IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2007-08-11

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replaceafillis it possible to ask a locale datetime formatter for the format string it is going to use?01:41
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replaceafillnm :) formatter.getPattern()02:01
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lezardo_I'm new to zope and would like to know if you think that next version of zope will also be a rewriting from scratch16:12
lezardo_because learning zope3 for me is quiet heavy16:12
lezardo_i have some difficutly to understant everything16:13
lezardo_and would not like to have to learn again everything in next version16:13
lezardo_anybody there??16:16
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timtelezardo_: do you mean 3.4 or 4.0?16:27
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lezardo_sorry i was eating16:41
lezardo_i mean 4.016:41
kleistnever heard about a 4.016:42
lezardo_no i know that are no releases yet16:42
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lezardo_but i mean does the next "big" version of zope would be a total rewriting from scratch16:42
kleistcould you please re-phrase your question?16:42
kleisti think not16:42
lezardo_or does they will continue on zope3 "schema"16:43
kleistnote that zope 3 is not simply the version after 216:43
kleisti'd think so16:43
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kleistu have the zope3 book by weitershausen?16:43
lezardo_i would be great because it's quiet difficult to learn zope when you are new...16:43
kleistit is, i know16:43
lezardo_yes i have it16:44
lezardo_pretty good but anyway...16:44
kleistit's heavy :-)16:44
lezardo_it's still difficult16:44
kleistvery very good16:44
kleistbut the index sux16:44
kleistlacks a lot of  things16:44
lezardo_but it's the only good material i have found to learn zope316:45
lezardo_i mean the only more or less complete one...16:45
kleisti recently bought that book myself16:45
kleist2nd ed. ?16:45
kleisti've heard that the 3rd edition will be mainly errata16:46
lezardo_i just bought it one week ago...16:46
kleistwait until 4rd ed. for new stuff16:46
lezardo_thx ;-)16:46
timtelezardo_: I don't think anyone has even been thinking about 4.0 yet16:47
lezardo_that's good!16:47
lezardo_do you have already done website using zope3?16:49
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ktwilight_launchpad is a good example16:59
lezardo_it's seems so17:01
lezardo_i had never heard about this!17:01
lezardo_really cool...17:07
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lezardo_timte, ktwilight & kleist thanks a lot for your answers17:13
lezardo_i need to go17:13
lezardo_hope to see you soon on this chat!17:13
lezardo_and again thx a lot!17:13
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spythonhi, i'm trying to run a timeit test within zopedebug, any ideas what to "import" in order have access to root?21:55
philiKONyou mean debugzope21:58
philiKONno need to import anything21:58
philiKON'root' is the root obj21:58
philiKONyou should get my book ;)21:58
spythonalright i will damnit :D21:58
spythonbut i get: NameError: global name 'root' is not defined21:59
spythonwhen i try to access root in my created Timer code21:59
philiKONah, i thought you ran debugzope22:00
philiKONyour timer code would have to load the debug code22:00
spythoni did ran ./bin/debugzope22:00
philiKONand then ran your timer code?22:01
spythontimeit.Timer('list(itertools.islice(root['tsite']['stuff'].items(), 4500,4510))','import itertools')22:02
spythonerr.. with correct use of '22:04
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spythondoes not compute!22:06
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timtespython: what if you just type 'root' in the debug prompt?22:15
spython>>> root22:18
spython< object at 0x2aa9530>22:18
spython< object at 0x2aa9530>22:18
afd_spython: sorted(root.keys())22:19
spythonafd_: yes? gives me a list of keys, no errors22:20
afd_then your debug session seems to be working fine22:21
afd_maybe assign another object to root22:21
afd_something like my_root = root22:21
afd_and include that in your timeit call22:22
timtespython: run smaller chunks to see what fails22:23
spythonlike... Timer('root').timeit(1)22:24
spythoni think timer fires up a "regular" python session. So you do not have access to any root or zope stuff that way22:25
spythonafd_: I don't see the point in doing that22:26
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instantfoospython: hmm, interesting... I'd like to know how to get that working too :)23:27
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spythonthanks for the support ;)23:31

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