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rockyany lovely.tag hackers around? i think i found a bug00:52
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GuestBaha15Salut a tous !!!!!!!04:22
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replaceafillhi. if someone's up :) is there any way to use formlib to process forms without using form_fields?06:53
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lmillerIs there a way to list all adapters available for an object?07:01
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replaceafillhi. im trying to use zc.datetimewidget and i understand i have to provide an adapter for ITZInfo. I did, but my form's returned datetime objects always have utc format12:04
replaceafillis the adapter to avoid this?12:04
afd_wrong window12:10
zagyreplaceafill: afaik the ITZInfo returns the desired timezone12:10
zagyreplaceafill: poteintially with information from the request12:10
replaceafilli set the adapter to return a fixed tz12:11
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replaceafilland i thought the returned datetime object would come with my tz, but the come in utc12:12
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ChrisWhey all, I'm trying to write a test to check that the right subscribers are mapped to the right interfaces12:20
ChrisWas a result, I'm trying to get a list of the subscribers for a particular interface12:21
ChrisWthis seems to be a very hard thing to do :-S12:21
ChrisWanyone got any ideas?12:21
wiggyisn't that a queryAdapters call?12:21
afd_ChrisW: this question came up yesterday as well, watch the IRC log12:22
wiggyPhiliKON: zope.compoment.subscribers((theonlyobject,), iface)12:22
wiggythat was the answer12:22
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philiKONthis will return an iterable. iterating over this iterable will already invoke the subscribers, though12:23
replaceafillhow do i keep submitted values after submitting a custom action? my submit is successful but the values are gone when the form is refreshed12:29
wiggyphiliKON: how easy/hard is it to do a zodb-less grok project?12:30
philiKONdefine "zodb-less"12:30
philiKON*completely* zodb-less?12:30
philiKONor would it be ok to have one or two meaningless objects in a zodb instance?12:31
philiKON(meaningless meaning the root object ;))12:31
wiggyit would be ok but if it isn't hard to do without them preferable without12:31
philiKONwell ditching the zodb completely is hard currently12:32
wiggythen I won't bother :)12:33
philiKONboth from a zope3 perspective and grok12:33
philiKONbut if you're fine with a zodb that just has a root folder and a grok.Application object in it12:33
philiKONthen it's possible to have all other objects come from, say, sql12:33
ChrisWafd: I brought it up yesterday, the answers given didn't help ;)12:42
ChrisWwiggy: yeah, but I don't really want to call the subscribers12:42
ChrisWjust see what's registered12:42
ChrisWalso, what object do I pass and what interface?12:43
ChrisWphiliKON: on the zodb-less issue, I thought someone did some work on that? I was going to, but it got sidelined behind a million other things :-(12:43
philiKONyes jinty has a branch12:44
ChrisWand I remember us having discussions about having a root "utility" rather than an object12:44
philiKONwe talked about it at EP12:44
philiKONwell, a root object factory utility12:44
ChrisWyeah, that's where I disagreed12:44
ChrisWI don't see why we don't just have something that gets the root and is configured from zcml12:45
ChrisWalthough I remember you bringing up something about startup order causing problems there12:45
philiKONthat's what that is :)12:45
ChrisWanyway, as I said, maybe one year soon...12:45
philiKONfactory = getUtility(IRootObjectFactory); root = factory()12:45
ChrisWhow do I get the subscribers for an object interface without calling them?12:46
wiggylook at what subscribers does internally12:46
ChrisWwiggy's answer used two undefined variables that I don't know how to define ;-)12:46
ChrisWI have12:46
ChrisWit's confusing :-(12:46
wiggymy answer was a copy&paste of philiKON's answer from yesterday12:47
ChrisWthe implementation of zope 3's event system leaves a lot to be desired...12:47
* philiKON wonders what ChrisW needs to do12:47
ChrisWI want to write a test to make sure that the correct susbcribers are subscribed12:48
ChrisWso I'm looking for a way to see what subscribers there are for a given itnerface12:48
ChrisWas a concrete example, IObjectAddedEvent12:49
philiKONyou can't simply send an event and check on their effect?12:49
ChrisWno, there are *lots* of different subscribers here12:49
ChrisWI want to unit test each subscriber, and then test that they're subscribed to the right things12:50
philiKONthis seems weird12:50
ChrisWwhat you described is a big ol' integration and functional test that I may do some way down the line...12:50
philiKONif it's a unit test12:50
philiKONyou're going to do your own test setup12:50
ChrisWeach susbcriber is a function12:50
ChrisWso I can unit test them12:50
ChrisWthat bit is easy12:50
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ChrisWhowever, I also want to test that the zcml mapping subscribers to events is correct12:51
philiKONwell, that's an integration test12:51
ChrisWI *don't* want to have to do that by permutation testing every single event and looking for obversvable changes12:51
ChrisWthat would be extremely time consuming and hard to do...12:51
philiKONuh huh.12:52
ChrisWthere must be *some* way to interrogate whatever registry is used to find out what subscribers there are12:52
philiKONthat's how we usually do it though12:52
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ChrisWmost people "usually" use php and mysql to develop web apps... being "usual" doesn't necessarilly mean it's the right thing to do ;-)12:53
ChrisWwhere is the actual registry that keeps the mappings?12:53
philiKONthe ...adapters thing is the adapter registry12:53
philiKONand if it seems to have a subscriptions() method12:53
ChrisWwhat does getGlobalSiteManager return in Zope 2.9?12:54
philiKONof which i don't know what it does12:54
philiKONthe global site manager?12:54
ChrisWwhere's the code for it?12:54
philiKONfor what?12:54
ChrisWthe global site manager12:54
philiKONin zope.component somewhere12:54
ChrisWheh, pdb here we come12:55
philiKONzope.component.getGlobalSiteManager() is available in zope 2.012:55
philiKONso, getGlobalSiteManager() returns the global component registry12:55
ChrisWI wonder what wouldhappen if getGlobalSiteManager returned something that did somethign different, but still implemented all the interfaces, that the current one?12:55
philiKONwhy don't you let me finish12:56
ChrisWthat -> than12:56
ChrisWsorry, side thought...12:56
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philiKONso, getGlobalSiteManager() returns the global component registry12:56
* ChrisW shuts up and listens12:56
philiKONcomponent registries have an adapters and a utilities attribute12:56
philiKONwhich are the actual adapter and utility registries12:56
philiKONsubscribers are part of the adapter registry12:56
philiKONadapter registries are implemented in zope.interface.adapter12:57
philiKONzope.interface.interfaces.IAdapterRegistry defines a "def subscriptions()" method12:57
philiKONthis may do what you need, not sure12:58
philiKONalternatively, you can loop over the registrations12:58
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ChrisWdoesn't the iterable returned by the subscriptions interface call the subscribers when you iterate over it?12:59
philiKONfor registration_object in getGlobalSiteManager().registeredHandlers()12:59
philiKONright, that's why you don't loop over the subscribers but over registration objects describing each registration12:59
philiKONthis, however, will get you information about all globally registered subscribers13:00
philiKONso you'll have to filter by type13:00
ChrisWhow come the subscriptions methoddoesn't just return the subscriptions, rather than calling them?13:00
philiKONwell, i don't know what it does13:01
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philiKONi suggest you try it out13:01
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philiKONif subscrpitions() doesn't work, try the registeredHandlers() bit + filtering13:01
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ChrisWwere is registeredHandlers defined?13:03
philiKONon the site manager13:03
ChrisWwhere's ISiteManager defined?13:03
ChrisWhas no registeredHandlers method :-(13:04
philiKONah dang, zope 2.913:05
ChrisWhow do contextual adapters and susbcribers work?13:06
philiKONcontextual adapters?13:06
ChrisWI'm guessing it's the logic in zope.component/
philiKONall adapters are contextual...13:06
ChrisWno, in terms of finding where to look up adapter registrations, etc13:07
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philiKONgetSiteManager() is used13:07
ChrisWie: overriding adapter registrations using a "site" in a zodb13:07
philiKONah right13:07
philiKONthat's done using the "hooks" in
ChrisWnot in 2.9 it's not ;-)13:08
philiKONbasically, zope.component.getSiteManager() is overridden with another implementation13:08
philiKONthat knows about sites13:08
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philiKONeven in zope 2.913:08
ChrisWor is hooks a function?13:08 is a module13:08
philiKONand it's there in zope 2.913:08
philiKONnotice **13:08
philiKONnot zope.component13:08
ChrisWah, heh13:09
ChrisWI never understood the reasons for and zope.x13:09
philiKONzope.component knows nothing of locality and sites13:09
philiKONme neither, that's why we got rid of it13:09
philiKONyou're preaching to the choir here13:09
ChrisWso no anymore?13:09
philiKONthat's not what i'm saying13:09
philiKONwe can't just get rid of the old modules13:10
philiKONwe just won't introduce new modules13:10
ChrisWany way they could just go away? ;-)13:13
* philiKON remembers ChrisW whining about zope3's bad BBB behaviour a few months ago...13:14
ChrisWwhich specific bad bit of it? ;-)13:15
philiKONi was just paraphrasing you13:15
ChrisWwhat's the difference between getSiteManager and getGlobalSiteManager?13:16
philiKONi think we've tried real hard and we nver broke BBB13:16
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philiKONgetSiteManager returns whichever is the active one13:16
philiKON(could be from a site)13:16
ChrisWand what's the Zope 2.9 equivalent of registeredHandlers?13:16
philiKONgetGlobalSiteManager returns, duh, the global one13:16
philiKONi don't know13:16
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spythonhi, I need some sort of URI/ID for my persistent object so I can easily access it no matter if it's moved to another container or it's __name__ changes. Any ideas?14:19
spythonso the __hash__ is not suitable for this?14:19
spythonk thx14:20
philiKONzope3 has an integer id ( framework14:20
philiKONit's described in my book14:20
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spythonmaybe i should get it14:20
philiKONmaybe :)14:20
wiggyyou should14:20
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timtephiliKON: thank god we have your book, what would we have done without it?  :)14:33
philiKONwritten your own? :)14:33
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spythonbook seems like a good choice, relaxing reading before bed ;)14:45
spythonBut really, I like the README.txt's so far in the packages, nicely written14:45
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spythonI've more or less written a book myself with all the notes i have :D14:47
philiKONput it online :)14:48
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spythoni bet no one can understan my sloppy writing and obscure figures..14:50
spythonso converting to text.. ? to lazy :)14:50
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TheuniMJ: ping15:16
MJTheuni: pong15:18
MJTheuni: I am being called for lunch15:19
MJTheuni: back in a bit :)15:19
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MJTheuni: sup?15:47
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TheuniMJ:  see query15:57
MJwhat query?15:58
MJTheuni: Did you email me something?16:01
MJTheuni: if so, greylisting is going to delay it a bit..16:02
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TheuniI used a private message window on irc.16:15
ChrisWyou done the logi nthing on here?16:18
ChrisWpm don't work unless you do, annoyingly..16:18
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Theunihrn. should have been logged in. let's see.16:23
Theunignah. i wasn't. thanks for the pointer16:23
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