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wiggyyou're doing trial-and-error programming00:02
wiggyjust look at existing code to see what it does00:02
junkafariani have no codebase to check00:02
junkafarianive got a template that references the standard ZMI00:03 has lots and lots of code00:03
junkafarianand that calls "views/standard_macros/view"00:04
junkafarianwhich i assume is referencing a zope module placed on the python path?00:04
junkafarianwiggy: i dont like trial-and-error programming :P00:05
junkafarianits usually my last resort00:05
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pcardunephiliKON_: are you around?  I have a zopeproject question01:52
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edgordonwhen using a addMenuItem directive, what is it that determines whether the object will be added right away vs. taking you to an add form to set attributes before adding?07:04
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lmilleredgordon: If you define an addform that should let you set attrs before adding07:50
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timteIs it ok for a browser view to "return open(filepath, 'r')" or are files never closed?10:38
zagyfiles are closed when the object is disposed10:40
zagyso it would be ok10:41
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japany zc.buildout gurus here?11:53
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japwig! ;)11:55
wiggyjap: what's up with zc.buildout?11:55
japi'm working on an app which needs lxml and installs that during buildout11:56
japhowever, it's linking lxml to libxml in /opt instead of the one in /usr11:56
wiggythere is a plone.recipe.lxml recipe that builds lxml11:57
japwhich i do not want11:57
japhm, time to check that out11:57
wiggythat will try to build libxml2 and libxslt if needed as well11:57
japyep, i see11:57
japlet's try that11:58
wiggythere's a growing amount of useful plone.recipe.* stuff11:58
wiggycheeseshop can find them all11:58
japsomething's building, time for some coffee12:06
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japgreat, that seems to work12:24
japnow, for extra bonuspoints, is it possible to share that lxml between multiple buildouts?12:24
wiggythe recipe doesn't support that12:25
japhm, bummer12:25
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wiggyhah, I just got confirmation that I have my first zope3 customer13:19
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timteare you self employed?13:21
timtewiggy: do you have time for another customer?  :)13:22
wiggynot this week13:22
* wiggy needs to get plone 3 out as well13:23
japthis week? ;)13:23
wiggytagging the whole thing on friday, installers over the weekend, press release and official stuff on tuesday13:23
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japhm, cool13:25
wiggyvery, developing with it is so much nicer than 2.513:27
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wiggyhow do grokproject and zopeproject relate?14:18
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grahamstrattonI believe zopeproject allows you to use Zope as a library instead of a framework14:20
grahamstrattonSo zopeproject will generate a sort of scaffolding for your zope app14:20
grahamstrattongrokproject builds on it to do the same for Grok apps14:21
grahamstrattonBut I haven't played with either...14:21
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edgordoni asked this last night, but my question wasn't that clear. I have some objects that go to an add form when selected vie the Add menu, but I really would like for them to just populate w/ defaults and skip the form. How does zope determine whether to take you to the add form vs. direct adding via the @@contents page?16:42
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spythonedgordon: hmm, the add-button below the listing submits to @@contents.. but add via the addmenu submits to @@+16:49
spythonif I'm not mistaken16:50
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edgordonoh really? cause i have some objects from the addmenu that submit to @@contents. I have added defaults to all the attributes, so i am just trying to figure out how to skip the add form. In the project i am working on, they want the user to add a bunch of items, then view a single form w/ all the folder's contents on one form, so they can quickly populate all the info in one place. That is done (thanks formlib), but I am having16:51
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spythonedgordon: you could check zope/app/container/browser/  to see how it works16:54
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spythonsearch for container_add_button, addObject, hasAdding.. might find some valuable info16:57
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spythonjust giving you pointers here :)16:57
spythonsearch in that .py-file that is..16:58
edgordonspython:yeah, thanks. reading through that now. Guess that should have been my starting point, I was just focusing on the interface and didn't think of that17:00
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CrippsFXhello room. Did everybody miss me?17:21
spythona little..17:23
CrippsFXhaha. aww, how sweet.17:23
CrippsFXso ... I've been gone for 10 days ... and probably forgotten pretty much everything ... here's a heads up ... I'll probably be asking some pretty elementary questions for the next few days ;)17:24
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* CrippsFX waves to mgedmin 17:30
* mgedmin waves back to CrippsFX17:30
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edgordonspython: thanks for the pointers. I got it done.18:49
junkafarianbtw wiggy/benji thanks for your help last night18:50
junkafariangot it fixed in the end18:50
junkafariannot really knowing what you are doing to start with never helps18:51
junkafarianonce again philipps book helped a lot18:52
benjijunkafarian: if you figure out how to know what you're doing before you start something, let me know <wink>18:53
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junkafarianbenji: its a long time goal of mine ;)18:55
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CrippsFXbenji: I don't think there's any hope for any of us in that department :)19:33
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spythonedgordon: anytime20:07
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J1mTheuni, ayt?20:47
J1msrichter, ?20:51
benjispython: shh!  We're playing hide-and-seek with J1m.20:58
* benji sneaks behind a shrub.21:00
* spython closes his eyes21:01
spythonI'm unvisible!21:01
* benji makes a mental note to not pick spython to be on his team next time.21:02
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srichterJ1m: I am here now21:20
J1mI was going to ask you about the test failure in buddydemo.21:20
J1mI decided to ignore it. :/21:20
spythonsrichter: op some guys, you're making me nervous ;)21:21
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CrippsFXI have a template file located here: ... when I try to view an object using this template I get a page that is completely blank except for the info, but I want a view under the ZMI ... what appears to be happening is that zope isn't parsing the metal tags. I was wondering if somebody could take a look and let me know what's wrong with my template.21:46
spythonagh! yellow on white21:50
spythonCrippsFX: hmm21:51
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spythonwhy aren't you putting the namespace stuff in<html>?21:53
spythonand add <head> <body> stuff21:53
* spython likes stuff21:54
CrippsFXspython: because I shouldn't have to for something that's only going to be a view.22:00
CrippsFXI have another page template that has all the xmlns stuff in a <div> and it works fine.22:00
spythonok! then I don't know :)22:01
CrippsFXdamn :P22:01
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spythonwow, i need a new mouse.. the pointer occasionaly decides to go insane for around 5 secs and the returning to normal22:08
CrippsFXspython: screw the mouse ... get a wacom tablet ;)22:08
CrippsFXmuch easier on the wrist, so I've heard.22:08
* spython remembers the old trusty mice with a ball22:09
spythonyeah, i got a penlike mouse some years ago and it was very easy on the wrist22:10
spythonbut it just stopped working after a year22:10
CrippsFXhm. That sucks.22:11
spythonsometimes i wonder if manufacturers deliberatly puts self destroying mechanisms in their product, conveniently triggered the day after warranty expires22:11
CrippsFXspython: hahaha ... check this out ... in my template, I was using     xmlns:metal=""  where it should have been xmlns:metal=""22:12
CrippsFXspython: with some manufacturers, I wouldn't be surprised ;)22:12
CrippsFXbut what you said just convinced me to buy a genuine wacom instead of a cheaper *imitation*22:12
spythonah, ok.. I always copy paste the namespace stuff.. never remember how to write them22:13
spythonthe pen mouse was nice, but you don't fully get the precision of a regular mouse.. but for surf/irc/mail it's great22:15
spythonhorrible with games obviously :)22:15
CrippsFXhahaha. Yeah ... I guess that only matters if you play games ;)22:17
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CrippsFXcheck this out ... now I have the namespace stuff correct, but I'm getting a traceback ... seems like the talinterpreter isn't liking something, but the error isn't very informative *to me* ... I need help decoding it ;)22:19
CrippsFXoh yeah ... error's located here:   :)22:19
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edgordonanyone else ever have trouble with Five views failing by just not showing up? I never have this trouble in z3, but w/ Five it seems like I get no feedback but 404 errors22:31
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RaFromBRCedgordon: i've found that usually means that the view object is failing during construction... usually in the __init__ method22:50
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edgordonok. so frustrating though22:51
edgordonno problems on the commandline either22:51
RaFromBRCedgordon: yup.  it used to be a  lot worse, where ANY error in a view just showed up as a 40422:51
RaFromBRCif you put a pdb in the __init__ of your view class you can probably figure out what's going on pretty easily, though22:52
edgordonyeah, some logging would be nice at least22:52
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edgordonoh, good idea22:52
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CrippsFXso, what *precisely* causes this error: Warning: zope.tal.taldefs.METALError: macro u'context/@@standard_macros/view' has incompatible mode 'html', at line 2, column 1    ?23:05
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CrippsFX... well ...if somebody answers, I'll check the irclogs in the morning ... for now though, I'm going home.23:08
instantfoohi, any suggestions/guidelines how to effectively sort/filter the result from a catalog search?23:18
instantfoouse case example.. say i want to sort the search results from the worldcookery app by creation date..23:19
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