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pcarduneI'm getting an AttributeError for 'thread_local' in that seems quite strange.  I'll paste the traceback...00:23
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romanofskimoin :)09:33
projekt01Guten Morgen09:48
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CrippsFXromanofs1i: Guten Morgen. Wie geht's ?14:59
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romanofs1iCrippsFX: Sehr gut - und selber?15:01
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instantfooich bin ein wunderbaum15:01
zagy_du stinkst?15:02
instantfooein bisschen15:02
Theuniich habe einen kugelblitz in meiner unterhose15:02
instantfoohaha, i studied german for six years and i still can't speak it properly15:03
wiggyTheuni: any idea what those errors are?15:03
wiggyit's kind of annoying that zope3 is broken like that at the moment15:03
instantfoozagy_: :D15:03
TheuniRight. I couldn't make sense out of the immediate report.15:03
TheuniIs the trunk broken with any tests?15:03
wiggyI have no idea15:03
Theuniromanofsk just said it breaks for him as well.15:04
wiggybut if I make a new project with grokproject I get that error15:04
wiggyso whatever is in the cheeseshop is broken15:04
TheuniI guess that Jim is going to fix it soon.15:04
TheuniI could disable the release to avoid people getting it.15:04
wiggythat would be very helpful15:04
Theuniis it release 73262?15:05
CrippsFXromanofski: gut, danke ... aber, ich bin müde ;)15:06 3.4.0b415:06
romanofskiinstantfoo: how come that niue has internet access?15:06
CrippsFXdas ist was für Red Bull hat gemacht ;)15:06
Theunithats not in cheeseshop15:06
Theunithat's in download.zope.org15:06
wiggythat's what grokproject uses15:06
wiggyshouldn't I use those?15:07
Theunithat's ok15:07
TheuniI'll remove that release for now with the chance that jim breaks my neck. ;)15:07
instantfooromanofski: why shouldn't it?15:07
CrippsFXromanofski: ja :D15:07
romanofskiinstantfoo: I would love to be there now ;)15:07
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romanofskiCrippsFX: :)15:08
instantfooi bet you would, quite a paradise15:08
wiggyTheuni: he shouldn't break stuff like that ;)15:08
romanofskican imagine that15:08
romanofskihappiest people live down there, i've read in a newspaper article15:09
TheuniI don't think Jim predicted that.15:10
Theuniwiggy: it's gone.15:15
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wiggyI'll see if grokproject creates something stable now15:16
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Theuniwiggy: any change?15:44
wiggyit's still picking up 3.4.0-b4 somewhere15:46
wiggyah, buildout download cache15:48
Theunii can't delete it from there ;15:49
wiggysome problem occurs with b315:49
Theuniactually I think that that's the problematic thing.15:51
Theunib3 was release just before that15:51
TheuniThis is the release that includes support for python 2.515:51
Theunithat might have broken something15:51
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wiggyTheuni: you are onto something15:54
wiggyTheuni: it works with b215:54
Theunii think it's the support for python 2.5 that breaks something somewhere in some combination ;)15:56
TheuniI'm not going to read C code. I've gotta do something else right now, so I hope nikhil or J1m can pick that up.15:56
TheuniI wonder whether to remove b3 as well. I wish there was an easy way to let people disable those locally.15:57
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wiggyI stuck a ==3.0.4b2 in my buildout.cfg15:58
wiggy3.4.0b2 that is15:58
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Theunithat's ok16:00
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Theuniwiggy: can you give me like the exact line and maybe one or two lines of context from your buildout.cfg?16:02
wiggyunchanged from what grokproject creates except for ==3.4.0b2 added to eggs=16:03
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Theunii don't have any of those files around right now, i'd like to mention this in a post, so some context would be nice16:03
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CrippsFXcan somebody tell me what the indication of the error "- Warning: zope.tal.taldefs.METALError: macro u'context/@@standard_macros/view' has incompatible mode 'html', at line 2, column 1" is?  ... I need to know what it is so that I can fix the bloody view.16:11
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CrippsFXmorning spython.16:13
spythonhow's that METAL error sorting out :)16:13
romanofs1ithat looks creepy16:13
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CrippsFXromanofski: what? The good morning? du bist irrisch ;)16:16
benjiCrippsFX: IIRC ZPT has two modes, xml and http; thats the only clue I have16:17
CrippsFXspython: still no luck ... by the way, here's all the code associated with it if anyone cares to take alook at it for me and offer suggestions:  ... I'm going for a smoke16:17
CrippsFXbenji: k, how would I specify either/or? I'll try that when I get back in ...16:17
spythonpass it on16:17
benjino idea16:18
benjithe spec might help16:18
spythonCrippsFX: hmm, you said you had done it earlier in another template.. ?16:18
romanofskiCrippsFX: nah - your metal error16:20
Ariel_Calzadacan i specify port in mkzopeinstance????16:30
CrippsFXromanofski: hah .. the thing about the metal not being rendered was because I was using the wrong namespace .... that works fine now, except that METAL seems to think I'm working in html, when I really want xml16:31
CrippsFXbenji: sorry, the spec?16:32
Ariel_Calzadahow to create an instance to run in a specific port????16:32
spythonAriel_Calzada: instance/etc/zope.conf16:32
benjiCrippsFX: the TAL or METAL specs might mention the "mode" thing (if I'm not totally halucinating)16:33
CrippsFXromanofski: oh. hah, the crrepiness .... right ... my mind is all over the place right now ... I've had far too many stimulants this morning ;)16:33
spythonyou should figure out the rest16:33
Ariel_Calzadaspython: there's a way out of this???16:33
CrippsFXbenji: I think you might be ;)   ... I have <?xml version="1.0"?> at the beginning of my template ... ZPT should use that to figure it out, also with the xmlns tags too, correct?16:34
benjiCrippsFX: this is mentioned in
CrippsFXbenji: kk, thanks, I'll give that the once-over.16:34
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CrippsFXspython: I've compared the template and view class I'm having trouble with to others, and I've seen no discrepancies between them ... now I just have to figure out why Zope thinks there is.16:37
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Theunimorning, J1m!16:48
* Theuni goes to implement importing weak references from zexp files ...16:49
wiggyJ1m: do you still need a full tb for that thing?16:49
J1mThe and zope3 trunk tests pass.16:50
J1mI have no way of guessing what import order might have caused the problem.16:50
Theunihrn. J1m: I guess the reason for the ZODB not importing weak references yet is because it's not straight forward?16:53
J1mTheuni, I have no idea what you're talking about.16:54
TheuniZODB can export persistent objects using zexp. However, it can't import them back (this is even documented as a comment in because nobody wrote a handler for that. I'm trying to figure out what to do because I have a zexp file that contains a weakref and need to read it.16:54
Theunis/persistent objects/persistent weakrefs/16:55
J1mI have no idea. I doubt it is that difficult to handle.16:56
J1mWhat are you using persistent weakrefs for?16:56
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TheuniIn our workflow products we have objects for process definitions and process instances. the process instances point back to their definition using a weakref.16:58
CrippsFXbah. I'm a freaking moron.16:59
TheuniHmm. Sounds interesting. *g17:00
CrippsFXworks now. spython: I don't know why ... but starting with the <div> tag sucks for this template ... it works in others, but not this one. When I switched over to <html> it rendered exactly the way I wanted from the start. I wonder why ...17:00
spythoncould you paste a template where starting with div works?17:03
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spythonI'm trying my own ZPT stuff here.. and <div xmlns ... > works :)17:07
J1mMan, I really need to figure out a way to catch circular imports.17:10
J1mPython makes them far to easy to create and they are bug magnets.17:10
CrippsFXJ1m: yeah, I know eh? That's gotta be the biggest problem that I've found with spython ... er, I mean, python ;)17:12
CrippsFXspython: yeah, should work ... I dunno why it didn't ... maybe I'll try again later .... but for now, all I'm saying is "hooray! .... PFM!" ... smoketime!!!17:12
J1mwhat is spython?17:13
spythoni am17:13
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spythonhmm, spython seems to be a spyware program :)17:14
wiggyJ1m: not harder than in lets say C or C++17:14
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spythonifndef, define, endif :D17:16
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CrippsFXhallo philiKON, wie geht's17:34
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CrippsFXspython: yeah, I *re-switched* the <html> to <div> and it works now. I know stuff has changed since I started, I just can't remember what ;)18:37
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faassenTheuni: why did you leave 3.4.0b4 on the server at all?18:56
faassenTheuni: it's broken, right? why not remove it?18:56
faassenTheuni: where is b5? i'm still getting b4.18:59
* Theuni looks19:00
TheuniHmm. I don't see b5 on the downloadserver.19:00
faassenhow are other people trying b5?19:00
faasseneverybody seems convinced there's a b5.19:00
faassenbut it's not there.19:01
faassenso how do the other people get this b5 in the first place?19:01
TheuniJim made one, it looks like he didn't uplaod it. I'll get the package from the tag and upload it.19:01
Theunitry now19:03
faassengot it now, thanks.19:06
TheuniJ1m: sorry if i got in your way.19:08
J1mno, I misstyped and scp command.19:09
J1mYou didn't get in my way.19:09
J1mYou confused me, but I deserved it. :)19:09
TheuniSorry for deserving it. :)19:09
J1mfreaking circular imports19:09
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J1mI wish Python didn't allow them.19:09
Theuniyeah, i hate those too19:10
J1mThey are a huge bug magnet.19:10
TheuniIf we could make money out of bugs ...19:10
faassenI've just posted a message concerning possibly future procedures for a situation with an egg that breaks zope.19:10
J1mnote that I tested this withe the z3 trunk.19:10
J1mwith the19:10
J1mcircular imports cause breakage that depends on import order.19:11
J1mso a single app can be broken when most others work.19:11
faassenI think if releasing a fixed version isn't possible within a time frame of an hour or so, removing the egg from the server may be the simplest thing to do. see my mail for my reasoning.19:11
J1mvery subtle and annopying.19:11
faassenah, that sucks.19:11
faassenyeah, I couldn't see the problem immediatelyw hen reviewing the broken code.19:11
faassenI mean it seemed to import something that was already there.19:11
faassenso why the error. but yeah, those are annoying, circular imports.19:12
J1mThe error resulted from the import order that grok happened to use.19:12
faassenah, subtle.19:12
TheuniWouldn't there be a way to customize the import hook to disallow circular imports?19:12
J1mMaybe z3 sues that order too fort all I know.19:12
faassenthe order would be a complete coincidence, any z3-based app could use it.19:13
J1mTheuni, I think that might be possible, but would take some effort.19:13
faassenTheuni: in some cases I resort (out of expedience) to a in-function or in-method circular import.19:13
J1mI think what's needed is to warn when circular imports are encountered during testing.19:13
J1mWe will have to tolerate circular imports in code we don't control.19:13
Theuniah. true.19:14
faassenso it's not really circular as the import thing has already been resolved by the time the function is being executed.19:14
Theunifaassen: right. you can also use lazy imports for that.19:14
J1mfaassen, I don't see how a import could be circular within a method or function.19:14
faassenJ1m: right, it's not really circular, i'ts just that it looks circular as A imports B which then turns around and imports A, on a physical source-code level.19:15
faassenJ1m: but I guess that woudln't be detected by any circular import checker.19:15
J1mIn any case, I think there are very few when circular imports are justified.19:15
J1mfew cases.19:16
J1mcircular imports cause latent bugs that are effectively impossible to test for.19:16
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junkafarianhi, how can i proxy my FTP server through apache?20:34
*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev20:36
junkafarianeg using virtual hosting?20:39
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afd_junkafarian: you'll probably need to run a ftp server that knows how to proxy requests, if you run multiple ftp servers and need to suport virtual hosts, or do a firewall forwarding if you don't20:59
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junkafarianafd_: yeah i figured it wouldnt be as easy as apache21:01
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junkafarianis there a zope endorsed solution?21:03
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