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wiggyFTP does not support virtual hosting11:03
wiggyit's jus not possible11:04
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junkafarianwiggy: so how can you provide ftp access to a zope site?12:34
junkafariantheres not much point in having the functionality if it only provides for one machine!?12:34
bigkevmcdftp can't do virtual hosting12:34
bigkevmcdthere's nothing in FTP that allows you to specify the hostname12:35
wiggythe ftp protocol just does not support it12:35
junkafarianso the hostname needs to be mapped directly to the ip?12:35
wiggythat's why webdav is useful12:35
junkafarianwiggy: because its over http?12:36
* junkafarian will look into it12:37
junkafarianthanks wiggy12:37
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* Theuni reworks ZODBs oid mapping when importing zexp. Gnah.13:00
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iam-vivekhow to get logs of last day #python channel14:01
wiggyyou ask on the #python channel14:01
wiggythis isn't it14:01
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faassenJ1m: when I run a test.exe on windows (generated by buildout) I get a lot of messages saying17:44
faassenJ1m: Module: eggs.zdaemon-2.0.0-py2.4.egg.zdaemon.tests.testzdrun17:44
faassenand then 'Import error: No module named eggs.'17:44
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faassenwith the whole eggs.blah.blah again.17:45
faassenit only seems to be pertaining to tests.17:45
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faassenthat is, it looks for .tests sub-packages.17:45
faassenas if it's trying to get to all the tests in all the dependencies17:46
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J1mfaassen, I have almost no idea what you are talking about.17:50
J1mbtw, I also can't pay much attention. :)17:51
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benjiwell, something is good, but it's not in this channel <wink>17:55
faassenJ1m: when I run bin/test.exe17:55
faassenJ1m: in a buildout of zc.zope3recipes17:55
faassenJ1m: I get a lot of stuff like: Module: eggs.zope.testing-3.5.1-py2.4.egg.zope.testing.tests17:56
faassenImportError: No module named eggs.zope.testing-3.5.1-py2.4.eggs.zope.testing.tests17:56
faassenand then at the very end:17:56
faassenTest-modules with import problems:17:56
faassen  eggs.zc.buildout-1.0.0b28-py2.4.egg.zc.buildout.tests17:57
faassen  and a whole list of other eggs that have import problems.17:57
faassenas if the test runner is look for tests in it.17:57
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faassenthe tests themselves that are intended to run *do* run.17:57
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J1mfaassen, That's odd.18:04
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J1mIf only there was som way to share tracebacks over the internet ....18:04
* benji holds up a sarcasm score card with a "7" on it.18:05
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TheuniThe Java guys problably used some quite large amount of technology to find a solution for that problem.18:06
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J1mfaassen, srichter, projekt01 btw, I'm happy y'all are trying to make the windows stuff work. Thanks!18:08
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faassenJ1m: trying is the problem.18:12
faassenJ1m: sorry, I cannot copy and paste from a dos promt in a vm ware window.18:12
faassenJ1m: I wish I could, but I haven't figured out how.18:12
* J1m wonders if faassen is yoda18:12
faassenJ1m: so you can be sarcastic all you like about sharing tracebacks, but I would give you a better one if it were easy. :)18:13
J1mfaassen, it is easy on windows if you use the ONE TRUE TOOL.18:13
faassenJ1m: anyway, I also get the following traceback18:13
* J1m waits for benji:18:14
* srichter is just involved by answering projekt01's questions; but I have VMWare now, so I can test this stuff better18:14
benjifaassen: click on the icon in the upper-left of the dos box, click "Defaults", put a check beside "QuickEdit Mode", and click OK.18:15
benjiNow you can drag with your leff mouse button to select a region and right click to copy it to the clipboard.18:15
mgedminfaassen: take a screenshot, paste it into a word document, and email it to J1m18:15
J1mfaassen, I use emacs do do everything.  When running tests, any output is captured in a buffer that is easily managed.18:15
mgedminthat's what *our* customers do to us18:15
* benji watches as J1m realizes that the ONE TRUE TOOL is sarcasm.18:16
faassenbenji: that quickedit mode confuses me more.18:16
faassenbenji: but how do I copy and paste something *out* of a vmware window?18:16
faassenmgedmin: I might just do that!18:16
J1memacs on windows works pretty well.18:16
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benjifaassen: no idea; I don't use vmware (much)18:16
J1malthough shell mode doesn't work well, which makes me really sad.18:16
faassenbenji: me neither. :(18:16
mgedminseriously, if you have vmware tools installed inside the vmware'd OS, you get clipboard sharing18:17
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faassenmgedmin: I thought I did.18:17
benjiahh, true mgedmin18:17
faassenmgedmin: maybe Id on't have enough vmware tools installed.18:18
faassenmgedmin: my clipboard isn't sharing one bit.18:18
faassenanyway, the..18:18
faassenpaste board idea is actually interesting, I can of course use a windows browser .:)18:18
faassenis my most recent error on windows.18:19
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faassensomething to do with the wrong version of visual studio to compile the ZODB egg, I imagine.18:20
faassenbut I installed a straight Python 2.4.4 off python.org18:20
faassenso that's a bit worrying.18:20
J1m is empty afaict18:20
* J1m things windows isn't safe for faassen 18:21
faassenthat might be because I can't copy & paste that URL :)18:21
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Theunimgedmin: IIRC you have to enable clipboard sharing in some option field18:22
faassenbut I am triple-checking that stupid URL and it's still that one.18:22
mgedmincould be, it was ages since I used that18:22
mgedmin"recent posts" to the rescue18:23
faassenwithout the www.18:23
mgedminand without the /com18:23
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faassenthat was all wrong.18:23
faassenas I said, my clipboard don't work. :)18:23
faassenJ1m: anyway, what could cause that problem? you built that egg, right?18:23
J1mI have no idea and would still like to see a traceback.18:24
* faassen is tempted to invoice this time double for utter windows frustration. :)18:24
faassenthat latest link works?18:24
J1mmgedmin, posted it18:24
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faassenyes, thanks mgedmin18:24
*** rocky is now known as rocky|away18:25
* mgedmin bows modestly18:25
J1mHm, that doesn't look at all like what you described.18:25
J1mYou are having a problem building zodb.18:25
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J1mlook at the message.18:25
J1mI have a feeling this isn't the right tb.18:25
faassenJ1m: I'm not building the zodb, I'm expecting getting a windows egg.18:26
faassenI guess it's trying to build it then?18:27
faasseninstead of giving me the binary?18:27
J1mIs that the traceback you wanted me to look at?18:27
J1mIt doesn't look like what you described.18:27
faassenwell, that's my most recent traceback. there was another windows problem I haven't solved yet at all.18:27
faassenJ1m: yes, the other one where I laboriously typed stuff.18:28
faassenJ1m: I can generate one for that too.18:28
faassenJ1m: I gave up on that for the time being as it wasn't blocking me. this is.18:28
J1mdude, I don't have time to flail with you or to tease the right info from you.18:28
J1mDid you really need my help to understand:18:29
benjifaassen: couldn't use use a browser in your VM to paste stuff to the pastebin?18:29
faassenbenji: I did that just now.18:29
benjigreat minds...18:29
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faassenJ1m: ah, does the installation not fall back on an older binary egg?18:29
faassenJ1m: there's a ZODB-3.8.0b2-py2.4-win32.egg18:30
faassenbut I guess it doesn't fall back on that.18:30
faassennot even 'default to released eggs' would fix this.18:30
faassenas the b2 isn't released either.18:30
faassenJ1m: my apologies, I was so frustrated trying to get the error message visible that I didn't think. :)18:31
faassenJ1m: I will make a bug report for the other error.18:31
J1mI'm happy to help but I'm especially time challenged today.18:31
J1mI'm taking tomorrow off to take my older son to college.18:32
faassenJ1m: I'll just hardcode in a dependency on the b2 thing.18:32
faassenJ1m: I just hate developing on windows with a passion. :)18:32
faassenJ1m: good luck!18:32
faassenJ1m: I'll post the erorr traceback into launchpad.18:32
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CrippsFXDoes anybody know what's in the login.css file for chapter 10 of phil's book and/or where I can get that code?19:24
*** stub has quit IRC19:28
wiggyisn't all his code on worldcookery.com19:35
CrippsFXwiggy: should be ... I haven't found it in the "site" package, but I'll take another look around.19:36
CrippsFXwiggy: oh, peh. It's in the example app code, not the WorldCookery site or example code ;)19:38
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CrippsFXhas anyone else had trouble with the login viewlet code from Phil's book? I can't get it to work *at all,* I don't know what the issue is since there appear to be no discrepancies between my code and phil's ... what it *looks* like is that when I add the login viewlet to ship.Headers (as opposed to worldcookery.Headers) I get a traceback (pasted here: ... all I'm getting from the traceback, really, is that there20:33
CrippsFX's some malformed html, but I can't tell whence that issue comes.20:33
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bigkevmcdCrippsFX: have you looked at the start tag, at line 1, column 21  ?21:08
CrippsFXbigkevmcd: of which file?, or
CrippsFXI've looked at both and didn't find an issue21:10
CrippsFX... but it could just be my eyes ... I'm out of practice on html21:11
CrippsFXbigkevmcd: in line 1 is: '<metal:block xmlns:metal=""'  and column 21 is the 'e' xmlns:metal21:13
CrippsFX*the 'e' *in* xmlns:metal21:13
CrippsFXin line 1 is '<div><span>this is just a test</span></div>' and column 21 is the 'u' in "just"21:14
CrippsFXline 1 on was pretty much swiped verbatem from phil's book.21:14
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kleistanybody has experimented with letting views/templates produce XAML ?21:24
benjikleist: is XAML the offspring of XML and YAML?21:24
kleistno idea about YAML, but it's the foundation for Microsoft Silverlight (aka Flash killer :-/21:25
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kleistfrom # 7: "The separate packages encourage the creation of dynamic server-side content much more easily than is accomplished today using Flash. It allows us to create compelling and dynamic XAML on the server and simply deliver it the way we do other markup (e.g., HTML)."21:29
benjikleist: never heard of it, but it should be easy to deliver from a Zope 3 app21:31
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redirI can easily auto render my interface with form_fields = form.FormFields(IFeedbackForm)22:56
redirbut how can I set the default for a particular field in IFeedbackForm?22:57
redirI cannot seem to locate the magig way to do that22:57
philiKONfoo = TextLine(..., default=u'The default')22:57
redirerm I mean dynamically at form generation time22:57
philiKONoverride setupWidgets22:58
redirwhich is in zope.formlib22:58
philiKONafter calling the super class's setupWidgets22:58
philiKONyou do:22:58
philiKONsetupWidgets is a method on every form class22:58
philiKONusually inherited22:58
philiKONso, anyway22:58
philiKONafter calling the super class's setupWidgets, you do:22:59
philiKONfor widget in self.widgets:22:59
redirdid I maybe see that in the doc tests?22:59
philiKON    widget.setRenderedValue(...)22:59
rediras usual thanks philiKON22:59
redirHoope I run into you in Naples23:00
philiKON(the key is to use widget.setRenderedValue at the right time, IOW *after* the widgets have been set up)23:00
wiggyphiliKON: did you get a talk in for naples?23:00
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wiggyah, a grok.five based talk?23:02
philiKONit's megrok.five, though23:03
philiKONgrok isn't a namespace package23:03
redirOK I am going to go read the formlib source and doc tests and hopefully it will all be clear to me tomorrow;)23:05
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nerdalertI have a TAL/TALES related question...23:58
nerdalertis there a way to pass GET variables using regular TAL?23:59

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