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kleistwhat's the difference between this channel and #z3-base please?13:30
wiggythis is for zope 313:30
kleistand thank you too :-)13:31
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edgordonwhat are the advantages of zc.catalog over
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ccombedgordon: some more indexes21:23
edgordonIf i just want to know every object that implements a certain interface, would that be most appropriate in a catalog or some sort of global utility?21:24
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ccombone way is to register as a utility every object you want to retrieve21:30
ccombthen use getUtilitiesFor21:30
wiggyin plone 3 we use a catalog index which indexes all directly provided interfaces21:32
wiggyworks fine21:33
edgordonyeah, that is what i am leaning towards21:34
edgordoncause i think i will also need to reduce the search my some other attribs21:34
edgordon*by some other attribs21:35
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wiggyfor vocabularies what exactly is the role of 'value' and of 'token' ?22:00
wiggyI can't find any mention of that anywhere22:00
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wiggyis value the internal value and 'token' what the UI will show?22:00
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spythonHi, I'm going to implement my own version of IntIds._generateId, is this the prefered way to do this:  first a IMyId(IIntIds), and a MyIntIds(IntIds) and then just define _generateId in MyIntIds?22:24
spythonand MyIntIds obviously implements IMyIntIds22:26
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* wiggy gives up again on using sources22:52
wiggythere is just no documentation for them22:53
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ccombwiggy : the value is the real value you want to include in the vocabulary23:30
wiggyfigured that out by now23:30
ccombthe token is just an identifier for the value, that can be used as a value in web forms23:30
wiggytoken is just a 7-bit encoding of value23:30
ccomba source can be used when the vocabulary is infinite23:31
ccombjust to say if a value is in it or not23:32
wiggyor for iterable vocabularies I gather23:33
wiggyI see in several places that vocabularies are deprecated23:34
wiggybut I can not find any trace of documentation on how sources can be used to replace them23:35
wiggysources.txt is not helpful23:35
wiggythere is also no sources proposal on the wiki23:36
ccombI don't see how to replace vocabularies, they are really usefull for the Choice schema23:36
wiggyzope.schema.interfaces is full of deprecation warnings for them23:37
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ccombwe should probably look at z3c.form to see what is used23:39
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wiggydeprecating something without having a documented replacement sucks a bit23:41
ccombdeprecation warnings are in 3.3 ?23:43
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wiggy# BBB vocabularies are pending deprecation, hopefully in 3.323:47
wiggyfrom zope.schema.interfaces23:47
ccombthis is not a real zope.deprecation warning23:56
wiggyiirc philiKON's book also mentions that23:56
wiggyso there are confusing signals23:56
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