IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2007-08-20

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spythonanyone know where to find the code that does the automatic indexing of objects when they are modified?00:26
spythonthe catalogs in my app are put in containers and not the site manager, so I don't get those automatic stuff for free00:28
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ccombspython : I think the automatic stuff depends on registration instead of the location of the catalog00:35
spythonagh, i need to make two instances, right now two apps are sharing one and it's starts to get confusing :)00:40
ccombsharing one catalog?00:40
spythonno :)00:40
spythonbut they seem to not get along that well00:41
spythonthat's what you get when your "just-need-to-try-this-thing" packages become a completely new app00:41
spythonyeah, i need to reorganize stuff :(00:43
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spythonoh wait, I didn't actually register the container catalog :O00:56
spythonlike you said ccomb00:57
spythonnow i just need to figure out a good way to uniquely name catalogs when registering00:58
ccombwhy do you have several catalogs?01:04
spythoni don't want one enormous catalog :)01:05
ccombyou have a lot of différent indexes ?01:05
spythonso one for each of my "network" which is a container with potentially a lot of content components01:06
spythonmaybe, 4-5 indexes in the content component01:06
spythonthere's no point in doing a site wide search in my app01:08
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ccombyou could then have one local sitemanager for each "network" container, with a single catalog in each01:09
ccombjust an idea01:09
spythonhmm.. why not just put the catalog in Network.catalog01:09
spythona network isn't really a site :)01:10
ccomba site is not a really site either01:10
ccombjust a component registry01:10
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spythonI don't see what I would gain having a local site in a Network01:11
spythonhmm, I wouldn't have to worry about naming conventions for my catalogs maybe..01:12
spythonbut isn't it a little bit of  "overhead" with one site per network?01:13
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ccombthis would probably lead to more simple api calls01:13
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spythonok, in what way?01:14
ccombyou get the wanted sitemanager depending on the context (the network)01:15
ccombbut I don't know your app01:16
spythonhmm, that's true..01:16
spythonthx for tip, I will consider it :)01:17
spythonI'm 1 month into zope3 now, so I'm not 100% confident with the concepts yet01:18
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edgordonis there not a direct way to get what interfaces an instance implements? implementedBy seems to only want a factory.02:58
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tjsI have a VocabularyUtility which looks up vocabs from a DB, and can return SimpleVocabs, and other stuff09:31
tjsfollowing philiKON's book chapter 17, p341-342 he registers a function as a factory for a vocab09:32
tjsas a named utility09:32
tjstrying to do that by making my util a module-level singleton, that implements __getattr__09:33
tjsso I can go <utility component=09:33
tjsso I can go <utility component=".foo.util.some_vocab" name='some_vocab'/>09:34
tjsbecause there are a whole stack of them, the util knows how to look them up just fine09:34
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tjsthe issue I'm having is where they need to provide IVocabularyFactory09:35
tjswhich is hard because they dont actaully exist until they are requested09:35
romanofskimoin :)09:36
tjsG'day romanofski09:37
romanofskihowdy tjs :)09:42
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timtePermission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).11:19
timtesvn: Connection closed unexpectedly11:19
timteI get this when trying to do a checkout (svn+ssh) from svn repository11:20
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timteanyone got a clue what's causing this?11:20
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timteah, forgot the username11:37
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sorindreganhi, anybody can tell me how can I change the display format of the date value? (from DD.MM.YY in YY.MM.DD)12:12
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philiKONsorindregan: use the locale date formatter12:25
philiKONsorindregan: my book ( ) explains how to do that12:26
sorindreganok philiKON, thx12:26
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timteCan a utillity be registered as providing an interface it doesn't really provide?13:02
wiggywhy would you ever want to that?13:02
timteah, there was more to it13:07
timteIB extends IA, component provides IA, provideUtility(component, provides=IB)13:07
timtelooks like this succeeds in newish zope, but fails in 3.213:07
timteor I might just be missing something13:08
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zagyyou should not want to register it if it doens't provide the interface =)13:09
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zagyi wonder14:25
zagyis there a  supposed way to validate an object against a schema?14:25
zagyincluding invariants?14:25
philiKONzagy: look at chapter 4 of my book14:26
philiKONshort answer: there's no single call14:26
zagyphiliKON: okay, I know the single calls14:26
zagywould it be an idea to add such a function to zope.schema?14:27
zagyIt seems like something recurring14:27
philiKONi wouldn't mind14:28
projekt01zagy, see z3c.testing there is a schema validation test, it will test if the object implements the interface and the method arguments are correct14:32
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zagyphiliKON: ping17:51
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CrippsFXw00t. My demo skin works.19:24
CrippsFX... and it even looks pretty.19:24
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philiKONzagy: pong19:51
zagyphiliKON: ah19:51
zagyphiliKON: i checked in the browser:menu change19:51
zagyquestion is how to do it with the release/versions now19:51
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zagy_philiKON: did you say something? :)20:07
philiKONzagy_: ah, not yet20:08
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zagy_ok, no hurry :)20:08
philiKONzagy_: i assume you changed
philiKONit doesn't have a tag whatsoever20:09
zagy_it does not?20:09
zagy_there is a 3.4 branch20:10
philiKONwe only have 0.1dev and 3.5.0a1 eggs20:10
philiKONfirst of all, your fix should also go on the 3.4 branch20:11
philiKONthen i suggest we make a 3.4.0b1 release20:11
philiKONand a 3.5.0a120:11
philiKONand stop this dev-rXXX nonsense20:11
philiKONomg, the cheeseshop even has a completely differnet version20:11
philiKONhow the hell did the beta get there?20:12
zagy_no idea20:12
zagy_so i guess... we take the 3.4 branch and move it to 3.4b1 tag20:12
philiKONyou merge your stuff to the 3.4 branch20:12
philiKONthe bugfix20:13
philiKONthen we tag 3.4.0b1 from the 3.4 branch20:13
zagy_that makes sense :)20:13
philiKON(after having edited and the changelog, etc.)20:13
philiKONand we properly release that on the cheeseshop20:13
zagy_who will release it on cheeseshop?20:13
philiKONTheuni: can you give zagy_ and me access to's page on the cheeseshop?20:13
* zagy_ zieht die frage zurück ;020:13
philiKONsemper saudum queret20:14
zagy_Theuni isn't there right now, but i'll nag him tomorrow then20:14
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philiKONand then i also suggest we do a 3.5.0a120:14
philiKONjust to get the fix out as an egg20:14
philiKONand to make the dev-rXXX stuff obsolete20:15
zagy_anyway, i'll need to do some RL things ;)20:15
* philiKON goes shopping :)20:22
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rediris there an attribute (that I can't find) which allows for per field permissions settings i.e.  constraint=isNotAnonymous or permission=modify or something21:21
redirIn other words I want a schema field to only show up if a user is not anonymous21:23
instantfoo<class ...><allow attribute="..."></class>21:24
instantfoocan't you just define a require?21:25
rediras an attribute on a field?21:25
redirrequired is a boolean21:25
instantfooi think there's something like.. <require attribute="foo" permission="bar.View" />21:26
redirin zcml?21:27
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redirso if in a <browser:page> directive I can add a require attribute for a given field as an attr in the page?21:30
instantfoono, require is for the <class>21:37
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spythonlets say that  "iibtree[45] == 1000" in my IIBTree, and I later write the same value to it, would it be considered changed by ZODB? Or does the value have to actually be different22:07
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bigkevmcdspython: == is a comparative operator, it shouldn't change anything22:15
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spythonthat was just to show what was in my tree, a bit confusing yes :)22:16
spythonso iibtree[45] has the value 1000...22:17
spythonand if I write 1000 to iibtree[45] afterwards.. will zodb store the object or simply not do it because the value was the same before..22:19
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