj], IFoo)23:00
philiKON_semantically, a tuple is preferred23:01
instantfooit'd be slightly quicker with a tuple?23:01
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